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defrocked physicist, reformed adventure junkie, satori surfer, general waterman, computer guy; PGP Key ID 2C58030B58E410BE

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@cedge318 np@cedge318 website down?
@ctdawe I just get zen on it. Leave early and get there when I get there. No use getting worked up. Sure wouldn’t mind if it were better thoI wonder if Comcast will try and get a refund from all those politicians?
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellTiBITS turns 25 (It’s now the second-oldest Internet publication - remarkable) http://t.co/6HXBXIhwMZ
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellI do believe this @jeffreycarr takedown a certain think tank's cybersecurity report qualifies as cyber bullying http://t.co/kmhlMZLhbO
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell@ericgarland "Native Americans against illegal immigration "2 hours to drive 12 miles - Friday afternoon #LAtraffic
@bynkii @justinrummel @meck @mistacabbage Agreed.
@nils_gilman FWIW, Brown gave one full ride needs-based scholarship in 2013 to a very deserving and needy young woman from Templeton Calif.
@ericgarland It's not just deadly force. http://t.co/dqbnrCcVib
Digital eats the radio star. Norway ditches FM radio. http://t.co/0KxOtWr3x9
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellThe police win. MT @Karnythia: The police can't police themselves. Now public is too scared to cooperate with them. http://t.co/Av1fP1jHFB
Looking for a spare or for-sale LaCie d2 Desk Rack (no longer manufactured), if anybody knows of one. https://t.co/gw1Kpicrd3@jgstew @atlauren @jsnell @theincomparable @glennf looks close to √2
In all the hoopla yesterday, I forgot that it was Jason Bourne’s 44th birthday. #fictionalwarriors
@mattblaze because the tactical holster on your thigh is so similar to the standard holster on your belt@slaskow You had me until "Helen Caldicott". #ForeignPolicyLooking for Sunday #cawater and #cadrought news? Find it at http://t.co/VWD8Dml5R9, where water news never takes a weekend off ...
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnellmore cheating in another French bicycle race… https://t.co/ceKRHumrwh
@shanselman If the population is down to ~50k from a peak of ~100k, that would indicate the demise is well on its way. #HowCultsEndIs there a webmail service that doesn't mind access via Tor & that doesn't require e.g., phone verification? Actually asking for a friend.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell@daxe subbed. @RAKraemer @AnnaLeidreiter @JeremyRifkin @SuzanneWaldman Predictive failure on a timeline much shorter than yours. Utterly unpredictable.. @RAKraemer @AnnaLeidreiter @JeremyRifkin @SuzanneWaldman 15 years ago we talked about peak oil. Now we’re awash in new oil.. @RAKraemer @AnnaLeidreiter @JeremyRifkin @SuzanneWaldman The further in the future they go, the more (exponentially) inaccurate. 2/n.@RAKraemer @AnnaLeidreiter @JeremyRifkin @SuzanneWaldman They have no awareness of an infinitude of possibilities. Except the desired. 1/n. @RAKraemer @AnnaLeidreiter @JeremyRifkin @SuzanneWaldman Do you realize the fallacy of predicting 25 years in the future? Computer or not.@TerryMcAusland @SuzanneWaldman And, "They have no bread!" "Let them eat cake!" RE is boutique, with real and serious limitations.@ggreenwald @matthew_d_green I recently tweeted a prominent journo and asked for a PGP key. Reply: "Preferred gender pronoun??"@SuzanneWaldman And RE works some of the time!@RAKraemer @SuzanneWaldman @AnnaLeidreiter @JeremyRifkin Extraordinary assertion for a 25 yr future prediction. Please show the evidence.Looks like I will be spending the weekend immersed in Splunk, mostly reading but also practicing.At the tire shop for 2 hrs, tried to use the Kindle Fire HD again. Soooo crashy it is unusable. Literally unusable. #fail@SuzanneWaldman because illogic and irrational?
Just in time for the weekend, here's the #MacITconf agenda: http://t.co/Vfg9FNXBer. Kick back & map out your session sched. #macsysadmin
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell@rtrouton “[…] it’s clear that places like Janelia Farm are pretty rare these days.” http://t.co/WqILTgdlni
Will the real Dr. Evil pls stand up? MT @TomHoltzPaleo: Another danger of climate change... :-) http://t.co/XJdxDAjMZx via @TheOnion
Fascinating story about Iran, good and bad. “What Started the Biggest Population Boom in History?” by @ReadMatter https://t.co/DvbEM9EGeo
.@WIRED I really liked the new format - until the science writers started dropping like flies.@mosaicscience @NerdyChristie Good story. I popped a reference to it into wikipedia. https://t.co/jPepVnvHV3Just reread Christopher Hitchens' "Mortality". He was the epitome of eloquence in writing and speaking. (Better listened to as audiobook).
We live in a time where injustice is concentrated, like a corrosive explosive poison, in a place we whimsically call the justice system.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell@ctdawe you'd be surprised how big they are.@kilbo I'll guess that he doesn't listen to others either, esp "old" guys...?@AldyenDonnelly @SuzanneWaldman @flexibledragnet Adding anti-pollution equipt to US cars - kind of a tax, changed everything.@kilbo #OneMoreReasonToGTFOofTech@GlennF It is definitely one of those little moments in life that one remembers.@kilbo LOLZSpent an hour today in a 5 story anechoic chamber w/ a full size satellite in RF tx testing. #ReallyHighTech
@marczak true
@glgray When was the last time you were in the corporate environment? You have no idea...@nigelkersten So is that animal, vegetable, or mineral?@nigelkersten in Portlandium Green no less…Lies, damn lies, and statistics. RT @ValdisKrebs: http://t.co/6NKtQ70Zl0 (via xkcd)@atlauren Good parenting.
