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RT @scifri: Roboticists are using E. Coli to power microscopic robots. http://t.co/drY23Er2kf http://t.co/HIZGKUJnxZHoles in qualitative & quantitative testing > @lauraklein 7 user research myths & mistakes http://t.co/dxEubiWNUq http://t.co/0pCwGZhF5oYear Zero: Our life timelines begin http://t.co/QmiUWdp1qn @acroll "This will fundamentally change how we live" http://t.co/JtXHqWutbeFour short links via @gnat: Wearable Warning, Time Series Data, App Cards, and Secure Comms http://t.co/PUP5xUJ9ko http://t.co/67k6CHMA2U
"I’m putting more trust in communities than corporations" Saying goodbye to Apple, Google, Microsoft http://t.co/pCqrW6ZCo1 HT @globalmoxie"Virtual reality is now an arms race" MT @mikeloukides: What is Valve doing in VR? This is going to get interesting http://t.co/QpqGZr6HBLWhat experts do: Curse of the intermediate http://t.co/hTeIyZpxhm Free excerpt from Kathy Sierra's new book http://t.co/ntgu6pz49QOnboarding UX, Productivity Vision, Bad ML, and Lifelong Learning > @gnat's Four short links: http://t.co/EZr6c8MtPj http://t.co/TUzoH5NH77
#NoEstimates and the "yearning to break the bonds of estimation" http://t.co/fOQOXSv0SaOur top experience design links: UX in ops, designing car-free cities, an MVP checklist http://t.co/H0CRiwekeD http://t.co/qmg3tBrUrO@dberkholz Apologies for the truncated RSS feed. You should be able to now get full stories here http://t.co/BVKg1wkN5o"I think of GPG as a glorious experiment that has run its course" - @moxie http://t.co/n3vrfRx85rToday's Four Short Links from @gnat: #NoEstimates, Brand Advertising, AI, and GPG BeGone http://t.co/3QrtQGw5pI http://t.co/NEjEqQK0tS
New at #FluentConf 2015: Intensive 2-day trainings on topics such as Node security, WebRTC, and building native apps http://t.co/0iJcA7oE7f@dberkholz Thanks for the heads up. I'm looking into it - Mac"Your job is not just to ship something. It’s to ship something that improves our product for our customers." http://t.co/toxFFx4EAYDavid Blei on the past, present, and future of data topic models http://t.co/MZQN1Y3Kdo O'Reilly Data Show Podcast http://t.co/gcAtmAxFTzAutocompletion, Colliding Trends, Microservices, and Useful Code http://t.co/G0w5dhSeeX @gnat Four short links http://t.co/7aYi6SdbPtSpotted on O'Reilly @Radar: #WhatAboutTheWorkers http://t.co/oboRazxZhl
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RT @globalmoxie: "One goal: the computer disappears into the environment."—Alan Kay, 1982. http://t.co/M68zOY3Zb4Design to reflect human values http://t.co/b6owRcqtfy New Radar Podcast: @MaryTreseler chats w/ @marcharlier http://t.co/VHi0eRD9co
"Empathy...is a state of mind, not a specific technique." > @scottjenson on The Paradox of Empathy http://t.co/mPzU4qmd2OMeta-design: The intersection of art, design, and computation http://t.co/mJlr5I4Ifd http://t.co/7VCdsGDRTSUnleash innovation in the enterprise http://t.co/JEectYRjXP @barryoreilly > "Winning organizations are continually experimenting"“It’s a detriment to our field that there’s this phrase ‘data-driven decision making.’" http://t.co/GoJUPlGBeE @triciawang on Radar Podcast3 reasons why you’ll move your business to the cloud http://t.co/U7s3ujNUT9 From @mstine's book on cloud-native application architecturesMeta-design > @runemadsen on the intersection of art, design, and computation http://t.co/f0Al3YKQPaOpen Data, Packet Dumping, GPU Deep Learning, and Genetic Approval http://t.co/G8kOfqXxUM @gnat Four short links
An alternate perspective on data-driven decision making http://t.co/GoJUPlGBeE New @Radar Podcast: @rogerm chats w/ @triciawangAn Internet of Things that do what they’re told http://t.co/d1YDnEbGsp @doctorow > "we need to talk about what 'security' is"Signals from Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose http://t.co/GbrPEEJKKw Insights from @dpatil, Solomon Hsiang, Lisa Hammitt & moreRobotic Garden, Kids Toys, MSFT ML, and Twitter Scale http://t.co/R2It7e4HwI @gnat Four short linksThe programming world is changing. Stay on top of it with our weekly newsletter http://t.co/W0tjn5a1lZ
