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John Munson @munsongs Twin Cities, MN

Minneapolis musician: Trip Shakespeare, Semisonic, The New Standards, The Twilight Hours, & MD of Wits Radio Show

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Hey yo! Partnering up with @Shinola for the holiday show this year! Thanks for helping to bring #TNSHolidayShow to the people Shinola!
Retweeted by John Munson@BhiBhiman @wits you really brought it tonight Bhi. Thank you
@johnmoe @wits @KeeganMKey @BhiBhiman @winnerbowzer @Roehmeo @richardmedek @JosephRSavage @mikefotis @fritzbaldwin That's a full stage there@drneau caught on camera doing something quite disturbing tonight.
@JerryZgoda the game was watchable! But really: transition game.
A new column from @SlingshotAnnie: What I learned from taking piano lessons as an adult. http://t.co/oIeVbnNEIR
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Last night Key was on Conan, Friday he's on @Wits. Also: @BhiBhiman a very soulful singer. And @johnmoe and a full complement of Witnesses.
@chriskoza @wits always nice to hear that our small contributions register, Chris. Thank you.Fans of .@wits and others @MyBrightestDmnd plays .@TheCedar Monday. Music = brilliant also good human being = go
@ACNewman or have a friend help.@coreyschreppel @MyBrightestDmnd @wits big muff pi. It's the muffiest.
@JoeCStrib I have a bad attitude about them based entirely on overdraft fees.@JoeCStrib so glad it's snowing! Welcome the the frozen tundra of stupid sellout name stadium. #GopherGameDayExcited to announce that we are shooting the @newstandards Holiday Show in Dec.! Premieres on TPT 12/22. #TNSonTPT http://t.co/gdTHv5tIbu
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.@newstandards, if @tpt could record your Holiday Show, it would be a gift for all of MN to see! #TNSonTPT @munsongs @TheSuburbsBand
Retweeted by John Munson@noisewiremag @dessadarling @LincolnHall @dchermanphoto Doesn't matter WHERE she's playing, she's always looking good.Guess what day it is? Puck Drop: 7:05 p.m. TV: @fsnorth PLUS Radio: @mytalk1071 Stream: http://t.co/hAinW8JXyw. http://t.co/KE0xwMMkmc
Retweeted by John MunsonFriends, .@munsongs .@TheSuburbsBand Tweet #TNSonTPT and we'll see if there's any interest in this "TV SHOW" idea.
Retweeted by John Munson@FromTheBarn @newstandards @tpt @TheSuburbsBand @TheCurrent I think you might be shocked at THE PASSION in those buildings. #TNSonTPT@AliLozoff I can hear you chuckling Ali. All the way out here in the boondocks.@newstandards @tpt @TheSuburbsBand also should we check with our pals at @TheCurrent to avoid a public broadcasting street fight? #TNSonTPT@EleanoreLion @newstandards @TheSuburbsBand I think you've got a point..@newstandards .@TheSuburbsBand shall we let it simmer with our people for a bit? #TNSonTPT@tpt @newstandards @TheSuburbsBand @TheCurrent excellent idea! Or for a truly dizzying experience go pro on Steve's mallets@tpt @newstandards @TheCurrent street FIGHT. I hate auto correct. It's always so wrong. And sabotages my mediocre sense of humor.@newstandards on the other hand if a streetlight between .@tpt and .@TheCurrent went down it would be a huge windfall for optometrists@newstandards @tpt @TheSuburbsBand also should we check with our pals at @TheCurrent to avoid a public broadcasting streetlight? #TNSonTPT@newstandards @tpt @TheSuburbsBand will there be fantasy sequences?@newstandards @tpt @TheSuburbsBand a movie about our show? Like The Song Remains The Same?Nothing like a soft opponent to help you get your groove back on, eh @mnwild ?@mnmusicco @astercafe how long will Ellen be kissing people? Am I too late? Are her kisses free or should I give to max first?Show your love for MN music @astercafe and get kisses from @ellensnojo & other local artists! #GTMD14 http://t.co/DmW7k49vSD
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Donate on #giveday to save the #BWCA from the highly-damaging mining indusry: https://t.co/wZzvr3D2YY … #protectbwca
Retweeted by John MunsonFollow the good example of @chriskoza & @munsongs and support programs for MN musicians! #GMTD14 https://t.co/8363PxG4bT
Retweeted by John Munson@BarbAbney @TwilightHours @johnmarknelson @WebofSunsets @TinCanGin @LocalCurrent Ooh yes! make it Dreams-y!@JerryZgoda be sure to have a tequila after the game Jerry.Lovely stuff, a little blues duo at @icehousempls http://t.co/fJvDwjefJPEric Heywood is putting on a guitar tone clinic down at @icehousempls tonight with Jerry Foucault.
You were so fine, @JulianFlei sher, @my @JoesPub #PeggyLee book launch. #LennyKaye+#JohnMunson @munsongs @AtriaBooks http://t.co/x9A0IpCrm1
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@MyLittleBloggie @cursedthing sounds as if that damage may already have been done... "I'll just pee here where it smells like pee already!"@mrdavehill rainbow in the dark!Same old bad ideas, different day. "Republicans Vow to Fight E.P.A. and Approve Keystone Pipeline" http://t.co/4flV5Gh7D4 #NoKXL
Retweeted by John Munson@cursedthing @MyLittleBloggie don't know if that sorts with wife's design plan. But okay.@MyLittleBloggie I always wonder "is it the pattern of the carpet you love or what? Cause the hardwood floor is right THERE!"I really enjoyed your story telling on #SonicHighways @SplitSingleband aka Jason Narducy V. Cool to hear your musical coming of age story.JFK is a chocolate lovers paradise. Kinder! Cadbury! Milka! Hyperglycemic meltdown standing by!At 9pm Chicago time you can hear us on @93XRT live from studio X. http://t.co/DeFjiNary3 @bobmouldmusic @jonwurster http://t.co/vFGswfpOCw
Retweeted by John MunsonAm on my way to becoming the "asleep on the airport floor" guy. Help!
