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dan burgess @dansolo The village & the woods

Creative Catalyst//Sherpa//Co-designer Dreaming a new dream//Unlearning everyday @channelswarm @g00dfornothing @_wildcamp @wearewildthing dad & husband

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Hold tight #BathHalf https://t.co/OPioHa1kkl
The good wife and crew hosting @codeclub Scratch sessions @digi_makers @ At-Bristol https://t.co/BD0sjXQWbG
Spring, an accelerator we helped design with Nike Foundation/DFID. 2500 application forms downloaded, 1 month to go! http://t.co/a4CA99XjwZ
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People of Bath: the @ToadRescue feed is must follow, charting the mass migration of toads into the beautiful Charlcombe Valley @WeLoveBath
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Hurrah! Welcome GFN Liverpool > @gfnliverpool #rebellionoftheheart
Retweeted by dan burgessGrenoble to ban "visual pollution" (aka #Advertising) and Plant Trees Instead http://t.co/nQdriz1PtZ (via @alicebell) http://t.co/lLv60uvUs8
Retweeted by dan burgessBayer is suing the EU for saving the bees. Corporations Vs Nature, quarterly earnings vs future life > http://t.co/wV4MKJIpyZ via @sumofusDO epic shit. Welcome to the world of @DoLecturesUSA http://t.co/w1fMWH0gAu #twofilms #dolectures @DoLectures
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A screen time lesson from an unlikely source -> https://t.co/J4Zouhi5oS
Retweeted by dan burgessGood news! GFN #NewYork is hatching! ! If you’re NYC based and want to get involved in the founder crew , shout and we will hook you up
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Toad #wildtime http://t.co/r2gdq27rxk@Redjotter I’d just had a coffee! ;-)Morning! @ Rainbow Woods http://t.co/jcBnOHkiQO
Putting the Network into the Wild - we need your help https://t.co/5an4zU3KFS
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#benchrest #sourdough #madeathome #realbread http://t.co/YzS2gC8oK0
hotsmokybastard getting the thumbs up - quote from Fin "definitely straight from the Devils arse" http://t.co/ErK8bBwOtL
“In order to find our way, we must get lost” > http://t.co/vsW9WIYSbb
@BeerBods $400K with 20 days to go!@BeerBods you seen this? > http://t.co/DkyGu2XyR3I'm backing the hugely awesome > http://t.co/D8KyMcMpeZ @noxenophobia @crowdfunderuk get involved and change the toxic media narrative
A beautiful piece from our director @searsio on his pursuit of everyday #wildtime http://t.co/XDIrPzn72O
Retweeted by dan burgess"Perhaps the reason climate change seems so hard is that we don’t realise just how hard it really is.” https://t.co/zdduCL6NSn #rsaclimate
Retweeted by dan burgessJoy! And now peaceful protesting must be paid for, how convenient > http://t.co/HQ2XYcvGhL #TimetoAct2015 #PayToProtest via @ClimateLdnThe Tories are putting Britain’s democracy up for auction http://t.co/RkDZJxtLu5 Brilliant piece by @OwenJones84
Retweeted by dan burgessCool creative stuff for schools to #showthelove of our planet and engage with climate change > http://t.co/yWhHh5hECh #fortheloveof
Retweeted by dan burgessTransitioning from yesterdays logic #Nature #Presencing #Purpose via @GilesHutchins http://t.co/wfamlrWGuX cc. @_wildcamp @channelswarm
Retweeted by dan burgessRespect to the Free Range Kids > http://t.co/bjD8njdQVc
#breadup #sourdough #realbread http://t.co/DcgrfgVqqlComo funciona 24h de Good for Nothing - onde você faz o que você sabe, a favor de todos. #goodfornothing #gfnsaopaulo http://t.co/IKkRyqGxBS
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What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs. #Rumi
Retweeted by dan burgessTor-ing with _alkennedy #rewild #wildtime #latergram @ Glastonbury Tor http://t.co/b9xpflAyBWNature boosts creativity > http://t.co/KYDMS751vQ via .@marketinguk Why we’re helping folks #rewild > http://t.co/qjS4vO98Pk
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The moon is phatOlive, 7 just says to me "daddy is there any post for me?" ‘No, I say, are you expecting something?’ Yes she says, "a letter from the Queen"
@tomfarrand too true! #ThinkCreateDo @WeareUnstuck @CQNottm http://t.co/6zFC2Buj8G
