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Traveler. Author of The Girl in the Road. Playwright at @OLittleGreenPig. Estoy aprendiendo español. Atlantic, VQR, WashPo, Glimmer Train, The Baffler, WIRED.

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Scott Jennings. @sajennings https://t.co/TeAOIhO9OV"He's cherry-picking the social elements of society in a way that doesn’t stand up to a historical analysis." http://t.co/OcdPIkMBdx #GoTalso henceforth "doobs" is short for "dubious" as in "i'm doobs" carry onolder man: <50 effusive words> me: <50 polite words> him: <200 effusive words> me: <10 polite words> him: <500 effusive words> me: ...@afnewton Wisconsin. I won the Tiptree Award for Girl in the Road and was at WisCon to receive it. :)@afnewton P.S. Vaya con Dios. I just got home safe too...@afnewton LOL"Vatican: Irish Gay Marriage Referendum a ‘Defeat for Humanity’." As opposed to wholesale child rape, which was a smashing success.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneThe World Needs Female (Rock) Critics? Then fucking hire them, @NewYorker. I'm right here. https://t.co/xtweCbhRY8@bethwodzinski :)@k_files #IUDarmy@JRossNicoll Haha. Right.@Mc_Huge @cnissan @NewYorker aaaaacccggghhhhhhhamidst all these "used to not want kids & now I have em" thinkpieces I'd just like to reassert that having a child wd be my worst nightmare@haszombiesinit I do! It's okay. I'll bring my copy of Get in Trouble to Shared Worlds, where, yes, I'll see you again 😊Saw a bbq in the middle of the street and was oddly reminded to start reading The Girl in the Road by @monicabyrne13 http://t.co/6eWjVgNcfw
Retweeted by Monica Byrnethe male equivalent of "resting bitch face" is "resting serial killer face"Come get your eucharist fiction at The Baffler: http://t.co/d9BQyu6q2h http://t.co/Db6UBdvGkD
Retweeted by Monica Byrnegoodbye, beautiful madison concourse sorry i left so many kohl stains on your pillows!@RhetTbull Awesome.@monicabyrne13 Just started reading The Girl in the Road...love it!
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@SamSykesSwears DM me@BAKKOOONN correct@David_Dobbs some dresses are barely integers, granted
@jacremes @newinquiry @pushinghoops I just sent an email to submissions @ newinquiry about the post. Hoped it didn't get lost. :)@saladinahmed Fucking Lord. Honestly.When a Muslim kills, media blame ideology. But when a white man *explicitly* kills for ideology, it's 'inexplicable.' http://t.co/6wVniUO0GK
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@djolder ULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULU@kejames I collect them. :)By the way, here is the full progress of The Dress Project to date. 32 down, 76 to go. Summer's the crunch time. https://t.co/VWsCp80DtX@doctorogres have you never been there before!? it's a religion@bethwodzinski Hahahaha RIGHT. Stir cinders. Wait on sisters.@charlesatan Good evening Charles :)all right. no tiara for me anymore. back to the gym.@drmagoo That was fine! :)@drmagoo :)@RobertJasonNC you know itDress #32 of 108. The Royal Peasantry gown I wore to the big Tiptree Award Ceremony. Amazon all the way. http://t.co/z2x826buTjDress #31 of 108. Stan put on lip gloss and kiss-autographed this ARC of Aurora for me. 😍 https://t.co/MifLQui6XLDress #30 out of 108. I was trying to pose here but I sort of fell into a delicious stretch because I… https://t.co/nI1qQBGGHA"Sister Theresa was half-lying on her bed, the Holy Eucharist in one hand, and egg paste in the other." Monica Byrne. http://t.co/d9BQyu6q2h
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@Keffy It disintegrated in the mail! So sad! They're working on replacing it..."Her body seemed to be always in mid-swoon." @monicabyrne13 story from Baffler no 27. http://t.co/d9BQyu6q2h http://t.co/W9n8JhIrHu
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@whatsmacksaid Thank you so much, Sarah!! 😊Au revoir, my lovely crown. Dream sweet dreams in your black velvet box. https://t.co/vA1uAsJ8Ut@haszombiesinit are you gonna be at sign-out?@ShvetaThakrar @thebafflermag @haszombiesinit <3 :)New post: The taste of God. https://t.co/wakc50b6jA @thebafflermag @haszombiesinit@newinquiry I love you.Step away from the New York Times and consider reading a book by an author that's not white http://t.co/l7cNPWurxF http://t.co/uLn8l0Ui5h
