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@twillerbee I did RT this already. X@SaraDel23867928 πŸ’›I had so many spots on my face when I woke up this morning that I resembled a pizza. πŸ‘©πŸ•πŸ‘©@MUSEified_gurrl lord have mercy she's so lovely@garbage @Bell_LetsTalk plz help by retweeting this tweet 5Β’ will be donated towards mental health initiatives #BellLetsTalk
Retweeted by Garbage@CarrieFraggle DM us the relevant info and we will send something.........no hard feelings here. xButch and his family have joined the dog club so we have another heavenly studio mascot. Life is good. ❀️ http://t.co/NGO8uqqU48@Molocho Yup. Dreams come true birthday boy. πŸ’‹@canalkmusic Excellent programming! People with taste. Thanks for playing us in Bogota. πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¨
@iwaseasymeat yup. That was me. πŸ‘©@iwaseasymeat nope that was me πŸ‘©@selftitled_life @paramore Well I am Shirley Manson and I don't approve of this message but I send you love anyway. πŸ’™@wibster1979 @ReaLouisewener We are both awesome. You can't lose no matter who you decide upon. Right Louise? Sending love.πŸ’…Duke has just done something obscene behind my back. I frickin' KNOW it. πŸ‘€@jupiter2012 you got your Bjork! What more do you want?! πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¨@PhillyPartTwo That's right darlin'. πŸ‘©@Jabbapop thanks for listening caller, you made me smile@CarrieFraggle when you have rattled the wire all over the world for 30 years maybe I will care whether you are "disappointed". Cheerio.@CarrieFraggle yeah whatever@BEATthatFACE it is official you are a genius xAll hard at work.Three busy little bees. 🐝🐝🐝 http://t.co/h4VYr9UNwP@apos7tolova everything Lana Del Rey does is beautiful if you ask meAuschwitz survivors determined that their tales of the Holocaust live on http://t.co/zwGKjXmb1v http://t.co/tQdiYoynk7
Retweeted by Garbage@therealfakebill Aw....dont let the bastards grind you down Bill.Money is NOT all that matters, thankyou very much.Just because all the others do it doesn't mean I need to. I'd rather scrub floors.πŸ‘ @ImMrHyde Oh dear but how it made me laugh out loud! Completely marvellous!!! πŸ’™How utterly naive of me to think anyone in the music "industry" would actually care two figs about the music.... Lord have mercy on us all.πŸ‘©
@Raewesterberg That's too sophisticated for the likes of us.....@zane_jord I'm Marceline!!!@CarrieFraggle there are much more serious issues to get upset about than spell checkTodays selection of studio treats. http://t.co/fL2bU9XoWY@MuseZack I still want to be.Garbage is hanging with Goldar in the studio today. We are drawing on him for inspiration. He is rocking it. http://t.co/HvkAFI613m@danielralston I think you could be right.πŸ‘©@Sexy__Jesus We owe you a drink. 🎩
@ToriMiller19 She or he IS completely adorable! I wholeheartedly agree!! Yummy. X@ClaireCurry sincerely hope you are joking@borderlinefemme fuck yes they are !The documentary Citizen Four should be watched regardless of your politics.Raises vital concerns about our need to keep government in check.@HannaHanra Yes! In the form of a baby wombat!This is my spirit animal and I am good with that. πŸ‘© http://t.co/0Dyt1qi77b
Incredibly majestic dog. http://t.co/g4XidUbZPM
Retweeted by Garbageif you do one thing today, retweet this, you could literally save someone's life http://t.co/Q8sgF4xDam
Retweeted by Garbage@tylerinacoma oh dear πŸ™€@HARVEYGUILLEN @NickelodeonTV you look frickin' RAD in that get up....sending love and congrats and pinches on both cheeks πŸ‘©πŸ„πŸ‘©@BULLETTMedia Oh yeah definitely gonna jump all over that for my next crop shows. ..terrify a few kids in the front row for sure.πŸ‘©πŸ„Why is Diplo ragging on Taylor Swift so much? Comes across as such bullyboy misogyny. Really weird. πŸ„Pic by Warwick Saint http://t.co/diLeBPVVKx
#namm panel 1 of my fave producers @butchvig started @garbage cuz of my fave rap group @PublicEnemyFTP @Avid http://t.co/QYhHHHNZq9
