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We're Keep Pedalling, a bike shop in Manchester's Northern Quarter. Bobbin, EarlyRider, Jones Bikes, Ridgeback, Surly, accessories & full workshop

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@johnnystorm bring me a ferret to keep me warm at night :-)@johnnystorm give us a clue..... :-)@simon_j_perry burgendy with grey, sky blue nd white- give us a call if tempted by any of these and we'll sort you out :-)@simon_j_perry Yep- large coolmax in black with orange stripe, Red with white, dark green with white, grey with blue, pink nd white...@simon_j_perry We do- but we won't be here off 'racing'. could post you one though.....
@SpaceMonkey351 Some Salsa ones, System EX, really depends on combo you're looking for...Just in, new Tubus Fat Bike rack - will get it fitted to a #surlypugsley very soon @lyonequipment http://t.co/W3H9owDbKt@sidewaystim Pleasure- you managed to time your arrival to the cake arrival time perfectly!@SpaceMonkey351 Ok- there are ones available- any idea of length you're looking for? Shona@SpaceMonkey351 Any idea what degree rise and we can have a look round for you- also how long?? Cheers!
@JohnClimber @WildcatGear you are a weak weak man ;-)@PastaPaul @butchersquarter Yep- they probably all eat better than we do@PastaPaul @butchersquarter Sorted! I've promised to take Olive a walk past later,I have an image of all the NQ dogs sitting outside...@PastaPaul @butchersquarter and it does cheese as well for us non meat eaters :-)@JohnClimber oh go on then, she may even share her @TripeUK sausages with him :-)Stay away from drugs http://t.co/zjyvVxaLhO
Retweeted by Keep Pedalling@JohnClimber always- currently a bit wet and in her basket... off to Wales later
@HarrytheSpider Just keep away from any tights....@_Si_Bradley @Howker @SkratchLabs @ThomasDibley Yep, thoughtful little chap isn't he :-)@HarrytheSpider Kinky?@Howker @_Si_Bradley @SkratchLabs @ThomasDibley That's who you were getting them for...if I'd known I'd have given you the 'special' one :-)A week of Surly builds, https://t.co/kXpz5WDaiW featuring @RestrapLTD @brooksengland @lyonequipment http://t.co/A5Atk6t0z9
Just in new gear from @WildcatGear, Got Jones bars? you need the Tom Cat- keep those essentials to hand http://t.co/qLXNzfGcJs
@northernwalker @samdinky would it be a basket full of kittens ;-)@northernwalker @samdinky borrow mine- in a similar shade of grey (sorry mushroom!) http://t.co/7UlaJJ3stl@greg_may_ do you not work for a living?Sunny day in Manchester- time to show the new @bobbinbicycles Birdie in mushroom, this really is a great colour :-) http://t.co/EMgXLayQvh
Starting to look like a proper round the world machine now! Thanks to @lyonequipment @keep_pedalling @AlfJonesCycles! http://t.co/6MYXtf9Iu2
Retweeted by Keep Pedalling@BurmaorBust @lyonequipment @AlfJonesCycles Nice- you shouldn't have difficulty spotting your bike ;-)
I wanted somewhere to stash my tools, I found the King Kargo cage ... stainless loveliness. http://t.co/nBIuV8xXr3
Retweeted by Keep Pedalling
@runpaintrunrun will chk for you tomorrowDamn chilly, frozen water bottles are not lightening the mood. https://t.co/SLRzWZpX0l
@vivslack @EastonOutfitter Hi Viv, have you tried LSR http://t.co/zssfBRjLY4
@SkratchLabs Next frosty morning we'll have the kettle on making hot apple and cinnamon for people to try :-)First new @bobbinbicycles have arrived, some great new colours. Lots to build later... https://t.co/kXpz5WULau http://t.co/5w5HTdvTVTNow stocking @SkratchLabs natural hydration products. No crap,just natural ingredients. Gluten, dairy free & Vegan http://t.co/ktZeHe3bJU
@JohnClimber mail you tomorrow...@frsrmc perfect, in frm 10 till 7, speak to you then.@SpaceMonkey351 less for non bolt thru hubs :-) less again for non disc...@frsrmc ahh, me getting confused who I'm tweeting to- long day. Anyway, they're £105, black only at the mo@frsrmc qr or bolt, disc or non? Different prices for each, let me know and I'll ping you a cost tomorrow.@JohnClimber No.....@frsrmc Yes we do, drop us a mail if you'd like some.@JohnClimber @brooksengland Yep, and after my factory tour today you'll be buying more ;-)@SpaceMonkey351 No, not £450.. Not sure where that figure arrived from. Brilliant piece of touring kit, powered an iPad mini off the hubSuper useful bit of kit reviewed by Singletrack Magazine - Exposure Revo light and dynamo hub http://t.co/yz9uH8Uixy #wesellthese
@greg_may_ Could do you some @SkratchLabs Green tea- right colour....
