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OH MY GOD I DIDNT EVEN GET THAT RT @cocascola: @caro @mgsiegler YOU SHALL NOT PABST!This person who created a Gandalf costume out of PBR packaging deserves applause (and, yup, that's the L train). http://t.co/Hp3hgE9oN5A (halloween) trick on the advertising industry: http://t.co/0up4mKC5Nw
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@AdamSinger You could have all your teeth pulled, subsist on @soylent, and never need to go to the dentist again. #lifehacks@loriberenberg @charitywater @paullyoung I thought Paull dressed like that a few times a weekHe doesn't even know it's Halloween RT @alextweeting: @mat is all kinds of awesome http://t.co/FnTWQeQcGn
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy"A lot of fun has gone out of technology reporting across the board and we want to put that back in." http://t.co/1yadhW9nMv@benparr It's mostly the cat that makes the costume. (She wouldn't let me take her to the office.)@benparr @Gotham You saw my Halloween costume, right? http://t.co/Xne6F9ZSzl@kevinroose Pfffft, not as good as this one http://t.co/9mgBhzspsQ@awoodash @socialmediaweek Yup, exactly.Truth. RT @socialmediaweek: Instagram Removes Time Stamps And Here’s Why We Don’t Like It http://t.co/hXC7Vtjt0Q http://t.co/9SztXkCDAm@rachelsklar @fimoculous Thumbs upmeow RT @whntrp: @caro transformation to crazy cat woman complete.GOOD MORNING GOTHAM CITY. #halloween #kittyisnotamused @ Brooklyn Heights Historic District http://t.co/Xne6F9ZSzl
@NadjaB @naveen @reserve @hunterwalk @joemarchese already dressing up as a different edgy TV teen rebel #selinakylearya stark dining on @reserve? cc: @caro @hunterwalk @joemarchese @nadjab http://t.co/m4BQPhEOrj
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIt's on. #foodporn #bivalves @ ZZ's Clam Bar http://t.co/qNM9ILDOX3http://t.co/vLbCvZvxXN@joeyhodges @BryceGruber @fashionpulse So good seeing you all and psyched to see what the @BellaLife slow cooker conjures up!Ha: "What Are The Odds These New Media Brands Will Survive? A Power Ranking" http://t.co/oMZHjCbASXMe quoting out of context MT “@caro: outlets learn 1) many journos make horrible managers, and/or 2) are unmanageable. ”
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyThen outlets learn 1) many journos make horrible managers, and/or 2) are unmanageable. They learn how to deal with it. @CNET was good at it.Also re: @firstlook, reporter churn at a young publication is often v high. Remember when there were Gawker writers who lasted a hot minute?@allisonveronica That sounds like me.@DaveinOkla @qz Ooooh, that sounds like fun!@BrooklynBugle Haha, possible!You'd be surprised at how mgmt types at even intentionally "edgy" news outlets are off-put by attitudes that reporters find totally normal.@DaveinOkla @qz What's the dumbest thing anyone ever did?I left journalism for Google. Entire @firstlook "culture clash" sounds extremely understandable to me. https://t.co/WDGv48A60a@mariatsciarrino @jessevondoom @anildash @mattlemay @brooke Really interesting.If you make at least $135K per year, and you're 31 or younger, congrats. You are the 1 percent. http://t.co/ngjpq1hfOE
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyGuys let's make #CanadianVICEHeadlines a thing, it's almost Friday@whntrp it's an artInside The Sticky Underbelly Of Maple Syrup Traffickers #CanadianVICEHeadlines@mattlemay @anildash @brooke Hmmm. Interesting. How so?@anildash @brooke Yes, but to Brooke's point - only for a Taylor or Beyonce. If the "streaming is bad" meme spreads, smaller artists suffer.@anildash @brooke I don't know - my instinct would be that they'd pirate.@brooke She says it's because she thinks artists lose $ on streaming and music shouldn't be free. But SO many of us Spotifyers are paying.If someone catcalled Kaci Hickox on her bike ride, we'd have the news singularity for the week.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@baltch @ohhleary I really thought Mischief Night was something everyone knew about. Learned otherwise when I moved to NYC.Mischief night all the way RT @qz: This map shows the weird names Americans have given the night before Halloween http://t.co/6t0xFbnkGkScary browser extensions that click on blocked ads just to mess with our numbers? @joemarchese tells all @MediaPost http://t.co/sPYy0sJtGW
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyTHE REAL BEARWIVES OF NEW JERSEY http://t.co/wfKnAMFefz #omgbears@naveen I've been meaning to stop by that place. It sounds really cool.@owenthomas @samfbiddle @GlennF please change the subject to @ramonaterrier, she insists people talk about her right nowIn 29 states you can be fired from your job for saying what Tim Cook said today.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySomething REALLY scary: A new browser extension aims to make targeting "futile" -- by @joemarchese http://t.co/YLmoLRF6lI
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyA scary Halloween story for the ad industry, from @joemarchese: http://t.co/7dTaHC22yC@JamieStelter @epc totally weird that literally all the MetroCard machines were broken, too. I couldn't renew my card.@JamieStelter @epc Yikes. I hope he/she is OK!@JamieStelter @epc there was also "an incident" at the station around the same time, could have been related.@epc @JamieStelter Correct! I had to take my 10AM call from home!Are MetroCard machines down everywhere or is it just #brooklynheights?And the 2/3 entrance to the same station, too. My card expired yesterday. Now I have to take a cab to the office. Seriously, @MTA?PSA: All MetroCard machines at the 4/5 entrance to Borough Hall are currently broken #brooklynheights@editorialiste @chrismohney seriously."if hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone... then it’s worth the trade-off with my own privacy" http://t.co/uoh95YnT9g
