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Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel Washington, DC

reporter: @POLITICO; fan:@Phillies @Eagles; Author: Big Money: $2.5B, 1 Suspicious Vehicle & a Pimp—on the Trail of the Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics

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Assuming no @oreillyfactor? MT @NormOrnstein: Just finished taping final Colbert Report. Only a cameo, but remarkable collection of people.Your four basic religions http://t.co/47TtsxG0qm
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"Adelson – this dog, son of a dog – went to President Bush & said that I’m a traitor"--Ehud Olmert on secret tape. http://t.co/N4U21RjMoh.@GovChristie to Philly's @sportsradiowip on his @dallascowboys fandom: “I don’t care how it played, it’s who I am.” http://t.co/EvxL3GLZiZ.@GovChristie on @Eagles fans: "I don’t understand why they’re angry about me being happy about my team winning.” http://t.co/EvxL3GLZiZGov. Christie: Eagles fans "were yelling fairly unspeakable things at me” at Sunday's game. Well, yeah, duh. #Philly http://t.co/EvxL3GLZiZ
Christmas & Hannukah, together at last. Or. At least, me & @politicoalex. http://t.co/jIQlxHW7Ll@JesseLehrich that Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck rookie card could surge at any moment and push you ahead of them.Christy Walton is now tied with the Koch bros on rich list (at $40.6B) & will pass them if Wal-Mart stock keeps pace. http://t.co/Yw3H9QHbAbTrevor Potter told Stephen Colbert "if he ever wanted a new career, he would make the world’s best SCOTUS advocate." http://t.co/q1NicOnTOWSCOOP: @AFPhq shuffling staff, seemingly paving the way for more $/autonomy to states. @JamesHohmann in @PoliticoPI. http://t.co/NdWt0QDHLaAnd to think they say Sheldon Adelson is litigious. http://t.co/bWMbyJA2p1.@ELLEMagazine names @KimKingsley of @Politico one of 43 "female powerhouses". Should be on any "powerhouse" list. http://t.co/wdDCp6tf6B.@ELLE Magazine names @KimKingsley of @Politico one of 43 "female powerhouses". FWIW (which is not much), I agree. http://t.co/wdDCp6tf6BThe brussels sprouts ceasar salad from @GlensGardenMkt is so good.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelImportant: Most powerful axis on the right (Kochs) are agnostic/supportive on Jeb's 2 big conservative apostasies--common core/immigration.Very detailed @politicopro Campaign on 2016 OH Sen race (latest in chessboard series). Another reason to subscribe. http://t.co/Gk6MQcCib8
@tedfrank @johntabin Right? Thank you! cc: @djunderh2oIt's really inspiring how much @kenvogel has accomplished as a journalist despite being legally blind https://t.co/yHehSfpEIS
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelAnd she actually kinda looks like a young Hillary. https://t.co/p5r6Qc6YQqWant. Need. https://t.co/VPa29sjS5s@AlexParkerDC not well. but this ain't working too well either, and we're just getting started.Rick Perry wishes y'all a Chag Sameach. Via my college buddy @AdamLoewy in Austin. http://t.co/uvsDQj7fQsHow many more of these before Hillary's people (try to) tighten Bill's leash? https://t.co/p5r6Qc6YQq@maggiepolitico @apalmerdc @politico @jmartNYT & so will @THEHermanCain@apalmerdc @maggiepolitico @politico tho there was this little quadruple byline w/ @jmartNYT. http://t.co/khhsWVRwFiTouché "@kenvogel: @apalmerdc @maggiepolitico maybe if you stopped declining to comment, ana, we could quote more women jeb operatives ;)”
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel& away we go: http://t.co/xfwg4BjPbh #2016 #ItsOn #Pumped@ananavarro @politico @apalmerdc @maggiepolitico maybe if you stopped declining to comment, ana, we could quote more women jeb operatives ;)Rare @apalmerdc @maggiepolitico @kenvogel triple byline. MT @Politico: Money men cheer Bush news: http://t.co/5kdcXAVBAz“Rubio will be impacted more than anybody else" by @JebBush move, asserts GOP $ man Sembler. Predicts Rubio stays out http://t.co/GRJ8kfy0gj@morningmoneyben @LoganDobson yeah, need to make sure dan snyder gets a high pick to ruin the career of.. @kenvogel I have tried VERY hard to be #humble about being TOTALLY RIGHT ABOUT JEB IN YOUR FACE SUCKERS!
