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Kevin Smith @kevsmith RDU, North Carolina

Caffeine curator, bookworm, and distributed systems enthusiast.

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Gimme gimme gimme gimme!!!! :) /cc @ern0plus4 RT @xan_tronix RT @AndyArmstrong: http://t.co/CHWcivyNKF http://t.co/gEMMNVt72I
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@mattray @nikiacosta @scottsanchez Awwwww. Look at that face! So cute :)@mattray Pics!@PaulNendick Yup. Intimately familiar. My assertion is good devs and SAs find ways to bridge the gaps.@PaulNendick In your scenario everyone loses. Devs should certainly care about uptime and ops should care about new features.“admins and devs often have competing interests” — imo, only the bad/incompetent admins & devs.@lusis Fuck yeah, man. Fuck. Yeah. http://t.co/QXBTOAZk89@wfarr Do you see much difference between GeekDesk and NextDesk?@benkershner https://t.co/SZjHJcCGerAnyone else seeing 503s when creating instances in us-east-1?“a better approach would be to accept that the majority of distros have settled on systemd […] this decision has not been made by idiots.”@jtimberman yissssssssystemd for _______________
Most powerful curse you can lob at a standards effort: "this'll probably be easy."
Retweeted by Kevin SmithLooking for pointers on installing gdbsx on Ubuntu 14.04. Do I need to compile Xen from source?Another day, another unit of economic exchange.
@nathenharvey I miss those views. I surely do.The Oplab musical experiment board - http://t.co/u3DCDQoBJR
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@t_sloughter Be reasonable. It’s not like the language has pattern matching or anything….“Get OS X Yosemite free”. I admire you, Apple. You are persistent.Super useful MQTT feature that doesn’t get enough hype: http://t.co/np1OIISG7F@lusis Neat. I had similar idea incorporating monitoring data & basic control theory. Great minds and all that :)Whither low-latency reactive monitoring & config mgmt?@dreid Indeed.OH: “Raid striping the cognition of the team”@dreid I agree. That doesn’t generalize to “blank lines are a code smell”, tho.Alan Kay will talk at @erlangfactory next year in San Francisco
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@base10 It’s a cornucopia of nope@pavlobaron I like it! The water “iterates” over the cliff so too does the project.@FrancescoC @ErlangCentral Analogous to Simon Peyton-Jones at the London EF but w/different (still relevant) tie-in 2/2@FrancescoC @ErlangCentral What about a link to scalable/resilient/concurrent systems? 1/2@pavlobaron Aha! I see you’ve fully embraced Cowboy Agile. Nice!@hylomorphism That is most…..unfortunate. Link?@pavlobaron I’m going to need your unit tests on my desk by 5:00. And I better see some database mocks in there, too.@base10 Here ya go: http://t.co/H3iskKNeYS@pavlobaron <insert maniacal lol here>@pavlobaron Bonus points if it was also a singleton ;-)“An Empty Line is a Code Smell”. Literally WTF.@pavlobaron No factories? THE ENTERPRISE IS DISAPPOINT.@FrancescoC @ErlangCentral Not unless you’re feeling super ambitious :) Throwing out a few names to get ideas flowing@FrancescoC @ErlangCentral Rob Pike, Eric Brewer, Arvind Krishnamurthy (UW), Andrei Alexandrescu
@bakins @postwait @adamhjk i’ve done a fair bit of prototyping and lua (luajit) is a good fit for CM, imo.I predict the next round of linux distro releases are gonna be “fun”: http://t.co/HveIlr2uS3@wfarr Internet of Pancakes@darachennis That was my suspicion. Hmmm.How much do devs worry about back pressure and flow control when using reactive frameworks?@mairin I do the same thing! I have a whole repertoire built around “Oh Susanna” :)That time you had a lie down in the backyard with a comfy dirt blanket.“Show incompatible app updates”. Nice try, Apple. Nice try.
@jtimberman In my defense, I had a tail, gills, rudimentary mouth, and no vocal cords when they asked.@jtimberman I mean, to be fair, I didn’t answer when my parents asked me which country I wanted to call home.@jtimberman Where’s your professional commitment?! All we have to do is pack up and move everything to a strange country. Sheesh!@lusis “You managed to have someone pay you for 10 years of sitting in his building.” Un-be-fucking-lieveable.@lusis no, the best way is doing 'set -e' so you can catch errors, then doing '|| true' on anything that might error.
