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favorite languages/environments : Perl 5/6. Finally groking haskell thru elm. Retweet != Endorsement

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Politically (in)correct (mais #drôle) : cette fausse pub qui tâcle d'un coup #McDonalds #Starbucks #BurgerKing http://t.co/A4JCLRsStE
Retweeted by cognominal@MicahZenko @ameliaism @rulajebreal except they were not started to prevent or stop terrorism. Terrorism is a consequence or a tool for US"Uber is breaking bad http://t.co/YX6YzPWXCN" home delivery of meth? not reallyThe Dangers of Poetry http://t.co/AcXOwWXqlc
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Un journaliste interpellé au petit matin pour diffamation http://t.co/0sn84AniWh via @Mediapart
Retweeted by cognominal@TariqRamadan votre art oratoire pour servir des propos solides est bon pour l’audimat. Chomsky, attaqué aussi vicieusement, non, donc exlusJ'ACCUSE... ET JE PRENDS DATE Les medias français... Read: http://t.co/tzcoDmmha9
Retweeted by cognominal‘Alogotransiphobia’ denotes the fear of being caught on public transport with nothing to read. http://t.co/myDlOdrVFF
Retweeted by cognominal@UPSHelp don’t need assistance, you do to be pro, at least 100 places closer where you could have dropped the parcel http://t.co/KyATGpULt5The mediated geocaching game continue with @ups now with now redundant new clues available thru twitter and email : https://t.co/ktWEznSdYI@julnou sous couvert de #jesuischarlie, ça commence par une minute de silence et finit par «travail famille patrie». Malléables à cet âge làWashington Post : Derrière le dos d'Hillary Clinton, le Pentagone travaillait main dans la main avec Kadhafi - http://t.co/kUWzYH7Jq4
Retweeted by cognominalAnd I forget : google maps to figure where to get the parcel. I suggest a new motto "@ups, #geocaching reinvented"Needed to correlate infos from 3 media, the mail from @amazon, a slip from @ups in my mailbox, a SMS from @ups. None meaningful by itself.This is my favorite cartoon. #HeyRam http://t.co/LCz3tR4zYq
Retweeted by cognominalOnce again. @ups sucks big time. Even @chronopost does a better job. Need to lose an hour to get my parcel from a random remote place.Interesting. The gap between what scientists think & what the public thinks on policy issues http://t.co/GDgALfN7ZZ http://t.co/zti2Wvle9U
Retweeted by cognominal"We see React not as a Virtual DOM but a DOM Virtual Machine."
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200-year-old mummy found meditating in Mongolia: http://t.co/4QZOgimzo6 http://t.co/KMUQfBAQQb
Retweeted by cognominalMan identifying himself as ex-Israeli soldier threatens U of Toronto students, urinates on BDS poster on camera http://t.co/tuHrRwyLvM
Retweeted by cognominalThis lady wants Americans to swear allegiance to America before a FOREIGN FLAG. http://t.co/wLjv6tsVFF
Retweeted by cognominalChina's super-rich communist #Buddhists http://t.co/aq1NDh8oab http://t.co/1KTfimNDWO
Retweeted by cognominalThe richest 1% possess 48.1% of the world's wealth. The richest 10% possess almost all of it. http://t.co/WlLGvvasnA
Retweeted by cognominalNew outrageously priced anti-poor people #math, #logic book from the robber barons at Springer... http://t.co/ziMAZOZQn0
Retweeted by cognominalAs a moderate Muslim I condemn these extreme weather conditions in the strongest possible terms.
Retweeted by cognominalEn 2015 l'Université Lyon 1 conseille tjs à ses étudiants l'examen vaginal non consenti lors des AG RT @ClaradeBort http://t.co/S6oJX6icUl
Retweeted by cognominalCriminaliser 1 enfant de #8ans, #Ahmed et protéger via le secret des affaires Patrons et actionnaires voyous... #LoiMacron #VieuxMondePourri
Retweeted by cognominalMagnifique duo "@mvoinchet: Dionne Warwick & Sacha Distel -The Girl From Ipanema (1964): http://t.co/AjXc4MX3Y7 via @YouTube" #jazz 🎸
Retweeted by cognominalSondage qui donne froid dans le dos— surtout à cause des questions que l'enquêteur s’autorise http://t.co/06fhYk5E23 http://t.co/dgFKoI35er
Retweeted by cognominalUSSR à la carte. Liberation of Auschwitz? Yes, yes, that's us! Collectivization, the gulag. No, no, it is the Russians!