Retweeted by dan burgess@tobyjbull pleasure ;-)@tobyjbull these chaps > http://t.co/tPJdVpvURK from a contribution to this > http://t.co/v4Wl4Sfb7A'How can this advanced globalised society sleepwalk into an unprecedented betrayal of… http://t.co/TpG074ydQN
To Londinium to huntus gatherus maximus @ Bath Spa Train Stn http://t.co/sbpJhLMdji
Halo moon shit thang @ Widcombe, Bath http://t.co/Td6xLcKmYQ"The purpose of leadership is to remind everyone of purpose" great quote that most FTSE100 CEOs should heed! #crowdforum
Retweeted by dan burgessThe good folks @RestartProject are recruiting > http://t.co/ZaWxYOWJZQ
Retweeted by dan burgessPlotting wild digital evolutions via Manchester, London and Bath http://t.co/IKe8JzahYFToday’s soundtrack > http://t.co/BhE5QBcjfm
Insanely Beautiful Dartmoor magic > http://t.co/X5jPnVVpoo via @KindredandKind #hitechhinatureA running up hills kind of afternoon #wildtime @ Southstoke Fields http://t.co/rFtBjVOxqLfforest is looking for seasonal staff https://t.co/uNMzHYD80b
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"@hallraisers @BBCFoodProg @DanSaladinoUK outstanding bread & cakes comp thank you for a great morning! http://t.co/5AnwLp4Xj9
Retweeted by dan burgessI'll take that. Got some feedback and wisdom from the master @Bertinetkitchen too. more importantly a… http://t.co/xWGO34wtrPRichard Bertinet @Bertinetkitchen nosing my country loaf in The Great Widcombe Bake Off @hallraisershttp://t.co/SYzPZFZ8Uh
#FF @g00dfornothing brilliant idea & project pooling communal talents to joyfully generate creative solutions to issues of our time
Retweeted by dan burgessOff to #Bristol to meet with our schools testing the #wildtime for schools prototype cc… http://t.co/WIlYFWvDCAGenuine collaboration requires not just common methods or goals, but a transcendent interest.
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The Great Widcombe Bake off is 48 hrs away, dust off your cake tins #Bath folks, you’re helping to build a new hall > http://t.co/eGpdBfxvei
Retweeted by dan burgessNice! #selforganisingsince2010 > RT @RSAMatthew: Organisational change should start at the front line...People first http://t.co/VjuaLPDdVo
Retweeted by dan burgessWhy @NaomiAKlein says 2015 is a once-in-a-generation time for climate action: http://t.co/sVsIvBMCGM @350 http://t.co/dUQvxghAZs
Retweeted by dan burgess“You can’t be in favour of fracking and in favour of dealing with climate change. It’s an either/or choice” > http://t.co/nmJC3yHRoMHold your breath while you count your money > RT @vicenews: The Mayor of Beijing says his city is "unlivable" http://t.co/lPZIxjaCQJ #BigAir
Retweeted by dan burgessDo you live in #Bristol or have mates there? They’re on the hunt for more peeps to join their crew http://t.co/mauKOqDjfE
Retweeted by dan burgessBetween the village and the woods. A favourite place. #wildtime @ Smallcombe Woods http://t.co/k8zJoSY970
Prince Charles says Biz leaders not bringing climate change fears to work but they exist at home > #BreaktheSilence http://t.co/YTwz72GViZ
Retweeted by dan burgessMore #Breakthesilence > http://t.co/QqtiuIvOHu Seeking partners to take our climate change confessional shed on tour> http://t.co/IIovyyYVQ7
Retweeted by dan burgessGathering to plan out our collective and individual missions for the Winter and Spring seasons. Syncing workflow with nature #rewild
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Today,find joy in a simple walk outside.Take time to witness the extraordinary in the ordinary. #KindSpring21 #SimpleLiving21 #gratituesday
Retweeted by dan burgessIs global sustainability possible in a Consumer society? Me via @TEDxUCL https://t.co/dtn8knoThv @jossgarman @frucool @dansolo @tomfarrand
Retweeted by dan burgessPhoto: Spreading the word about the bird @g00dfornothing. Our first radio interview from the mothership,... http://t.co/g5iJjlJxUf
Retweeted by dan burgess#Rewild > RT @wildlifetrusts: Our environment provides us with a 'Natural Health Service' http://t.co/n8zfisxi7t http://t.co/6iHeeXmLLHAs much plastic as fish in the ocean?! What are we doing to our world? Great piece @joconfino http://t.co/KaQnGmmKIg
