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Erin Faulk @erinscafe Hollywoodland

Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. Twitter Commissioner. Director of #ffthefilm. http://t.co/k8rutNPKfM

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@fbihop yupGod, I love Idaho. http://t.co/I3aHh6zSZR@itzagiven @serial I'm still putting it all together. But I think Jay did it.The number of times I've used a restroom labeled 'cowgirls' on this road trip is impressive.I would 100% do this if I lived here. http://t.co/zTdXfpEJoOClient cancelled so I'll be poring over the @serial online materials because @erinscafe.
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@mikeepatrick no, it was Jay.Read this by @erinscafe if you like baseball, even just a little. Bonus: ties in visit to hair museum http://t.co/QtUahDC863 @sportingnews
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@KK0618 deal@calebcherry I would have, if it weren't so far out of the way this trip. Headed to Tri-Cities from Salt Lake.@Dysiode long story@pfunk270 I'm supposed to be there with @dcbigjohn right now getting electrocuted or something@pfunk270 you guys have to let me do some laundry first thoHi @serial, long-time listener first-time tweeter. Do you have records from Hae's pager?@pfunk270 I'm going to die here@nycsouthpaw ugh good point but I have to make sure my Serial theory is correct I'M VERY BUSY, PUPPY.@ALLCAPSBRO wait is that a euphemismAlso this is the outlet. http://t.co/X0YCuZDXp0When I asked for a seat near an electrical outlet, they put me as far away from other humans as possible. http://t.co/SFD6Pqv12S@ryanfagan okay I'll do it. I slept two hours in a Walmart parking lot so I'm good for another week of travel or so.@ALLCAPSBRO probably. That and meth.I feel a lot of pressure to be drinking this coffee right now.The waitress just warmed up my cup of coffee, from which I have taken zero sips since the last warm-up.If you hated my tweets about the Hair Museum, you should read this piece I wrote about it. http://t.co/k0pdPI8UJf@ryanfagan how do we talk them into letting us be guest judges@T2Va Jay did it. I will fully present my theory when I have checked it against everything on the web site.@ryanfagan @ilovaussiesheps yes of course, I don't do things halfway@pfunk270 I've been kind of booking it through this drive. Trying to make it for trick-or-treating with the nephew and brother tonight.@ryanfagan wait whatIt is impossible to finish an entire cup of coffee in an Idaho diner. The waitress will always refill after about three drinks.One Of The Guys by @literalporn http://t.co/pHsv4kUOgJ http://t.co/feKMZTKwXi
Retweeted by Erin FaulkNo you stopped at a diner in Burley, ID to recreate the timeline from the @serial case to see if your theory holds up against the evidence.@ryanfagan @ilovaussiesheps I'm currently at a diner in Burley, ID recreating a timeline for a murder that happened in 1999 because obvs.@Hammad_26 i want to but I have to drive again now@Brocklesnitch omg I'll do itI bought a couple of audiobooks at Walmart in Nebraska. The only options were Romance and Glenn Beck. Should have gone with Glenn.@Brocklesnitch I'm thinking of getting maps and all the evidence and wallpapering my living room to more easily facilitate my obsession.@bethquevli @serial Jay drugged Adnan. I have a whole theory.@Brocklesnitch wait you have a podcast?? What is it? I'll listen on the next leg of the drive.It’s times like this when I ask m'self β€œwhy is @erinscafe up so early?” And then I remember she's basically a Navy SEAL
Retweeted by Erin FaulkThe best part of a 26-hour drive by myself is that I'm pretty sure I've cracked the @serial case.Et tu, truckers? http://t.co/7bKol70eSx
Wait jk this is your final clue it was probably the weird dude with the pit bulls. Okay good night.@Jonobear @dcbigjohn I speak fluent autocorrectSo, I'm at a rest stop in Wyoming next to some fort and I'm going to nap for a bit. This tweet is your final clue if I go missing.@Jonobear @dcbigjohn I have no recollection of entering him in my phone that way. I think I was drunk and spelling was hard.And this is why we're besties. cc: @dcbigjohn http://t.co/53gfLx8hZZ@dcbigjohn I now understand why you and @erinscafe get along more than ever
Retweeted by Erin FaulkI'M ONLY ONE SCAFE. RT @dcbigjohn: Everyone needs to electrocution shame @erinscafe for choosing baseball over mexicoSo @erinscafe and @jessespector have you watched the clip of Leila's Hair Museum on @mikeroweworks' show? #memories http://t.co/G1TognY9Iz
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@benhjacobs I'll instagram a lot for the next 15 hours just for you.@MrsBerney do you really want to know@benhjacobs I have one! I should use it. It's erinscafe.@erinscafe π–„π–”π–š π–™π–šπ–—π–“ π–Žπ–“π–™π–” 𝖆 π–›π–†π–’π–•π–Žπ–—π–Š 𝖇𝖆𝖙.
