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Check out the full program for the O'Reilly Radar #BitCoinSummit featuring @mikebelshe @aantonop @TimOReilly + more http://t.co/Ri18KkJZshNetworking and security are poised for a DevOps-like transformation http://t.co/pX1pW2xnGVDecoding bitcoin & the #blockchain http://t.co/Q8nm6doinN > Introducing #Bitcoin & the Blockchain: O’Reilly Radar #BitcoinSummitSoftware is replacing physical complexity. See this and other key ideas from the IoT / programmable world http://t.co/VyEATvIjxCGet expert guidance on architecting end-to-end data management solutions in Hadoop Application Architectures http://t.co/os1OrNy67GCompanies that see IT as a service provider are able to move fast, release often, and adjust strategy http://t.co/pX1pW2xnGVRT @mikeloukides: What's needed to have privacy on the internet: Doc Searls http://t.co/CC6qUHN1gUClustering #bitcoin accounts using heuristics http://t.co/62IXgLQ3my New Data Show Podcast w/ Sarah Meiklejohn & @BigDataStatistical Causality, Clustering Bitcoin, Hardware Security, and A Language for Scripts http://t.co/01ge5lS1M6 @gnat Four short links
Hear from VCs @TheScottRob @balajis @naval about why they’ve invested in bitcoin companies at the new #BitcoinSummit http://t.co/wbPkdnnB8LGeneticists Begin Tests of an Internet for DNA http://t.co/jITtAoI4Zb Scientists are starting to open DNA databases online // HT @rgrchenEnd-to-end optimization is a key theme in @courtneynash’s look at “business at web speed” http://t.co/4GaRWPvAnMMT @marytreseler: Congrats @inkblurt, @laraswanson, @tomjbarker, @jonfollett - 4 amazing design titles just released! http://t.co/Uk3LGPvM7AHave you registered for the O'Reilly Radar #BitcoinSummit? http://t.co/7PPzoirDDQ Today is the last chance to get your pass at Best Price.Interaction has broken free from keyboards and screens. See this and other key ideas from the programmable world http://t.co/ERsRGzZZKcWhat you need to know for the hardware-software convergence http://t.co/BvDopPudnU Core competencies, essential reading & resourcesWhat Skills Will Help You Stand Out in 2015? Aim high and achieve your goals with titles from O'Reilly http://t.co/oyhRAUdzMcManufacturer Rootkits, Dangerous Dongle, Physical Visualisation, and Cryptoed Comms http://t.co/FDhhr8HJtx @gnat Four short linksOrganizations cannot move at the current pace of tech without adjusting their social systems http://t.co/4GaRWPvAnM”resist temptation to apply centralized solutions to bitcoin's decentralized network" > @aantonop to Canadian Senate http://t.co/WIKXMMh1vY
Best Price for the O'Reilly Radar Summit 'Bitcoin & the #Blockchain' ends tomorrow. http://t.co/7PPzoirDDQ Register now #BitcoinSummitDoes your business move at “web speed”? Stay up to date with our weekly newsletter http://t.co/bFJ4BBNrpiAt #BitcoinSummit, discover unrecognized opportunities that #bitcoin & #blockchain create http://t.co/7PPzoirDDQ Best Price ends Tomorrow”Centralized financial networks can never be fully open to innovation" > @aantonop testimony to Canadian Senate http://t.co/WIKXMMh1vYRT @globalmoxie: Your car is getting a privacy policy. http://t.co/7dWPoy71b8Every software problem is fundamentally a people problem http://t.co/qwdR9xqBiW @courtneynash kicks off "Business at web speed"RT @mikeloukides: Think Fred Wilson's sense of what's next is right on: http://t.co/NaMPywZGoUSolid 2115: Get a front-row seat for the revolution of hardware, software, and the IoT. Reserve your spot http://t.co/SeQMwdUMmiA lot has changed since Velocity started 7 years ago. @courtneynash reveals our 4 new themes http://t.co/qwdR9xqBiWDelight a Child with the Gift of Code - It's the perfect present for anyone on your list http://t.co/N5vCb2I8KtToday join Live Webcast w/ @aantonop '#Bitcoin & the Future of Money' to learn how to get & use bitcoin & #blockchain http://t.co/WNwFkv35ICSecurity Stick, Spyware Toy, Bezos Time, and Popular JavaScript http://t.co/8wkH4VESua @gnat Four short links”the decentralized nature of the (bitcoin) blockchain can unlock innovation" - @bigdata on @aantonop testimony http://t.co/WIKXMMh1vYAn ecosystem of connected devices http://t.co/YLnVzKuZhW > excerpt from "Designing Multi-Device Experiences," by Michal Levin (@michall79)
