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My style is unorthodox, but of course it rocks.

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@bascule @_zzak @sferik @headius unless i’m mistaken it’s @tmm1 day too
@mrb_bk here's to hoping tweetbot never dies.@capotej goes straight through review because everyone agrees that siphoning off money makes sense.@mrb_bk #unofficialclients@capotej it's not that hard to write a test that verifies you're skimming off the top.@haacked no way that works with their TOS@haacked YC15@ckj I am. I've been trying to approach things as a customer, instead of an employee. In that case slack worked for the demo.I spoke at amazon’s conf about software delivery. https://t.co/OUk6X1uFFV@michaelgorsuch @blakegentry wherein i realize all of my nervous ticks by watching myself talk. thanks, a lot.
@jina wow, that’s beautiful. the animated series is still one of my faves as an adultZero Fucks presents: House of Bass tonight in the loft! Rules: dance with a stranger, make friends, give zero fucks. @zerofucksde
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@mperham They’re like cleaner fish planes for 747s@wfarr @markimbriaco exactly@wfarr @markimbriaco guise there's always a third option
@bkenny Doh, sorry. I was joking. :)
@realalysonla I hope your day was fantastic. 🎊@nzkoz worked here@mrtazz @solarce *mainly* 😘@solarce i found unfollowing to work pretty well. i mainly follow joke accounts and cute animals these days.@glenngillen http://t.co/No2YkMeCLu@glenngillen still seems a lot easier than collecting software requirements.@kneath It’s right there though, dude.@rob_rix @kdaigle @jakeboxer Last I heard there’s a q3a server running in the office somewhere.
@dpiddee 🔜@tenderlove always grateful for your work. 🙇Also lol that @tenderlove maintains these things and the last line of rails security advisories is http://t.co/ynu5r4cUwzThat thing where you’re upgrading shit due to the latest CVE and realize your coworker reported it. ❤️ @patricktoomey
If Jaden Smith and Jose Canseco hosted a podcast together I would miss the birth of my own child to listen to it
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@RLGRIME @D33J congratsPLEASE be a real thing 👌👍 http://t.co/hH5YJ45ARM
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@andykenward can you email support@github.com with any info you have?
@mrtazz i’ve had both of the hario ones and kinda hate em. The smaller one is good for traveling but sucks at home.Playing tunes: https://t.co/ZGYqjHtPHC@nap_dad this one has been reliable for me for years. http://t.co/pL1WF62YUk@paulcbetts ¯\_(🍜)_/¯@walski dunno yet@shiftkey @wfarr says an upside down person@wfarr you should invert your avatar while you’re upside down btw.@wfarr nfi, it’s just chatops shit you’re well acquainted with. I forget that lots of people operate on diff levels than startup peeps.@kdaigle some were like, “i couldn’t find a place to sit so i left” so i had that going for me.@kdaigle it was roughly 150 responses and most were really positive. I didn’t love it so it was nice to hear. They were… interesting.I started to overanalyze the negative ones and then imagined them as hackernews comments. I wish the 15-20% of unhappy people got more tho.Got a bunch of awesome/weird feedback from my talk at re:invent. To the people that dug it, thanks. To the people who didn’t, I’m sorry.@solarce that real name.Boop. http://t.co/nmxLlqspd9
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeBurning your bridges used to be a lot easier before the introduction of steel and concrete structures. It's pretty much impossible now.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@muanchiou @dreww wait. She's baaaack?@jazmasta ❤️@walski @Jamiegirl1 doubtful. Flying home from Vegas and need some alone time. 1st floor is prolly ok if I'm not there though.@walski @Jamiegirl1 I'd love to see you both for whatever.
@jimplush holler when you’re in sf. I have one that says atmos on the sleeve if that’s cool.@nrrrdcore happy happy birthday. http://t.co/Ft2lgmZwylThe kind of rigorous risk discussions on GMOs we used to have before the spread of Monsanto shills http://t.co/niRNyJ6RNA
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@teabass @konstantinhaase ask @twp or @grantr. Or just email support@github.com with your question like everyone else.
@cashion how late is that stuff going. Running to meet my gf by the pool for a bit.@cashion about as well as you can hope. I’m just glad it’s over and I can enjoy the rest of my time here.@jhammond lol, sorry. Thanks for the correction@disasteraverted it's @1password for mac@DJSpacecamp whoa, those look fun
@anthonybruno https://t.co/5rp4xY8hcW
@drawohara @brettgoulder at the bar across the street.@fujin_ xbone or ps4?@skamille I actually loved speaking there and had great hosts. You can make it happen.@fujin_ if you get a Mac you don't even know it's an nvidia thing.@jerrett again?@brettgoulder I'm here.@brixen @evanphx @maccaw @gopumago puma came in late enough that no one cared, which sucks. ETOOMUCHUNIX is the worst.@brettgoulder still the plan?@drawohara @brettgoulder where ya thinking?@brixen @maccaw #marketing I really really want a faster appserver and don’t think it’s this.@copiousfreetime i’m going to the amazon thing in vegas, come hang out for a day or two afterward mebbe?@copiousfreetime no, vegas. What’s in San Diego? I can drive there.@mitchellh @gunzy83 @solarce amazon having one of the better AMIs is kind of a bad sign. I don’t wanna apt-get or yum install anything.@copiousfreetime @brixen @maccaw @gopumago I can make whatever garbage is fashionable work well. unicorn is still the champ, cause it’s unix@samkottler pretty sad because i was like “i got this reply” and the text was already there.@mperham @maccaw I get better programming tactics i just don’t understand why you expect rubyists to understand and use them effectively.@mperham Same box though, i bet.@brixen I just thought it might be cool and say hi and eat and stuff. :)@brixen @maccaw I will literally take you both out to dinner if either of you believe that shit in 6 months. I hope you eat meat.@maccaw Right on, best of luck to you all.@brixen @maccaw I don’t even know what torquebox is, but I don’t know anyone running businesses on ruby that isn’t running unicorn. Curious.@maccaw Are any businesses using it? I feel like 0-4% of ruby shops adopted puma. Why should we care at all?@dennyabraham I deleted it. :\@garybernhardt i guess i just don’t get it. If I see you around I’ll just bug you in person.@garybernhardt i’m also super exhausted and probably (mis)reading into everything entirely too much.@garybernhardt i get what you mean but it’s abstract enough that most people miss it. So instead of doing something awesome it’s just smug.@garybernhardt Spend an entire year only deleting code. You won’t, and you’ll just add to the mess.@jordansissel @jtimberman <any linux bistro of your choice> because lol some person got too busy and literally doesn’t give a shit.@jtimberman @jordansissel @mitchellh @solarce @atmos you all are nubs
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@jtimberman @jordansissel @mitchellh @solarce you just actually pick the sha/day that it was clean shaven.@blueboxjesse i’m a huge fan of “heroku run bash” but I’m not holding my breath.@mitchellh @solarce everything is so terrible if you really look at it or try to use it. I sorta understand debian peeps at this point.@blueboxjesse i ran that shit like 10 years ago and I’m old and don’t wanna debug stupid shit anymore. Just gimme a working linux system.@defiler word, ill check it out.@ELLIOTTCABLE once you login you don’t have to install a bunch of shit that isn’t related to your applications code?How has no one made a good linux distro yet?@capotej @kudeki the ole dirtybird.@migreyes passing people along doesn’t sound very friendly.@capotej @kudeki i think it’s the 21st this month, we try to just have a house party every other week or so and play fun shit for each other
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