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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mostly NSFW and profane. Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJYTSLK. Freelance tech journo. Husband to @fletchen, dad to three kids.

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@brunetmj I don’t use Android phones. @iMuggle, @ricker666 or @reneritchie may be able to advise though.@wr @iMore Thanks for the great project! :)
People in Braintree need shit to do that doesn't involve the mall because WTFSouth Shore Plaza, GFYNSFW: Developers hold the future of Apple Watch in their hands http://t.co/bA81nrsqjT via @iMore@DJDarren Can’t quite manage independence, eh?
@sfsooz I’ll miss Vicodin, too. I understand why House likes this stuff so much.@sfsooz Each day is better. I’ll be happy when I’m off the all-liquid diet.KHOKLACHEV!!!!Call Recorder for FaceTime also records Handoff relay calls http://t.co/Op7YQwrGyb via @iMoreThis Uber bullshit makes me glad I’m a shut in that never leaves the house.Making salisbury steak @chefmingtsai style for dinner. https://t.co/qgtmjpRzin@stevensande Unacceptable! UNACCEPTABLE.@jessevirgil Their loss. Not eating a lot of donuts these days post-gastric bypass anyway. :)@larryjg I’d recommend @macsales or @DataMemoryDMS@joshuaschnell right behind ya buddyI guess it beats actually FILING LEGISLATION, WHICH IS YOUR FUCKING JOB. http://t.co/tLxV9BjxnaRemember when we’d all thought Apple finally got its shit together with cloud services? Yeah, me neither.@DrDonnaYates @GlennF But did they have a flag? https://t.co/WuOnUNhTpSThe Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part 1 kicks off today! Catch up now on iTunes http://t.co/OVG738eWNS via @iMoreApple starts seeding OS X 10.10.2 Yosemite beta to developers http://t.co/FRd5zZ3YcK via @iMoreJust listened to “Do They Know It’s Christmas (2014).” Still a shite song, but this time I know barely any of the singers.
On @iMore show 431 @settern @flargh @iMuggle @reneritchie talk Apple Watch, "Get" and more! https://t.co/cub4MT4BXQ https://t.co/HJuWWygvGm
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@goldengateblond Yay meth.My favorite part of the MacBook Air TV ad is when the bass drops and there’s Chi from Chi’s Sweet Home.@benroethig iknorite@snarkicist @JasonHendardy @codinghorror @strngwys Why is the blogroll so cold? You’ve turned comments off on your site...@jonfingas I mean, we all know the story anyway. But there’s really not a lot left to watch!I’m glad I saw the trailer for Cinderella because I totally don’t need to see the movie now. http://t.co/SoVqovU3QDHow to make the Apple Watch's 'San Francisco' your Yosemite system font http://t.co/xJoviTk5QZ via @iMoreRepublicans upset they can't stop Obama's executive action on immigration tonight, though Don Lemon suggests they just bite Obama's penis.
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@JasonHendardy @codinghorror @strngwys Ignorant! That’s obvious the cover of Duran Duran’s “Rio."Something about the phrase “Give the gift of” makes me grind my teeth.@Sambassman First I’ve seen of it in Yosemite. It’s certainly unwelcome behavior.@Spacekatgal I support the traditional marriage of one joystick and one button.@KevDaly @iMore @settern @iMuggle @reneritchie The rest of iMore staff’s unmitigated antipathy towards raisins is inexplicable and weird.Today, it'sTransgender Day Of Remembrance. Today we mourn every life ended by bigotry and violence, and look to a better future. #TDOR
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@afwaller @iMore @settern @iMuggle @reneritchie Thanks!The @iMore show is live now! Come join @settern @imuggle @flargh @reneritchie for WatchKit, App Store Get, and more! http://t.co/qXMqXFqFfP
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@SusanArendt This is why we can’t have nice things.@BrianJMoylan agreed 100%.@jamesthomson @jdalrymple @imore don’t judge. people pay good money for it!Watching grandmas get high for the first time and play Cards Against Humanity is hilarious. http://t.co/Rwc4D5UzCC@jdalrymple @imore lucky bastard@jdalrymple @imore I don’t think so.The @iMore show is going live early today! Join us 8am PT, 11pm ET for all the Apple action! http://t.co/bvpOUj6Qg8 http://t.co/qXMqXFqFfP
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@niclake Don’t forget Obama.@sethclifford plus ça change...Rumor: Apple Store was going back and forth between “GET” and “JUST TAKE IT YOU UNGRATEFUL PRICK."Things for iPhone and iPad is available for free from the App Store until November 28 http://t.co/2FbDrAPI90 via @iMoreIn Don Lemon’s defense, he also thinks 9/11 could’ve been prevented by biting penises.