'Mastering #Bitcoin' by @aantonop is your key to unlocking the API to a new economy. http://t.co/hrUv9eTvvt New book from @oreillymedia”Centralizing bitcoin will weaken its security, dull its innovative potential" - @aantonop to Canadian Senate http://t.co/WIKXMMh1vYO'Reilly Radar Summit 'Bitcoin & the #Blockchain: Realities, Risks, Rewards' Best Price ends Thursday http://t.co/7PPzoirDDQ Register nowIntrigued by the IoT and the programmable world? You’ll enjoy this newsletter http://t.co/HmaHJ4JaQWThe full program is up for the O'Reilly Radar #BitCoinSummit & features author of 'Mastering #Bitcoin' @aantonop: http://t.co/Ri18KkJZshRT @micberryman: My latest blog post: Principles of Experience Design http://t.co/s2lB7XT2OQ via @thinkincEvery company is now a software company. See this and other key ideas the convergence of physical and virtual http://t.co/QGGibm0LYeRT @mikeloukides: Good, and realistic piece on AI: What Artificial Intelligence Is Not http://t.co/ZyspEefd7yRegister now for the O'Reilly Radar #BitcoinSummit 'Bitcoin & the #Blockchain' before Best Price ends Thursday http://t.co/7PPzoirDDQData Science vs The Bad Guys: Using data to defend @LinkedIn against fraud w/ David Freeman at #StrataHadoop San Jose http://t.co/PwineTu7cUHardware is an elusive constraint on user experience http://t.co/qhtWWtohoN "bunnie" Huang on evolving relationship btwn hardware & softwareRT @jafurtado: The Internet of Things and the Connected Person,by W. Charlton Adams Jr., IEEE-SA | WIRED http://t.co/qXSuRFMNaHRegulation and decentralization: Defending the blockchain http://t.co/WIKXMMh1vY @aantonop testifies before the Canadian SenateToday at 10am PT/ 1pm ET 'How #Bitcoin 2.0 Will Shape Future of Business' Free #BitcoinSummit Webcast w/ @clark800 http://t.co/gllitFvnRTCheap sensors, fast networks, and distributed computing http://t.co/XKvabzabHk > excerpt: new report by @acroll on emerging data trendsMT @mikeloukides: Blockchain's real innovation: logically centralized, organizationally decentralized. http://t.co/WocERLjPnoMemory Management, Stream Processing, Robot's Google, and Emotive Words http://t.co/TLCmbzH0OZ @gnat Four short links
6 things to watch as real and virtual crash together http://t.co/mpjHy3fr5iSoftware intelligence is now in the physical world. See this and other key ideas from the IoT / programmable space http://t.co/wDDfzoW82jAdvanced Analytics with Spark supplies complete implementations that analyze large datasets http://t.co/3rItwVOYTnPace of change as a metaphor for full-stack design http://t.co/ChqjBHSzt0 @MaryTreseler chats w/ @veen > design teams, flat design, trendsRT @mikeloukides: Learning to be Accessible: http://t.co/FgcM13I72PDesigners are engineers http://t.co/5eHgj42oJn @jonfollett chats w/ @dknemeyer about changing roles of design & designers in emerging techFree #BitcoinSummit Webcast Tomorrow 10am PT/ 1pm ET: How #Bitcoin 2.0 Will Shape the Future of Business w/ @clark800 http://t.co/gllitFvnRTTransferable Learning, At-Scale Telemetry, Ugly DRM, and Fast Packet Processing http://t.co/DlqO7hZwl7 @gnat Four short links
#Bitcoin is taking the finance world by storm. Join webcast @aantonop to learn what makes it special & how to use it http://t.co/WNwFkv35IC
We’ll explore hardware, software, manufacturing and the IoT at Solid 2015. Reserve your seat here http://t.co/ioadPKYbHRManufacturing is becoming frictionless. See this and other key ideas on the convergence of physical and virtual http://t.co/Cx5yBfiUdwRT @jafurtado: Four Lessons On Wearables From LeWeb Paris 2014,by James McQuivey @jmcquivey | Forrester Blogs http://t.co/dJCKC7JQ9XCreate a Lego Mastermind - SAVE on Lego ebooks + print books and watch a Lego mastermind evolve. http://t.co/pjuY5id80POne more word on drones: Warehouses http://t.co/asyif8EdTL @mikeloukides on practical applications of dronesClearing up a few of bitcoin’s misconceptions http://t.co/fxC91FcN6l @lisperati & Chris Wilmer explain what #bitcoin is and what it isn'tTech Ethics, Yahoo's KVS, Biology Inside, and Smart Luggage http://t.co/hv40BDhKMO @gnat Four short linksFree #BitcoinSummit Webcast Dec 16: How #Bitcoin 2.0 Will Shape the Future of Business w/ @clark800 http://t.co/gllitFvnRT
