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Host Writer Musician Filmmaker Cosmonaut Ravenclaw HUSBAND #LanceLovesMichael airs Feb 5 (8pm) on E! Catch my talk show on SiriusXM106 LIVE 6-8pm

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ICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... http://t.co/8eDVlybDZq
In 12 days we will witness the greatest love story & TV history! @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin #LanceLovesMichael RT RT http://t.co/JBU2VHAbqa
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @Gummii_B I love doing it!WATCH: He Places A Bar Of Ivory Soap In The Microwave. A Minute Later, Things Get Out Of Control http://t.co/HX0LCEwNqI via @wimpcomHave you downloaded our free app yet?! @DirtyPopLive ! https://t.co/pUX3VwjaOD http://t.co/BshpLQJd2DOn my ice throne at minus5icebar w the boys. #Vegas @ Minus5 Ice Bar http://t.co/CcZcdWFPGV@jr88freak it's been a rough week! Waaaaaaaaa!@jlwcw thanks!Are you listening? @LanceBass counting down songs from 2005 on @SXMPop2K What songs do you think made the cut?? #Pop2k
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ICYMI: "14 days until we say I DO on #LanceLovesMichael !! Feb 5 at 8pm on E! @eonline" http://t.co/GnO3kiFvvXYour @DirtyPopLive playlist countdown #DirtyPop #SiriusXM 106 http://t.co/uGEbDEpl1gWe are LIVE in 2 mins!!! Sirius XM 106
Retweeted by Lance BassI'm on @DirtyPopLive on Sirius XM 3pm/6pm with @LanceBass and @thisisdrew get in on this!
Retweeted by Lance Bass@jonaslover10001 xoxoHey, check out the @Sparxxapp, specially made for LGBTQ at http://t.co/goKMyk5fzP #Sparxx http://t.co/JqXV8uYA84@KimberlyBeth7 @LissaK_27 xoxoTime to sign the guestbook! Who's going?! #LanceLovesMichael @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin https://t.co/fuZjazgHZl
Retweeted by Lance BassHappy Anniversary to @TeamLance !!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxo. @Tammi_inCO it made the cut!!I think the kids had the most fun at the wedding! Here G gets dipped as my nephew watches in awe. #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/qcVkfmArD5. @LanceBass and @MichaelTurchin make tv history. #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/PgNnjNfcyK
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@Kimmypuff__ xoxo@Jenoviaaa @alliesissons xoxoI'm on Feb 3rd! #WWHL RT @TeamLance: I think @Andy should have you on the show to get all the #LanceLovesMichael behind the scenes details!WATCH @LanceBass & @MichaelTurchin play the #NewlywedGame with me! VIDEO: http://t.co/NG9D7UAFgj @OKTVUSA
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @LanceBass and @MichaelTurchin Play The Newlywed Game w @JaymesV for #OKTV http://t.co/bfIOQh9glVI think @Andy should come up w the official drinking rules for watching #LanceLovesMichael on Feb 5th. What ya think?!You can set it now?! Woo hoo! RT @TolandSarah: BOOM 👊 and just like that my dvr is set to (cont) http://t.co/OMfUqtwYlPIt seemed so far away...now Lance Loves Michael is only 2 weeks away! @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin #LanceLovesMichael http://t.co/NVrok7muFO
Retweeted by Lance Bass14 days until we say I DO on #LanceLovesMichael !! Feb 5 at 8pm on E! @eonline http://t.co/ofVUk72upo
2 steps fwd 1 step back ....towleroad http://t.co/HaiFGEq1pgWhat do YOU think? NASA Cuts ISS Live Feed As 'UFO' Appears http://t.co/oFjXuiOIxpShe ain't lyin' RT @Lren86: @TheEllenShow whose jason?! @LanceBass ellen doesn't love you...TONIGHT on @oktvusa... It's THE NEWLYWED GAME starring @lancebass & @michaelturchinart! Check your local listings http://t.co/uHeJSMtok8
Retweeted by Lance BassHappy 80th b-day, @Wildneress 110 million wilderness acres saved for us all! Let’s make the next 80 even better. #TWSCelebrates80
