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John @jnehlich Brooklyn, NY Milky Way Galaxy

stage manager, writer, independent smartass, karaoke hopper, and lover of livin' life and working with cool people. Let's collaborate.

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the Original Ayn Rand reviews by Sean Gill http://t.co/3Bmm83ugd5 @tNYPress ...before the idea was #plagiarized by a writer with @NewYorkerI wished N. Korea hated the Bachelor. #AnnoyingTV
Bored Coworkers Recreate Classic Paintings Using Office Supplies | DeMilked http://t.co/Jm4dJsMhzY via @demilkedRidiculous. Just drink the damn beer and get over it. “@EliteDaily: Hipsters, Rejoice!.."http://t.co/j77PlveR5V http://t.co/Mg3PqYAUUDExcuse me WHAT RT @CuteEmergency: WE INTERRUPT YOUR TIMELINE FOR A FRENCHIE STAMPEDE GET OUT OF THE WAY!! http://t.co/fMvEGe8UiO
Retweeted by JohnThis debate on @TheView is intense.Nigeria Sentences 54 Soldiers To Death For Not Fighting Boko Haram - http://t.co/sG5r1jnd8E #WTFWhen The Interview comes out on dvd, I hope @SonyPictures or the U.S. Govt sends N. Korea a personalized copy. #HighSchoolDramaI have enjoyed movies that offended me deeply. The key to humor is the key to debate, to freedom of thought: difference.
Retweeted by JohnDear Sony Hackers: now that u run Hollywood, I'd also like less romantic comedies, fewer Michael Bay movies and no more Transformers.
Retweeted by JohnSony canceling this movie is even worse than when iTunes made us have that fucking U2 album.
Retweeted by JohnI am angry that our nation is too scared to show a comedy in theaters out of fear from terrorists. This is exactly the wrong message.
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"The Interview" cancelled as well as a Steve Carell movie. What happened to freedom of speech? #WhiteHouse #WhosRunningThisCountry #NKFUWhen an insecure child runs country.."@AP: MORE: US investigators link NKorea to Sony hacking..." http://t.co/NI8auLk6us""The Interview" killed because North Korea is an insecure emotional child. #Movie #WTF #GrowTheFUp #WhatHappennedToFreedomOfSpeech@evernotehelps auto hyperlinks related to dates & times. Not sure if it can be turned off. Example attached (2 of 2) http://t.co/z17gmIn8QU@evernotehelps figured out its an issue with the recent #Apple OS affecting multiple applications, including Evernote. (1 of 2)@evernotehelps is there a way to turn off auto hyper link and event creation? The random underlining and blue font is absurdly annoying.
I love having roommates. Especially when one snores so loud that I can hear it through the walls and across the room. #Roommates #annoyingis it just me, or does the show The Librarians seem like a cheap rip off of Warehouse 13? #TV #TNT #syfyPhoto: When buying used books, I always wonder what became of all the Julias and Germaines.  I always... http://t.co/uy8WwJd7Ti@_katetastic_ miserable.Following death at San Diego Zoo, there is just one male northern white rhino left on Earth http://t.co/OlgLwneL0y http://t.co/NktjABDPi5
Retweeted by JohnBay Area Cop Threatens To Shoot Everybody Who Thinks Their Lives Matter http://t.co/EO4r3ZJace http://t.co/pGbSBqM7K0
Retweeted by John@klgandhoda what was the name of those snow tire covers briefly featured today?@StatenIslandMOS typical Texas.Texas Cop Shoots His Neighbor's Dog, Gets Away With It Under Law Authorizing Vigilantism - http://t.co/CdxsG5I90dCongressman Goes MIA After Tucking Wall St. Bailout Into Spending Bill - http://t.co/4zWkf12rgg #typical #Failure
Justice League does Magic Mike. Green Lantern IS @MattBomer, but let's discuss Aquamanganiello http://t.co/KwUBYtKuWH http://t.co/F0UGyiQAmP
Retweeted by JohnThoughts and prayers to you Australia.
EXCLUSIVE: Sony hack reveals Jennifer Lawrence is paid less than her male co-stars http://t.co/OOB5VPYkFo http://t.co/WKN5QPLjhF
Retweeted by John“@playbill: London Stage Manager awarded millions after terrible accident. http://t.co/3Ny2sESfI0” #SafetyFirst
“@tlrd: Bobby Jindal 'Prayer Guide' Blames Gays For Hurricane Katrina - VIDEO http://t.co/hX3bTgKL7p http://t.co/RdporNRH7t
NYC Developers Not Losing Any Opportunity To Be Total Dicks http://t.co/QFc1GJj9ke http://t.co/Cl9t0GQsTt
Retweeted by JohnCome on writers, that was painfully predictable. #arrow #seeyouinjanuaryReally, brainwash?! Ugh. #ArrowIt's snowing in nyc now. Imagine my feelings on this. #DeathToSnow #WhiteFlakesOfEvil #WinterThe $6.5m canyon: it's the most expensive photograph ever – but it's like a hackneyed poster in a posh hotel http://t.co/cxCMNxd2l26 ways climate change threw the animal world into disarray this year http://t.co/WDUGpsAAA3 http://t.co/yLqtFzeyrz
Retweeted by JohnBald Cinderella Gives 5-Year-Old Cancer Patient New Self-Confidence: http://t.co/CJDdxTcFUE http://t.co/3YRsHqqitQ
Retweeted by JohnMalala Yousafzai accepts her Nobel Peace Prize http://t.co/COyDVJOf1b http://t.co/satBFQh7dh
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Video: tyleroakley: YouTube Rewind 2014 http://t.co/DWhRWovBuGThese stunning photos depict the journey of gender confirmation surgery http://t.co/2YbMl5oMK5 http://t.co/QhbkLTJeE1