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@LoganDobson @morningmoneyben Now, if RG3 beats the Eagles this weekend, I think we'll see an Official Ben White Gloat-A-Thon (TM).I expected more Jeb-related gloating from @morningmoneyben.I only recently subscribed to @asmith83's AM campaign $ email, but I now wonder how I got thru life w/out it. Get it: http://t.co/enY3HJGCj3Agree w/ @BCAppelbaum: big $ spending can not buy an election. But hard $ does buy access & lobbying can buy results. http://t.co/kdqPT5UnKo"This chart is a little difficult to understand, but it's very deep." http://t.co/LUYJGSE3L7 #Deep http://t.co/xz6SplcXXU
You know Biden is gonna have some A material at the 35th Anniversary National Menorah Lighting at President’s Park tomorrow.Skins' experience w RG3 might make Eagles hesitant to move up 20 to 28 spots to get Marcus Mariota. http://t.co/ntDWcn0nBJ@USPSHelp the staff was super helpful. just a loooooong line.:( Did some great stuff. Good get for NJ. MT @DHBerman After 4 1/2 years at @Politico, joining @nationaljournal as assistant managing editorNot a great day to go to the Rosslyn @usps.@adkted2me hope you didn't forget about the wet clothes in the washer@adkted2me i did not see it. shudda tuned it, but it was during the eagles game."From me to your fucking perfect family. Merry Fucking Christmas. Love, Bridget" http://t.co/rJjnSJgVmP http://t.co/Ujj30XtX8ZDavid Koch, a little disingenuous here when asked about his political $. #501c #superPAC http://t.co/OImgUYPSjN http://t.co/yr78nD0Qv8Booo! RT @GovChristie always will MT @1957Mom: @GovChristie way to go Gov. Not a Republican but thanks for cheering for our @dallascowboys!!@MarcACaputo there may have been, but it wasn't included in the package i sawYou suggesting we need to pare back congressional team? RT @burgessev: Six reporters in a scrum with Durbin, three from PoliticoDavid Koch, asked about his political $, ignores the millions he gives to super PACs & 501cs. http://t.co/OImgUYPSjN http://t.co/rwkk4e79J0A big day -- we are launching Shift by MSNBC, with 14 new original digital programs. I'm hosting one of them! http://t.co/NxDIipEWDB
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelDavid Koch, when it's noted that GOPers he backs don’t share his views on abortion/gay rights: “That’s their problem" http://t.co/OImgUYPSjN@mattklewis @unclericothepug him, tooWhen I think Millennials, Jews, Hispanics & women, I think "pugnacious conservatism." via @mattklewis. https://t.co/UqNklphrMDDemocrats who voted for the CRomnibus have received twice as much money from the finance industry as the ‘no’ voters. http://t.co/8GoJAem4CU
@LibertyPAC it was such a weak high-five tooThat Jerry Jones High-Five just took Pennsylvania off the table for him in 2016. I'm not kidding. South Jersey too.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelSo which QBs are going to be available late 1st round?.@GovEdRendell on @GovChristie's Cowboys fandom: “It indicates a basic inferiority complex." http://t.co/Y4VE3eXuWh https://t.co/JMeyvIzw6GWhat's up now, @GovChristie? http://t.co/npoIAIqrH5Glad I didn't switch to Homeland or The Newsroom. @Eagles@JackStrack @dscc still wrong@morningmoneyben @Eagles could be better than mark sanchez@KennethBaer @karentravers @matthewbjaffe @brianros1 @pkcapitol @SeniABC Politico E-health is good stuff---written by PA native @ashleyrgoldEven the Newsroom would be better than this game. You're killing me, @Eagles.Hoping that "Celebrity Apprentice" ad calling @terrellowens "the ultimate team player" was intentional sarcasm. #LoveMeSomeMeThinking about switching to Homeland. C'mon, @Eagles! @karentravers @pkcapitol @KennethBaer @matthewbjaffe @SeniABC @jaketapper @TonyRomm@karentravers yeah, al michaels@KennethBaer @pkcapitol @matthewbjaffe @SeniABC @karentravers add reference to "downtown philadelphia" to list of slights. #centercity@pkcapitol @matthewbjaffe @SeniABC @karentravers @KennethBaer just going to assume someone hacked your twitter account, paul@filterDC @ashleyrgold https://t.co/fPenXKZZzr@karentravers @pkcapitol @matthewbjaffe @SeniABC @KennethBaer ugh, horrible startObama, at TNT's "Christmas in Washington," talking Jesus: "In the lowliest of surroundings a savior was born that would change the world."Armchair pundit fail: you're wrong MT @JackStrack: Journalism fail: @dscc GOP owns this measure and reporter can only find "dirt" on Dem…What does Congress have in common with kids dressed as elves? Neither want to work w Obama. *tho the kids came around http://t.co/9OVtkTSTuO@HilaryKrieger https://t.co/fPenXKZZzrOne of the things I miss about life in Old Town. #Alexandria #NoVa http://t.co/ElbRcSI0NG.@washingtonpost reviewed our #locavore Tasting Table! http://t.co/kQd5ki1AWK Get tix for Jan 29 & 30 Table here: https://t.co/PjzMeEralL
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelRingers! (At least if it was cmpgn finance trivia) MT @GlensGardenMkt: Congrats to trivia winners from @SunFoundation http://t.co/Wcp7ZVKI7F
Totally unrelated to 2016 RT @greta: Jeb Bush E book out sometime in 2015Wherein Frank Luntz calls someone else “an attention whore.” http://t.co/Frb36H2V09Why's he wearing hand warmers?T @Eagles: @CutonDime25 tapes interview on Saturday with Bob Costas for @SNFonNBC http://t.co/7b8kQsX8l1Top Dem atty helped slip measure boosting @DSCC into #CRomnibus, but the party denies he was working on its behalf. http://t.co/D0WRhXiCQHHaving witnessed it 1st hand, I'm still amazed by how willing @RyanLizza's subjects are to hand over notes & emails. http://t.co/WKujdaEnFG@PostReid thanks reid@aseitzwald thanks bud
This story just affirms the fact that Marc Elias is more powerful than at least half of all Senators. Maybe more. http://t.co/bBNI4rjaie
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelNeither a hit piece, nor unfair MT @michaeletoner Unfair hit piece on @MarcEElias-The man behind the political $ grab http://t.co/D0WRhXiCQH"If the Democrats are doing something on campaign finance, @MarcEElias is likely to be in the middle of it." http://t.co/2TxQOU5toDThat's @marceelias https://t.co/hFroSMTdFS.@dscc spokesman on party atty @marceelias's role in $ grab: "He is our lawyer, but he was not acting on our behalf." http://t.co/2TxQOU5toD"If the Democrats are doing something on campaign finance, @MarcElias is likely to be in the middle of it." http://t.co/2TxQOU5toDElection lawyers want to get as rich as media consultants from the torrent of money in politics. @kenvogel explains: http://t.co/PYmRnkuzLq
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelMeet the Dem lawyer who helped craft the party $ deal behind closed doors―& whose firm stands to make big $ from it. http://t.co/D0WRhXiCQHLove the kicker on @TheIdleRich column about top 5 @JimmyRollins11 moments. Will be missed. http://t.co/DadpoLuntQ http://t.co/5IPDFNHg7QAbout redistricting, I hope ;) RT @charlieNPR: Best part of being an editor: getting excited about an incoming story
Rare agreement b/t tea partiers & progressives: increased party $ is a bad idea that will be used to crush dissent: http://t.co/WYnkw3Xdc7Sunset over Dupont rooftops. http://t.co/gnSfqITeBZBarbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People of '14 include David Koch, Elon Musk, Michael Strahan, Neil Patrick Harris http://t.co/80x9kY9z7s
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