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Empire's News Editor, host of the Empire Podcast, and all-round Q&A-hole. It's ok. I wouldn't follow me either.

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@GarethKeogh Not really pedantry, just your take on it. I've never seen it that way.Overheard at the bus stop: "We don't have any sweets, do we?" "We could offer them something from the cheese board?" #stokenewington
Retweeted by Chris HewittHead over to this place to purchase my debut toy release: HEX! http://t.co/PInfzi6WJW Only up for ltd time FOLKS! #Hex #Wo3a #Halloween
Retweeted by Chris HewittJust given 10 Cola Bottles to a kid that knocked on the door. Good luck carrying 20 litres of liquid around all night, dickhead.
Retweeted by Chris HewittEmpire is getting ready for Halloween. Unfortunately, our @AliPlumb has mistaken our @ChrisHewitt for Slimer. Boo. http://t.co/FUs2FIsoqu
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@jplinnell I read that on one of the YouTube comments. Sounds terrifying.Dad always told me to "do manly things" like "throw a ball in the back garden". Then I did, and he wouldn't even put on a tux and attend.
Retweeted by Chris HewittThe Prince Of Darkness soundtrack is £13.99 on iTunes. I wonder what it cost in the year One Nine Nine Nine.This is not a dream. Not a dream. We are transmitting from the year One Nine Nine Nine. #bewarespoilers http://t.co/B6EzJc7BkbDare you read the 666 Greatest Horror Movie Characters Of All Time (not including films released in the past year)? http://t.co/y4RTdr7WJ6
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@olly_richards "You'll love this skeleton crew! There are no bones on Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig! Will this do? That's the word count!"For Empire's Monster Week, I interviewed the greatest zombie of all time - Bub, aka Howard Sherman. #helloAuntAlicia http://t.co/djDk8pxulRLimited edition postcards http://t.co/7iyVYdVbeZ
Retweeted by Chris HewittFair play to Nigel Farage for getting in the Halloween spirit and dressing up as a zombie. http://t.co/CtUvOsO1FQ
Retweeted by Chris HewittThe director of all the porno versions of Tim Burton movies is called Quim Spurton. #sorry #sosorry #thanksforfollowingme #goodwhileitlasted"It's good. I have notes." #ScaryStoriesIn5Words
Retweeted by Chris HewittOff to Friday Film Club with @laurenlaverne on @BBC6MorningShow. It's Halloween, so I'll be dressed as a terrifying film journalist.@IncredibleSuit @The_Shiznit @LukeWhiston This tweet has made me wet.@The_Shiznit I didn't cry at all. I suspect I may be the one who's broken.@UpturnedBathtub In my pocket right now, I have $17 and about 49p. Final offer.@UpturnedBathtub That's six words. So close! #disqualifiedI've never met John Brennan. #ScaryStoriesIn5Words@jock4twenty And an i for a e. It's all over the shop."Humans, I am in you!" - Pazuzu's first tweetDo you like scary movies? What's your favourite scary movie? Ok. What's your second favourite? I'm compiling a spreadsheet. Thanks.Happy Trying To Avoid Being Stabbed By Psychotic Babysitters Day. (This tweet goes out to my mate Michael in Illinois.)Damage your postman’s self-confidence this morning by complimenting him on his terrifying costume and giving him sweets.
Retweeted by Chris HewittFirst trick or treater of the day. http://t.co/MhgQYDxLuH
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt
What giant reptile loves The Exorcist? A Kermodo dragon. #strongjoke"Oughugh" - Tim Allen
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@UpturnedBathtub "YOU CAN SHOVE YOUR HAPPY FEET UP YOUR ARSE."@silargu I told him I'd tweet about him. It didn't help.@Faripari He was furious about that actually.@AvP2015 Sad Batman, meet Sad Penguin. I think you two will get along.@AnnabelBrogELLE Poor little guy.@peatreebojangle I know, right?One more thing from my trip to London Zoo: prepare to have your heart broken by THE SADDEST PENGUIN IN THE WORLD. http://t.co/upjD3aD1ysTook my nephew to London Zoo today. Made a new friend. (This isn't my nephew, btw.) http://t.co/Als3rckBOLDon't want to boast, but my nephew and I just won the FA Cup on FIFA, so I reckon we're in the running to take over from Hodgson.@DermotQuinn Black Panther.http://t.co/IP7sEVg27d
Retweeted by Chris HewittChadwick Boseman's superpower is delivering better sound through research. #sorry #sosorry@nickmurftweets Absolutely. I get it from time to time, and my ideas are absolutely feeble and first-base.@valshopaholic I think it's just me. HR are advising against it, but I have Odin on my side.@hrtbps @elyeah_ @JamieDMJ This thing goes all the way to the top. Which, weirdly enough, is the name of Che Guevara's second album.@nickmurftweets Clever, Mr Murphy. Very clever. You've made an enemy of me on this day, but even so... very clever.@ChrisHewitt Shame on you. http://t.co/Dl3bXArR6m
Retweeted by Chris HewittMemo to self: before tweeting anything, check EVERY TWEET EVER POSTED just in case someone's had roughly the same idea.@elyeah_ @JamieDMJ Whoa there, Sparky. Jamie wouldn't plagiarise anything - two people can have the same idea, you know.@Chris_Longridge @michaelhogan He's in fine shape for a man of his age. Yes, the Alien egg could have been better placed, but I like it.@michaelhogan @Chris_Longridge That did cross our minds. It might have made the iPad edition.WHAT THE COMMON COLD DOES TO YOUR BODY http://t.co/46u2LTJBK0
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@Chris_Longridge Never even crossed our minds.@SomethingEva The heat of Avengers chat will see me through.@Listrade Who says I don't? I just added the other names as a decoy.@ChrisHewitt In Twitter's minimised window, it looked like you had a Steve Bruce t-shirt.
