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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mostly NSFW and profane. Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJYTSLK. Freelance tech journo. Husband to @fletchen, dad to three kids.

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@davidcaolo Now all you need is a tiny Ichabod Crane for her to chase.@mariusdvilliers It’s a tough call. I bought the 6 but have been playing with a 6 Plus. Battery life on the 6 Plus is amazing, fwiw.Happy Halloween! The one day of the year cosplayers can walk around in full regalia and not be treated like freaks.@aminorjourney iknoriteSteam’s having a Halloween sale. Here’s the Mac stuff, sorted: http://t.co/fRkI7XN9P1@mariusdvilliers I think not. It won’t scale as well on the smaller screen, plus Apple wants to differentiate them.
My dinner date http://t.co/HjqgLG7GnxAnniversary sushi http://t.co/Ei5UQWrU5GWhat I wouldn’t do for a Mac laptop with a mechanical keyboard. http://t.co/jbt7kc0PoSAirDrop between iOS and Mac is awesome, except when it DOESN’T WORK.http://t.co/UP8PSckCqb@Tim_Stevens @Sega OH GOD YES THIS HAS TO HAPPEN@iMuggle He’s been watching YouTube again, hasn’t he?https://t.co/hlcq62ghbO@iMuggle Poor Dexter21 years ago I married the love of my life and I’m very fortunate to be able to spend every day with her. Happy anniversary @fletchen!.@TidBITS history: back in ’93, Williamson County, TX denied Apple a tax break because it offered same-sex benefits. http://t.co/1yBVYl0zH7
Retweeted by Peter CohenTim Cook opens up about being gay, the importance of equality http://t.co/EWgXlKo0Yc via @iMore
@iMuggle @KingofKats iTunes Match blasts the music off the device, I don’t remember if you can afterwards because I live in the future!@Ricker666 Not fully baked.@KingofKats @imuggle Feature. iTunes Match replaces computer to device syncing all together.@mxk83 I wouldn’t say totally screwed, but it’s more difficult.@TeenWolfin @settern I mentioned the Moshi iVisor, but I’m still waiting to get my hands on one for the 6.CurrentC notifies users of breach, only email addresses were taken http://t.co/A5ahQf0MJc via @iMore@karan301_ I probably make or receive half a dozen calls a day on my Mac, so it’s a really key feature for me.@karan301_ It kills the ability to make and receive calls on the Mac, which I use a lot more than Wi-Fi Calling. YMMV, of course. :)@karan301_ Requires you to make setting changes to the iPhone.@karan301_ One thing I don’t like about Wi-Fi Calling is that you can’t use Handoff features at the same time.@jbella That’s a good question. It’s enough that I don’t want anything to do with it.@karan301_ Sure. I also have a 4G signal booster that helps with the iPhone 5, which doesn’t support Wi-Fi Calling.@MarkSheppard @imore Eminently functional, if you’re running a series of them on a rack.This looks cool: BookArc stand for Mac Pro makes it look like a sci-fi desktop cannon http://t.co/DhF5Q6VXGQ via @iMore@Audioninjatom yep. :)@karan301_ Indoor service is weak, unfortunately. Nature of the beast based on their spectrum.@karan301_ Wi-Fi Calling works great. T-Mo’s service in Boston has improved in leaps and bounds over the past year.@krsgdlw @iMore Can’t go wrong with @macsales.Walmart's response to displeasure over dropping NFC and Apple Pay payments is laughable by @dkdsgn http://t.co/OsREqPMffs via @iMore
@sfsooz stop wearing skinny jeans, hipsterHTML5 is so old and busted. HTML6 is the new hotness.Backblaze says Yosemite adoption hit the same percentage in four days that Windows 8 did after two years. https://t.co/QiLaTwZhOB@jeffcarlson It’s the Oderus “People Who Died” tribute that gets me right in the feels, tho.GWAR covers Pet Shop Boys “West End Girls.” This makes me ABSURDLY happy. http://t.co/nEFxphY4wQThe next version of Office for Mac might launch in the first half of 2015 http://t.co/rTYzfqKygL via @iMoreI hereby declare that when "sea lioning" reaches a certain threshold of participants, it shall be referred to as "zerging."
