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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

I'm a Madam dedicated to Adam. My Adam Lambert Fan Place.

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@susansporran My CD player in car is broken, that's why I haven't listened to in awhile@susansporran Totally, haven't listened to in awhileDriving through the desert listening to Tresspassing, Happy Birthday @adamlambert@Isolde_13 Ha ha , yes I will, I'm also driving my car, 1st time long trip, nervous@Isolde_13 Yep, heading to Cali, going early to visit peeps, then shoot tomorrow@Isolde_13 Might not happen anytime soon but gonna try & start saving, maybe just save for extra concerts :)@Isolde_13 Not sure, maybe just a cruiseLove the new pic
@Isolde_13 Yep, just wish I was spending it on other stuff :( I'm gonna start planning a vacation soon too :)@Isolde_13 I'm cocktailing Sat-Wed & show Tue-Fri, gonna B another hard but $ making week@Isolde_13 oh yeah, Ur working, me too until 10pm, then I work my crazy 16 hour days right after, ughh, so gonna sleep after@Isolde_13 Ha ha, on a brighter nite, whatcha guys doing for Super Bowl@Isolde_13 Not that he won't help out kids but she can go F herself after that :)Adam in people last month, Geeky to Gorgeous, too cute http://t.co/uebCIwGIY2@Isolde_13 only 4 more years dealing with her then, right? Once kids R 18, courts can help her@Isolde_13 how old is the youngest@Isolde_13 They aren't stupid, I'm sure they see it, & he doesn't live a flashy lifestyle, I'm sure they see where his & goes, Crazy B!Just watched Adams Dad talk about his Top 40 experience, too funny.@Isolde_13 Hopefully the kids see what she's doing & R on his side @dude__ette@Isolde_13 That sux, is she being meaner now that she sees a woman In the picture @dude__ette@Isolde_13 Oh just the fact he doesn't have the money then :( @dude__ette@CrisJanLim Then they brought in the fake dead chopped corpse, crazy@CrisJanLim Sweet, I worked on a major TV show & the blood process was so cool@Isolde_13 Why did he tell her @dude__ette
OMG, so excited, going to one of my fav restaurants in Cali on Thur, miss Houston's so much@missnisha6849 Thanks, I miss performingHa ha, just found this treasure, me dancing for a Roller Hockey team a few years ago http://t.co/s4wNAQC9fMExcited to go to Cali this week for a photoshoot, wish I had more time to hang out though
JFC, so I was able to use kiosk at DMV & took less then 20min, this info could've been handy 5 hours ago, ha haOur DMV tries to save u from waiting by texting u when u can come down, well my time will be after they close, SMH@QueenWillRock "Tie your Mother down" just came on radio, too bad I'm seeing this liveSmog check & DMV, don't B jealous
@tinydolly Yay, u got to go!@MarkShunock look what I found http://t.co/g3njYfAbtZ
@Isolde_13 I'm at Hard Rock@Isolde_13 Freak show, Baby, Baby on the dance floorOff to meet up with friends for some porn award after partying, this should B Intresting@AvaJazlyn Too lazy to get ready@HannaBec I know, but mite be able to go to a cool party, decisions, decisions@addimaree I'm sure if someone pays him to be there, he would goKinda wanna go out, but also want to be lazy.@HannaBec Ha ha, Totally1st read that as the new single was called "Can't Wait For You" ha ha @adamlambert@Isolde_13 Right, me too, Love @HarryConnickJR I need to clone him & Marry him :)
Have to work different bar tonite at casino, not too excited about it@Isolde_13 I was in a hurry & sleep deprived, I also have a garnish pick injury that is pretty stupid & funny too 0_o @BUSYBEE8
