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@dfledderjohn on purposeKids these days are twisted. "@Deadspin: OK freshman Joe Mixon takes plea deal before knockout video goes public http://t.co/pAWh9lTiqa"@IvanTheK sox @ workKids these days are twisted.Two kids who knew exactly what they were doing...unless punishments are much more severe, this will never stop. | http://t.co/58nSGzog4a@LimeyN @dcsportsbog full eng bkfasts are fantastic. Finish the story, you will quickly see that he is an idiot and his opinion is wrongThe Redskins' Monday Night Football upset almost destroyed one local fantasy football league http://t.co/jOQEietWX7
Retweeted by _Researchers grew miniature human stomachs from stem cells http://t.co/FZV8HHEHvr http://t.co/erG3kpHL8J
Retweeted by _@k_ved change their logo to a taco with a bite taken out of it@ShanersMD @BootymanNYC she's so sure she's clear she may have coerced him. I wouldn't be shocked. "DO YOU STILL THINK I'M SICK. PROVE IT"Bank accidentally wires $1,500,000 to hedge fund's bank account. Money manager goes missing » http://t.co/tJmxRHCrZv http://t.co/k8S3GJQPGV
Retweeted by _@BootymanNYC if her bf gets it she'll really feel like an assholeRumble in the Jungle: What made Muhammad Ali the finest boxer of all time http://t.co/sF3xk6pnGC http://t.co/OXCEnInI44
Retweeted by _Better late than never? "@Creditflux: Guggenheim edges closer to its first CLO of the year... http://t.co/azcfq9iDJj"
got DAYUM, T-Pain. | http://t.co/240I4OHFrIHow about that Broncos fan who went full-Forrest Gump?@LadyFOHF those fractal accounts are like twitter herpes. I block one every two or so daysStreet Harasser Haunted By Woman Who Got Away With Dignity Intact http://t.co/NQ3tRxlumI http://t.co/1plNZNEbE3
Retweeted by _Never been in the workforce without QE.Really incredible. "@Gizmodo: The Poynt Smart Terminal is like a Swiss Army knife for payments: http://t.co/yJ6x5dtrwm"@lxwarr30 agreed, done very stealthily here (masked with kindness)I have seen this across three separate inv banks.Observation: eastern europeans are very nitpicky with their processes and take an inordinate amount of time to fully hand them off, if ever@carney @DavidSchawel wage growth assumption is critical. As will be the criteria for underwriting incl down pmts@carney @DavidSchawel just like refis, if you didn't buy a house now, your potential future cost is only looking to be higher@carney @DavidSchawel higher rates will make mtgs way too expensive for avg ppl and then you'll see an uptick in foreign all cash purch@carney @DavidSchawel mtg burnout for everyone! That can't be looking good given all this info@carney @DavidSchawel how prevalent is that? Enough to meaningfully skew the stat?LRT might be the most interesting thing you'll read/see this weekThe mathematics behind the most "accurate" depiction of a black hole in a film ever (apparently), Interstellar http://t.co/qZb46nhGtW
Retweeted by _@DavidSchawel find it tough to wrap my head around people renting entire houses to live in more/less permanently vs vaca rental@DavidSchawel issue with inventory?@DavidSchawel I would think the opposite would be true just given the level of rates..I know someone who got busted in the US for tax evasion. Relative to what he saved, he paid $$$ | http://t.co/2cyuNRogkPOh. Huh. RT @nanexllc: Elon Musk nailed it about Antares rocket 2 years ago in Wired http://t.co/iegRRLUDIB http://t.co/2HsuMOsVao
Retweeted by _"Ebola is not a thing but a swarm." this is an incredible article: http://t.co/NMAXdrtSUX @NewYorker
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Sweet jesus... "@BroBible: Baby Head Masks Will Freak People The Hell Out This Halloween -- http://t.co/4CSgvVxlQm"How does Anthony Davis look himself in the mirror in the morning and decide he's good to go?Anthony Davis' unibrow is in mid-season form. http://t.co/MVivCDQQzH
Retweeted by _@CT_Osprey nice seats. Enjoy@FT "Alternative stress tests find #French #banks are weakest in Europe" No capital, insolvent in some cases, basically sovereign credits...
Retweeted by _This place was built to be a cash cow. "@Gothamist: 1WTC Observatory Sets Admission At $32 http://t.co/6RKT3DkzYk http://t.co/2ZBrVjc2vf"Shareholder value maximization is not a good thing. Great read. | http://t.co/JOVpTmQu0d@jaredwoodard sweet jesus...