ICYMI: "Sir @eltonjohndotcom blesses the marriage ! Woo hoo!" http://t.co/wnXKJmOwIfState of the Union address starts now! Tune in!Tonight all NEW #mikiesavesthedate on @FYI 10pm @mikierusso #weddingplanner@MichaelTurchin @LanceBass discussions on michael's appearance in the video 👌👌 http://t.co/WkJXGutYhM
Retweeted by Lance Basshttps://t.co/YaAHki1WZj Holy hell my husband @michaelturchin is HOT alongside (cont) http://t.co/6LdzoV73MB
ICYMI: "I LOVE this picture of @TheBaubShow and @EltonJohn from last night. What a show!! Run to see it!" http://t.co/uljeJ6ywm4What a treat to have @LanceBass visit @Minus5IceBar @MandalayBay http://t.co/jqdFJ1bhSg
Retweeted by Lance Bass16 days till #LanceLovesMichael Watch @LanceBass & @MichaelTurchin get married. Feb 5th 8/7c on @eonline #cantwait http://t.co/84SF55LD2C
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LanceBass announcing @TropLV @tiffanytunes #sparxxapp #sparxx http://t.co/3qhWXd77Vc
Retweeted by Lance BassSir @eltonjohndotcom blesses the marriage ! Woo hoo! http://t.co/tDwaLLO9DzJust posted a photo http://t.co/kMD9VIZtPM
I LOVE this picture of @TheBaubShow and @EltonJohn from last night. What a show!! Run to see it! http://t.co/fOtY6XFUH6#GreenBay
Havin a pre Fizzy drank at #Fizz before we see the one and only @EltonJohn - so excited!Happy Birthday … http://t.co/ouZCHhtGuEHow cool is this bday cake #Bacio made for @MichaelTurchin ! #TropicanaHotel #SinCityShootout http://t.co/iAF9mYX1AvSPOTTED: @LanceBass & husband @MichaelTurchin @BacioLV inside @TropLV for Michael's birthday! #SinCityShootout #Vegas http://t.co/2VW6TADDrw
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LanceBass as a Mississippian please bring attention to #JusticeforJessica Burned alive in Mississippi.
Retweeted by Lance Bass2001 was a fun year in music. @LanceBass counts down the hits today on @SXMPop2K 11a & 6pEst. Tune in!! #Pop2k
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ICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... http://t.co/CyagQlF1fFWoo hoo! “@SparxxApp: @LanceBass is rockin the #sparxxapp @TropLV #SinCityShootout http://t.co/jmhsh6bEa9
Retweeted by Lance Bass@LanceBass is rockin the #sparxxapp @TropLV #SinCityShootout http://t.co/exfKEC6VIj
Retweeted by Lance BassG.R.L. - Lighthouse BEAUTIFUL song and very touching video. Great job @robinantinpcd http://t.co/VeyacNwGtd@RandyJSage finally!! 😎Ready for a great weekend at the #TropicanaHotel for the #SinCityShootout ! @SparxxApp is representin' !! http://t.co/di3B7fyQr0Hey, check out the Sparxx app, specially made for LGBTQ at http://t.co/goKMyk5fzP http://t.co/kcqfJLRx9D@jairodriguez @kathygriffin @chriscolfer @Ashley_Fink damn I'm in vegas!I'm very excited that @SparxxApp is sponsoring the #SinCityShootout this weekend in Vegas! Going to be so fun!! See you on #Sparxx !!Check out the #rewrapped marathon Saturday at 5pm on @CookingChannel w my boy @realjoeyfatone !! http://t.co/Fjac7natzK@andygrammer #BabyImGayCan you guess which song I have on repeat? @andygrammer http://t.co/ojNRVRV3rC20 more sleeps until #LanceLovesMichael premieres! 02-05-15 at 8pm on E! @eonline Can we set DVRs yet?! http://t.co/WWbGwdLOec
At #WorldDogAwards with my babes @LanceBass and @Joey2cool Cute! http://t.co/Lu2oBEQECL
Retweeted by Lance BassICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... http://t.co/J4cbZAg6rd🐾🐾🐾🐾 #WorldDogAwards right now!! I'm having a blast + also playing w/ @LanceBass + @PauleyP 🐾🐾🐾 http://t.co/Sn727ljwoR
Retweeted by Lance BassEast coasters! Tune in to @CW_network for the World Dog Awards now and catch @LanceBass with Lily, presenting an award.