6 signals from the intersection of hardware, software, manufacturing, and the Internet of Things http://t.co/mpjHy3fr5iReserve your seat now for Solid 2015 (coming June ‘15) http://t.co/eqIZUbCu2B Space is limited!MT @jafurtado: Recognise the Internet as a human right,says Sir Tim Berners-Lee as he launches annual Web Index http://t.co/FiqS1jOD1NWe now have APIs for the physical world. See this and other key ideas the convergence of physical and virtual http://t.co/mpjHy3fr5iRT @gleonhard: 5 Very Smart People Who Think Artificial Intelligence Could Bring the Apocalypse http://t.co/KnPwhBHV1OPerfect gift for a web developer or aspiring web developer? New JavaScript titles for the Web Pro on Your List http://t.co/SdG6qJQyrrA commitment to biotech, in action http://t.co/rdSizpmJtI "I eat, breathe, live biotech,” says Ryan Bethencourt.The web is a critical part of the IoT story http://t.co/UWnyTdH70w New @Radar Podcast featuring @simonstl & @tomgreeverEven when you don't think you're using the web, you probably are http://t.co/AdNBWjRsJ4 @simonstl explores the future of the webBlockchain and decentralization hold big implications for society http://t.co/HHWWLi6z16 @clark800 on the blockchain's disruptive potentialCrowdsourcing Framework, Data Team Culture, Everybody Scrolls, and Honeypot Data http://t.co/9wtMZ2vM19 @gnat Four short links
Newsletter: Software, hardware, and the Internet of Things are forging a new medium. Stay in the loop http://t.co/gBqB7tIzoi#Bitcoin & the Future of Money: What makes it special, how to get it & how to use it http://t.co/WNwFkv35IC Free Webcast w/ @aantonop Dec 17Delight a Child with the Gift of Code - It's the perfect present for anyone on your list http://t.co/N5vCb2I8KtA year ago we said software and hardware were crashing together. Now, we check in on the progress http://t.co/Z7wKNc7oxRThree strategies for designing for behavior change http://t.co/6k96XS26vF Excerpt from @sawendel book "Designing for Behavior Change"RT @MeredithFrost: This traffic light in Germany allows you to play pong with the person on the other side: http://t.co/moXLabnhzQWouldn’t it be fun to build your own Google? http://t.co/lmrajLi9G1 @martinkl explores open web crawl dataClearing Tor, Offline Cookbook, Burning Great Things, and Batch Pipelines http://t.co/YmXlf8PnMf @gnat Four short linksPhysical and virtual are blurring http://t.co/Z7wKNc7oxR @JonBruner explores the hardware-software intersectionAda Lovelace was born Dec 10, 1815. Here’s 2 good reads from @SuzAxtell http://t.co/pIYm0dBNRc + @amyjollymore http://t.co/Mjr6BLi5NI'How #Bitcoin 2.0 Will Shape the Future of Business' w/ @clark800- Free #BitcoinSummit Webcast Dec 16 http://t.co/gllitFvnRTWeb Dev is constantly changing. Keep up with our new Web newsletter http://t.co/3DtjvDd5AR
RT @normativedesign: Good observations about the most common mistakes in design http://t.co/3PqmmRvdYVThe future of design: stay one step ahead of the algorithm http://t.co/ere45LGvki @odannyboy on future-proofing yourselfRT @scottjenson: This "Urban Dictionary of Design Slang" is surprisingly well done (and full of a few chuckles) http://t.co/WV3YjmKdj7Data Algorithms: Recipes for Scaling up w/ @hadoop & #Spark Early Release by Mahmoud Parsian http://t.co/88ZKzov7DCThe revolution in biology is here, now http://t.co/9TQSv0CIoP @mikeloukides > "The BioFabricate summit in New York rearranged my thinking."Web by default: These 9 things are shaping the web’s future http://t.co/N8o8SyWHixTab Tool, Ad Manifesto, Cultural Heritage, and Software Sustainability http://t.co/b5T7nmBpzg @gnat Four short links
@HenriHelvetica @OReillyMedia Thanks for the heads up! Mind taking another look? We're back in business on this end.RT @nitin: I'm going to #BitcoinSummit Jan 27 in San Francisco - hope to see you there #blockchain http://t.co/j1cXbbknAL via @radar
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