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@lusis https://t.co/MyTCiO99AI“Bespoke hand-crafted nagios config files”@jrecursive Broken. Thoroughly.@jrecursive “Hello, children. I always strap on my non-invasive non-destructive neocortex scanner before backing up my consciousness.”@jrecursive “Mr. Kurzweil’s Neighborhod w/Handyman Watson”
@Twirrim Yep. I was thinking of different model with RPI preprocessing data freeing up main host to work w/only ‘cooked’ data.Current status: Wondering about the viability of RaspPI as a OpenCV “co-processor”.Has anyone started “Whitepapers Anonymous” yet? I think I might have a problem…..@voodootikigod Record her saying that now so you can play it back when she’s a teenager :)@base10 Either God has dandruff or I’m seeing very light snow out my window right now, too.
@skeptomai @julian_dunn @bcantrill Who runs OpenStack these days?@mattray @skeptomai @julian_dunn “Your container has been terminated. Guru meditation 00000025:00013A0F”@skeptomai @julian_dunn I keep seeing @bcantrill leading his Illumos braves swooping down on the wagonsI guess competition is down to integrating docker in lieu of building a better/different solution?@ntlk @silentbicycle omg. my head just exploded. pollen looks awesome.@tswaterman Yeah. I think some form of ‘ambient compute’ + mesh networks.If PCs were a reaction to centralized compute, I wonder if/when we’ll see a reaction to “the cloud”. What would it look like?@yvov Nope. I didn’t make it to re:Invent.
@old_sound It’s space-time! Einstein himself couldn’t handle node.@old_sound Space isn’t web scale, yo.#reinvent Aurora lets you simulate failures using SQL... blown away http://t.co/9KLSHkVP6v
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@rickasaurus Guess that means one can’t put together a running system using only the open source bits announced today, right?“Sadly, no. It's a bug in the current dev process.” This is why we can’t have nice things. https://t.co/xBtBzYuXgzDntel’s “Human Voice” is great music to code by@lusis @peschkaj Strongly agree@lusis @peschkaj So prefer IaaS over PaaS if you don’t/can’t/won’t own the hardware?"Ghost Yelling in Store Walls Turns Out to Be a Real, Live Man": http://t.co/uNgcEUFMRh | cc @burglarsguide http://t.co/J4G9TT2Lq0
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@jtimberman You are pure evil, sir. Pure. Evil.@markimbriaco I just went with my gut.@markimbriaco I predict gradual attenuation of sunlight, followed by a period of darkness, followed by another day.@lusis Never a good time to be a sharecropper on someone else’s platform.@lusis Just wait until they announce systemd integration….Waiting for inevitable ‘Rosetta is Obamacare for Comets’. WheeeeeeeeeWell, that was fun. Now back to our regularly scheduled program of sending women’s healthcare back to the 18th century.
Retweeted by Kevin SmithDebugging space telemetry or a buggy map/reduce job? #rosettaSCIENCE & ENGINEERING FTW.If Rosetta happened 15 years earlier: http://t.co/kZ8ErwRvBLUsing Schprokits to Automate Big Switch's Big Cloud Fabric #devops4networks /cc @schprokits @bigswitch http://t.co/PqFJUJfekx
Retweeted by Kevin SmithRe: last tweet — deis-as-a-serviceSeems like small-but-hungry cloud providers (*cough* @digitalocean *cough*) should be evaluating or picking good ideas from Deis.
Looking for a full-time Erlang developer; willing to relocate preferred but negotiable. Healthcare industry - get at me.
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@jasonadamyoung The ineffable lightness of fpm@OliverFerrigni If you’re not paying for the product then you _are_ the product :)Install enough packages and watching paint dry looks unbe-fucking-lieveable.
AWS Click-Thru licenses for AMIs. MOTHER. OF. GOD. #fmlKudos to @nwkautomaniac! Great evolution and refinement of what we tried to build w/Chef: http://t.co/5vbherr74d
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