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Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. Twitter Commissioner. Director of #ffthefilm, available NOW on iTunes and Amazon.

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@jesseberney @dcbigjohn I don't think that would be enough@HGGolightly "this route requires tolls" oh okay, thanks map@dcbigjohn @jesseberney you guys have shit weather@dcbigjohn are you trying to scare me or is this like hey booDrinks and dinner at Camacho's Cantina at 8:30 pm before the show. You know you want to be there.If you want to see Furious 7 with me and some other twitter folk, get your tickets for Thursday April 2 10:30 pm Universal Citywalk IMAX.
@donachaidh @TheScudStud OH MY GODAmerican exceptionalism is a myth. http://t.co/ka1LN0J33N@LeJebly your photos are gorgeous nadirAfter lunch break, #Imider villagers gather for their general assembly to make decisions on their struggle #waterday http://t.co/oemZ5UXQwJ
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@GiniMartinez so so great@kyliesparks right and why are we all pretending they don't have the weirdest fucking lives@GiniMartinez right??https://t.co/7cSzksSZHa http://t.co/P2w3Q6gIo9@rowast yesssss@rachelkiley @mpanighetti @mashable oh my god all the feelsMe irl after #ZooWithScafe. http://t.co/DQQgGd4ybq@AmandaRTubbs the zoo@erinscafe Hiphopopotamus (Not to be confused with the Rhymenoceros.) https://t.co/nY76WdIkpq
Retweeted by Scafe for SenateOmg. RT @hadaly: @erinscafe Not a selfie, but here's my best zoo photo: Monks looking at monkeys. http://t.co/5oVDFrQuACTwitter, your zoo selfie game is strong. RT @ejstrick: @erinscafe From the weekend. Kid in a pack with a pachyderm. http://t.co/86OY0xGk9YKid: Look how lazy those hinpomatomus are. Me: Hippopotamus. Kid: Hipponotopus. Me: Hippopotamus. Kid: Hypnotomatush. Me: Nailed it.@fbihop I mean one of them was@ArmyJew @grisuy solidKid: What are those monkeys doing? Me: JESUS GOD. Kid: Are they fighting? Me: HEY LOOK I HAVE GUMMY BEARS LET'S GO #ZooWithScafe@DavidCovucci exactly where you think it went@grisuy ilu@WeTheLiving #heroKid: Why are there no girl monkeys? Me: What. Kid: They all have short hair. Me: Wow okay where to begin with this. #ZooWithScafeSolid zoo selfie. #respect RT @bulletsandsteel: @erinscafe wUT? http://t.co/zRPEmIcyug@WeTheLiving iluHow's your selfie game today? #ZooWithScafe http://t.co/7LJ5qqIyzRKid: You know the secret about gorillas? Me: No, what? Kid: Big things have magic. Look at all the magic. #ZooWithScafe@BrandiHillier haha yesPeople keep giving me kids. *shrugs* RT @BrandiHillier erinscafe #ZooWithScafe sounds like a terrible idea, what parents would agree to thisKid: I CAN SEE HIS BUTT I CAN SEE HIS BUTT Me: OKAY COOL WHY ARE YOU YELLING #ZooWithScafe http://t.co/XMlO47pEN7I am 100% certain that gorilla is trying to break the glass with his mind. God help us all. #ZooWithScafe http://t.co/MsD7Ncu17s@natevavra usually the same one :)Kid: Why are there stuffed animals in that tree? Me: They're koalas. Kid: Are they real. Me: Yes. Kid: So they're dead. Me: What no.@MalkyTHE dammit MalkyJfc they better be special. #ZooWithScafe http://t.co/uWs5z5E8ITThe cool thing about the strollers at the zoo is that when the kid climbs out the whole fucking thing tips over. #ZooWithScafeThis is how I've always imagined commemorating a trip to the LA Zoo. #ZooWithScafe http://t.co/zj2mblloopHere we go. #ZooWithScafe http://t.co/XsuHxng8XdKid: That character has a cool costume. Me: Dude that's just a person. Kid: That's a person? Me: Sometimes you say terrifying things.@dcbigjohn wow, catcalling and now body-shaming. CAN MY DOG LIVE.@samnoble he always says no to moving@KT3378 we haven't made it home yet. He's lagging.@kylefeldscher wouldn't be surprised@stevenEchambers always a solid move tbqhI mean he IS asking for it. http://t.co/F3YzIXmk2z@theglipper you win this round@erinscafe Um, dogcalled.
