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you never listen to me and you're just so entitled and your whole "I'll never be tamed" attitude is so pretentious #catorbrooklynboyfriendyes I realize all your cohorts are hanging out in that abandoned warehouse tonight, that doesn't mean you can too #catorbrooklynboyfriendIt's not "garbage" it's "vintage" #catorbrooklynboyfriend
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyHe has no opinion as to which wine will pair better with this Moroccan food and it's SO frustrating #catorbrooklynboyfriend@russskinner :)That's the "you'll never understand me and I know it and I will hold it against you" look, isn't it #catorbrooklynboyfriend@lpolgreen but I had a cat mitzvah :(stop shedding everywhere you need to be better at grooming #catorbrooklynboyfriend@lpolgreen I mean some people don't think Brooklyn Heights is "really" Brooklyn because we don't have the L train@waynedixon :)@lpolgreen it's totally not racist I have a cat and I was cat mitzvah'd tooHaving him in your life makes all your friends think you are clearly crazy and doomed #catorbrooklynboyfriendEverybody just like him seems to be already famous on the internet and UGH, existential crisis, time for a nap #catorbrooklynboyfriendShowers? Ugh no. #catorbrooklynboyfriendHe will really never love you anywhere near as much as he loves shiny objects that are just slightly out of reach #catorbrooklynboyfriendHe gets high and instantly shadows moving across the wall become just so meaningful and weighted with significance #catorbrooklynboyfriendIt's noon. He is still in bed. Except that he was up at 3AM just to brood and stare at things. #catorbrooklynboyfriendQUIZ: Cat, or Brooklyn Boyfriend?Llamas' llandlords llacked llama llicenses http://t.co/oRgPkcwmj3 via @moneyriesBeer for my taxes. - Drinking The Crisp by @sixpoint - http://t.co/MeU0MK6jDILove this place RT @reserve: Happy to announce New Orleans-inspired @townhallBBQ is now a @Reserve partner in #SF! http://t.co/ydHrGnytyaCATERPILLAR RT @edzitron: hey guys just stepping outside for a moment you want anything http://t.co/DPUBeNl3zmFantastic money quote in the @THR oral history of @SohoHouseLA: http://t.co/THeBfss47uLIVE on #Periscope: Playtime for kitty! https://t.co/LugGOqz8st|LIVE NOW| Watch Caterpillar play with a rubber band! #meerkat http://t.co/BPJwQSjb3I@soapdotcom thank you! weirded out bc I order from you guys all the time and have never gotten an "attempt."
@DaveinOkla @soapdotcom he was the one complaining about not being able to have our celebratory bubbly until we got our floor cleaning stuff@owenthomas @learmonth @ekp @kpcb what Owen said. Also, what Ramona said.Weird. @soapdotcom said they "attempted" delivery an hour ago. We were here. Would have known if they'd arrived. What gives?Maybe I am being a little too strict about spending this weekend doing spring cleaning. BF just put "Springtime for Hitler" on the speakers.@MrDPAQ she's back inside and Neighborcat is gone!|LIVE NOW| NEIGHBORCAT!!!!! #meerkat http://t.co/hcfkGfbw4IRegardless of what did/didn't happen to Pao, there's a gap between the legal standard of gender bias and many women's working definition.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyFriday happy hour gnocchi and caviar. #foodporn #EEEEEATS @ Pair Wine & Cheese https://t.co/phBpZ8YR0A@owenbrainard @davemorin @path omg, I have this shirt too|LIVE NOW| Gooey raclette #foodkat #meerkat http://t.co/vSAUYxOcXgIf Ellen wins, it should not be viewed as a victory for "women in SV." If Ellen loses, it should not be viewed as a loss for "women in SV"
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
@TheChaviva CONGRATULATIONS (again) and good vibes for Mr. T :)Thanks everyone who tuned into the @AppMeerkat stream of me arguing with my BF in the back of a cab. It was really special <3@medbukey deal. Unless I have to take the G train to get to @TheAdamGoldberg, that's just a mad inconvenience.@NRaush very very true:) RT @jesserocket01: @caro Bet he never asks for direction|LIVE NOW| FDR to Brooklyn y'all #meerkat http://t.co/QHVScMH4cqI just earned the 'Pucker Up (Level 10)' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/WenF82YZ7ZI just earned the 'I Believe in IPA! (Level 41)' badge on @untappd! http://t.co/RzHo1FYFIX|LIVE NOW| Now we're going to look at my beer. #meerkat http://t.co/EqaaFOtRJoLIVE on #Periscope: Hey look, I'm having beers with @scottbeale https://t.co/rp46INTHjMEast Village Classic #pommesfrites destroyed today by fire and explosion - our thoughts are with you - 10 years of frites to #burpcastle
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySomeone just asked me - "What's the BEST and WORST thing about owning a bar in NYC?" Ummmmmm....
