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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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@SammyWalrusIV spotlight search to launch app@yunheekim22 @WSJbusiness no more fruit basket? That's going to save some big won.
@semil @a16z this podcast speaker's complete lack of understanding of Apple Pay is astounding. Wasted 30 minutes.@jonfortt did you take it?@nest not going to put a google surveillance equipment in my house though.@charlesarthur is the Register owned by Rupert Murdoch? That headline fits the NYPost perfectly.@danielhsqr can you ask @DougKass if he covered his $aapl short yet? When he covers, I'd get out, NOT!
@ReformedBroker @foxjust @stephengandel what did fox just say?where do people go to buy TV these days? asking for a friend.@sammywalrusiv not if they want to keep the tradition of increasing dividend every year, even just for a penny.@sammywalrusiv they can't afford it after the latest spectrum auction.@Walmart not shopping at Walmart unless I can pay with Apple Pay.Xiangfan, China: Blast from the past. http://t.co/jRfxuwbA93
Retweeted by Joe Zou@BenBajarin @BrettArends retailers can help themselves by adopting Apple Pay to attract buyers. I'd shop at Macy's, not Target.@sammywalrusiv but Apple has a monopoly on iOS!@capitalobserver 2% difference in last 5 days is pure random noise.@capitalobserver didn't work out as too well? thanks to the efficient market.@waltbtig @fcc so $VZ and $T going broke? who's the third bidder egg them on?@counternotions the fake Steve Jobs?@TheStalwart @jyarow surely you are joking. Put fab, Aereo, angry birds on par with Apple and Google? #BS
@ReformedBroker translation: "please don't stop inviting me to the next dinner party"@a_rossi @CNNMoney @claychristensen shouldn't colleges have already been disrupted by now according to his theory?@EdmondLococo @comradewong strategic soy sauce reserves@ChuBailiang but not expelled from Beida faculty?@monkbent @skift desperation? Throwing darts at the wall and hoping one will be profitable?@fmanjoo it's so easy to hail a yellow cab in NYC, unlike SF and DC.@charlesarthur guardian needs to make charts pinch&zoomable on mobile.@justinpulitzer this is due to abitrageurs locking in the last 25c of risk-less profit by shorting KMI and buying KMP and KMR.Minor delay On the way to Springville: http://t.co/od2XxwOKB9@NYGovCuomo to get to Springville, got to pass this first!@fishjourner @withoutdoing that's right. Apple does its research so we don't have to. It just works.@withoutdoing zan according to my iPhone keyboard..@NatGeo "sponsored content"? advertisement disguised as a NetGeo piece? You are diluting your brand.@TheStalwart just yell Kinder Morgan, he'll shut up.@BenBajarin 24.48% of all devices? Or just 24.48% of iOS devices?
@JohnJHarwood how do people know before the policy is even announced? Useless polls.@ReformedBroker Wall Street generate local maxima, global maximum rises from Silicon Valley.@dmac1 those numbers don't include mobile?@jonfortt anything weakens Google is good for the world.Jim Grant's Econ/market views always sound great and totally make sense. Yet, had I acted on his advices over the years I'd be bankrupt.Keep your eye on the pedestrian in the middle center of the video. #SAVEDBYAHAIR http://t.co/s1HntEZWRX
Retweeted by Joe Zou@JonErlichman iPhone 4 next to iPhone 6 Plus@CNBCFastMoney @ScottWapnerCNBC hey, ask the target guy why don't they accept Apple Pay?Finding Signs of Life on Earth-Like Exoplanets | IAS Video Lectures https://t.co/9MKOuHT10K
@counternotions the said exec must have some goods on his boss who doesn't want to air the goods in judge Koh's court.Judging from the lack of tweets from usual Apple geeks on my time line, guess everybody is busy studying Apple Watchkit at home tonight.@SammyWalrusIV @exxonmobil is on Twitter, couldn't find Halliburton.@SammyWalrusIV Halliburton used to be synonymous with Dick Cheney. Without Dick to kick around, Twitter sphere don't give a f**k no more.Just turned on the Uber app and it showed three cars in my neighborhood and two guys going through my garbage.