Retweeted by Garbage@marjory_95 πŸ’‹OFFICIAL. We see land.We have two new songs done and dusted for Record Store Day. Excited for you to hear them. http://t.co/A4IFrSMbef@asa_peur a man with taste 🎩@larifari753 It's not sad! It makes it special.@ecstacydesign πŸ‘€
@ssupervixenn why not?@uvcreations @bonniegrrl @AnneWheaton I need her@acolyteau I am not a chickie. I eat chickies for breakfast πŸ“I have just been forced by the band into taking a penalty shot for making a spectacular joke about muff diving. Life is not fair people.πŸ’„@LiamJConnolly @xocoleyf @coldandlovely that's the voodoo that we do@jeffpeart I love muthas. 🎩By the end of today we will have two original tracks mixed and ready for mastering. Just saying because you muthas keep asking. πŸ’…πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¨πŸ’…@xocoleyf @coldandlovely we are the ones who are flattered that YOU are flattered! πŸ’‹Another piece of INSANELY great artwork from garbage fan @SuzyVP Thankyou so much for sharing it. I love it! Sx http://t.co/j4xGjFPLrs@jdimpson complicatedπŸ‘©
A somewhat worse for wear set list from the Agora Theatre, Cleveland 2002. Thanks to @HornsToTheSKy for posting. http://t.co/GJjVuBbom0Charmed I'm sure. πŸ‘© http://t.co/yhVTU5NoP8@SSPU Um. We don't normally do this but I guess we'll just go with the flow. ( Reluctantly sticking hands out for you to shake) πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¨Yes yes .....you are so cynical and cool. But darling you just seem so utterly miserable.🌚
dear folks & my music supporters : vulnicura will be rolling out over the next 24 hours !! http://t.co/33s1OCgygW http://t.co/0HzE3F4qC4
Retweeted by GarbageI've said it before but it bears repeating:FUCK your teenage heart. We want your ADULT one. (U never gave ME that quote. I gave it to YOU.)πŸ’…@MrPocasPalabras BeyoncΓ© I love you so much!@Mr_AP I don't give a shit about your teenage heart. I want your adult one or be gone you fly by night'πŸ’„@Mr_AP no they died in a really awful rhino stampedeI love him but right now I want to kill him. #obsessivecompulsiv http://t.co/Iv7Ir5ai8s@pablovejeff ha! XWhy so difficult!?
@MgCaceres Happy 33rd Birthday Dave!@terminalpreppie she is gorgeous@QUARTERpress ha! Muchos gracias πŸ’„@MyRedhead129 It's a fact that cheeseheads save lives!Wow ! Thanks to garbage fan Teph The-Jokr for this drawing. Love it. http://t.co/Wdc80giIaZ@kendalbrogan you are so welcome x@ninastiefel so cute@EnriqueBugs OH! ❀️THIS is what I'm talking about when I speak of creature comforts. http://t.co/V93WaAOkVw
http://t.co/qDplnitM0b@Nsederstrom woah! You really did it!@tylerinacoma AHA! That explains it! πŸ’„@tylerinacoma Why are you still awake Tyler Glenn?!?!?! 🎩My trip to the Midwest is complete. I have at last realized a long term dream. To wear a cheesehead. Go Packers. http://t.co/rBbYBiNQS7
@yelyahwilliams You are the sweetest girl . I have told you that privately but now I do it in public. You kind generous beastsisterwolf. πŸ‘‘Paying tribute to Bowie? Gonna wear these on stage tonight.Lets get our priorities straight. http://t.co/1mDD1RlA1G@yelyahwilliams @pablovejeff @RadioMilwaukee Ha! I will give it to you next time I see you so you can look like a fake rocky raccoon too. πŸ‘©Shirley @garbage and I just finished talking Pablove on the air @RadioMilwaukee. http://t.co/NQHDoZLoBN
Retweeted by GarbageHearing so many garbage fans are travelling to support @pablove tonight makes me VERY emotional. Thankyou for all the love. So grateful. Sx.Minutes away from a chat with the charming Shirley Manson from @garbage. Details on her @pablove appearance AND new Garbage material!
Retweeted by Garbage@Tarpie11 @NitNitRogers Hello Todd! Not touring yet but we will be this later this year! I shall expect BOTH of you to come! SxYou know you are in Wisconsin when the "minatures" in your minibar are not so minature. Holy shit! #immaOUTOUT http://t.co/yKW4wmyRBt@tonydrury18 oooh you have been twittering with another ginger minger haven't you?@garbage Ben Needham Missing since 1991 aged 21months. Have you seen him ? Please RT. #helpfindben http://t.co/yNJ4oTLPNx
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