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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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@SaraLang Let him know @ThatsMySara is available@P0TUS I don't see any position papers on the site, just a bio, videos, social network links and how to volunteer@P0TUS there's a splash screen asking for email address, but if you click the logo it takes you to the full site@txvoodoo he's Stellan's son@jamisonfoser @foodandwine YEAH TOAST! http://t.co/Nl4JNevRoU .. .. .. (it had to be done)Watching John Oliver & I'll never be able to watch those Coca-Cola holiday polar bear commercials again...@andreagrimes may explain Fizzy's pedigree@Gus_802 Wow, that's like the pot calling the kettle bald..Yes. Oh my. Her voice and this song and my heart... MT @ThisisLauraS Tracy Chapman sings Stand By Me and I cry. http://t.co/JxF69mOuMJ
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@Gus_802 If any of it is true & it’s been going on 14+ yrs, then then how did NYT, WaPo, Fox News miss it?Short term memory is the 1st thing to go…or so I’m told RT @JulieKuehl: Oh. It’s 4/20 isn’t it?@Shoq Whitewater all over again; NYT lending credibility to RWNJ rumors w/o doing any truly independent reporting@Shoq no response from her yet, she’s out of the country, but aware of the outrage https://t.co/AJpiyaKLXq@Shoq this morning https://t.co/fRg3xWPYdnFor @beardedstoner on his special day https://t.co/aIJBRO3hrLWhen Peter Schweizer starts appearing on TV to promote his book, remember to note his past work https://t.co/GZnIHTnECs.@Sulliview Schweitzer’s bibliography http://t.co/UItH72JRhl His history of writing partisan books should be noted http://t.co/PVntMvAiWe
@sherifffruitfly @txvoodoo Wrong...We iOS users don't carethere's no hyphen in *asshole* RT @thehill: Bobby Jindal tells #FITN: "I'm tired of the hyphenated Americans" http://t.co/LIhONTWAWMThink you're gonna take Captain America in close quarter combat?..NOT..GONNA..HAPPEN #WinterSoldier@EricBoehlert I'm sure Peter Schweizer went into the project w/o an agenda https://t.co/cbRe1BKYfx <sarcasm>@Veronica those kids w/their fancy cyber talk...[ARCHIVED] RT @ohheygreat: [REDACTED]@madlivers @speechboy71 I don't argue w/eggs & sock puppets ..bye bye.@beardedstoner Chip Kelly sits in his office reading Twitter.. http://t.co/uA78Rwf7lQThe arrows represent where Tebow will miss his receivers RT @darth: http://t.co/z5z1mguRan@Kennymack1971 LOL https://t.co/vIVRaAWcCI@AntheaButler one possible explanation https://t.co/vIVRaAWcCI@speechboy71 'they're in the public domain, so it's alright' = I was just driving the car, *I* didn't steal itThis true RT @Radlein: @(me) To be fair, Lady Sif > Almost Everyone EverywhereLady Sif > Jane Foster #Thor@monicaisliberal from an Eagles fan https://t.co/vIVRaAWcCI.RT @lexfri: I keep imagining Chip Kelly laughing maniacally in a secret, dark room, surrounded by Cowboys swag.@monicaisliberal for the LOL https://t.co/5DQBuPr1Wj.RT @HeerJeet: Trust me, you'll want to read this. It's going to make waves. https://t.co/FBnNI2OVBI@dmoren so not @Siracusa?@Shoq I got lucky when I crashed my scooter http://t.co/aejnEf3cGq@kelly_carlin that's a goal, not a deterrent.Wonder if he's done his 10,000 hrs on it yet? RT @michelledean: Malcolm Gladwell just sailed by me on a golf cart.@caro St Patrick's across from Yerba Buena Gardens. The patina & brick attracted me@caro Church door San Francisco http://t.co/Ux6VMuw2Nj1) I hope not 2) he'll claim to be one, regardless 3) the press will pretend he is https://t.co/pekKtdK2SU.@Sulliview -> RT @BlueNationRev: .@GoldieTaylor on Maureen Dowd: New York Times Readers Deserve Better http://t.co/5t41sVn8of@Shoq I stopped reading when I saw 'Alan Grayson'Not impressed with the the cop who didn't shoot the murder suspect. Cops never seem to have a problem holding fire when suspects are white.