Retweeted by Peter CohenIn-depth look at CurrentC and the personal data they want to collect http://t.co/SwDtlySW6i via @iMore@carrchr My assumption is it’s the hard drive. Can’t imagine there’s a big call for them.Why is the CurrentC app collecting your device information? by @noir http://t.co/1IJuoD6SKv via @iMore@shpprd She was confused at first, then thought it was cool. No one behind the counter had processed an Apple Pay transaction yet.@shpprd The cashier was unfamiliar with Apple Pay. But it was processed the same as if I’d used a credit card at the pay terminal.NSFW: Shut up about the new Mac mini, already http://t.co/1LwdQbLPw1 via @iMore@GrumpusNation Egg McMuffin only comes one way, dammit!@verso Went inside. Tapped the phone to the payment system, held my thumb over the Touch ID. Processed as a credit card transaction.@Fuemue I thought your people all used cash for everything anyway. ;)@josiahcole #freedomJust used Apple Pay for the first time, at McDonalds. Rewarded myself with the most perfect fast food ever invented: The Egg McMuffin.@rossrubin @danielwcooper That’s what I’m afraid of, because I would LOVE to get an iPod Touch 6 Plus. :)@danielwcooper @rossrubin The iPod touch is still based around iPhone 5 tech - it’s a 2012 design. Time for a refresh!@jbamberger21 but in the interest of full disclosure, I have three minis and my last iMac is from ’07.@jbamberger21 If I had a decent monitor, keyboard and mouse to use, I’d probably get the low-end mini and upgrade RAM to 8 GB.@jbamberger21 The same specs, tho the iMac has twice the RAM. Plus a gorgeous built in screen. :)iPod Classic was discontinued as Apple could no longer get the parts http://t.co/CUmJbEoPOR via @iMoreApple responds to Apple Pay being shut out from CVS, Rite Aid http://t.co/JJV4DkeAgx via @iMore@dhaval_km @reneritchie @iMuggle You need to use your password whenever you restart, or if 48 hours elapse, IIRC.
A lovely little valentine from @joshrothkopf for They Live, one of my favorite John Carpenter movies. http://t.co/Lmlr35R6Qe@stevensande @davidcaolo Thanks for keeping it off the reefs. Don’t need a Costa Condcordia in Buzzards Bay or anything.@BstrawRadio A folder called “application support” would have a pathname of application\ support. The \ should lead the space.@Moltz thanks for taking one for the team@BstrawRadio Check for spaces in your path names@Xultar Which iMore story?How to fix connection issues with Instant Hotspot in iOS 8.1 and OS X Yosemite by @iMuggle http://t.co/53n1wJzj51 via @iMore@davidcaolo @stevensande So YOU’RE the asshole leaning on the horn.@JacobFineis 50/50 right now. I’m using one very successfully, I had another one die about three months out of warranty.
@matthewbbolton @MacLife Congrats!@quekers @reneritchie @iMore or Subway!Media picks of the week: Annie Lennox, Star Wars Rebels, Jim Gaffigan and more! http://t.co/1tPH2D7lkJ via @iMoreDon't want retailers shutting down NFC? Tell them with your Apple Pay-powered wallet! by @reneritchie http://t.co/oz0qCyoFQ0 via @iMore
@akashxi That’s a very good question.What I fail to understand about CVS and Rite Aid: Apple Pay doesn’t cost the vendors anything. It’s between Apple and the banks.@Avro @iMore I did.@MarkSheppard I think that’s how heroin works“Fun size” candy bars are bullshit.Well, I take back what I said about CVS. Look like they’ve stopped taking Apple Pay too. Idiots.@Jon_Alper @kylecronin you can do it, but a hard drive swap on the new mini isn’t trivial. Basically requires a total disassembly.@jasonpbecker A little from column a, a little from column b, a little from column c...@TheHomeboyChris No one’s being refused who clearly didn’t go out of their way to bend the phone.@chrisphin http://t.co/5hU0DAk56X@jasonpbecker I actually have the 1.4 in hand, so I’ll be able to judge more directly in the coming days. We’ll see. :)So Walgreens and CVS take Apple Pay, Rite Aid doesn’t. Simplifies my pharmacy purchases.@Hossbeard http://t.co/My4LXYVYHB@jasonpbecker Like I said in the article, I think it’s a strong incentive to upsell customers to the midrange model.@Hossbeard Sure. If you have a Mavericks backup you can restore from that. Otherwise you can do an Internet Recovery (cmd-R on boot).NSFW: Shut up about the new Mac mini, already http://t.co/1LwdQbLPw1 via @iMore@applejosh Even then, though, it’s a multi-year process, not a quick fix.@applejosh I’m sticking with them because they’re cheaper than AT&T and easier to deal with. But yeah, spectrum would help.You know what? Screw AT&T. http://t.co/wxRiPqQqy0 via @iMoreOK, that’s kind of awesome. "Designer Creates Office Furniture Out of Old Power Mac G5 Units” http://t.co/45zd0yKrRh
@DacoTyan Indeed. Pretty cool, huh?@kennyhemphill greeeat@avvalentine Respect to your esteemed competition, but you wuz robbed.Anyone having a runaway kernel_task problem with Mavericks?.@FoxNews Obamacare made my dad vape with a Dell computer operated by a female "doctor" http://t.co/ZomGKzVRWQ
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