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@NightDaemon Thanks!@H_To_The_Izzo6 Used to be the same command last time I had a CD drive. No idea.@UsrBinPRL @garybrannan @unnamedculprit It nearly made the cut, but I'd have had to edit out a lot of giggling and just it didn't work. :)A quiet thump on the office door. I open it, and find a small telepresence robot operated by @jonty. Normal Thursday. http://t.co/iRZj76Kg4P@UsrBinPRL Thanks! But I think I meant Bonnie Tyler. And you really don't want to hear it.@SicLandau Thanks :)@StArtBergen Hello! Never got a reply to my email -- did you get it? It's OK if the answer is "no idea" :)@cackhanded Aww, I'm sure pubstandards'll miss you, but that's understandable. Have a lovely Christmas!@unnamedculprit You saw nothing.New Citation Needed! @garybrannan, @unnamedculprit and Chris tackle the Centennial Light and Edison the Cheat: http://t.co/tIANcsW8do@mrhudson2212 Thanks - I will at some point!@xZise You'd need to bribe hundreds of counting people and a lot of officials -- and any one of them blabbing would foil your plan!@TonksMoriarty Because "tomscott" was taken; it's an old username. I don't know anyone who got the YouTube username they wanted...@TheOddLinguist Mainly anonymity! You need to prove that someone's able to vote, and then forget who they are. That's a heck of a problem.I've got a new @computer_phile video up! Why e-voting is a terrible idea: https://t.co/OyKxDlnJlk (thanks to @glynwintle for advice!)@baradar85 No idea: it's been years, and I haven't tracked it since!@jamesddube Thanks very much!
@unnamedculprit @jonty @tef Damn, I missed it! Another time?@SephyHallow It's... well, yes, it's certainly a thing that exists.@deanupton Adobe Creative Suite: those videos in particular use After Effects.@SephyHallow @TRJeffries Oh crikey, he's still going? We talked about him once before: http://t.co/YY2tE3zaEP@deanupton Thanks very much!I hope @unnamedculprit hasn't crashed. http://t.co/ehV87y3Gok@markversus Thanks! But send it to someone who needs it: @Shelter or @AgainstMalaria would be great ideas.
Bit worried that the sci-fi video I've been working on is about to be beaten to the punch by Black Mirror tonight. Should've worked faster.@lyn__sea @Akki14 @sam_cook @vetraskr On my way!@DavidAbelKelly Thanks for the heads up!@edjeff If your mouth's got viral content in it you should probably see a doctor.@gwendes Fantastic!@whoisdanw Only in Spam and Trash folders, if I read that message right?
New video! The hottest place in the UK, and the BBC theme park: http://t.co/p3gx7f6uci@slusserc Feel free to embed the YouTube player; that's what it's for! If it's in your own player, or copied into another video, email me.@jellycrystals Ha! Not bad for one take in an office. Thanks for the heads up!
@FakeDaveGreen I like the idea of a Crystal Maze where they have to hop on a bus between zones.
@bradypodoid @rmblake I took a £25 Android phone and a massive USB battery, put the T-Mobile SIM in, and walked round in a cloud of wifi.@The_SneakyZebra Definitely. Let's do it. Drop me an email — tom@tomscott.com?@bradypodoid @rmblake If you change your iPhone SIM (and thus your number) iMessage can break in unpredictable ways.@rmblake @bradypodoid Agreed, except if you use iMessage: in that case, take a second device, buy a T-Mobile SIM, and use it as a hotspot.@Jollyghostpoop Sounds about right!@AdamCSell No worries — thanks!@TRJeffries There's a non-zero chance I'll regret it but OH WELL IT'S TIME TO FACE THE MUSIC. I think. Never watched it before.@AdamCSell Trust me, it's weirder getting tweets like this in your mentions.@jonty http://t.co/f3k1dwFxKIWalking on some marshland. Got a test video call from @unnamedculprit, routed via SPACE. Normal Saturday. http://t.co/TWggKaUOnd@WillObeney I have a Z1-2 Travelcard on Oyster, so for some National Rail trains I can buy a ticket from "end of Zone 2" and save money.My train ticket is from Boundary Zone 2. I save money and, as a bonus, I get to pretend I'm in a sci-fi dystopia. http://t.co/gFcSCK04FE@TonksMoriarty Thankfully no!
@unnamedculprit Neither did I! Wonder how that affects TV licensing? (The answer, I suspect, is unknown and would be decided in court.)@cazm I thought BBC style was to only cap up the first letter or pronounceable acronyms? (I disagree, but still…)@flashboy Strong URL work coming out of your offices lately. Well done.@cr3 @MPSinthesky Yep - VFR craft and helicopters won't be affected, but I thought the whole of Gatwick was a no-fly zone for them.@RobinKuiper_ "London airspace closed due to crash" would be a much, much worse headline.All London airspace is closed after an air traffic control computer failed. (Thankfully they didn't call it a crash.) http://t.co/QbQW5YqHMv@samphippen An old Spider Robinson story from the seventies, "the Time-Traveler". It's collected in "Callahan's Crosstime Saloon".@KiloOscarZulu It's like being asked to turn the air conditioning down. Do they mean…?