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaDC press corps love nothing more than talking about themselves & how important they are...while they sit w/a kardashian #WHCDPSA: WHCA dinner ('nerd prom') is next Saturday. Expect more than usual navel gazing from DC press corps. #Hackery@JewelStaite Yes...#25YrLVResident@Georgia_Dow if only it included the 'whoosh' https://t.co/xDy7uuX2b0Want a more liberal president? elect more liberal Congress members, governors, state & local officials. #MoreCivicsLessPoliticsClara is w/Steve Rogers he's picked for the super soldier program. The Doctor formed The Avengers! @HollyGoDarkly
@monicaisliberal Must feel good to be so appreciated..Congrats@SaraLang @akmcquade for your gif collections RT @beep: @stubbornella http://t.co/BXNL6QJAyoTL;DR RT @kelly_carlin: I can barely finish reading that sentence. https://t.co/XhCOcaqzha@owillis makes you wonder what Smith learned from his Politico editors@Danielleri Have you looked at @donmelton's transcoding work? https://t.co/Z96pFdM6wI@goldietaylor http://t.co/gGAot7IUrV.RT @yayayarndiva: If you are looking at politics only in terms of Colonialism- you might find yourself stuck in the 1960s:)@daisy Your Chicago doppelgänger ? http://t.co/jkkHhJlg6S@goldietaylor http://t.co/rMQznoI9jBI see @ThisWeekABC is doing a 'scare the rubes' segment http://t.co/a4wL2l6eB7Jeb: The other white Bush RT @HinsleyGreg: JEB try to forget my brother left this country.... http://t.co/NycRhlQxMSLas Vegas woman was ‘innocent victim’ in fatal shooting-http://t.co/1X7YdbA3H6 #TooManyGuns'I will taze you and watch Super Nanny while you drool into the carpet'-Coulson also not amused by Tony Stark #IronMan2'Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to exit the donut!'- Nick Fury is not amused by Tony Stark #IronMan2MSNBC/NBC News has rules...& then there's joescar http://t.co/EDjoeQgyZYHow is this not an endorsement of click bait headlines? http://t.co/U2DdOvnDu6 http://t.co/gYCRAJE5l5Oops..I may have irritated someone at NYTimes http://t.co/akYyDIjJ0Y@Shoq when has John Bolton done or endorsed doing, anything w/an 'abundance of caution'? His policy is 'Ready, Shoot, Aim'@tiffanyreisz @Powells @txvoodoo I assume 'Brandy' by Looking Glass is playing?@Shoq I look at that tweet w/irony...Philosophical Question: Is Edward Norton's 'The Incredible Hulk' considered canon, or do we ignore it?@drvox Confession: I only drink bottled or filtered water b/c Las Vegas water taste nasty@Lib_Librarian no debate.. ‘City…’ is far superior (but don’t tell Harlen Ellison b/c he’ll never shut up about it)2 more weeks until the ‘Month from Hell’ begins…@Green_Footballs I can only conclude @ChuckCJohnson & @ggreenwald follow each other@atpfm @marcoarment @caseyliss @siracusa clicked the link https://t.co/JVkYAtjcJ6 & saw this http://t.co/VntPDYSjt7.RT @eclecticbrotha: Second time you’ve done this. You really don’t understand how grades are averaged, do you? https://t.co/4eVBsNk2kfRT @TPM: Steve King: Obama is importing millions of “undocumented Democrats.” http://t.co/JidOOyLACj //money quote http://t.co/oLXGoLDIXU.@realDonaldTrump you would prefer ‘dead squirrel head racist mysoginist debtor’? @GoodGirlRoxyThis is what low voter turnout & ‘both sides’ gives you #Idiocracy http://t.co/bXJsYgAZPfSo cool she was like jazz on a Summer’s day #SteveWinwoodHeadline: NYT endorses click bait RT @Sulliview: What’s better? A lyrical headline or an effective one? My column: http://t.co/U2DdOvnDu6Irony: YOU will get the same Presidential vote RT @jameshohmann: Ted Cruz: “My vote on Loretta Lynch is going to be unambiguously NO.” #FITNThere’s a guy at the bar who dresses like Walter White (hat, goatee & glasses etc) to pickup women… I wonder why women don’t shoot us allLove this album & album cover …may the gods forever bless Phil Lynott http://t.co/jzB4vwCHT4@Lib_Librarian @sherifffruitfly @metaquest @Ronc99 I reluctantly use ad blocker..I know sites need revenue, but I newsmax ads? NO!@eclecticbrotha these would be the same Saudis who funded the 9/11 hijackers & other terrorists groups..hucksterbee is an idiot@sherifffruitfly went to the Strip earlier, there were many girls who thought sundresses were to ‘confining’@GlennF a Glenn worthy tweet https://t.co/J5oTZ346Pi.@Sulliview when will NYT recognize MoDo’s personal animosity towards HRC is an embarrassment? http://t.co/zm57ixYsIn@Lib_Librarian no argument, Batman always winsYOU..SHALL..NOT..PASS! RT @CaptainPajamas: I didn't feed my dog on time http://t.co/daEdlpUx9K@TheMacalope USA Today Money project their sad $$ dreams on to Apple http://t.co/Q5QcsBiEnMYou don’t like? Fine, but don’t pretend HRC had no career, no record of liberal achievements before 2008.Disturbing how many liberals/progressives are parroting every Fox News/repub 1990's anti-Clinton talking point to attack HRC‘Everyone else is a shitty two-faced faux liberal, except for me & my friends’- too many liberalsReally Cinemablend? How many pop up over ads for ‘The Gambler’ are you gonna put on a single post, 4?..bye bye28 posts on your ‘media/politics’ homepage & 21 have the same byline…that’s not ‘journalism’, it’s vanity publishing
@beardedstoner matching walkers & diapers…Imagine the marketing opportunity..
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