Retweeted by Joe Zou@iMore no. iOS keyboard is more than good enough
@comradewong @nycjim it's like Xi Jinping, but Uber.Many fond memories of Wawa next to the Dinky: “@princetonian: Old Wawa store to close permanently on Friday, http://t.co/ORxWJveEhb” #sad.@LinkedIn iPhone App is totally unusable. What a piece of shit! 💩💩💩💩@donmelton yup@donmelton special relativity, not all one minutes are equal.@donmelton time dilation: dτ=dr/sqrt(1-g/G), G=total data to be moved, g=data already moved. As g->G dτ->inf.@sammywalrusiv a) for night c) for day@tofias @asymco yes, 200gb@Uber @mgsiegler @Spotify no thanks. Like my own music.
@comradewong wrong. emperor Qin had the system 2000 years before the soviet.@comradewong actually you are wrong. Chinese emperors had the system long before the soviet.NYtimes vs. the Chinese Gov: After that idiotic iEconomy series 2 years ago, I'm not 100% sure if the Chinese Gov. Is wrong banning NYT.@comradewong my view of NYT nose dived after that iEconomy series about Apple 2 years ago. It shows a biased organization with an agenda.@BenBajarin what the income inequality in India? Apple tends to do well in countries with extreme inequality and large populations.@mims wsj has a paywall, you can do better than resort to linkbait headline like that.Every time I use Bing for search, Google Nest turns up the heat in my home.
Retweeted by Joe Zou@CNBC good luck with that.@businessinsider he's happy.@danprimack zapoo? The shoe seller?@USpapyrus http://t.co/mL0ZwgI88g@USpapyrus your carrier knows where you are.Is it just me who feel most Ted Talks have become self-promoting career launchpad?@USpapyrus your carrier's super cookies?@USpapyrus I don't use any google service, no gmail, no google map,“When Apple unveils a $10,000 gold watch a lot of people's heads are going to explode. That's actually a competitive advantage for Apple”@jonfortt @IanGertler iOS privacy default setting.@BenBajarin wish I can use UnionPay in US App Store, would be a great way to move Money out of China.@tim_cook has time for grocery shopping? Impressed.@jonfortt @IanGertler not on iOS.@StephenMcDonell @amworldtodaypm maybe. Who defines "fairly"? Some nyt reports could be considered unfair by many. I'm Not defending Beijing@TheStalwart iPhone 6 in transition to Ireland?@TheStalwart that's because there are no workers young enough to work.@TheStalwart guess buying bonds can't make old people spend. Japs are Doomed unless they start import young people from Philippines.@danielchownet @newsycbot the best for writing complex equations.@danielchownet @newsycbot all my physics papers were written with LaTex.@s1moncox they are all clueless.@JonErlichman but the entire Netflix library is B movies.shopping for a new plan on the NY state healthcare exchange, dumping Empire BlueCross for better services else where. #ACA@StephenMcDonell @amworldtodaypm so vast majority of reporters exercise some sort of self-censorship. Nothing is black and white.@BenBajarin include all the appliances in my house, from toaster to wine cooler@ReformedBroker on a second look, it resembles an extended middle finger to Manhattan.@SammyWalrusIV surprisingly ugly looking.@TEDTalks more efficient doping?@fredwilson one of few posts on http://t.co/ujNOKTaj2H I totally agree with.@amworldtodaypm @StephenMcDonell since ABC reporters are given visa, does it it mean ABC reporters are self-censored?@ReformedBroker it's missing the "% sign" shaped tower next to it, there is an idea for next architect.@fredwilson FYI “@asymco: How big is iCloud? http://t.co/SOiDpWUsqY@asymco is it too much to ask Mr. Market to value the $8 avg rev per user for 500 million iCloud accounts at whatsApp multiple? Ask for Tim.@asymco love your posts as always. Can you make the pages pinch&zoomable on iPhone?
@chr1sa why does it matter who does what? As long as it's good for humanity, we all should be happy.
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