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@lgotl1230 Geri Filister@lauramholson it's pretty amazing that it's a jezebel story that makes ppl think pascal is getting unfairly picked onWho among us wants our Amazon purchase history made public?! #freeamypascalThis #Pulitzer winning package from @postandcourier on domestic violence is a horrific tour de force. http://t.co/46ZdFfOCTO3x as many women have died a hands of lovers than S.Carolina soldiers killed in Iraq/Afghanistan combined. http://t.co/CB9p2YalmU #pulitzerHere's @gregfwinter, the best editor I have ever had, talking about the Times' Ebola coverage, which he led. http://t.co/yby3CqYPGn
Retweeted by katierosmanutterly...speechless
Retweeted by katierosmanPeriscoping the #Pulitzer announcements. #newmediameetsold http://t.co/tXlkZC8EI1Nude selfies are her focus just after giving birth? That poor kid. Model Reveals Flat Tummy After Giving Birth http://t.co/HqCBdV8fnGTwo really powerful and provocative examinations of dynamics of paternal child support. http://t.co/oqQ2VATZUM + http://t.co/E9f4GPtKScLove it when SanFran is so late to a tech trend. Latest hang-up in San Francisco: A new area code http://t.co/j5NSfG7Dnv via @WSJAlso: Goody bags from little kids' birthday parties. https://t.co/j47cjhlTrb@MollyJongFast @jimcramer I guess the lesson is: Don't just a book by how loud it screams!@lgotl1230 I'm so glad you did, Leslie! So nice of you to reach out! PS I had many friends from Minnetonka/I went to Camp Tbird in Bemidji!NYT's most viewed story is Jim Cramer's wedding announcement. Great headline; poignant story. http://t.co/6ukbz6nqwO@jswatz "Like every TV celebrity, in person, Stewart is both better-looking than you expect and smaller"
@lauramholson great story!!!@KatieBaynes haha! I believe it. Some tweeted that these guys might just be performance artists & it's not hard to imagine.They work together, go to yoga together, vacations together. Though not a romantic couple, they fight like they are. http://t.co/LZw3ECg8VAThe season of our discontent. NYT: Why Is Spring Being So Passive Aggressive? http://t.co/kU6Uwx9QKjThe interactive treatment here is pretty amazing. Modern art in its own right. https://t.co/hVnaLxJElE
@PatcohenNYT @johnjurg We know that he will sing for a burger and fries!"Increasingly, late-night is a morning-after industry." What a smart and fantastic piece by @johnjurg http://t.co/jileMyClG0Big day in dog news. http://t.co/XRHTBc1L2s and http://t.co/PpStg4toCbWoe is the agent who must deal w/ the Instagram statements of her star client: Gisele May Not Be Off the Runway Yet http://t.co/Idx6A3LYmfThis is amazing. Also, the artist might have too much time on his hands. https://t.co/Ru1BSL1DreHug the first newspaper reporter you see today. http://t.co/DsdT0qhJog
Retweeted by katierosmanIronic, isn't it Mr Bloomberg, that a sugary drink could cause you so much pain... https://t.co/W9hQSOaUA6
Retweeted by katierosman"Founders" https://t.co/sZ2HGT0zWGA Michigan bankruptcy atty offers his services to a local auto shop owner who refuses service to gay people. #BAM! http://t.co/xVaGk5uK9e@Jonwebs @jonweinbach That you guys don't know each other is a mistake the universe made that it would want corrected asap. I'll facilitate
🏀 @jonweinbach's #SoleMan is blowing up my Twitter feed. So excited for him. Love that guy.@karyntoso Karyn, thank you for being in touch! Of course I recognize you & know you are among the friends brought to me by my dear Lisa.More and more, the popular fitness trends require bare feet https://t.co/EGoNrTJjyY@jonathanmahler My kids say I need to learn to be more supportive of their dreams, like the dance moms are.After a long day at the office, I like to come home for wholesome time with my kids spent watching @DanceMoms. http://t.co/mCgz9qZ41y@jonathanwald I assume you saw what they had to say about you?!?!?@StuartEmmrichNY Lynton/Pascal loved the David O. Russell/DVF Table for ThreeVast swaths of people in NY and LA spent their afternoons searching for Bold Faced Names--and their own--in Wikileaks Sony email archive.In email to Sony exec, Jonathan Alter calls @ggreenwald "single biggest a**hole I've met in 35 yrs." H/t @ggreenwald https://t.co/uGqdks3mGw@ShiraOvide @moorehn @EvelynRusli Stand up and tell us something gossipy! #WeAreHereForYou@SuzyWelch Everyone's got a lobby. ✋@emilyjanefox I've seen you eyeing my toe-webbing lustfully at SLT@amychozick I have a full-on cankle! PS If I ever claim to not be vain, please remind me of how upset I was when I had a cankle.@emilyjanefox hair (obvz), 👂lobes, nail bed on 👆, forearms, left should blade, webbing btwn left big toe/index toe, right tonsil@emilyjanefox They're in my top ten best traits, along with the inside part of my elbows and the littel dimple thing between my nose + lips@emilyjanefox @amychozick I had never realized how much my ankles were a part of my overall look until I developed a canckle.I twisted my ankle *really* badly last week + I am living this classic @amychozick story. http://t.co/Dy1zHxVCVV http://t.co/VBvJLbxNVtBig day for Etsy. Now let's see if they can transform those net losses into lovingly handcrafted profits. http://t.co/HI6zRshevs via @WSJ