If you want to take on a larger role in the tech business, don’t stop at being just a software engineer http://t.co/IhtETEkEWM
MT @bigdata: Practical Machine Learning (led by @advskills): 2-day intensive course at #stratahadoop London this May http://t.co/nt2XPJI1pLSoftware architecture is one of the key things we’re tracking in the programming space. Learn more http://t.co/QAkPs7cWYr
It’s not enough to know the code. Programmers need to also understand coding fundamentals http://t.co/P0Jph0qVPoRT @MaryTreseler: Why We Should Design Some Things to Be Difficult to Use | WIRED http://t.co/ucD8dMR1nJGoogle Cabs And Uber Bots Will Challenge Jobs 'Below The API' http://t.co/DUABW8kCto HT @gnatRT @balajis: An interview with me on #Bitcoin by the great @jennwebb of O'Reilly Radar. http://t.co/N4Tp93KH7eMT @cityofsound: "The real robot economy and the bus ticket inspector" > Piece by @pesska on the algorithmic present http://t.co/wNd2TQ421iRT @mikeloukides: Toys Powered By IBM Watson? Cool idea, though I'm not sure I'd give one to a kid http://t.co/hXoK502Qo4Deeply engaging w/ workers, partners, customers - The Connected Company by @davegray + Thomas Vander Wal @infocloud http://t.co/FPEBG7kygt"The real challenge going forward: we can't trust anything." - @mikeloukides on postmodern security http://t.co/xJzjBseJGVMT @timoreilly: This is a book worth reading if you want to understand the role of software in the future of business http://t.co/gZtlFXg5nZMatthew Effects, Office Dashboards, Below the API, and Robot Economies http://t.co/9oiXpGx2U9 @gnat Four short links#bigdata processing frameworks: new @radar post by @mark_grover http://t.co/6J8jfvRJbO
Retweeted by O'Reilly Radar"Bitcoin is an important part of an even broader thesis on regulated industries" - @balajis on new @Radar Podcast http://t.co/ayWBdhlfEX
Stay on top of what you need to know in the programming world with our weekly newsletter http://t.co/rn2KMyyXH2
Bitcoin is going to mean "everything will be a liquid market" - @balajis on the @Radar Podcast: http://t.co/ayWBdhlfEX
4 things to watch in programming: engineers, architecture, open source culture, mobile’s big definition http://t.co/04861b4BBQHow data and connectivity are changing the nature of play http://t.co/jFPVZ7I8uf @meghanrabbit on implications of tech in the playroomMobile now includes hardware, software, data, and the cloud, and software engineers must be on top of it all http://t.co/04861b4BBQEffective #DataViz: From Design Fundamentals to #BigData Techniques: New @OReillyMedia video training w/@jeffrey_heer http://t.co/ILvPjEEODr.@oreillydesign Newsletter highlights -- mentor relationships, "learninghomes," building teams: http://t.co/9gbifgysX1
More than a currency, bitcoin is an enabling technology http://t.co/y4yAeJtj2Z New @Radar Podcast w/ @balajisA tale of two clusters: Mesos and YARN http://t.co/VFpAFVgPsp @kingmesal on open source software project MyriadForecasting events, from disease outbreaks to sales to cancer research http://t.co/DVLUUHtbOb New Data Show Podcast w/ @KiraRadinskyRT @macslocum: “When Google suffered a 5-minute outage in 2013, global web traffic dropped 40%.” —@StevenLevy http://t.co/XyWNWIhEdLOpen source code is established, but open source culture is still taking root http://t.co/n4UCUPcC0SRT @clairecm: "The problem is not technology. It is, as it always was, us." @jelani9 on drones in @NYTmag http://t.co/UXKYpoorOxFinance Instrument, Retro Predictions, Trust Engineering, and Haptics http://t.co/Kdz3RZ6rMb @gnat Four short linksA good software engineer understands how their work fits into the larger stack: the company’s mission http://t.co/n4UCUPcC0S