Retweeted by Chris HewittDiscussing the Marvel slate on the #EmpirePodcast today, so thought I'd wear this little number. AND NOTHING ELSE. http://t.co/qBxKuxRZ7SMost people wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt can't even name three of his songs.
Retweeted by Chris HewittIf you vote for me as Police and Crime Commissioner, I will not commission any crimes. That's a pledge.
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@anitaspeake Now we wait.Whosoever reads this tweet, if they be worthy, shall possess the power* of Hewitt. * the ability to choose the slowest-moving queueHere's the code again: yumyum2014 Ten per cent off at a website. I forgot which one, try them all
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt
split into two parts.BREAKING: this tweet will beLEAKED image of the Terminator raising Sarah Connor http://t.co/jiN18SJr3O
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@ollyog Gotta love professionals, huh?#Preacher http://t.co/ekiDN15pxj
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@Xanthus24 @HelenLOHara Yes, but I think I know who she's playing...Great fun at the Apple Store Q&A with Set Fire To The Stars' @woodelijah and @celynjones. Thanks to all who came!@EastEndFilmFest @NickyRR I'll ask really fast questions.@NickyRR You realise I will judge you if you leave. You realise that.@goonerk77 She's married to Danny Elfman and enjoying retirement, last time I checked.Nearly sorted for Halloween. Kids calling round can choose from rusty nails, broken glass and used plasters. Now to sort out the tricks.@McKelvie "I think Dr Strange would press this button." YES JAMIE LET'S DO THIS@ianfarrington Thanos shat on the Avengers.@McKelvie Flash mob takeover?@McKelvie You've blown this thing. Wide open.@NickMotown Mountains are nothing to the Dark Lord.Thanos is also a few letters away from 'Thermos'. The Flash is one letter away from 'The Flask'. I spy a TEAm-up, right? HAHAHAHAHELPME.'Thanos' is one letter away from 'Thanks'. Perhaps we've misjudged the big guy.@NickMotown I don't answer the door on Halloween. Unless it's Satan himself. If he's made the effort, it'd be rude not to have him come in.Give young callers a REAL treat this Halloween by reciting an amusing limerick or doing an impression of Ted Heath.
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@GavinMidgley A good point. Keep forgetting about that!@ChrisHewitt Also, this: Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby http://t.co/coCHTvl5hj
Retweeted by Chris HewittMost popular suggestions for horror movies without a sequel: The Thing, The Shining, The Changeling, Rosemary's Baby. And, erm, Scream 4.@kerihw I peed myself seventeen times. It's a horror film in my book.Greatest horror film to never get a sequel. Go.@CAM0601 I'm sorry. I cannot sanction your buffoonery.You may buffoon in my general vicinity, but there is no goddamn way I'll sanction it. Just you try me."I cannot sanction your buffoonery" is my new favourite phrase. http://t.co/2y92iXy4AJ@UpturnedBathtub Outrageous. I hope you locked him in a shed. I would've.@UpturnedBathtub Not true. One time Kian refused to get off his stool for the key change.@yourturnheather THIEF! USURPER!!!@JohnnyIgaloo I made it several months ago.Employee of the month. http://t.co/LsHua6pRzU
Retweeted by Chris Hewitt@Andymc1983 @HelenLOHara @Xanthus24 @adamjenkins @nerdfollowing And by that, I mean I don't think it's Monica Chang. Can't say any more.@Andymc1983 @HelenLOHara @Xanthus24 @adamjenkins @nerdfollowing Aha! I've just realised I think I know who that is. But I can't say. Sorry.@Andymc1983 @HelenLOHara @Xanthus24 @adamjenkins @nerdfollowing Stark and to the left. Stark and to the left. Stark and to the left.@Andymc1983 @HelenLOHara @Xanthus24 Interesting.@WhitlockAndPope @Xanthus24 @HelenLOHara That's Barton. Ruffalo isn't in that shot, for some reason. MAYBE HE'S THE MYSTERY LADY.
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