This morning had to read on the Kindle. Constantly went blank, then to an ad screen, then back to material. Time to dump it. #iPadJustInTimeBobby Tables’ ride RT @mikko_2010: Yes, that just *might* work... http://t.co/e21zgSSl2Y [license plate SQL injection for speed cameras...]Closed out my credit card loyalty points. Got 3 iTunes gift cards, 2 free iPad minis, and 1 R/T biz-class upgrade to Scandinavia. #goodday@marczak Saw that SCSI thing and had the same thought, THE HORROR! And you make me think I’ve got to clean out my old junk too. :-)Did about 8 hours of bizdev today AND got some new tires on the car… whew, time to relax.@marczak Does @cstross read your twitter stream!? ☺ RT: I am shouting at Twitter because THE HORROR THE HORRORWhen Bill Joy predicted 1GHz processors back when, who thought they would be needed to keep up with typing one char per sec. in Javascript?
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell
@atlauren Just had that argument with the SO yesterday. She is French, and a devout believer in the authority of the state. (Until not.)@valkyrierisen @KCRWPressPlay Lawyer wants us to forgive prejudice and racism because committers are such sensitive souls.
@kilbo How soon do you want the notes? Will this weekend be soon enough?How ‘hackers’ think - to make Mosquito Air Defense Laser Systems, (via TEDx), http://t.co/WpkjsXQUuJ
More news orgs should do this: @Gawker publishes the PGP and OTR keys of every reporter who uses them in one place. https://t.co/Z6BMFOBxVx
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell
@ValaAfshar @n82ps And in the 60s Big Auto Detroit claimed that adopting the seatbelt would put them out of business!@kilbo FWIW, I’m reading William Goldman’s “Which Lie Did I Tell” and he felt the same at his beginning. #WritersAngst
@satyap @kilbo Don’t the Koch Bros have some big digs in one of the Colorado Rockies resorts?MacIT 2015 event site now live & registration open. Check it out at http://t.co/gJ2kXzIZ3b #MacITconf
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell
@saladinahmed @dhammicmarxist Schrödinger’s other cats@nigelkersten ping me
@thepacketrat Excellent reportage. Thx.@nils_gilman 16 years to the day after Vietnam was partitioned (by waning colonialist France) into North and South, https://t.co/OXgvkI31aE
.@tiffany @mikeymikey @tbridge Solved. I’ll watch Galaxy Quest afterwards.@nils_gilman Next we'll find out that Bandar is advising on how to deal with ISIS."You might think Wolfowitz would no longer be taken seriously in the US foreign-policy community. But you’d be wrong" http://t.co/NUGvpD1UGY
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell. @tiffany @mikeymikey @tbridge Thanks for the advice. I think I’ll wait until tomorrow, late morning in the daylight long before bedtime.@tbridge @tiffany Uh oh. I just (1 hr ago) picked up Snowpiercer. Haven't started yet, but now - not too sure...Prediction: Apple's ubiquitous iMessage-based inter-device pairing (AKA 'handoff') heralds a sea change in how all our devices communicate.
Retweeted by Dan O'DonnellNow that the computer upgrade/install is finished - SURF CHECK! <ahem!>Had a ca.2008 computer give up the video last weekend. New replacement is now up and running. (Thanks Migration Assistant!)New Mexico evolution event scuttled after attack from Intelligent Design creationists http://t.co/rQOEnnWAPf via @GeneticLiteracy
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell@DCLindholm @michiokaku But that lost generation of physicists went to Wall St became quants and blew up the economy! 😧
@n82ps An attempt at humor. And irony. #fail ;-)I just bought tickets for Paul Saffo presents "The Creator Economy"! http://t.co/PUiMovwPvQyour physics tutorial for the day, from xkcd: http://t.co/67qRTMKDmD
So much for “moderate” jihadis. RT @jamiewrit: Main U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebel Group Disbanding, Joining Islamists http://t.co/PuIYlJlokrDante’s little known tenth ring of swim meet hell: “Heat 1 of 12”
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell@atlauren :-)Pro tip: When at a department morale-building event at a sports bar, do not beat your boss' boss' boss at air hockey.
I finally found a political movement in which I can wholeheartedly believe. http://t.co/SSC3J7NtdU
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnellvalve job, $1600, but heads are clean, a new valve, compression goes up…and maybe it will pass smog check http://t.co/QHvw0eng4P
@HereInMalibu less coastal fog in LA due to urban sprawl, https://t.co/bFnErOFDEVWhat timing: Bibi will plead a case for Israel's security to a Congress that can't even meet a payroll for America's domestic security.
Retweeted by Dan O'Donnell
Good essay by Dan Gillmor about using FOSS and maintaining as much privacy as possible in personal computing. http://t.co/MaO5U78OtG
Sadly, yes. RT @cyberwar: Moxie Marlinspike -> Blog -> GPG And Me http://t.co/L6IhgZz5rt via @moxie Yes.
Rep & Dem MT @hiltzikm: H1-B fraud: SoCal Edison uses loophole to fire U.S. IT staff; replace with Indian immigrants http://t.co/sHWRVD5Nzi
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