Retweeted by cognominalBlue states have more people in college housing, red states more people in prisons & jails http://t.co/8M5ivIkE5c http://t.co/QYIUFUta2y
Retweeted by cognominalMalak Al-Khatib14 years old.The youngest #Palestinian prisoner in #Israeli prison. She was sentenced to 2 months http://t.co/lttYNvh8V3
Retweeted by cognominalDifference between a poet and mathematician; poet gets his head in the heavens, mathematician tries to get heavens in his head. G Chesterton
Retweeted by cognominal.@indexzero JSX is a lot better than E4X, for several reasons. First, no XML! @evilhackerdude
Retweeted by cognominal@indexzero No, independent. ES4 was proposed (and abandoned) 4th edition of ECMA-262. E4X was ECMA-357, I think kaput now. @evilhackerdude
Retweeted by cognominalhttp://t.co/wHl2scYhHb
Retweeted by cognominalI liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/I4NNQ8BBDp React.js Conf 2015 Keynote - Introducing React Native“Never trust a corporation to do a library’s job” by @waxpancake https://t.co/sDGdGTaXY5
Retweeted by cognominalIt is hard to realize how short the period of time we have been on this planet actually is... http://t.co/9H9HHA3ZSl
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En quoi la #LoiMacron va porter atteinte au droit d'informer ? Les explications de @fabricearfi de @mediapart : http://t.co/W9LKycj7RQ
Retweeted by cognominalPas de loi sur le secret des sources - enterrée cet été - mais une sur le secret des affaires - arrivée en douce: ça commence à bien suffire
Retweeted by cognominal@bortzmeyer Suite à l'affaire Cahuzac/Mediapart/Apathie il a résilié son abonnement Canal+ pour prendre un abonnement Mediapart : jihadiste.
@gokibitz (http://t.co/mMviFfa4Kf) is my best go discover since http://t.co/dj9nGB5BNM and http://t.co/SfNMnBikA7
Retweeted by cognominal#Affaires #UMP #Woerth ombre d’un #Sarkozy passé entre les gouttes @libe http://t.co/HrGM7KT3EY via @FrancoisPela http://t.co/cDQoEa93sV
Retweeted by cognominal@arnoklarsfeld tant qu’on fera une distinction entre le #racisme et l’#antisémitisme, l’antiracisme restera une escroquerie dangereuse.*La dette odieuse de l'Irak* - Club de Paris - par Eric Toussaint - mardi 16 mai 2006 http://t.co/vVpdFrjXPJ
Retweeted by cognominalFascinating: 52.4% of tech startups in Silicon Valley founded by immigrants, New York at 43.8% http://t.co/zLcNDu0mzi
Retweeted by cognominal@prchovanec …and the effect of productivity creating massive free time too. bullshit jobs were not.@prchovanec stats are quantitative and don’t capture this previsible changes. propaganda has been theorized by Bernays…@prchovanec Ad fueled expectations are greater and à la Graeber bullshit jobs are everywhere because automation makes us useless.@JonHaidt we live in a financial, military, lawyered world where everything is reduced to power confrontations with skewed rules. no limits.@JonHaidt @edge A moral person is the person that does not see the balance of power or lack of thereof as the only rule, masked by rethorics@JonHaidt @edge «engage in a power-based concessions-exchange process». Rethoric of the powerful/winner that accepts no limit to its power.
Malak Al-Khateeb, the 14yrold schoolgirl jailed for 2 months for throwing stones at the IDF (via @MariamBarghouti) http://t.co/RI8pQpYgfa
Retweeted by cognominalNot strictly necessary, but it helps to have a foundation in type theory when working on your emacs-controlled quad. http://t.co/OjE92QUB92
Retweeted by cognominalCartoons save time MT @ValaAfshar You are either a digital business or a dead business #dld15 http://t.co/83noDqNrxi h/t @VeganYogaDude
Retweeted by cognominalOsama bin Laden, 1993 http://t.co/tdP1Jd8MM9
Retweeted by cognominalBangladesh has a larger population than Russia... Bangladesh 156.6 million Russia 143.5 million http://t.co/Z1ZC3XAN02
Retweeted by cognominalThis new Wes Anderson movie looks amazing http://t.co/R5Yrzyg5GE
Retweeted by cognominalThis semester I'm teaching JavaScript at 10am and Haskell at 11am. Hopefully I won't get confused and accidentally start teaching Elm.
Retweeted by cognominalVintage ad of the day: You can't start cola early enough! http://t.co/oxVAsSj8X4
Retweeted by cognominalThe Great Lakes deserve their name. Here they are superimposed on a map of Europe. (via Reddit) http://t.co/msqJpOPoe7
Retweeted by cognominalExperienced startup engineers are looking for a full-stack Business Guy to be CEO, COO, PM, marketer, account manager, HR, and receptionist.
