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early investor @twitter, venture capitalist, aspiring photographer, optimist & making a life with @laurensabet & our three kiddies

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@everydaydude glad to hear it!@kirklove no way, too funny!
Current status http://t.co/bzJkcD9CQM@Richardkordts thanks. Glad you like them.Looking back with Robert Frank, the most influential photographer alive http://t.co/43o88gP2ZO http://t.co/fz5TaXpIgr
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Welcome back, @jack! #LoveWhereYouWork
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@AlexCartaz @tconrad @benthompson @exponentfm I read Bens blog post on Twitter and didn't agree with much of it. Was the podcast different?My thanks to @dickc. http://t.co/xXNkqWYJbz
@cohen incredible@dankantor I know, right!@benpopper the service asked me for a few of my favorite artists and genres. Took 30 seconds to onboard. Super easy.First experience with Apple Music's curated playlist based on my taste. Nailed it. http://t.co/17Q29lSu8EGoing to the finals!!!! Congrats Team USA!!! Beautiful game!!!🇺🇸#GoUSA
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@jdeplater @elizestrydom wonderful@codypriebe thanks, agreed. It's such a special lens.@andyspencer360 how are you liking it?@atlephoto the Hasselblad is still my favorite.@sm @mauskopf @BrynAvery congratulations!@jdeplater I feel the same way@JohnnyPatience thanks my friend
@Uncl3Rick thanks!@zen_bones my comment in the post really sums up my feelings about this camera. http://t.co/z91Gq7GN2N@cindyloughridge what's your favorite medium format camera?@cindyloughridge interesting. I bought one a year ago & couldn't get used to it. Perhaps I should give it another go!@atlephoto @tecpetaja hi there. how can I help?A review of the Contax 645 http://t.co/SWi4t090eb #contax645 #fuji400h #richardphotolab http://t.co/RQjblTeZ6S
@atlephoto love it
@zen_bones :)@JohnnyPatience :)@vijaya stunningHistoric week: confederate flag being taken down from public places of honor, health care affirmed for millions & love wins for all couples.
Retweeted by Bijan Sabet@ychernova me too! it's so magical.#pride ❤️💜💛💚💙 https://t.co/7IBqkQ237jNew England. http://t.co/98wmkwiIyG #contax645 #kodak #richardphotolab http://t.co/HT8DRrVSPR@BerkShop thanks!@pmarca @ferenstein i am a non outraged lefty ;)
Love @ev's candor. So rare in our industry. http://t.co/wxlcoQyRxX http://t.co/vQfTeXi1ny@jdeplater that would be my absolute pleasure :)@ivanmakarov great post. Well said!@jdeplater happy birthday!@onabags @wp @johnolilly no brainer!@wp @johnolilly agreed. eg. Google->Stack Overflow is gold. But a search on which headphones: gross@johnolilly or try product reviews. Oy.@howardlindzon @Basti @WSJD ☺️So proud of @Basti & our portfolio company Postmates. https://t.co/JwW3ckXm3v@olivercameron @Andela awesome!@jeffreydgerson @onabags I've got the Prince and fits my Hasselblad and Leica M3 like a glove@onabags thanks!@peterfenton wtf. Hope you are ok.@LDEakman thanks!I am thrilled about our investment in @Andela. Inspiring vision & extraordinary founders @JeremyJ @sasschristina https://t.co/8RiqpO9OE5
@josevilla stunning@neilpa23 you should have said hi !@msquinn @mgsiegler congratulations!!@mattwilkinson81 thx!@pedromoreno thanks!@shawnhoke thanks so much. Glad you like them.@aunder @SlackHQ awesome!@jdeplater thanks!@antoine_boulay thanks so much. I feel the same way about nature.@niklasanderson thanks so much@permundum thanks very much :) I hope to make it back sometime.
@andyspencer360 many thanks!@judgejuju @laurensabet yes, 20 years! ☺️@finnbeales thx :)@ovan thanks!@JohnnyPatience thanks so much!@atlephoto thanks so very much. We would love to visit Norway. Is August a nice time of year to visit?@rohitsuryaa many thanks for the shout out@johnnypatience :)@idazz thanks!@codypriebe many thanks. too kind.@dear_leila totally agree. it was our first trip there. felt surreal.@rebeccapatience thanks so much!@dear_leila yes! we spent a few nights just outside :)@andrewteman very cool@petehalvorsen thx Pete! You will love it.@SamNute thanks so much!@WarrenKZola :)My latest collection of film photos from Switzerland http://t.co/wsF8Z0e0V1 #hasselblad #leica #richardphotolab http://t.co/HdGrhL3MtK@johnnypatience the composition & symmetry (boats, posts & reflections) is really incredible.
@_gabrielrflores 🙏✨✨@bennie @Water @ONECampaign so beautiful, Ben.Ellie http://t.co/SkwNPuoXl2 #contax645 #kodak #richardphotolab http://t.co/VJohXkpghm@ebudde I'm going to use @RichardPhotoLab. I love their people and lab work for my film. Heard great things about their books too@riley_joseph excellent!2/ my friends @hellomoneal & @chrisozer will be at the new Apple Store NYC tomorrow https://t.co/sbOmOOF4LpTwo photography PSA coming up. 1/if you live in Chicago, you will want to checkout @trashhand & @Swopes exhibit http://t.co/MzsLlYDksu@mattwilkinson81 very cool(new post) Make the print - http://t.co/Ape3wW7bHi
@chriscombs @EdwardSharpe I saw them play at the Bowery a few years back. Incredible show.@myersandchang we did! Everything was so delicious. And thanks so very much for the wonderful desserts. So nice of you! cc @laurensabet@bijan D Street. South Boston.Ending the evening on a glow in the dark moon swing. Perfect. http://t.co/W0mb7c8qrd@everydaydude @laurensabet not yet but the day isn't quite over yet! 😜@JohnnyPatience yes very much so. Lauren & kids are spoiling me on this Father's Day holiday. Hope you & Rebecca are doing great!I am often asked how to learn film photography. Best post on the subject is by my friend @JohnnyPatience http://t.co/fBH9x9ZecY@permundum such a great collection of photographs. You captured the spirit of that place perfectly.
My man Trash is the best http://t.co/8a22vnnfZ5“Dad, let me show you this game. At first I thought it was going to be lame & for old people but it’s cool” - @jamessabet, age 9
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