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@scalzi #mayotweet should be shorthand for whenever you're feeling good and smug.@scalzi Go to your mayonnaise.@elnathan lol.@MARIADAHVANA @scalzi Me. Too. ;)@neilhimself Imagine some scrawny version of humans someday, perched on the next dominant life form's forearm...@UliCain no stan brought whiskey and made us all drank it@sfslim @WisCon39 ;)@UliCain i be careful no texto esta noche@lukebrown2 @WisCon39 That's a very sequitur! And thank you!!!@The_Adrift @WisCon39 dat fine wif meize very drunk/very happy & still wearing tiptree tiara n eating una manzana to absorb drank rhank u @WisCon39 wuv u http://t.co/3GsEaErVkW
just texted "where u at bruh" to kim stanley robinson so I guess what I'm saying I'm at my own personal singularity@SofiaSamatar I CHEERED SO LOUD@scalzi @tordotcom :) :) :) :) so much :) :) :) :)@scalzi I'll bring the buns.@monicabyrne13: voicemail is the mark of the barbarian. #WC39GOHTiptree
Retweeted by Monica ByrneI have only just met @monicabyrne13 , but I feel as though this is the sort of thing she'd want to document. http://t.co/iM9tPPryUL
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@bungarsargon @jacremes @annehelen @thesimplechild @resnikoff Very glad you did. Thanks.Choose to surround yourself with those under whose gaze you flower, not wither.Hey @twitter, nothing about this is okay. @ChuckCJohnson needs his account deleted. Protect @deray. That's your job. https://t.co/2UdGI7lZnW
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@djolder Oh man you gotta come to the South. (The new South, that is, like Durham.) You'll be even more confused.In Franciscan mysticism, there is no distinction between sacred and profane. #everythingisholy #dailymeditation http://t.co/X7NGW1XSYt
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@J_Crist Aw, thanks :)
Representing Clarion 2008 at WisCon with @glorioushubris. ❤️ http://t.co/A4fs3xiufiAn ARC of Stan's next novel (out in July), kindly bid on and gifted to me by the chair of the Tiptree… https://t.co/EIWjHRoNygLRT: “So as far as I can tell, [Wired doesn’t] cover the future. They produce a white male fantasy of the future.”—@monicabyrne13
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@nuthousepunks Thank you! I'D be so excited to hear what @jeffvandermeer would have to say!@djolder Your reading today was fucking amazing. I had just said to myself, "I need to say that when I see him again." But I did here.I had a culture column at WIRED. And then I didn’t. Here’s what happened. https://t.co/aHq5P0Hz2w by @monicabyrne13
Retweeted by Monica ByrneNap. Must. Nap. #WisCon https://t.co/mbvBtUhjd9@jmsheepdog true. <3@gautambhatia88 Thanks, will read that. Also, consider "The Girl in the Road" by @monicabyrne13. Indian characters, set in future India.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@rmarg516 lol ;)Reference copy bought. I hope @SofiaSamatar signs it next time I see her... <3 http://t.co/pBXISypLtmMore Bibles. #wiscon http://t.co/qR2x8HVvgBWow. White men really have no awareness of how much they talk.life is too full to speak of@charlesatan good night charles!@DGlendening Woooohooooooooo!@verlaine0181 Nice :)after talking to my greatest living influence/writer/mentor/artist for three hrs straight so tired so happy so empty http://t.co/i0px6QMlFl
The tiara has landed. 👑 #WisCon https://t.co/8lQqd9tn48@scalzi NICE.#DURHAM. And the Ass Saw the Angel. Opening gala. Tonight. @ManbitesTheater. 8:15pm. Extremely important show. http://t.co/VB6LgDYCnTHardcore femme. Also known as gender: Amazon. #WisCon https://t.co/qU2dNKukyJThis: @monicabyrne13 on @WIRED and aversion to changing or even examining white male-centric pop culture coverage http://t.co/OERHqTt4ZE
Retweeted by Monica ByrneMonica Byrne, with a telling story about what happens when you try to broaden the narrow race and gender... http://t.co/M9xWYmt1Zd
Retweeted by Monica ByrneI ❤️ my agency. @GoldinAgency #WisCon39 http://t.co/ujiashgKqCHi, pretty city. #Madison #WisCon39 http://t.co/b1tlzQglXvOptions. God bless WisCon. #WisCon https://t.co/xOj6y2kkBf
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