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See what kids around the world asked for on Santa’s #OneNote #WishList. http://t.co/6yRSNt6hKwThe weekend is for sleeping in and catching up. #OneNote doesn’t sleep, but it’ll definitely help you catch up. #ProductivityAll notes are special. Some notes are just more special than others. Star those special items in #OneNote by pressing CTRL+2.
@indranil_leo Please let us know if this link works: http://t.co/plF4hb3Pf4.@myemail21479 Wonderful, we're so happy to hear we can help you be more productive.@ryanspletzer For sure! Now time to start planning for 2015!@taffer Thank you! We appreciate it!A place for everything and every thing in its place. Check out the reason for storing #OneNote notebooks separately. http://t.co/zmymTHSHcR@MohamadKarbi Wonderful, we appreciate it!@virtuarch Wow, very cool! Well we're happy to hear we can help!@chriscalifornic Please also leave your feedback here: http://t.co/9kQqL0GIql. 2/2@chriscalifornic Thanks for the feedback -- we appreciate it! 1/2@myemail21479 We're happy to hear it! What do you love about OneNote?[North Pole Breaking News] Santa’s #OneNote #WishList has 29,000 items. We hope the elves get some much-deserved R&R. http://t.co/D7BaC4FwXm@jsaaby Thanks! We're excited to see it!@holidaytots Great idea! Any fun trips planned in the upcoming future?@virtuarch That's fantastic! So you used OneNote to plan your Christmas shopping?@MohamadKarbi This is a very popular feature request! Please submit feedback here: http://t.co/OkHZapn6Nt.@Ace_Eight Thanks for flagging this for us! We'll have our engineers take a look.Avid #OneNote user.@FamilyStories shares how to get your #genealogy research organized. http://t.co/B7BoklsiNk
@Chrontendo It depends on what you're looking for and on what device! What kinds of things would be doing with OneNote?@jsaaby Very cool! We'd love to see a link when you get it up and running.@taffer Please cast your vote for that feature here: http://t.co/lsUPirX1gI.@thefinestpiece Please see here for updates on OneNote and iPad: http://t.co/F3a7Qy0ymN.RT @WalkingDead_AMC What’s more frightening: walkers or holiday shoppers? http://t.co/d7k7s8QGEz@Kingsley____ Excellent! Don't hesitate to reach out again!@calligaris The team is currently investigating that feature. See more here: http://t.co/LAYFICDcSk.Do you doodle freely? See how to dabble in drawing with #OneNote plus four other great tips. http://t.co/LoWMjcHyKv http://t.co/GgxmUsElx4@kevdog We're glad we can help you be more productive! Do you follow our blog for tips and tricks?: http://t.co/YS3m3qQD4V@Chrontendo We're note taking software, but we can do a lot more than that! See the blog here: http://t.co/sOv9ntDQfn.Turn documents into #OneNote files in a snap with Office Lens. #Snap. Get it? Because you take a picture. #CheesyJoke http://t.co/Lw1EHZunn1@brunnogomes88 We expect to deliver these timed to the release of Windows 10. 2/2@brunnogomes88 Brunno, we’re working on touch optimized apps for Windows and will extend that experience to Windows Phone as well. 1/2
@AoLazulum We expect to deliver these timed to the release of Windows 10. We're sorry for any inconvenience. 2/2@AoLazulum We’re working on touch optimized apps for Windows and will extend that experience to Windows Phone as well. 1/2@becomingrateful We don't have any details at this time. Please keep an eye on our blog for updates & release info: http://t.co/H43FIhWH5V.@ShaneBenting We're sorry about that, Shane. Thanks for pointing that out to us. We'll pass it along.No address or postage? Your request will still get on Santa’s #OneNote list. #ChristmasMagic http://t.co/rZliuBc2f3 http://t.co/GGotgxiefN@AngelinaCTroy Thanks for your suggestion, Angelina. We'd love to see your feedback here: http://t.co/BtQtk3VaZg.@BeckyKeene As one more suggestion, be sure to try and open it with the OneNote desktop client.@BeckyKeene Did you sign in with a Microsoft email address prior to download? Let us know, we want you to access this great resource! 2/2@BeckyKeene Sorry about that! We took a second look and were able to download the toolkit successfully. 1/2Who’s got a #holiday recipe they would like to share so we can add it to a #OneNote notebook to share? #HolidayYummyness@gnouc_ We're sorry about that. Have you tried using OneNote with IE?: http://t.co/hxlViTMjoM.@BeckyKeene Which app are you trying to download specifically?@iszarka Yes, please keep us updated!