"Live in the moment, my friend. It's more like it is now than it ever has been before" the wisdom of a sagacious pal.@MattWilsonMusic @peteclowney fuuuuuck! I knew one of supposed friends had @dsalmela 's big muff@tomhorgen it took going to Anchorage for to start doing that.It can be nice to hear it's coming down... Especially when it's mid fifties in NYC @TheCurrent@SaraWatkins quality socks! Yes!!Last night: how awesome that when you can't find your own BigMuffPi you can call upon your executive producer's Thanks @peteclowney ! #wits
@dessadarling sending get well your way.Off to @JoesPub and our big Peggy Lee tribute courtesy of James. Get to play with all the heavies. Wish you could come. But it's SOLD OUT!!@ByrnesArt if only your haircut had been in our band! Darn it. But honestly: truly memorable bangs.@AliLozoff @juliaschrenkler god help them
@quietelroy @MattWilsonMusic nice pic!@johnmoe @wits @neilhimself @MyBrightestDmnd so looking forward to it. Neil always is wonderful. And Shara is my favorite new thing.Our show w/@neilhimself and @MyBrightestDmnd is SOLD OUT. If you don’t have tix, listen on the radio or check out our podcast next week.
Retweeted by John MunsonI'm in a gang with @munsongs and @MattWilsonMusic! #pointergate http://t.co/geVRV7sZbh
Retweeted by John Munson@PFTompkins we may not be on the same page!! Tragic!!!
@PFTompkins Diner not a deli!@weninchina nope ours is much cooler: Betty Dangers Country Club on Marshall & LowryThe look your do gives you as you depart.@Mike_Eagle @PointEphemere Paris is THE BEST. and yes I'm envious. Soak it up@katiesisneros @PFTompkins @alyankovic that suit. Paul is the best dressed man in show biz.It's times like these that I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who does anything around here.@MattWilsonMusic you can count on me to chicken out! This is known as "the performers paradox"@weninchina @timeouthk everyone else has one... Keeping up with Jones'I predict that we will adopt senatorial levels of obfuscation and avoidance. So prepare for unsatisfaction, right @MattWilsonMusic ?@MattWilsonMusic and I are calling this FACE THE BAND. We want to seem intimidating so that no one asks questions.Tonight at our .@TwilightHours show @MattWilsonMusic and I are going to take questions from the audience.When you are raking and it's sleeting then you know you waited too long. #timingiseveryrhing@MattWilsonMusic I'm considering chickening out tonight. Please let the fans know it's me, not them and that I want to remain friends.Show tonight @ New Century Theater with @munsongs & friends. Been too long. Gonna try this one http://t.co/BpsFaO8xCI
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Just a few tickets remain for @wits with @neilhimself and @MyBrightestDmnd Should be great show. The music is spectacular, that I know.
I can't believe we're third on the bill after Celtic Thunder… I mean Johnny Mathis, okay… but Celtic Thunder?! http://t.co/Yf3xFEgyX3
First run throughs of @MyBrightestDmnd tunes inspired the @wits band mightily. Anticipating great music fun this Saturday!
Make the snowman happy OR DIE!!! Life before the holiday show http://t.co/AYSbqXGzu6@munsongs loving this quote. #votedamnit http://t.co/gGqbNwIDYx
Retweeted by John MunsonDo something nice for a stranger today. #karmaGet out and vote tomorrow people. These elections are important. They will be close. You count!! Please retweet and then VOTE!
New thing I learned how to do today: tape a goalie stick. #hockeydad@Kcjhk @DanWilsonMusic @MattWilsonMusic @RyanOBoogie @TheBottleneck or Parody Hall@GopherWHockey great to hear the gophers tying up the lady beavers! Go Gophers!!
@weninchina go dog go!@neilhimself and @MyBrightestDmnd will be appearing together on @wits NEXT Friday.These artists are cosmically aligned. Come.Trip Shakespeare's first 2 albums will be reissued/expanded Dec. 16 by @OmnivoreRecords. John @munsongs discusses. http://t.co/XqvhxstGMp
Retweeted by John MunsonPssst… hey @DanWilsonMusic and @MattWilsonMusic you guys know that today is Trip Shakespeare re release day? Check in box for link and RTTrip Shakespeare’s First Two Indie Albums to Be Reissued http://t.co/b5O0qadoy0 @diffuserfm
Hey folks, please register to vote and vote next week. Recall how close the election was last time? Your vote is important!
@mnwild is sooooo punchless. Sort of ridiculous.
@LucyMichelle who is that handsome man back there? @chriskoza I do believe.
How many times will we rethink block E?@RWC2O15ENGLAND @Revkin it's a good thing you retweeted that! All your UofMN fans are proud! Borlaug was my dad's hero.MPLS! See @dessadarling at Orchestra Hall today, premiering new work with @vocalessencemn details here -->>http://t.co/Kyq714PACN
Retweeted by John MunsonJack Bruce showed a different way to loads of bass players. He was an inspiration. Rock on Jack! And RIPOn Sun night (10/26) the @DakotaJazzClub welcomes @LucyMichelle with @munsongs & Chan Poling. RT to ETW tix! Winner at 8pm tonight.
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