Part deux http://t.co/DyZ2dkBc3qA @WildcatGear TomCat out for a night prowl. http://t.co/OGj64dsrTx@Spillippe remember to turn the Spot on :-) have fun !
I wonder if @mulebar salted caramel gel would work on popcorn...
Time for a brew? Here's a great film by @ianbarrington on his recent experience of the Rovaniemi 150 Arctic Race http://t.co/mUkoiOIBnMFirst build, Jones 29plus, hotrod chainstay protector- optional! https://t.co/ffD3uugYgn http://t.co/uh5pd5efxq
@greg_may_ Wales Coast path, Queensferry to Chepstow 870miles, some sections rideable...@greg_may_ slept on the newly named Wales Coastal path, didn't see anyone all night, though the 40mph + winds probably kept most indoors@greg_may_ fenced off with security now. Some mad graffiti on it, the monkeys scared the hell out of me in the dark.@greg_may_ Mostyn, yes north wales, Moston- no, north manchester :)@greg_may_ @DaveHaygarth let me guess which bike that was :-)@MikeHowarth 7 hours of mud and rain and hair that weighed about 2kgs, butchered em with a leatherman. Buzz cut next :-)Just had an accidental Vimto & orange juice, it was okay. Try it.@evilgordon butchered, 8 hours of muddy riding and what felt like 2kgs of mud on head. Lopped em off with a leatherman. Short stumps for nowHair washing is so last year #cutitoff http://t.co/SAPDH97CszWe'll that was a blustery bivvy http://t.co/Gckfl3jslF
A little @Hopetech brake upgrade for this @genesisbikesuk Croix de Fer #vtwin http://t.co/HVngBegZ9P
@MCYS_NRBowie no very different, blame my crap photography. Will get a better shot.Jones blue and a rather nice satin finish . http://t.co/lqjIjQwE0Q@holroydphoto @garagebikes Hi Luke, Go on then ;-) address on website... cheersJones Plus framesets now here in blue or black. Now that's brightened our day. http://t.co/vJhHs8huBb
@JohnClimber possibly I'll chk in the morningI just backed Cranked – a magazine for mountain bikers on @Kickstarter http://t.co/a3IryhNxzz@JohnClimber that's an age thing:-) see you then@DanielCollins85 no, too brittle - use rubber solution.Back in stock #genesisbikes Tour de Fer - limited stocks. http://t.co/H0m7nOwAq8@JohnClimber Next time then :-)@JohnClimber @TraversBikes with or without Archie?@JohnClimber Money? Oh, go on then :o)@revolveMCR eta 6/4/15 now have some on order...
@greg_may_ @revolveMCR trying to learn from the dog who can sleep anywhere....@revolveMCR been there and done that, recovering now :-) http://t.co/4qw43hMQai@revolveMCR chk tmw and let you know :-)@revolveMCR if Fishers have them.....
early start this morning http://t.co/2DOssl4Id0
Retweeted by Keep Pedalling
Morning Cloud #surlybikes #salsacycles #bikepacking #ecuador http://t.co/IQ6EvVd9I0 http://t.co/99kgBJYkbJ
Retweeted by Keep PedallingCyclists - @gmptraffic will be at Piccadilly Station on Saturday 10am/3pm doing free bike marking #OpConsiderate @BTPManchester
Retweeted by Keep PedallingJust in a few more pairs of Jones carbon loops- shout now if you want a set :-) http://t.co/cnVfqKkK4y@smudgybum keep some sp dynamo's in and build on Shimanos keep B&M lights in stock- lots of choice and variations, call in to have a chat.
@UrbanManc damn right :-)A snowy and very windy ride getting battered by hailstones. http://t.co/XaWbRGxqMxTerrier don't care about the blizzard or the cold. Terrier's just happy to be out there. http://t.co/syn9IcahMR@ianbarrington not with my toes!!
@ianbarrington wow, well done, you have fun?New colours and spec arriving soon! Any Bobbin Birdie currently in stock now just £299. http://t.co/aBfYowzoWL
@MCYS_NRBowie Always a pleasure :-) Photos when you get on them..Custom paint colour- don't mind if I do... Surly LHT in chrome green. Very nice... https://t.co/kXpz5WDaiW
@Al_Humphreys @AlysFowler try Backcountry Biking @BcBiking@BurmaorBust @tomsbiketrip yep, Surly Troll, Trucker, Ogre and ECR toured on em all mostly off road and all more than capable.
The gorgeous @EJHague with her lovely new @bobbinbicycles Bramble, both looking amazingly stylish :-) http://t.co/NEh7C1IJWhReady to go! #bobbin bicycles @londonbikeshow http://t.co/MOgFJaM2Va
Retweeted by Keep Pedalling@EJHague feelin like a robot in her new gold @bobbinbicycles helmet, then she meets these guys on the street! http://t.co/MswJd327ZU
Retweeted by Keep Pedalling@runpaintrunrun need to get the rest dyed to match!
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