#AIG in Hindsight. #Swaps, CDOs & RMBS and their roles in the failure. http://t.co/jYazjv8r9g http://t.co/1GxGDoIBRh
Retweeted by _@ShanersMD @k_ved @plainview_ this is a dad joke for the booksCast of True Detective season 2 is shaping up to be a real head-scratcher: Peter La Fleur, Tim Riggins and Bobby PellittGeorge R.R. Martin Reveals The Worst Fate That Could Befall Westeros http://t.co/229CbaGYhb http://t.co/87SSpYgIeV
Retweeted by _@TBrodes crazy, right?This guy is a real scumbag. | http://t.co/kzGCuFtO89@ShanersMD @ARTownsend I hope that that baby pulls an 'Alien' mid marathon. Poor guyGoing to make it a point to keep both feet on the ground when celebrating anything going forward.This is just unbelievable. "@HousingWire: Ocwen posts open letter and apology to borrowers http://t.co/pI8H6LuU3O #hw"Reasons cats are terrible. "@WIRED: Why your cat thinks you're a huge, unpredictable ape http://t.co/XOolnRQCWk http://t.co/HHk9mFet9m"South Africa's football captain Senzo Meyiwa slain by gunmen at girlfriend’s house. http://t.co/OwaeeW4lts http://t.co/Z1Qn9LykEq
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Steve Gleason: always inspiring, always amazing
Retweeted by _Refs destroying the Arizona Philly game.Really fantastic. "@adage: Watch NFL players stop making excuses for domestic/sexual abuse in these powerful spots http://t.co/teIC0uiz1X"Jets should just scrap the QB position from their playbook.J-E-T-S! http://t.co/CxaQxqFbmQ
Retweeted by _Only hope for Jets QBs is to get away from Jets, be a backup, improve and hope it works out. Rex takes flawed guys and sets them up to fail
Retweeted by _@ShanersMD or is on suicide watch at the looney binI must have done something pretty terrible in a past life to be the fan of a team with Geno/Rex at the helm.Geno had the check down option. Goes for the guy covered like white on rice. Interception.Convinced that Kyle Orton is an actual phoenix who has risen from the ashes of a garbage career.He will body slam the shit out of you. "@MMehtaNYDN: Percy Harvin lines up as an outside WR on first play. He looks smaller in person #nyj"@CharmAndDecay how many near death experiences has this team given you?Apparently not.....yetDO THE LIONS HAVE A KICKER PROBLEMOne final congratulations to @FoxyQuant and @largecaptrader1 (really put on a ceremony clinic)It took me a while to get comfortable with this... | http://t.co/Mgkbr1KgLn@Ryan_STT think I've seen it on a couple postcards before@CharmAndDecay football, literally, all day
WANT "@chadmumm: Genius @Target http://t.co/DL5OMC7ARg
Retweeted by _BREAKING: Luis Suarez starts for Barcelona in the Clasico. http://t.co/B5dZfedp4S
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@k_ved you're there, man. 2 years inSkyfall http://t.co/kHQeq5bpNJ http://t.co/Rm8I6H5828When you get a playlist called "On a Roll in Monaco" it's safe to say that you've hit audio gold.@pollyNYC that's the stuff of nightmares. Horrible..@ShanersMD @KellyMcAttack @SBNation that dude was in rush hour 3..Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.
Retweeted by _Why Madrid's poor fear Goldman Sachs and Blackstone http://t.co/fOqqs2NbOt
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Retweeted by _Straight-up shameful hyping of the ebola threat in America whilst simultaneously all but ignoring the actual crisis in West Africa.
Retweeted by _LRT: essentially, stfu#Ebola is spread by direct contact w/ body fluids of a sick person or exposure to contaminated objects, like needles. http://t.co/tsSjZ8g8nb
Retweeted by _@DNAinfo I love how you love to stoke fires, guy who runs this account #PANICReally can't wait for Bloodline to hit Netflix #cleareyesLeaving work early for religious reasons is dope #diwaliDogs injured while apprehending White House fence jumper cleared to return to duty: http://t.co/pdFS4PPcK9 http://t.co/JxJ0Z11tCh
Retweeted by _Jumping on that 1130 lunch train.Look at excel on one monitor, use shortcut, nothing happens, see outlook on another monitor, shortcut meant for excel fwds random email.
Fun risk retention fact: sponsors must retain all of risk (nonguaranteed portion) of FFELP #securization (usually 3%) http://t.co/LIaGTJvdFi
Retweeted by _What the shit is this... "@bikesnobnyc: It only costs $250 to intentionally ram a cyclist w/ your SUV! http://t.co/BgnVM1wZqc"Fantastic read on how IBM is the result of years of living for the next quarter. Is not alone.. | http://t.co/YgPzFJzTFn#organicisastateofmind | http://t.co/P85Av7ZprGHaving Fun Is Great. So Why Do We Sometimes Not Have Fun? http://t.co/LSYi84F3CY http://t.co/WdIRYzSBn2
Retweeted by _Google Inbox. Need. | http://t.co/6wOSyBANgmCLOs don't get a carve out - expect issuance to drop. http://t.co/q9lRRybDaP @Markit @Fed
Retweeted by _Mortgage servicers: an exercise in 'trust no one' | http://t.co/kg16N92def
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