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@tnofuentes @jessechapman tee hee hee I wanted to watch it again immediatelyWow. Creepy guys in a truck just yelled "your dog is so beautiful." I think that's the first time Dwight's ever been catcalled.@ljmilman @TheFemKilljoy ilu@maverick_8 I should be doing laundry. Oh well.@dcbigjohn that is exactly where I belong@anglivetweets yessss@NorthernWrites no comment@andresdavid no. It's one of my greatest regrets.@CrystalPepsi they pretty much just hulked out actually@jessechapman @tnofuentes yes, thank you both! Btw, the film was FANTASTIC. Saw an early screening. Well done.Nothing better than zoo tears.The best part of that tweet is that it's 100% true. Children cried.Last time I went to the LA Zoo, the chimps shattered the window to their exhibit. Just saying.I'm not saying you need to create a tweetdeck column for me or anything, but I will be livetweeting a trip to the LA Zoo in about an hour.@UghESQ ded@NickyWoolf have we learned nothing@erinscafe http://t.co/Ss69jXzFZ3 was similarly squatted by supporters of william howard taft
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate.@UghESQ doctor of what tho http://t.co/Rt47UqStAruh okay http://t.co/vT19aybohaoh no RT @Mobute: #ICYMI I Went to Starbucks to Talk to Baristas About Race http://t.co/nVp4VwFqiNincredible story/His Husband Died In 2013, But Jim Obergefell Is Still Fighting For Their Marriage http://t.co/qsltCkTJku via @chrisgeidner
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@erinscafe HELLOOOO... Maybe he's using http://t.co/5OYe39slis. Oh, wait. Nope. Oops.
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@TyreJim yes but I'm always the exceptionThe lesson here is never be the first candidate. You do not want the full attention of Twitter at midnight on a Sunday. Rookie move, Cruz.@IamErikRussel ilu@rowast wait a second http://t.co/BeiQRTgNF9Remember when Netflix pulled a Cruz and became Qwikster but this guy was already @Qwikster. CLASSIC. http://t.co/f0yLfHTBHYNo, I'm not done finding it funny. Deal with it.Ted Cruz: First Person to Declare Candidacy for the 2016 Presidential Race, Second Person to Attempt to Buy http://t.co/P1c69tcIvR@CespedesBBQ oh godWould you rather have: -Ted Cruz as your President/Nelson Cruz as your 4 hitter or -Nelson Cruz as your President/Ted Cruz as your 4 hitter
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@Chad_Reno13 wtfSorry about Ted Cruz, America. I mean, Canada's not taking him back, but, sorry.
Retweeted by Scafe for Senatewait he got @SenTedCruz and @tedcruz but not http://t.co/P1c69tcIvR smdh@ethanklapper I'll do it@katherinemiller @HayesBrown I have questions about the statement someone had to do it@igorbobic is...is that a turtle bird dinosaur.@tiffanyreisz @cracked I imagine they coughed before and after we. It was kind of a confession.@Chad_Reno13 you say potatoAt least he managed to snag http://t.co/E8JyuH7gPh.@MattVATech supposedly purchasedhttp://t.co/naRB4tJU2Y http://t.co/jtyYlJXroj
Retweeted by Scafe for Senate@jesseberney @jennykutner @MenEmailThings jesse please don't say anything else@Chad_Reno13 oh god. @mobute can we meerkat together? Let's call it peerkatting.@jessespector he looks like he is going to pull a rabbit from a hat then drink its bloodHey @tedcruz call your domain name provider.@jessespector no you're not
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