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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester. http://t.co/MViXTzz1ZS

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On NY1's Book Reader, I talked about Leif GW Persson's Backstrom books and the @harthanson TV series it inspired: http://t.co/a68AUR4Gvv
.@junethomas takes a look at the back story of “Backstrom” in today’s #thebookreader http://t.co/5TDZWqrEsZ http://t.co/akiMQ4LIZl
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Don't miss my Outward colleague @jbryanlowder's response to Chait's anti-PC screed: http://t.co/jdbF61x6mB It's a thing of beauty.
I spoke with Montreal's own @BaruchelNDG about the "dream logic" of his FXX show Man Seeking Woman: http://t.co/xigkObcVbn@juback1 I'll definitely be watching it at some point.Love @thehighsign on watching movies with her daughter, but my favorite bit is seeing P's fabulous cursive. Yay! http://t.co/Td3YneaF65@juback1 I have stayed ignorant, because I was traveling when it started airing and knew I couldn't watch "live."
@midwestspitfire But better.@happymenocal Things I recall: retinue 1) sang as they moved; 2) stood in front of the emir as he sat so we couldn't see him squatting.@happymenocal I once had an audience with the Emir of Kano. I recognized his retinue's livery.@daniellenuss I'd spend the meetings telling recovering addicts about everything they'd miss if they gave up cops and lawyers.@sarahw You know three women could handle the work of seven men.In memory of Rudolf Levy perished in 1944 #Auschwitz70 Stillleben mit Früchten @LandesmuseumMZ #HolocaustMemorialDay http://t.co/IDnrBmObx2
Retweeted by June Thomas@JillMcElmurry @stevensonseth Just as Mrs. Patmore likes it!@kevinddaniels Thanks for the fab show."Xiest gay character on TV" is overused--mostly by me--but Sirens' Hank (Daniels) is funny, fascinating, cagily warm: http://t.co/iuunZjDHVw(The very funny) Sirens is back on USA tonight; I spoke with @kevinddaniels about Hank, cape roles, and James Bond: http://t.co/iuunZjDHVw@willapaskin Except for the yellow bits, which already seem to predominate.@willapaskin Odd. I must admit, as someone who often doesn't leave the house for days at a time, I'm tempted to go rolling around in it.New Russell T Davies drama promises to focus on sextortion gangs http://t.co/Cp8kyuAbqp http://t.co/24U9UaOfVG
Retweeted by June Thomas@willapaskin Are you gamboling about in it?"The MTA didn’t see this coming. After all, the city had never in 110 years closed the subways due to snow." http://t.co/PTAa7Uu9m3
Retweeted by June Thomas@Duck_person Here's this week's: http://t.co/vEYCK7JAEiOn International Holocaust Remembrance Day, let's not forget the Nazis' gay victims: http://t.co/3pxp34AtIH
@Duck_person It goes live on Slate Plus after the show, on "regular" Slate on Tuesday.@samimartin56 @willapaskin @GrantchesterUK I haven't had a chance to watch yet.@dankois Is this your way of announcing your bigger house Kickstarter?@jmpottier @johanhufnagel Is it Samm Levine (of Freaks and Geeks, etc.). Moi, je pense que oui. http://t.co/RAyxoKR1xpFirst Deirdre Barlow, now Demis Roussos. Farewell, you bekaftanned crooner: http://t.co/7f5F31Hlpc@LesleyChuang @SlateArticles Thank you!@lahoare Only in Britain. (Or at least, "not in America.")@alisongriswold @RachaelBL @reihan I also grew up in a FREEEZING home. Bourgeoise middle-aged me looks back at cold young me with nostalgia.@LindaFSemple No worries. We have fully stocked cupboards, and the heat's still working. I just hope the cable doesn't go out.@RachaelBL My record of agreeing with @reihan continues--though it helps that I can't control my apartment's heat. So excuses.Upside to the blizzard: You can use time you'd typically spend commuting reading my piece about Medicaid dentistry: http://t.co/rquJCDEKnJ@pollyannaeffect @gillianalexy Annelise is key to the coming season.@thrashRadical @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone Sunny is breaking records for longevity, while Starved met an early death. I've always resented it!@thrashRadical @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone I confess I have issues with Sunny, because it launched same time as Starved, which I preferred.@davidplotz I was sure it was going to be, "Another high ball, Binky?"Four years ago today, Ugandan LGBT activist David Kato was killed; two days later his funeral was terrifying, tragic: http://t.co/A0OHpAL5Am@SilvestriWoman @stevensonseth Episode 3 is incredible.@dankois We found the guy who wears the piped top of his PJs ... in bed.@SilvestriWoman @stevensonseth Not sure that's possible, BUT I've seen the first 4 eps of S3, and its better than ever!