Retweeted by katierosmanIf you read just one story today on 'Fat Yoga' .... #yoga http://t.co/GbiilDZSezI'm surprised that this is surprising. https://t.co/cx7Wzs1snpChip off the brilliant block: @erinleecarr digs to find uncomfortable & important truths, just like her dad @carr2n http://t.co/6q2azEE17M@AndrewCPark don't be! A wonderful story, you will luvHe didn't tell his wife he was tying a rope around his son, 12, and lowering him to dig in small, darkened openings. http://t.co/sT2oXHtqau@moorehn @mashable God bless the free marketAlmost exclusively ppl w/ mainstream-media perches wh/ indicates "Twitter influence" isn't a stand-alone confection https://t.co/9Cy33v8MCp
Barbara Strauch, 63, Science and Health Editor at The New York Times, Dies http://t.co/wCryR7sr4UThey’re Not Afraid to Say It: ‘Fat Yoga’ http://t.co/GbiilDZSezNow that she's off-deadline, I hope she'll write for me!!! https://t.co/gyRDySvWdz@michaeltemkin next thing you know is they'll tell us healthiest and most humane food is mcdonalds #fullcircle@michaeltemkin Oh no, tell me more! (PS I made my kids gluten free crepes with almond milk for breakfast this AM)You ate dairy? https://t.co/YudiXEAEOoFANTASTIC: She ran 4 races in 4 days, covering 48.6 miles, dressed as different Disney characters at Disney World http://t.co/lbRAk9YiMh
@lauramholson @swissmiss This is my favorite Ted talk ever. It is so real and so powerful!!The mother says "the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top." The daughter buys $10 million apartment. http://t.co/4TXDrkBnnq
I know this isn't the main point but Richard Plepler is very tan. NYT: Head of the Pack, HBO Shows the Way Forward http://t.co/FbZSyetdz3This is the best possible way to see your name on Page Six. https://t.co/7xMKu5AgyZ@JamieStelter @brianstelter My friend @nickvarchaver emailed to tell me here was there too!@PageSix Yes! And now I'm imagining every possible pun variation. "You've reached the voicemail of Bond, James Bond .... "Best thing I've read today: Daniel Craig paid $1.5K for 'Hamilton' star to record voicemail http://t.co/dMUoW3WjMI via @pagesix@MissJennaB I'm with ya, soul sister.@MissJennaB Your lip stick stain, on the front lobe of my left side brain (PS I love that song even if it makes me too-uncool-for-coachella)Do you guys know about @Quikly? #MadeInDetroitI'm not sure I want Mary Kay Letourneau as my kid's teacher/my future daughter-in-law. http://t.co/MNaVezKWQc.@NiallOfficial revealed golfer @McIlroyRory will be joining @onedirection @GilletteStadium http://t.co/yVDBnJDULi http://t.co/pds2b0t6Xr
Retweeted by katierosmanMy child just informed me it's Thomas Jefferson and Ron Perlman's birthday today. HBD Thomas and Ron!
@StuartEmmrichNY Indeed. So gallantly thanking them for being good to his mother...and that head of hair!!Speaking of matriarchs of political dynasties, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg was just on @60Minutes and she was wonderful.@gminchak He's even better than that. Amazing man.@TomPerrotta thank you, Tom! ⛳️Masters alert: If you haven't read this 2005 beauty by @katierosman on loss, grief, golf, & giving, please do: http://t.co/T7a92HNW3m
Retweeted by katierosmanElla on Hillary Clinton: "I don't know who she is but I heard at recess that she'll be president if her husband doesn't mess it up."Ari on why he's voting for @HillaryClinton. "She'd be the first girl president, she has life experience, she's an old grandma." 👵I'm running for president. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion. –H https://t.co/w8Hoe1pbtC
Retweeted by katierosman
@casacks Carol, your so good to me! xo@lgotl1230 thank you, Leslie!@jamesnord thank you!@TheRickWilson Congratulations! I'd be proud to claim either one, beautiful kids.How I got my stepfather a round of golf at Augusta. #themasters http://t.co/F9seGZuzrb
.@SamSifton is a GREAT talent scout: meet the amazing @aksalmonsisters of Alaska, nieces of my dear neighbors! http://t.co/pXt7X9O1dA@dgelles I've got an extra ticket And I'll write your nameYou're going to be on TV sir what's your name? http://t.co/36Qm2fQztm
Retweeted by katierosmanThe way I move is like a full-on rainstorm: got tickets to take my kids to see @taylorswift13. #bestmomeverNobody makes me madder/happier. #NationalSiblingsDay http://t.co/e3yZE0bJvh.@chelseaclinton on the cover of Elle, apparently, hitting as her mom's campaign launches https://t.co/zmTDrky9j2
Retweeted by katierosman@mollyoswaks I, apparently, feel vengeful toward Bethenny too because I have enabled my gluten-free kid's bacon-obsession!After moving the WSJ from the Financial District to midtown 5 years ago, NewsCorp may move to WTC. http://t.co/eaAWtXJ3ksBethenny Frankel says that in vengeance against her, her ex-huz fed their child "hot dogs, bacon & animal protein.” http://t.co/L3SubIFNsHJulie Strauss-Gabel, publisher of Dutton Children's Books, rips her authors apart + sends them to best-seller list. http://t.co/hXlqFSo4EB@tarynlanger thank you!
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