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@lynneebrown thank you :)At least zombie Lincoln head had a light on it.Sightseeing at night is amazing and also very creepy. http://t.co/Rph5bNTd0F@cdiemnj @GiniMartinez oh no. I decided I shouldn't climb it alone.Wyoming. What are you even. http://t.co/aKb9YJdyjS@erinscafe @GiniMartinez THIS IS HOW STARGATE STARTED.
Retweeted by Erin FaulkHere's what it looks like in the daylight. http://t.co/Ej4bgkRmIXShe has promised that if I'm murdered at the pyramid she'll make sure the next season of Serial is about me.So there's no security here and I could climb the pyramid but it's dark as shit and I'm making @GiniMartinez stay on the phone with me.@KK0618 omg that's a good ideaI drove 1.8 miles down a dirt road to see this pyramid I promise it's here. http://t.co/G2VW5HAbwaOmg I made it to the pyramid. It's so creepy. And not really photographable at night. http://t.co/CpuWIzymirOMFG PETE WINS BEST COSTUME. RT @kathleenicanrah: I love tacos. Especially baby tacos. (Pete says happy Halloween) http://t.co/W54A1xXw1vOh wait before I leave: I wrote about the end of the season and the hair museum in the same piece. You're welcome. http://t.co/BKIqzKGWINAlso, I'm listening to The Fault in Our Stars and I have thoughts. We'll discuss this later. Bye for now.@TheThinGwynn I haven't taken my time there. But I'll do it.@rowast hahaha I thought it was December. Damn I waited until the last minute before that morocco trip I guess.Scafe. Bringing a little wtf to your timeline since 2008.I'm going to get to the pyramid in Wyoming after it closes now, so obvs I will trespass a little. Stay tuned. And maybe have bail money.@Sirnailhead jesus I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out@rowast nailed itIf you've ever wondered why so many people support the Washington football team's name, it's because of this shit. http://t.co/FZZsDWjYyTYou guys I really didn't have time for that stop but when you see this from the highway you have to exit. http://t.co/cWLvop6hMQI get lost a lot. RT @NatFan9: @erinscafe this place is even weirder than the hair museum. How do you find these places?I can't even describe what's going on with @erinscafe's timeline, so you should go read it. (A HORSE PAPERTOWEL HOLDER.)
Retweeted by Erin FaulkWhat state lies at the intersection of racism and rattlesnakes? @erinscafe is there right now.
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@LSUcaligrl #scafelifeI have to buy something because the shopkeeper is eyeing me like I'm casing the joint also here's a moose pic. http://t.co/sbbGZVRW1H@brianmcnulty11 ftfyFound the clearance rack. Time to do some Christmas shopping. http://t.co/ipzVcnu1cDMe too tbqh. RT @brianmcnulty11: @erinscafe this is the first time in a long time that I’ve feared for your safety@hmaz76 more than 50If you think you're having an awkward day just take a look at the latest from @erinscafe
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@joelhousman on the middle somewhereStfu how is this real. https://t.co/lifyLGNKqR@mjciampa we should ask Leila@Mac_in_GB I'm here. Pray for me.WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW http://t.co/Xc5rLn9g1COkay America. We need to talk about this. http://t.co/4ni2mAS8rDnope http://t.co/vV5hg25lux@brilliantorange I mean maybe http://t.co/aqWJDCH36JSomeone save @erinscafe from whatever fresh hell she's stumbled upon
Retweeted by Erin FaulkHonestly no idea. RT @hmaz76: .Scafe, where the hell are you??? @erinscafe@erinscafe BRING BACK THE HAIR MUSEUM
Retweeted by Erin FaulkGod help us all. https://t.co/6VFNbNQW9ioh sweet jesus https://t.co/2FATX4yXfA
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