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I invest in internet companies at Venrock, still wish I was a rock star, and have way too many hobbies.

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Shake Shack has passed these out at the @NYSE. They'll light up on the first trade. $SHAK http://t.co/CGIkKxXgMJ
Retweeted by David PakmanBewkes on @CNBC "Consumers like TV bundles: husband likes these 10 channels, wife different 10 & kids a different 10" -- Do kids watch TV?
Retweeted by David Pakman@sawickipedia @ericfranchi also, I don't know a single person who switched from Spotify to beats@sawickipedia @ericfranchi as a heavy Spotify user, playlists and social graph are my primary reason to use the service. Big for discovery@ericfranchi personally I believe there is a very small market for high-fidelity audio. And Spotify network effects very strong.Built high-margin products that many people wanted. "How, and Why, Apple Overtook Microsoft" via @nytimes http://t.co/whIjhhuF8GLike JT/MySpace before him, Jay-Z is about to discover that celebrity is no match against network effects http://t.co/AoX1xIuqxNThe Rise of Quants on Madison Avenue http://t.co/01tDKS7MWk
iPhone margins, baby. “@asymco: Apple's growth scorecard. http://t.co/YxpQgRx2GC@mims Perhaps. But that market is getting smaller by the day. Better to figure out how to sell something to the kids.@mims They do with tickets/VIP packages at shows, but not with recorded music in a subscription world. But there are very few of you left.@mims Avg music spend in US has been about $40 - $60/year/buyer for last 25 years, so you are 2x the normTesla P85D 0 to 60mph acceleration will improve by ~0.1 sec soon via over-the-air software update to inverter algorithm
Retweeted by David Pakman@sisario How much of that was Pandora?
After the storm #Juno #Nantucket http://t.co/HpqrMZT6fI
Retweeted by David PakmanFacebooks daily active users of 890 million people is about 8x more than people watching the @SuperBowl.
Retweeted by David PakmanOut of the Digital Dark http://t.co/D2jIRODBSQ via @HuffPostNYThe Arrival of Marketing Performance Management - Beckon @VCsurferDAD #venrock http://t.co/69CL9jJ54W
Must read POV on media by @hankgreen, after his interview with the president: https://t.co/9DF0R6ggRY
Retweeted by David Pakman
Current NYC snow forecasts: 4-8" (http://t.co/QHxRamOaKN), 7-13" (Accuweather), 11-17" (Wunderground), 20-30" (NWS). So, plan accordingly.
Retweeted by David Pakman
It's the first day of @NAMM and what better way to start it off than with Neil Peart's kit. #namm15 #dwdrums http://t.co/EaNrYuzkRH
Retweeted by David PakmanNow that @dwdrums announced Neil Peart's new kit, here's a pic of it being made in the factory 2 weeks ago #namm15 http://t.co/m7yfurUrXmAfter Shelly Silver, It's Time To Drain The Albany Swamp http://t.co/t171FDS7rj
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Planes get wi-fi ——> SkyMall goes bankrupt.
Retweeted by David Pakman@RussellGilbert RUSH2015Rush. MSG. #r40live http://t.co/UPGUvjTELw
Finally. "Sheldon Silver, New York Assembly Leader, Is Arrested on Graft Charges" via @nytimes http://t.co/hACecwGpm4How many VCs should you pitch? A look at actual example fundraise funnels from our portfolio: http://t.co/bRRR8hJpUA http://t.co/iZGjwnLAY1
Retweeted by David PakmanSo far, two people at the #NetNeutrality House hearing have referred to Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson as "Mr. Etsy"
Retweeted by David Pakman@aweissman I hope it stays that way!Hollywood focus last 15 years: big budget features -> indie films -> TV, next will be YouTube. http://t.co/PqtsvBqHfO
"The hoax is that there are people so arrogant to think that they can change climate. Man can't change climate." http://t.co/BXF6JPHnNdI've tried 2 Minecraft projects on #HoloLens. One is a toy, one is closer to the game, both are awesome! Very much wip, but definitely real
Retweeted by David Pakman@ntarnopolsky @jonathanglick That is a crazy fact that has been unreported by US media, as near as I can tell.Thinking of applying for the Galleria Borghese gig. "Italy Goes Global in Search for Museum Directors" http://t.co/k0eqGlCzgi
“There are 40,000 insurance agencies in the U.S., and you could absolutely imagine them shrinking by a quarter." http://t.co/MRk02HwP8BBanking Start-Ups Adopt New Tools for Lending, via @nytimes http://t.co/xplAxsz8SwObama’s Social Media Team Tries to Widen Audience for State of the Union Address , via @nytimes http://t.co/qpq1VgoKjo
I spent the weekend at my son's school hackathon. Here's my electric bowling lane made with #arduino at #hackitSLS http://t.co/hgKDJOORK5
@chrisfralic paging Meyer Berlow!
@chrisfralic no sir. Do tell!?@aetheric_co haven't seen it yet. Any good?