Crap, thought I had tomorrow off, at least only my night gig@Isolde_13 These R the stairs that beat me up, lucky I didn't real hurt myself http://t.co/htlvaxoHW4@Isolde_13 last day for nowOh yeah, so I fell running up the back work stairs last nite & let me tell U the bruise on my hip is so black & blue #clutzBooth next to me isolation g a Queen compilation, Yay!Day 3 of 2.5 hours of sleep is destroying me, hoping I can get out of working 2nd job today or I may die, seriously *crying inside*Just gotta work, literally delirious, having a melt down today, how can I do this 1 more day
Day 2 of 16 hours on 2 hours of sleep
@AlliCrain Thanx I need it, I don't know how I do it, but I just think of the $@DarynD Were gonna try & C him next month but this was a small corp show, would've been awesomeCREATIVE JUICES airs 2nite on @BREALTV w/ @iamDJShiva @Doomztunes @WoodysProduce & special guest @AshleyDzerigian ! http://t.co/mZgw5LhcWD
Retweeted by adams madamsLunch break over, back to the grind@outlawbooster That's nice, Yep, I was at those shows too@RabbitholeGirl Awesome :) @borababe1@RabbitholeGirl I went to 3 shows here in US, so wanted more@RabbitholeGirl Maybe u can save up for his normal tour, that's what I may do@outlawbooster Oh man, whatcha coming to Vegas for, that's where I live@RabbitholeGirl I priced out the last couple shows to see if it's doable, probably dreaming but would be awesome to go to 1 overseas@RabbitholeGirl Oh, I would've died, what show was it at?@outlawbooster Hopefully I will see him next month, but corp events are small & intimate@RabbitholeGirl OMG, was that Ur footage, yep then it's already done, he he@RabbitholeGirl Not at all, however U might B pregnant nowMy friend went to a private Billy Idol concert last nite, so jealous2 hours of sleep, let's do this 0_oJust got off an 8 hour shift, I get 3 hours of sleep & then back to back 8 hours shifts the next 2 days (16 hour days), ughh
@Sarah_Brayton :)Off to new job, hope I have another good nite
@AmberBoc The Ramen noodle diet will save u lots of money, ha ha @Wild4Adam @__CrazyLove@Wild4Adam True, ha ha @__CrazyLove @AmberBoc@Wild4Adam I hope not, but I'm gonna def plan more locations, I'm contemplating last min Queen but that may b crazy @__CrazyLove @AmberBoc@Wild4Adam @__CrazyLove @AmberBoc Count me in, I'm starting a good fund myself :)@saraplusadamm I can try, now with new job, work a lot of weekends @Isolde_13@Choose2Live I know, that's was cheesy but awesome@saraplusadamm Yep, why? @Isolde_13@AdamgasmAussie I'm a model, actress, dancer, jack of all trades & now added cocktail server, def not a a nurse, ha haHad a great work nite, another Queen concert could possibly happen
Time to make some money@AdamgasmAussie that wrks if I'm running errands but all my crazy gigs have me wearing different things, today I'm in fishnets 0_oMy neighbors must wonder what I do for a living, the things I leave the house inProbably should've washed my hair for work, but oh well, gonna make it workDyingWonder if u can make enough money with new job to go see Queen overseas, a girl can dream@omgelvis Thanx for the vids :)OMG, flashback with my girls @Isolde_13 @nattyreckless
@Morgan_Dancer I was like what is this store, clothes look cheap, then saw it was Gap, what happened to themWalked by @Gap store, clothes look horrible, guess they don't know how to steam clothes for the window display #failCan't wait! Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience at House of Blues Las Vegas http://t.co/18XjG4cBmc@Isolde_13 A true bathroom selfie, ha ha@Isolde_13 Adam was awesome last nite ! ""that's what he said"" ha ha
It's Adam Idol time #AmericanIdol@BeachbabyShel The torture, Right!April needs to get here now! :)I love it when my roomie brings me home @showboybakeshop cupcakes :)“@maradoddsy7: @devenlane Who Wants to Live Forever http://t.co/QZvxjtGBKw” Amazing!!!
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