So excited for this! RT @_RelayFM: Welcome to Rocket http://t.co/FljpH3PFvv
Retweeted by June ThomasA collection of links to interviews with Lawrence Wright about GOING CLEAR: https://t.co/9cCZZN8W0S @nprfreshair @junethomas @kimmasters
Retweeted by June ThomasWriting is becoming a hobby for the wealthy rather than a way to earn a living #c439 http://t.co/1F4NvMCR6z via @Salon
Retweeted by June ThomasWho uses Twitter in the US http://t.co/bP0R73FDJF
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@Cntrl_frk @SlackerInc @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone Hey, now, let's leave TV out of it!Attn: @Dahlialithwick RT @sarahw: Die Hershey's die. http://t.co/Mqek9Kwg2v (via @moorehn).@mjs_dc is ready to declare a truce in the gay cake wars. http://t.co/2ToTC1e1Og via @SlateOutwardIn this week's DoubleX Gabfest, we talked about free-range kids, 36 questions for falling in love, and Broad City: http://t.co/qqk0wyq8os
@Cntrl_frk @HannaRosin @NoreenMalone Thanks!I love @publicroad on that gay-panicky homophobe Chandler Bing: http://t.co/eFfutXBNjH
A noticeable dip in the quality of the writing in this week's #Empire, but that's OK, Cookie still back!Ultra-Orthodox women formed their own Israeli political part. Fascinating story by @miriamkrule: http://t.co/xYhCctJFPP@Whopkins37 Definitely. But not this one.Slate is hiring an editorial assistant, based in New York: http://t.co/GkbRDIQcOZOn this week's Ask a Homo video, our correspondent thinks a lesbian co-worker might be growing a beard: http://t.co/rlke2cdtD3
cc @quicksilvre MT @benmschmidt: the complete list of words never to appear in a SOTU before. (Case-sensitive): http://t.co/JPtd0NHT85
Retweeted by June ThomasMT @tomandlorenzo: From the FW13 collection also worn by Alicia (J. Margulies) in @TheGoodWife_CBS #MichelleObama http://t.co/JCZsOMk9yHState of the Union: Obama includes transgender and bisexual in the 2015 address for the first time ever. http://t.co/QEQdWU8LmoMT @jolielash: @JussieSmollett's enthusiasm for #Empire is infectious. He did a Cookie impression too! http://t.co/spYHFi8qAx@RobOwenTV Does everyone hold hands and sing a song when it's all over?@mitchblum @stevensonseth I like!@just_float Aw!@CMRanapia @SlateOutward @Slate Absolutely! Just telling you how it seemed to one person in the room. (Me!)And much praise to @JimHalterman for following up with Billy Crystal right after the #tca15 session: http://t.co/ltyRB2XN0gLet's not overreact to Billy Crystal's remarks about gay sex on TV: http://t.co/MOjPI0qOAf #TCA15If you're a Slate Plus person, go ask our fearless editor, Julia Turner, anything: http://t.co/rxQyJ1M5dy@cscollard @Slate @stevensonseth Jet lag is my excuse for that howler. (Does it count if it's only from LA to NYC?)@lahoare I remember that, too!So farewell then, Anne Kirkbride, aka Corrie's Deirdre Barlow. Your glasses were enormous, Deirdre's infidelity epic: http://t.co/5H00IUY2qCListen to @stevensonseth and I discuss S5, Ep. 3 of Downton Abbey, in which Cora finally deployed the J word: http://t.co/mRfxA51aZI@TVMoJoe Yeah, it's not creepy, but it's not at all funny.@TVMoJoe @soniasaraiya I love the show, but I wish it was a little more consistent.@aldenferro Those odd 5-minute whatsits are among the best bits of telly EVER!@nickinmasham @stevensonseth in my defense, I had no warm up--and few Geordies in Brooklyn!@TVMoJoe @soniasaraiya I find the bits with Alberto excruciating. Love her, like him, but I find A's woo-pitching kinda gross.
@TVMoJoe @HitFixDaniel @soniasaraiya Cristela is 2 parts brilliant, 3 parts meh, and 1 part blech. But the brilliance prevails.@zhandlen @TVMoJoe Sorry! But YOU still have it to look forward to. (Yeah, not so helpful.)@TVMoJoe That was one of the best hours of drama I can remember!@Duck_person Haven't had a chance to watch yet.@DanMSchro @SlateOutward Thanks for the tip!Love this RT @EW: The 46 times TV execs told critics they 'loved' their own shows at #TCA15: http://t.co/Y8PWXN2w2D http://t.co/rihILLuAYw@chrisjrosen THANK YOU! I couldn't place her. It was killing me.The thrill of being refollowed by @jackshafer when you stop doing one of the many things that aggravates him.
@pollyannaeffect Damned good point. I'll be stealing that!"@Lydell0928 : This was Timothy Olyphant's #Justified response to a number of things at #TCA15 this afternoon. http://t.co/8BDtAFz6NI"
Retweeted by June Thomas@sianegibby And how. He just got TWO good jokes off, too."What other show would you get to see Felicity beat up John-Boy Walton?" asks Matthew Rhys. #TheAmericans #TCA15Justified EP Graham Yost, mad that Seahawks won ugly, jokes their final season will use same game plan: terrible for 12 eps, end good.@jfuentes The tie was loosened, but yes. He looked good!Louis C.K. telling us what a rotten kid he was. Take heart, parents of challenging children. They may grow up to sell out Madison Sq. Garden
Retweeted by June Thomas"I don't get my comedy from shows that are comedies," says Pamela Adlon. Not alone in that. #TCA15Louis C.K. really does speak largely in sports metaphors, as Pamela Adlon claimed before. #TCA15Louis CK on comedy vs. drama: It's not like I'm playing basketball and I want to play baseball. You can do them both in the same court.
Retweeted by June ThomasI swear Louis C.K. just took on a Canadian accent when responding to a Canuckian questioner. #TCA15"He always talks in baseball and boxing terminology to me," Pamela Adlon on how Louis C.K. offers her direction. #TCA15"I start with an intention and then I just kind of move around," Louie on his planning process for the last season of Louie worked. #TCA15Louis C.K. is wearing a snazzy blue suit, tie, and New Balance sneakers. #dapper #TCA15
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