Retweeted by cognominal@El_minajneb @SophiaAram «Arabie saoudite tellement bien»? J’ai dit ça où? Au contraire, je me moque des allégeance de Aram et de Lagarde.@jstogdill In fact, US trusts more its logistic and its firepower. It worked great, in WWII, against people with the same mindset.@jstogdill indeed, american propaganda is about chirurgical precision, and people buy it. See the success of sniper the movie.Have we reached peak economist? http://t.co/wfE1M7t2Jr http://t.co/47jYFXNeaX
Retweeted by cognominalJournalism about security is getting more dangerous, which is exactly what the surveillance state wants https://t.co/ycsVexRNoY
Retweeted by cognominalGrèce: pour la première fois dans l'histoire du pays un Premier ministre ne sera pas nommé en jurant sur la bible devant un pope #Tsipras
Retweeted by cognominal@SophiaAram tu sera plus crédible quand tu fera un sketch sur les femmes de fondamentalistes juifs. Balaye d'abord devant ta porte.Linux Voice issue 11 covers London Perl Workshop - including something that might be revealed at FOSDEM. http://t.co/21DXz68J7r
Retweeted by cognominal. @samar11 Narendra Modi isn't the first. Hosni Mubarak also wore a suit with his own name on it. http://t.co/BZwW8Ca9JH
Retweeted by cognominalA chacun ses allégeances, à Haaretz-France-Inter, pour Cohen et Aram, c'est Israel. Pour Lagarde C l'argent saoudien. http://t.co/MrlTaNBdhg
But propaganda like #AmericanSniper has dangerous grossly underreported real life consequences 4 thousands of people http://t.co/mzaeBjprjX
Retweeted by cognominalSatellite image of #Africa + Population density map of Africa (Source: http://t.co/pdsihRCDKX) http://t.co/zeUuMo14wr
Retweeted by cognominal“@robinberjon: «I like the Extensible Web Report Card. I’m a teacher; manifestoes are shit, report cards are great.» https://t.co/KhDjggpvjn
We were promised jetpacks to go to the store and instead we'll have quadcopters bringing us our groceries.
Retweeted by cognominalArticle analyzing the disproportionate gender ratio of those enrolled in mindfulness meditation programs http://t.co/1uGfMGICqy @MindfulMag
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Whistleblower Victory: Supreme Court Sides w/ Fired TSA Air Marshal Who Spoke Out http://t.co/ucEU7N2pyP @rjmaclean http://t.co/JHSlWqQqUQ
Retweeted by cognominalAwesome use of moiré patterns as a design element. The logo radiates sound waves as you scroll http://t.co/PXWeS2QqWk http://t.co/mc765WLoIZ
Retweeted by cognominal'probably the best film about consciousness and AI ever made' @vaughanbell on #ExMachina http://t.co/X4tzxiCaNp http://t.co/1KlKd4nto7
Retweeted by cognominal"Internet n'est pas responsable!" Jean-Marc Manach revient sur les attentats de Paris @manhack http://t.co/f326pqWzeg http://t.co/epJL1sPIAa
Retweeted by cognominalBarrett Brown Sentenced to 5 Yrs in Jail After Reporting on Hacked Private Intelligence Firms http://t.co/yoqsCar0FG http://t.co/ClpQPKXqSs
Retweeted by cognominal"90% des terroristes sont passés par internet, le lieu de la haine" nous dit Cazeneuve. Et 100% ont déjà bu de l'eau, la boisson de la haine
Retweeted by cognominalSaudi Arabia’s Tyrant King Misremembered as Man of Peace http://t.co/5KTREBVQc7 (excellent obit by @mazmhussain)
Retweeted by cognominalThe fundamental dividing line between heinous tyrant and wise and brave leader is how enthusiastic you are in guaranteeing U.S. interests.
Retweeted by cognominalI understand why the American government is fawning over King Abdullah: realpolitik & all that. But what's the presses excuse?
Retweeted by cognominalje cherche l’émission de @franceculture «internet est-il vraiment le diable?» sur Google, la seconde entrée est «usual suspects». Si vrai !Just finished The Humans by @matthaig1 A beautiful book for a dark January week. Sad it's finished but at least I won't miss my stop today.
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@OvidPerl If he sentenced, that should be to do community service like teaching photoshop or gimp.@matthaig1 What is most scary is his follower number, if it is real.@ovidPerl did you that one? French double standard for (very) bad taste http://t.co/X2IcBRkb7hLaptops at Microsoft’s Windows 10 event. http://t.co/OkL7GZ5jyA
Retweeted by cognominal@OvidPerl note how the page dynamically update. Perl is dying because perlers don’t grok client side web@OvidPerl it is not Christmas, yet. For documentation Perl 5 is no model either. For libs, should learn from http://t.co/xKLFiwiF5oUn rapport de police pointe le «rôle majeur» de la Société générale dans un «schéma de fraude internationale». http://t.co/iMylTmx7bm #BMA
Retweeted by cognominalJapan is so industrialised, it even has a palletised toddler delivery system. http://t.co/OL3XyAjVQF
Retweeted by cognominalFrance just jailed a 16yo for posting a cartoon, in fact literally a Hebdo cartoon w/the Muslim swapped for white guy http://t.co/1jTcn28QMJ
Retweeted by cognominal@Lesmatinsfcult @nbouzou des bullshit jobs à la Graeber!!An unusually clear explanation of Clojure's lingo for modeling change: Names, Values, Identities, States and Time http://t.co/eGL2PFzylh
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