Retweeted by JohnThank you @JohnFugelsang. #TortureReport #CIA http://t.co/60I24trgLl
Retweeted by JohnBill Gates lists his 5 favorite books of 2014: http://t.co/lGdPq6M6YC @fortunemagazine
Retweeted by JohnOne person's truth is another person's illusion. Live your own truth and embrace your own individuality. #lifeHuge Congrats to @ConnorFranta #BeYouBeProud
“@scottbix: Someday, somehow, I will get the book buyers at the Strand to crack a smile.” And then Hell will freeze over.Today's high:37. Low:35. Current temp:25 wtf? #WeatherChannel #AppFail
@KenSimonSays or something.“@Gawker: Seattle cop who punched a drunk handcuffed woman in the face won't be charged. http://t.co/6AIYMyqQXO” #FailMichigan's 'License to Discriminate' Bill Passes House, Moves to Senate http://t.co/mCetFAWRDu http://t.co/wPPgsWGBxf
Retweeted by JohnI Was Banned From a Gay Dads' Group for Raising Michael Brown http://t.co/P2KTtNqyLh via @HuffPostGay http://t.co/P2KTtNqyLhThe nation's largest homeless camp, in the heart of Silicon Valley, is being cleared http://t.co/sx7zfGZisO http://t.co/WRLejVDnou
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Video: Dog Fetch Fails! ha! http://t.co/X830ugdmnxVideo: omg! Santa Penguins! http://t.co/qilryI7Bi3Photo: http://t.co/B5xE8v26ZdKnicks Poetry Slam 2012- Brittany Barker (2nd Place) - #DailySlam  http://t.co/P3SvXWxWal@JohnPKeller lol! I bought herbal teas to help cut back on my coffee intake. It's hit and miss which route I go day to day lolCop who shot Akai Gurley texted union rep while unarmed victim died http://t.co/77iCSIcLBN http://t.co/A0UYhX8B3b
Retweeted by John@JohnPKeller with no substitute? Not even hot tea?
The anti-gay pastor who wants to "execute homos" to end AIDS is about to get a big surprise http://t.co/lHR0EbhFwa
Retweeted by JohnOkay, NBC, that was an interesting little experiment in live TV nostalgia; can you please do CABARET next?
Retweeted by JohnWTF? She's letting her go? Somebody call child protective services! #PeterPanLive
Retweeted by JohnEvery responsible parent lets their child take "pixie dust" and fly out of the window #PeterPanLive
Retweeted by JohnWait- Wendy just lets Pan play with her daughter?! #PeterPanLiveYes! Mini driver! #PeterPanLiveOh, hey camera man. #PeterPanLiveAll one needs is Nana and @kelliohara #PeterPanLive #DontStopSingingThis is what a fight in a yoga class looks like. #PeterPanLive
Retweeted by JohnSlowest sword fight ever! #PeterPanLiveI'm ready for my entrance you guys! #PeterPanLive http://t.co/joErsvLsv1
Retweeted by John“@Stephy404: Was that pirate named cookie??! Lol! #PeterPanLive” best pirate name ever!Hook: "That's it?" Most truthful line delivery yet. #PeterPanLiveDoes anyone know the address to this gay club? And do I need to bring my own pleather and mother issues? #PeterPanLiveI think Twitter just saved Tink. #PeterPanLiveWait! Wtf? We're breaking the fourth wall now?! #PeterPanLiveRT @PeterZachari: Don't want to spoil the end of #PeterPanLive but he finally grows really old and moves to Miami. http://t.co/uYfJhqkLvY
Retweeted by JohnAwkward pauses everywhere. #PeterPanLiveAm I the only one thinking that since they have a real dog, they should have a real crocodile? Raise the stakes. #PeterPanLive
Retweeted by JohnThe number ended. Mary Martin just said "Well..." and sipped her tea. #PeterPanLive
Retweeted by JohnSigh. Kelli Ohara. Don't stop singing ever please. #PeterPanLiveThere's some interesting directorial choices. There's a reason live theatre should be seen, well, live, In person. #PeterPanLiveLOL RT @caralynnshultz: Everyone on Twitter watching #PeterPanLive right now. #gatorsgonnagate http://t.co/twK1ICsSME
Retweeted by JohnOh.my.god. These one note Walken cutways are ridiculous. #PeterPanLiveIntermission.. I think #PeterPanLiveSlowest crocodile ever! #PeterPanLiveThat ass slap. I feel dirty now. #PeterPanLiveLadies: When your man gives you an ex's procession bc "she left it" just know he's trash #PeterPanLive
Retweeted by JohnDon't worry Tiger Lilly. You're in no danger. Unless you have a fear of make overs, watching Bravo & drinking cosmos. #PeterPanLive
Retweeted by JohnDear Water Lily, your boys are far superior. Are any of them on Tinder? #PeterPanLiveWait, so is the blue not water? Or is it? #PeterPanLiveThat's a bow and arrow like Wendy got shot with! Yay! Kids, now you can hunt your own Wendy! Yah! #PeterPanLive #commercialsThese Lost Boys have a pretty good tailor and launderer...they can't be that lost. #PeterPanLiveI'm beyond over this digital Tinker Bell. #PeterPanLive #annoyingthat crocodile...wow...I mean...why was that necessary?! #PeterPanLiveWonderland or Neverland. You decide. #PeterPanLiveAll these people complaining about seeing the wires.smh. It's live to tv theatre. Do it better if you can. ##PeterPanLiveYOU JUST SAID YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN FAIRIES. YOU KILLED ONE EXPLAINING THE RULE! #PeterPanLive
Retweeted by JohnThis is the staged version, not the Disney or other movie versions one has seen before. #PeterPanLive
Retweeted by John
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