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Bushwick going hard right now. 🎇
"It is poignant but fundamental that the flag protects those who hold it in contempt." -Justice Kennedy "Texas v. Johnson" 1989It's looking like Greece at this bank of ATMs in BK. Over there they call it austerity, over here it's just Friday. http://t.co/McNfezpDB3@WEdwarda @mattdog429 Then why did they only bring two flags?New York Times quotes Brooklyn Eagle editor St. Clair McKelway in 1898 about Brooklyn's poverty. (cc @hamiltonnolan) http://t.co/p7wAkSHJF2Apart from the chest-thumping jingoism, the 4th of July is a pretty cool holiday.@mattdog429 @a_salta1 I don't agree with their message, but DO support their right to do it as outlined in 1st Amendment. You should read it@gentlemanstimes It's a great question actually. I think I have an affliction for engaging with Fucktards. But yeah, good call.Okay Senator McCarthy. Many people died for the right to do exactly what those protesters did. Happy 4th of July. https://t.co/9dlty6nSdEBecause Russia... https://t.co/zakDEIIxdpSorry man, next time I'm covering a flag burning story I'll intervene and make it about myself. https://t.co/mRWtr2A03O@WEdwarda @mattdog429 After they had already set both flags ablaze.@benfeuerherd You characterized this person as a "Knife-wielding man," but in video he's not wielding a knife. http://t.co/dIZyOYHeDn
Overheard in the bodega: "Lemme get a ham sandwich with monster cheese."@nickmartin All over. Williamsburg/Bushwick, Prospect Park/Crown Heights, East Village, Jamaica, etc.. @IHOP is easily one of the worst styrofoam offenders. Look at this trunk they gave me for 2 slices of toast. http://t.co/SipPz6cgiu😂 “This guy's a knucklehead, who wanted to take a selfie” -Deputy Comm for Counterterrorism&Intelligence John Miller https://t.co/LeWMqoXRS7The entire time, they planned on burning the flag at the Prison Ship Martyr's Monument @theblaze. They didn't change locations. 100% wrong!The @TheBlazeNOW's fabrication of last night's flag burning is by all means, interesting. http://t.co/CVysn7msah@ChristRobbins After a protester with a camera saw his friend get shoved to the ground, shouted...“Yo, put him on the Gothamist."@ChristRobbins I thought for sure I'd see you there. It felt very Occupy for some reason.@ChristRobbins Word. Saw that. Was referencing other sentence. All good.@ChristRobbins Just a heads up homie. Both flags, American and Confederate, were burned.@Haleartisanmkt If your intention was to intervene you could have intervened. But you shot video instead. Just calling it like it is...You didn't get nothing, but a video... LOL. https://t.co/vRm7A8hx1B@realDonaldTrump @Macys You're a sad, sad man.@Trez56 @ANIMALNewYork Yeah, dumb.Here's what I witnessed at the flag burning protest in Brooklyn last night. http://t.co/4oXblDvGBZ http://t.co/YUzimYg16V
No one really cared about activists burning Confederate flag. But when the Stars & Stripes caught fire, chaos. https://t.co/KSTR0izJNhThat vet was very emotional. At one point he was hugging another vet and tearing up. https://t.co/lrMXwQyVKm@therealroseanne Illuminati blood sacrifice rituals, duh.@alcarbon68 @GencoFilms where'd you get all these amazing vintage photos.@Glenn_Kitson Some people like to wave 'em, others like to burn 'em apparently.Now this is guaranteed to be a high minded discussion about the complexities of free speech. https://t.co/jCbXpKaHM5I don't agree with it, but it's the opposite of what you claim. People died for free speech, this IS free speech. https://t.co/4gthMqbYU1"Smaller is smarter" when it comes to influential superspreaders of info in social networks." WTF does this mean? http://t.co/HnKTir1jZHI can't believe @POTUS agreed to Russian-funded, Iranian nuclear missile silos, manned by ISIS, in Cuba.@BmoreDoc Ultra white folks. He ain't taking about my WOP descendants.No he means Pilgrims. https://t.co/XrSkyFLREFI Went Undercover as a Nail Salon Worker in NYC http://t.co/HzJ7Y3CEts
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@BlueEyesNYC You like a real life troll. LOL...Ya know, because of that feud, 10 years ago. https://t.co/eUIQwjtRdkI interviewed an anarchist. https://t.co/NKptPqoXfDWow. @msnbc reporting that @Macys just dropped @realDonaldTrump. LOL. They'll be "phasing out" his collection of crappy made in China ties.@EricTReport You're not in my league. I'm not going argue on Twitter with some mook who couldn't make it as an intern & is mad 3 years laterOne scroll through Facebook or Twitter shows the dangers of social media speculation about fires. And not many are updating the new info.@EricTReport @ANIMALNewYork What do you think the source of revenue is? Also, you sound like a retard. Just give up... You sound thirsty.@justonlyjohn @LinseyDavis Why bullshit? Doesn't it make sense to investigate before reporting stuff?@LinseyDavis Do you think your 'where's the outrage' comment was a little premature.Preliminary indications are that the fire last night at Mt Zion AME are not related to the series of arsons at black churches in the south.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoChurch burned down by Klan in 1995 is on fire again 2nite in SC. Mt Zion AME latest in recent fires @ black churches. http://t.co/0kZUh8fW5L
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoMt Zion AME Church is on fire in SC. This is 7th black church fire in last 2 weeks. Where is the outrage? http://t.co/Ar1uNoTmUu
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Groover backed rebel flag due to "federal court decisions striking down racially segregated schools." http://t.co/stB3R4OetD Southern pride?"Anything we in Georgia can do to preserve the memory of the Confederacy is a step foreword." -Segregationist Denmark Groover, 1956.Urban Artist @ToddJamesREAS Beautifies Tribeca Park http://t.co/D6hq08x7bh 📷: @washmarketpark http://t.co/HifPjXBKRG