Retweeted by Lance BassDon't miss @LanceBass on the #WorldDogAwards tonight on @CW_network 8/7c. Can't wait to see it!! http://t.co/xCyGPTcD3m
Retweeted by Lance BassOnly 3 weeks until the US/Canada premiere! Mark your calendars! @LanceBass @MichaelTurchin #LanceLovesMichael #nsync http://t.co/MBucgx1jeT
Retweeted by Lance BassLily did an AMAZING job presenting Best Performing Pups at the #WorldDogAwards She couldn't read the prompter tho- … http://t.co/g8MhgRXHJfThe dogs finally get their day! #WorldDogAwards tonight on @CW_Network 8pm http://t.co/ocBQHu50q6Tonight on @CW_Network 8pm - Catch Lily's award show debut as we honor the best pooches in the world! … http://t.co/Z4voGxURkl
Retweeted by Lance Bassoops here's the link http://t.co/FonrobyQSb
Retweeted by Lance BassKris Jenner, Corey Gamble Go on Double Date With Lance Bass, Husband Michael Turchin: Pictures! http://t.co/1m9KFICVXQ via @usweeklyHappy Birthday to the most handsome man in the land! @michaelturchin I love you babe! #LanceLovesMichael 2-5-15 on … http://t.co/HPszRGQEDu
#DateNight w @MichaelTurchin @KrisJenner and @CoreyGamble http://t.co/Fkj4uWaqws@LanceBass @eonline excuse me this old bag ain't no supermodel but walked down the aisle in support💝
Retweeted by Lance Basshttp://t.co/mb3hiAEspU Behind the scenes of @meandmrcassidy video w @michaelturchin and @tatyanaali !!! 7 days till premiere!Another stunning shot of one of our "flower girls" @AllieRizzo #LanceLovesMichael Feb 5 on @eonline ! http://t.co/KJs0O21rpHDearly Beloved...We Are Gathered Here Today to celebrate @lancebass loves @michaelturchinart! Tune in to @eonline F… http://t.co/YFdwY5xeS3
Retweeted by Lance BassWho's having a #LanceLovesMichael Watch Party Feb 5th at 8pmEst to see @LanceBass and @MichaelTurchin get married?? http://t.co/FM1YYJLRkJ
Retweeted by Lance Bass. @mrjaxtaylor stop hitting on me!!! Lolol!! When can you come to @DirtyPopLive ?!Flower girls at a #gaywedding? Use supermodels of course! #Duh #LanceLovesMichael Feb 5 at 8pm on @eonline http://t.co/kA52eqgFeYTONIGHT catch the premier of @MikieRusso new #wedding series #mikiesavesthedate on @FYI 10pm
Can't imagine the SANGIN' that is about to go down at this concert #WhiskyAGoGo @KeatonSimons @WillChamplin http://t.co/ragR0Kf0Q3@frankdecaroshow maybe the 30th- it's our big US press day. I'll give u a shout when I know@frankdecaroshow like I wouldn't come give you some love!!! Xoxoxoxoxo@Lovxstoned hands down Clue!Oh hey @LanceBass I want Lily to sit on my lap again http://t.co/TNLpzGo5jw
Retweeted by Lance Bass#LanceLovesMichael premiere dates worldwide. Asia- TBD http://t.co/qkKeLuviUA24 more days until #LanceLovesMichael premieres in the U.S. on E! Feb 5 at 8pm http://t.co/qhbEwgfNDmToday we'll be talking about Dog Bites! @LanceBass @DirtyPopLive @SIRIUSXM OutQ - weekdays at 6ET | 3PT and late night on SiriusXM Stars
Retweeted by Lance BassNew video from @bettywho ! http://t.co/cfBK1wvBqM
ICYMI: Here's what I posted yesterday... http://t.co/WxCuqp82wPThe @DirtyPopLive countdown for the weekend. http://t.co/tGeBFkpaH0
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