@standupmaths I was just rigging (and had to leave half way through) so I didn't get to see the result properly! Hopefully it worked out.@vickyjo @garybrannan @unnamedculprit In my head, that was to the tune of "Do You Want To Build A Snowman".@standupmaths Greetings from the 11th floor of the Shell building. You'll see us shortly, if all goes well!@mushybees Between this and the ball bag, you're not half on form today.New Citation Needed! This week: the Coffin Ray and hugging a penguin: http://t.co/knNFQ7APDa (with @garybrannan, @unnamedculprit and Chris!)@felix_cohen Legoland Windsor, that is. You might need to take a child with you.@proogs @PunchdrunkUK I did that in Salford! And yes, it could, although I suspect it'd be shorter and more spectacular for a theme park.
@BothersBar @jasoncookuk @noneatnamesleft I reckon: Top Gear launched coaster, Doctor Who sim ride, GBBO teacups, Strictly live show.Paramount Parks has signed a deal with the BBC. The theme park opening near London in 2020 just got more interesting: http://t.co/uxBLxArMEh@Imbecillis Yes, thank you! It's lovely - got sent it while collaborating on scripts for new language videos!@dpkendal An iPhone and a GoPro, normally. Should really get a decent microphone one of these days.@NightDaemon There's one about e-voting in the edit!
@mattround That'll teach me to only buy enough bread for one take.@sammachin I think that's the endless-chain ones you get in commercial kitchens.@kembrek83 I am basically that bloke from the Vicar of Dibley.New video! Do the numbers on toaster dials mean minutes? https://t.co/0Widx7RfF0@russss I read that as "cyber gran challenge" and now I'm slightly disappointed.
@Mitzkahdrinnen Thanks very much!@onishiweb I think this is one of the better-known ones, but the story behind it is good enough I figured I'd still go for it :)New video! The concrete pillars on top of British hills, trig points: http://t.co/ffDW6DZAjb@youngvulgarian Because it was a terrible idea a decade ago, when it was an American chain of swiftly--closed franchises called "Cereality".
@garethbriggs FYI: “@BothersBar: Wie is De Mol '15: http://t.co/3muNwQujcO@TRJeffries If his final song isn't "Haenow, Haenow, don't dream it's over" then they've missed a trick.@mushybees Thanks :)
@whoisdanw I am having exactly that problem.@StArtBergen Sent. Thanks!@valttuxd @unnamedculprit Glad you enjoyed it!@Elanthiel That's lovely to hear, thank you!
@Cin316R It's thoroughly edited before we put it live on YouTube!@norsrp Nope, but the first episode of a new series normally gets a few aggressive comments. It's nice to have them defended against!@joecallon Thanks :)@MediocreParagon @garybrannan Probably not in the format we had, but I think we'd like to do something along those lines!@Toeler Thank you :) It's not easy to make, just in terms of getting us all together -- and the editing takes ages. Worth it though!(If you're regular viewer, do leave us a comment: it'll outweigh the YouTube subscribers who go "this isn't like your usual stuff! aargh!")@nillie_kj @DemoTrtl It was basically "when I got back from dinner". Hope you like it: if you do, leave a comment or tell your friends :)Citation Needed returns! With @garybrannan, @unnamedculprit, and Chris. Here's the story of a ridiculous marathon: https://t.co/ju86AN03k8Also: working with @GretchenAMcC of @AllThingsLing on scripts for new Language Files! I may be back at the greenscreen early next year.Don't get your hopes up, but there's a chance that the new season of Citation Needed might start this evening. Maybe about 7pm. Just sayin'.@flashboy I am now listening to https://t.co/nWot60CDjo. Seemed like the right thing to do.
@jonty @rooreynolds I was sort-of hoping he could get the arrows to draw something rude but it's probably best that's not possible.@tef @russss Coincidentally: I just moved into a coworking space in the same building. And am using Slack/IRC. And just ate at Tonkotsu.@cr3 @EwaSR It's not pleasant, but it really is worth on dentist's advice. Wish I'd done it much sooner; would have saved so much pain.@Cypressious Not quite: it's something that no-one should do!"Let's film @computer_phile by Parliament! It'll look great!" WIND. SIRENS. BAGPIPES. PLANES. FREEZING COLD. http://t.co/geTvxCy2jU
@Norro21 @glynwintle Discussed it, but separate issue. Postal vote attacks require presence, and are hard to scale. (http://t.co/WnHtxvBvWj)
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