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@richardbranson fantastic! We'd love you on board with us @wearewildthing we are on a mission to rewild our kids #wildtime
Retweeted by dan burgessThis bread is alive and ready for the oven #sourdough #realbread #madeathome http://t.co/rKFdm83LW1Shepherds delight @ Basecamp Burgess http://t.co/R5HUDPzBjbMore evidence of the need for #wildtime in the busyness of business > http://t.co/dLKkjXcq7x via @joconfino #ReWildMYTH: #Fracking firms will face tough environmental regulations. This infographic shows the truth! #banfracking http://t.co/4fr9aCpBcO
Retweeted by dan burgesstoxic behaviour >RT @transitiontowns: George Osborne urges ministers to fast-track fracking measures in leaked letter http://t.co/xFIyEPKSHN
So Scottish Labour & @theSNP rule out #fracking in Scotland. C'mon @LabourParty, be consistent across UK, support fracking moratorium on Mon
Retweeted by dan burgessThe @po_zu 's are out today. Coconut husk air cushioning wizardry @ London Paddington Station http://t.co/K3THlgu1hDCount the wildlife that's counting on you & take part in #RSPB's Big Garden #Birdwatch this weekend! http://t.co/IDH0odwBLj #wildtimeHere she comes #sunriseonatrain @ first great western train to london http://t.co/TEV6YhWiBp
Lots of love today for #emmaushaus Still time to join in http://t.co/vuzIR3DApK Timetable here http://t.co/Qx7wCHE2kr http://t.co/Js4tDk5eNb
Retweeted by dan burgessIt's your last few days to apply for the awesome roles we have open at Code Club -- come help us get kids coding!! https://t.co/RQaiKPukps
Retweeted by dan burgessEpic frozen run out this morning with gailgallie #wildtime @ Rainbow Woods http://t.co/DJbNCcicAi
"Middle Class 8 mile raps", a Tiny Tim impression & Cameron enjoying his own crotch. https://t.co/3t9ryc6jzZ Great #Trews @rustyrockets
Retweeted by dan burgessRT @nef: Scientists: ban destructive deep sea bottom trawling http://t.co/UgyA3t7hME If we ignore, we're in trouble http://t.co/L6qafqWKl6
Retweeted by dan burgess12/ The Exit Poll reveals: Cons 5.5% Greens 27.77% Labour 16.66% LibDems 19.44% UKIP 27.77% Don't Knows 2.7% What do we make of that..?
Retweeted by dan burgessEat bread? Watch this. The Grain Divide Documentary Film. http://t.co/H2cewHOuXg
Retweeted by dan burgessClimb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. ~ John Muir
Retweeted by dan burgessWe're skint, so let's spend 100 billion replacing a weapon system of mass annihilation, which we will never use. #AusterityEconomics #LabCon
Retweeted by dan burgessRather than fighting with "the system", work with those people who are ready for what you have to offer. - Laloux #rsasoulful
Retweeted by dan burgessAnd if you’re digging #Birdstep - there’s a whole underground dance movement going on too > http://t.co/jNf2QEi1zg #wildtime
Retweeted by dan burgesssaw a masshoof Buzzard on my run this morning, flew right in front of me, defo in my top 5 birds #birdwatch #wildtime cc @wearewildthing.@LiveEarth loving gig plans but building action & momentum on ground after concerts is *the* challenge, we like that stuff, who to connect?
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My top three reasons to vote Green: Serious about climate change, Renationalising the railways, Democratic reform http://t.co/zfTLhlZu1e@algore Loving LiveEarth2015, building action & momentum on ground after concerts is *the* challenge, we like that stuff, who to connect?
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Add your own event to the 2015 #Wildtime calendar or just get an overview of #Wildtime activities in your area! http://t.co/qJUVHk6FAN
Retweeted by dan burgessVisited the Civic Shop in Somerset House today. A place to participate not consume - well worth… http://t.co/oju3Zyh7SW"The future is each one of us saying, "It doesn’t have to be like this." And then making it not like this." @prweek http://t.co/8hUkMRCMkr
Retweeted by dan burgess"It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance." —Thomas Sowell
Retweeted by dan burgessEverytime I hear #Davos I think of this dude > http://t.co/BeiphYABvmTo Londinium. To hunt and gather. @ Bath Spa Train Stn http://t.co/uwesFe73Y0
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