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@NYTnickc Yeah, the one where the explosion originated is next door.@NYTnickc Pommes collapsed :(.@nicolematthews Right? It's not just the beer. It's a small business and the people who work there whose lives + livelihoods we care about@ChrisFaile @burpcastle Can we start talking about a @kickstarter for @PommesFritesNY?YES RT @hornOKplease: @caro I'm envisioning the bartender shushing people who are freaking out about the firePhew. RT @brew_york: @caro @burpcastle Never too soon. They're fine, as far as we know.How soon until it's not insensitive of me to ask whether @burpcastle is OK?:( RT @ErikDavis: First major casualty from crazy NYC fire: Pommes Frittes. http://t.co/QxBf600ytXAnti-Ball Crushing #notjoking MT @TheStalwart: Lululemon targets men with "ABC" concept http://t.co/rrKppyHgt8 http://t.co/qftOOaE3m2Really scary: A building collapsed and is on fire in the East Village just a few blocks from my… https://t.co/8ItTHlTsg8|LIVE NOW| Tons of sirens and smoke. Our office is right near East Village fire site #meerkat http://t.co/p3Djjb2fBM@thatjohn on @united the door remains open and the flight attendant stands outside it with a galley cart blocking the aisle@cecily good morning!!!!!@brandonyano yeah I tried it out this morning. Cross posting to Twitter was down, ironically|LIVE NOW| Where's my smoothie? #meerkat http://t.co/JLNDvPM5hzStreaming is a thing. Periscope is out, Meerkat raises $14 million. http://t.co/BLNPpKosgX Please proceed to broadcast your morning commute.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy.@periscopeco has a notably slicker but more complicated interface than @AppMeerkat.
@Sagittarius093 I'll come back!!!@Chardot mostly the cat's life!|LIVE NOW| Watching a documentary about Antarctica with Caterpillar #meerkat http://t.co/ldLqH30rv9"Sioux City petitioned twice to have its airport code, SUX, changed." http://t.co/MdR94TpREmOur company ordered dog bandannas with our logo on them. I'm sorry, Caterpillar, I know it was a… https://t.co/5cYpEQk35D$20 says whoever spent $35K on the Super Troopers patrol car is an ad agency that wants to park it in its lobby. https://t.co/tP034kIaIn@mikebush ha!@joshspear I'm just a total buzzkill this afternoon. Nobody has fed me any wine yet.@mikebush I must say it's amusing to see so many people RT it without clicking the link.Hey guys, the $14B Spotify acquisition story is a hoax. The story is ludicrous and the "news" is "set" to "go live" on April Fool's Day.NB: April 1 is one week away. RT @djskee: Report: Spotify To Be Acquired For $14 Billion Next Week http://t.co/yAb6uk8l9K"We need to prove that not just a dozen stoners keep asking for [Super Troopers 2] over and over." https://t.co/tP034kIaIn@CarsonSieving @tomgara hahaha that's great cc @AKDawsonThere are some real gems in the #clickbaitliterature hashtag right now.OH in the office: "I'm going to start a frozen yogurt place called FroBro."
@fromedome @hunterwalk @hamburger @jyarow "as they do on Foursquare or Loopt."|LIVE NOW| Kitty plays in the backyard #meerkat http://t.co/pMD3ETahTG
@Ayes_Sal Thank you so much. It was a difficult piece to write. I really appreciate hearing from you <3@film_girl @alykeves I got 98 😳I wouldn't want to see @StephenKing angry RT @EW .@StephenKing: Maine governor should 'man up and apologize': http://t.co/N00X6ANKHD
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@united She got me on a flight that arrived 3 hours earlier!! If you have any way to pass on thanks...she was at DEN gate B24.I miss the mountains already, but coming home to this is always nice. #upintheair @ LaGuardia Airport https://t.co/1Lsz8hhR4gHome 3 hours earlier than planned! (@ LaGuardia Airport (LGA) in East Elmhurst, NY) https://t.co/F9vdwKDwqSAnother Monday, another morning of crazytimes at the airport. This time I seemed to think two… https://t.co/gBS6BYTYnPMy hero today is @united Denver gate agent Connie, who got me on a direct flight home avoiding a layover in snowy Chicago. THANK YOU.Less than an hour on the ground! (@ Denver International Airport (DEN) - @denairport in Denver, CO) https://t.co/3SfLn1aD1z@wesleyverhoeve Absolutely. Swing through Eden if you get a chance and eat at North Fork.@wesleyverhoeve Just missing you - I'm on a plane about to leave SLC right now.So tired. (@ Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) - @slcairport in Salt Lake City, UT) https://t.co/Gmf8hVZQIp
My favorite place on earth. #sunsetporn #instamountains #utah @powmow @ Powder Mountain https://t.co/3c9pmspoYh|LIVE NOW| Let's watch these drunk people throw beach balls around. #meerkat http://t.co/En8mW6G2nNThese are incredible. RT @levib: Kindle Cover Disasters http://t.co/9jDNOEoGqE http://t.co/mfsjOI78sY@petecashmore I successfully Meerkatted from a helicopter on Friday, but it was flying pretty low.Psh, I did this on a helicopter. RT @mashable: |LIVE NOW| World 1st attempt? Mashable tries Meerkating on a plane! http://t.co/NRJPRjgdLh
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