The answer...Rush is rock band with third most consecutive gold/platinum studio albums after Beatles and Stones. Congrats, @Spielberger@SpotJ nopeMusic quiz: name the rock band behind The Beatles and The Stones for the most consecutive gold/platinum studio albumsHate to kill that Oscar buzz, but consider this: Since 2002, sales of movie tix have dropped by 26%. http://t.co/RfwXGo03xB
Retweeted by David PakmanHave two friends who are "Academy" members who gave up their screeners this year because they no longer own DVD players
Retweeted by David Pakman
@imscottpetry does that run on batteries?@imscottpetry you I will permit to attend. No one else, though.@jonathanglick I think it is a function of a) how much you spend and b) agreeing to do many bad deals with William Morris to get a good oneA Small Software Company Sees a Future in Containers of Code, via @nytimes http://t.co/F5HxHbQHsNThis idea of showing off car designs u will never ship seems anachronistic. Why do car shows exist? Why cover them? http://t.co/GoVx9oVcIjCompanies who transmit TV over the Internet can buy good TV shows, just like the guys who transmit over coax. http://t.co/hKol3kjM4I
The @Burner app saved me from PR hell at CES this year http://t.co/SQItlEyZpr
@aweissman wait, really? You are just coming up to speed on griefing now? ;)@benpopper This report shows that Progressive is most "progressive" in using big data to change underwriting and pricing.@spcohn Yes, I agree, just that this report shows actual evidence that the statement is true.Biggest reason startups can disrupt banks/insurers using big data is cultural resistance at the incumbents http://t.co/MwSYzGe6Bn
Terrorism Works http://t.co/gd5WiBewBA@mdudas ok, thanks@mdudas what does "founder-owned" mean?
@john_ryu Well, it's an economic term, so not up for dispute by marketers. ;)Bundling artificially increases sales. When TV is unbundled, true demand for (pay) TV shows will be revealed. And it will be lower.@aweissman yup@aweissman surprisingly, quite a few trade for under 2x. This feels low or high to you?1.9x revs. In Buying Stuart Weitzman for $574 Million, Coach Adds Celebrity Cachet, via @nytimes http://t.co/bqNbr1TOO4
Sony: from 12/24-1/4 #TheInterview has been rented or purchased online/through cable, satellite, and telecos 4.3M+ times= $31M+ in sales.
Retweeted by David Pakman6 hours @SavedYouAClick “@SAI: Elon Musk reveals how much sleep he gets each night http://t.co/jXl6YInV8m
"That was pretty crazy, going from singing in my room to singing in front of 5,000 people." http://t.co/ABkLL44HN1
An honor to see @Jess thrive! An Inside Look At Tech's Buzziest Company http://t.co/xy1uUwg2plThank you! RT @andyrwong: My convo w @pakman. Very candid answers from a humble VC http://t.co/EQCwK9MJqN #CoInvent
Large phones are taking share from tablets: http://t.co/jmftazqkFJ http://t.co/DnIerP9BP7
Retweeted by David Pakman@Alitalia what is status of az1019? website says ontime but we have not even boarded. gate agents know nothing.
@RickWebb question of degrees I guess. Separately, we should hang more in 2015!@RickWebb as s former founder, I get a sick feeling taking liquidity years before my investors, years before a biz model, years b4 exit.iTunes and iPhoto need to be re-invented. I wonder if Apple has it in them.
Retweeted by David Pakman@ericleebow yes. But the article is about startups 6 months old, not 10 years.This is the beginning of the end, folks - Founders taking liquidity in A rounds. http://t.co/kUkvjUPoJ6The 10 Best New Restaurants of 2014 http://t.co/zWZWnoFn9v
We Can Handle the Truth: @nathanheller on Sorkin’s views and the Sony hack http://t.co/RebkGJ5R2B
Retweeted by David Pakman
No, North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony (by @marcwrogers, Principal Security Researcher for @cloudflare) http://t.co/OGZUwtwGFLNo way to watch on @YouTube mobile? http://t.co/TDNiDSbMdFYep. @pkafka nails this. Hey, TV Guys! Facebook's NFL Deal Means Facebook is Getting Serious About Video. http://t.co/wW2Bgke8CX
Check out Zampak live on @YouNow! Watch: http://t.co/6CUjQeO3Wx http://t.co/ll9n1QI5cX
“The Maneater Manifesto: Ten reasons why Hall & Oates win” by @JennyRuthTruth https://t.co/31LB8RMUo8Speakers. RT @businessinsider: What impressed me most about the iPhone 6 Plus is something nobody really talks about
Retweeted by David PakmanYouTube community now uploading 300 hrs of new video per minute! Greatest asset & greatest challenge (discovery) http://t.co/bD0sTLUteY
Retweeted by David Pakman
St. Lucia in the studio Dec 2014 @stlucia http://t.co/QNoAbDu5pa
Retweeted by David PakmanWant to see your brand's ad here? Amplify your @TwitterAds campaign with @Dstillery and drive 195% conversion lifts https://t.co/CBuNvQ731d
Retweeted by David PakmanSchool Finds Music Is the Food of Learning , via @nytimes http://t.co/mUHR5QqNjzSued by Google, a State Attorney General Retreats, via @nytimes http://t.co/ZncfElBPCP
@pkafka I see. And http://t.co/0TO0zwmKz9 plus Akamai doesn't work?@pkafka and for a studio that always licenses their works to others, that matters why?@pkafka there's this thing called YouTube too.I still like the idea of Sony releasing movie streaming online but asking for $2 donation to benefit Ebola treatment.Here Is What Happens When Your Brand Doesn't Know Its Customers http://t.co/JjWjjU7vWv via @pakmanHere Is What Happens When Your Brand Doesn’t Know Its Customers http://t.co/fLbAappUfUBots Now Outnumber Humans on the Web http://t.co/GFRaSRyvGk
@rfradin now I know where you got it from. #rogerrules@rfradin maybe I'm feeling more rational than usual because I spoke with you Dad today! (Thank you for that!)
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