Retweeted by Peter Cohen
“Get” or “Free” who gives a shit@superpixels I blame post-surgery narcotics.I know I’m late to the game with this, but Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Tape Vol 1 is a free download from Google Play today.Yee. https://t.co/xmVNV0AqJyMedia picks of the week: Brooke Fraser, Fugazi, Guardians of the Galaxy, Grumpy Cat and more http://t.co/amu5JvnmzQ via @iMore
How Apple keeps your Handoff data private and secure by @reneritchie http://t.co/bacO5325N2 via @iMore
Wirelurker host taken down as China arrests three suspects http://t.co/bhj6DPD7Ae via @iMoreOWC introduces Thunderbolt-enabled 'ThunderBay 4 mini' external drive enclosure http://t.co/TTehpufJGm via @iMore@Penderworth So did 10.10.@Fuemue I’ll look into it and post if I find out anything.New music from Giorgio Moroder? Hell yes! http://t.co/1EASBXIxln@Fuemue not offhand.Nickelback has a new album out, just in case you’re wondering if God is dead.If you've been having trouble with Yosemite Wi-Fi reliability, try this! http://t.co/OFB2pGLZhP via @iMore@rgriff I hope we get to 10.11.12It’s just a version number, for cryin’ out loud.iOS 8.1.1 lands with bug fixes and performance improvements for iPad 2 and iPhone 4s http://t.co/Rww5aADZal via @iMoreApple releases OS X 10.10.1 with Wi-Fi reliability fixes and more http://t.co/OFB2pGLZhP via @iMoreVainglory brings its MOBA action to the iPhone and iPad http://t.co/6TOpgdiX2l via @iMore@PhoneDog_Cam LOL ok a little bit. But I have to wait for the next iPhone refresh before 700 MHz is an issue. Again. :\@PhoneDog_Cam For all seven customers.@jdalrymple A master of language: You used it as a verb, noun and adjective.@the_pc_doc @glennf it’s plane to see you don’t like the way we’re framing this.@GlennF you nailed it@GlennF Or teach yourself woodworking?@funranium Depends. If David Cronenberg is making them, noooo way.Very disappointed to discover this new Serial podcast people keep raving about has nothing to do with Count Chocula.@mgsiegler Nolan’s IMAX technique for Interstellar sounds like what Douglas Trumbull wanted to do for Brainstorm.@swb1192 cheap douchebags@jamesthomson @jdalrymple marketing brute squadBuy it you cheap fucks https://t.co/MdeKIAzLig RT @jamesthomson: According to my stats, around 70% of the copies of PCalc on iOS are pirated@jfricker It runs warm and cold for me. I like the whole postapocalyptic setting; could use less teen angst.It irritates me that the CW show is called "The Hundred" but their logo is "The 100."NSFW: Net neutrality, the FCC, and the future of the Internet http://t.co/QC27xffIDI via @iMoreWhy you should stop saying the word "honestly." http://t.co/CrL6CGDL4X
Retweeted by Peter Cohen@MikeElgan It’s a cultural thing, too. Some of my British friends consider it a softener for criticism.So let me get this straight: There’s a @CarvelIceCream in Erbil, Iraq, but the closest one to me is Boston? That’s some BULL. SHIT.
@CatfoodBeerGlue @BibleReloaded Needs a pantsuit with flames on it.@davidcaolo Sorry.@alankcarpenter Plus Carol Kane as his mum!@QUANTHESONGBIRD I’ve heard the same.@Japester @TheMacalope I’m not sure what karmic transgression I made to deserve this burden.How to create and use multiple iTunes libraries on a single computer by @iMuggle http://t.co/hWtbXEHqzR via @iMore@JanMorrisFLA Thank you!@hoserama99 Quite sincere.Gotham keeps getting better and better. Alfred was amazing in last week’s episode.In which @chrisphin perfect articulates how I feel about star rating systems used in the App Store and elsewhere. http://t.co/GYcjdqqNdd@Ricker666 You mean getting PR pitches for products that actually, y’know, EXIST? Madness! Sheer lunacy!@chrisphin I wrote this back in January: http://t.co/nUL7iceIMx
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