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
@burgundybookst Yeah. But most of the students are moose.I'm 41, Single and Pregnant. http://t.co/YvwpJGU4bF via @caro
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI need a kegerator full of @VeuveClicquot
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyVideo credit: me RT “@ANDLEVINE: Rookie Viners @rlytle, @caro #VineBash https://t.co/WKGqtKOFI0Hello @vine! (at @ParlorNy in New York, NY) https://t.co/YMoJZIw5laPardon my French: I am insanely fucking proud of @rachelsklar. https://t.co/swLTzvFAw0Nurse who called Ebola quarantine inhumane got KFC delivered to her tent. Eating fried chicken alone for 3 wks IS MY DREAM. Why so deFRYant?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@DaveinOkla @cox_tom Caterpillar and I were quoted in a NY Times story about this very concept! http://t.co/MaJft4U1mM@caro The HORROR! Okay, never mind, I've had that dream, too. It didn't give me anxiety, but it made me... uncomfortable.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyLast night I actually had an anxiety dream about not being able to fly my preferred airline.@GreeterDan Shhhhh. We shape-shift into each other on occasion.Bonus #NationalCatDay pic because Caterpillar doesn't think I post enough photos of her. This was… http://t.co/sXJJ37nkCj@mg @joshspear @schlaf can't possibly have been that enormous of a risk if his income level or net worth passed muster for angel investing@bkheightsblog exactly.@JC_Mellinger That's legit!Co-worker wore a suit jacket to the office today and I almost asked him why he was in a Halloween costume #startuplifeGoogle Earth blurs Col. Sanders' faces on KFC signs bc he was a real person, and Google blurs real peoples' faces. http://t.co/p38gcsle2UIf you couldn't successfully book #UberKITTENS, there are rescue kitties in front of the Duane Reade on 14th and Broadway #concessionsBREAKING: New Digital Ad Unit to Count When Someone's Cursor Comes Sort of Near It as a "Click."
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@peterfeld Exactly! I always tell people that it's "not really Brooklyn anyway"Describing #brooklynheights as "centrally located" in an email to someone who doesn't live in NYC. #littlewhiteliesNew #storyinabottle features @ScottBeale, one of the kindest and most interesting people I've met in my tech career http://t.co/CIEMK8BPPwWe got kittens! @NadjaB @reserve #UberKITTENS http://t.co/ouq26sBney
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@thekenyeung @harrymccracken Miniature horses are basically hoofed corgis.Congrats! RT @sethporges: My app, Cloth, is back with a bang! Give it a shot and let me know what you think! http://t.co/c3gwwI2hjS@harrymccracken I overheard a guy pitching an investor over breakfast in London once, something he described as "Airbnb, but for horses."PSA: There are #UberKittens at @reserve's NYC office. If you can find out where that is, go over now for cuddles.@annekejong Telling all interested true[X]ers to go over. If I smell like kittens when I get home, my cat will pee in the bathtub.@annekejong WHEN ARE THEY ARRIVING WE ARE COMING OVER SINCE WE ARE ACROSS THE STREETSometimes it feels like this Pope was specifically hired by my parents to attempt to woo me back into the Catholic Church.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyCan You Tell Which Of These People Lost A Lot Of Weight And Which Ones Just Bought Big Pants? http://t.co/OzSpG8OLCU http://t.co/EfNmzadNKO
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy(Exceptions to the rule in film are, obv, superheroes and LotR. But we don't have Roman warriors running around onscreen like we used to.)Interesting that the epic genre has mostly failed on film in recent decades, but GoT has made it seem perfect for TV: http://t.co/pQjZxJHG9B30+ years into the computing revolution and making copy/paste formatting work properly remains a vast white space.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@benhuh Were you at the NYC @HuffPostLive studio? Because we are a 5-minute walk away and you can totally drop the cats off with us.#ThatsAHangover RT @mashable: Colleague call in sick? 30% of employees are faking it http://t.co/u9VF9GaERB via @bndarticleshello 911 yes i would like this guy that's using a tweeting stick while wearing Google Glass arrested http://t.co/WsqoledT4n
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@benhuh The struggle is real. And adorable.She lives in Ft. Kent. There are more moose than people up there. It's basically a quarantine in itself. http://t.co/Y1gRXphPY9@benhuh I thought you were allergic to cats!@mbaratz I'm guessing she's been targeted by some real creepies and it's gone unreported. Interviews with her seem to hint at it.Happy #NationalCatDay to Princess Caterpillar Velvetpaws! Seriously though, wasn't there just a… http://t.co/5BbkvK16bI
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