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoDeroy Murdoch fails to mention how only thing that has changed for Southern white conservatives is political parties https://t.co/pmWo6tYFYwAs someone who worked for @richantoniello/@ComplexMag in '06/'07 I can confirm his fondness for F-word...😂 Thumbs up! http://t.co/cfTJgoK7YJ
“I’m not racist. I don’t need this,” he said, throwing his menu onto the table. Lives & deaths, served. #Never21Club http://t.co/WKTTOWymHV
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoRompe NBC relación comercial con Donald Trump: Tras las polémicas declaraciones del magnate sobre los migrante... http://t.co/9eCHSNbFzD
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@realDonaldTrump Were they hired actors?No bong hits for "aspiring and current spies" in states that have legalized weed. http://t.co/NSTMSBmOpn http://t.co/AZU4lTZwzZ@WolfpackHustle @metrolosangeles 'Cause that space is allocated for heavy military vehicles when the shit goes down.Protesters dressed as waiters and gave out menus to 21 Club patrons, but they weren't serving Foie Gras Terrine http://t.co/ABmD2Ek1Pb@justonlyjohn @lucypawle That wasn't you Lucy? Looks like you. Sounds like you.Pros. General's convoy targeted this morning, Popular Resistance group claims attack. (photos via @Ya5abar) #Egypt http://t.co/Pv3yeM0eDg
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If people hate the #BETAwards so much, why do they tweet every minute of it? When I'm watching something I don't like, I change the channel.BREAKING: Israel intercepts Gaza-bound flotilla in "short, casualty-free operation" http://t.co/WD8I0Vwx5h http://t.co/yIrDQAhvHl
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoLOL. That photo is from the Grammy Awards. https://t.co/dK2roSyQ2R@GiseleNoel @THR @NICKIMINAJ Isn't that a photo from the Grammy's?Almost 200,000 people have signed a petition calling for NBC to cut ties with Donald Trump: http://t.co/aURbSRsXWa http://t.co/6HbWocqwd8
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWATCH: Mob of Philly cops assault man holding crying baby for not paying his $2.25 transit fare http://t.co/AFc4DQSNa4
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoJust scored some great weed. Shout out to NYC delivery service drivers. You are all Constitutional Soldiers.Says someone who lies for a living. https://t.co/LBCQrA1nNwCorrection. You must leave Israel to marry someone of another faith, but they can still refuse "spouse citizenship." https://t.co/j9iV6jQRrDInterfaith marriages are not recognized in Israel. A Christian can't marry a Jew etc. A democracy huh? https://t.co/pCQBVPgPiD#BETAwards2015 Best Actress http://t.co/Eh6v7nf7Jc
Retweeted by Bucky Turco‘Why I’ve joined the flotilla to #Gaza’ - former Algonquin chief. https://t.co/zXagSUOhM0 via @ricochet_en #Israel #BreakTheBlockade
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@liamaathews He's one of my favorite deejays of all time. Classic: "Dude." 2004. https://t.co/a6k0bK0tfh@costrike @adamjohnsonNYC I wonder if they'll have to prove that they are indeed religious or face perjury.@IsraelHatzolah Violence by who, the IDF?plane crashed and blew up my neighbors house http://t.co/qK47HtkKrO
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIt's only a matter of time before black comedians are going to be forced to stop using their white guy voices because PC. (cc @amyschumer)"So far from engaging in a war to perpetuate slavery, I am rejoiced that slavery is abolished." Robert E. Lee. 1870 https://t.co/zLdCIQOegSIf 1st reason is incorrect, why should anyone listen to rest? 500k dead Confederates? Not true. #FoxNewsContributor https://t.co/p971U6zi8oState Police Sgt. Jay Cook spotted suspicious man walking down a road in Constable about 3:20 pm. He shot and injured Sweat.#PrisonBreakNY
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@LilEsBella They're terrible and vicious. They're not even content with bloody noses they go for MMA style knockouts.Confirmation that @realDonaldTrump writes his own tweets. https://t.co/l8DzrxphVRCaught alive, but shot! That's a pretty important fact to leave out. https://t.co/cAu8svzIMGFriend tries to withdraw €40 from a different cash machine in Thassos, Greece. http://t.co/hC8RVuCEwX
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoUm, this is good news. Edibles are too strong as it is, ask your columnist @NYTimesDowd. https://t.co/5x0ZJtZT6QDumbest argument I've heard yet: if you remove Confederate flag you have to remove American flag too. Wrong: the latter is dynamic.@michaelmalice Thank you for proving my point precisely. Feel free to take another swing at it. C'mon you can troll better than this.I still haven't heard one reasonable argument for why the Confederate flag should fly over a taxpayer funded building.
Sea dog. #EastRiverFerry http://t.co/16WBn1uo7eThe two who temporarily removed the #ConfederateFlag have been granted bond. $3,000 personal recog. #sctweets #wis10 http://t.co/FLbmjWhgEG
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIf a side effect of taking acid is flashbacks, I'd say that's a pretty good side effect.How Fox News tried to come to terms with the gay marriage decision: http://t.co/zJsPRGVPH7 http://t.co/On2HX2v6xZ
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@Trez56 @ChadMillsWIS Nothing. Nor sure should they. Just don't display the traitor's flag on taxpayer funded buildings.Neanderthal comes out to support #ConfederateFlag... https://t.co/VxH10LorXo#ConfederateFlag supporter in defense of herself: "I had dinner with a black man last night." #sctweets #wis10 http://t.co/lIj9n9wiom
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