Hacking a project will get it done, but truly understanding a project will shape your future projects http://t.co/MFuBHve3QsA million rows isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion rows. http://t.co/PzQyGLSYAf @max_webster on changing your frame of referenceIf you’re a programmer who wants to get involved in the business side, become a software architect http://t.co/MFuBHve3QsDesigning for delight http://t.co/nppA3GhJCb @marytreseler chats w/ @pellican about design thinking and design cultureFive things to consider before offering new technology as a cloud service http://t.co/RYbkEGE6WD via @Farshchi on @RadarRT @mikeloukides: Good article on AI: http://t.co/8XgeKRLgj6Crowdsourcing Working, etcd DKVS, Psychology Progress, and Inferring Logfile Rules http://t.co/dEHxtFhHNl @gnat Four short linksThese four themes are shaping O’Reilly’s perspective on programming and software engineers http://t.co/MFuBHve3QsBetter things couldn't happen to your inbox: get @gnat's Four short links delivered M-F http://t.co/VQBB0iYsic
Learn how @twitter counts billions of daily events in real-time using OSS in a webcast w/ @anirudhtodi 2/21 10AM PT http://t.co/OeISNIo69sRT @globalmoxie: I was asked what advice I'd give my younger self. It turned into a long and rather personal list: http://t.co/Tt2hjDmsMJKeep me safe http://t.co/anuFbRUjvH @simonstl "we still have to figure out how privacy should really work"The Intimacy of Things http://t.co/FXmQlAi6Ym @GiladRosner on the question: at what layer do we build privacy into the fabric of devices?Create Indispensable iOS Apps with Swift - For one week only, SAVE 50% on Swift video training and ebooks http://t.co/msqKYispMGSpeech Recognition, Predictive Analytic Queries, Video Chat, and Javascript UI Library http://t.co/yl8EPawdUh @gnat Four short links.@djkleinbaum joins the @Radar Podcast: lab automation, virtual lab services & tackling challenges of reproducibility http://t.co/62QSdT70GN
Spiders spinning electrically charged nanofibers http://t.co/wpUGsJaNM2 Nature, the ultimate hacker. HT @sarawingeRT @GiladRosner: Pls drop by my O'Reilly @radar webcast on #Privacy in #IoT, aka "The Intimacy of Things" this Wed! http://t.co/igVHTiJnSENew @Radar Podcast w/ @ariannamcclain & @dknemeyer http://t.co/HpgXA1bY53 A human-centered approach to #datadriven designCreate projects that automate, educate, and entertain with Raspberry Pi + discover the world of connected devices http://t.co/z5E5Y0N6SjMT @mikeloukides: @bunniestudios on manufacturing zippers http://t.co/dSbxz88iwBClosing the gender gap in tech http://t.co/kRVQTUA7GC New report: @Bencheton on stories from women making an impact on the field of big dataRT @rroumeliotis: Google hopes Disney's 'Miles From Tomorrowland' inspires future coders http://t.co/U5amEZDWrg #osconiBeacon at Scale, Product Teams, Progress Bars, and Distributed Fallacies http://t.co/SOavn47Wy0 @gnat Four short links
RT @bigdata: Women in Data, a new @radar report profiling 15 leading practitioners http://t.co/mqvGgG2fim kudos to @Bencheton & @ShannonCutt
RT @MaryTreseler: Experience Design Links and Fodder: February 6, 2015 http://t.co/KOY1hEA0ZRRT @ShannonCutt: Just released from @OReillyMedia -- Women in Data! http://t.co/j3UiO9ZgCDDirect delivery of @gnat's Four short links now available > http://t.co/hZ2RBujDHWNew @Radar Podcast: @djkleinbaum on lab automation, virtual lab services & tackling the challenges of reproducibility http://t.co/62QSdT70GNMT @simonking: “Coding is not the new literacy.” @ibdknox argues that modeling ... is the real skill we need. http://t.co/AeAuVZ6F7lActive Learning, Tongue Sensors, Cybernetic Management, and HTML5 Game Publishing http://t.co/qAjlZRjEJE @gnat Four short linksPrivacy and Security Issues in the Internet of Things w/ @GiladRosner LIVE FEB11 10AM PT http://t.co/iKmUiKWcxt
New @Radar series: @GiladRosner explores privacy & security in IoT: http://t.co/JGYbf5sioH & sign up for the webcast: http://t.co/eu6qaqN95vDemocratizing biotech research http://t.co/62QSdT70GN @Radar Podcast w/ @djkleinbaum > lab automation, virtual lab services, reproducibilityBrainiac Book Bundle from @humble + @nostarch - $250 worth of Geeky Kids eBooks - (benefits @Eff + @FreedomofPress) http://t.co/ppftjTlUaoA bigger and different way of looking at the IoT http://t.co/GM0muDwFpI > An adaptation of @TimOReilly's #SolidCon keynoteNetwork structure and dynamics in online social systems http://t.co/rcm1hHPG8f @BigData on how information, audiences & data interact
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