@welcome2MOSLEY Oh no, we're sorry about that! Please let know if this helps: http://t.co/7MHb6moLhA.@jagill That's such a cool project -- what a neat idea! We're glad we can help make it possible.@AmieBoBamie We sure hope so!@Cncdky Great! Have you seen our OneNote for Teachers resource?: http://t.co/vIvY9FYdhM.@schneby Although we encourage you to suggest it here: http://t.co/U2mFE9hon4. 2/2@schneby Thanks for the awesome clarification! Unfortunately not at this time. 1/2@yifrati Oh! How so?@Cncdky Awesome! Let us know what you think!@schneby See here for how to organize notebooks, sections and pages: http://t.co/lhFuN5Udga. 2/2@schneby We're not sure what you mean, would you mind clarifying? 1/2@yifrati Thanks so much for spreading the word! What subjects do you teach?@BeckyKeene We're sorry about that Becky! Is this the link you're referring to?: http://t.co/NHtNag7nCC.@AddsUpToZero We're sorry, but there is no updates to share at this time. See here for more information: http://t.co/54RB3etcVR.The end of a semester means prepping for the next. Get started with the #OneNote Class Notebook Creator. #EdTech http://t.co/O7hZuAIoAJ@iszarka Did any of those suggestions help, Ivstan?@Kingsley____ We're here to help! What questions do you have for us?@Elles_Daisies Oh man! That'll be rough, but we have faith in you. Good luck!@vj0809 Please cast your vote here to let our engineers it's important to you: http://t.co/mcfCAJTL0L. 2/2@vj0809 Others have also requested that feature. 1/2@PhutiRagophala That's great to hear -- thanks for your kind words!Have an awesome app idea for the #OneNote engineers? Build it out and share it with us! http://t.co/8vTPjhR594
@iSalome_chan Yay! We're glad we can help. We like your doodles too!@iszarka See the 'Identify and resolve bad sections' in this article: http://t.co/0oqzIiYISb. 1/2@iszarka Please let us know if that helps! 2/2[Breaking News] Santa’s #OneNote #WishList now has 23k items! Add yours by sending him a letter: PO Box 1, Santa Claus, IN 47579@EdTechBham OneNote is free and can be used across devices, Brian. Let us know if you have questions! http://t.co/4rz3ZlID1w@iSalome_chan That's great! Are you using the Mathematics Add-In?: http://t.co/avPMw07nTo.@selil Oh, very cool! We'd love it if you'd share it with us!@ihartsnape You're very welcome!@Nickmunk4 Excellent! We're very excited for you!@khidhirkamil Wonderful! Our blog has lots of resources on note taking and organizational tips -- check it out! http://t.co/C94UQIquuI@mosajjal Excellent, thank you! We appreciate it.Press CTRL+ALT+L to simultaneously lock everything that is password-protected in #OneNote. #OneNoteTips http://t.co/Q0aG277RUK@marblestheskunk We're glad you're loving OneNote on Surface! See more OneNote and Surface tips here: http://t.co/7O19wAd0BN.@selil That feature is under review by our team! See more here: http://t.co/qaFZcuyZFv.@jolemo376 Awesome! What do you think so far?@dickwyn Yes, unfortunately there's no Onetastic Add-In for that yet! :) http://t.co/rjlz5XTOzO@khidhirkamil Thanks for the kind words! How long have you been using OneNote?@Elles_Daisies We're glad to hear it! What are you studying?@mosajjal We hear you! You can vote for that feature here: http://t.co/30sQ2Gn41H.@connectedchris Welcome back, Chris! Our blog is a great resource for tips too: http://t.co/msxOm6sWDJ.@mariaflxrencia See here for more tips on using OneNote on Surface: http://t.co/AzTdjnzejA. 2/2@mariaflxrencia We're happy to hear it, but please don't throw up! :) 1/2@techsavvylib we hope you get a chance to check it out! Let us know if you have questions.@VitalDhaveloose This is so cool, thanks for sharing! When will you complete your thesis?@SachitaJEETA We're happy to hear it, Sachita! Do you plan on using OneNote in your classroom?@NoApp4Pedagogy That's excellent! How long have you been a OneNote user?@ianrhile We're sorry for the trouble. We welcome your feedback here: http://t.co/k8mbJyxMba.@RytertheWriter Looks pretty good to us! :)@DpDarran We're happy to answer questions or direct you to more resources too. 2/2@DpDarran That is so great to see! We have a great resource for using OneNote in the classroom. Learn more: http://t.co/wV2dqdiZ7T. 1/2@taffer Great, we're glad to hear it. We're always happy to help if you have questions!@ihartsnape Many people find this Quick Start Guide quite helpful: http://t.co/TQxbzDjWhF. 2/2@ihartsnape *jumping in* Hi Noel, welcome to OneNote! We're here to help if you have any questions. 1/2
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