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.@SenJohnThune: We think the death tax is punitive. RETWEET if you agree. REPLY if you do not. http://t.co/R1eTxCy70d @FoxBusiness Network.@GovChristie calls tax revenue from pot sales ‘blood money.’ @GovGaryJohnson fires back. http://t.co/6RZ5oxCdUA @FoxBusiness NetworkExecutive order to prevent employers from asking for your criminal record? Do you agree with one group proposing this to the WH? #CavutoWorried about flying after the tragedy with Germanwings Flight 9525? Our crew discusses next... plus the effect it could have on the market.#Cavuto on Business @FoxNews kicking off now... Tweet along with the crew: @cvpayne @dagenmcdowell @adamlashinsky & @CGasparino#MarchMadness keep you up late last night? Grab a cup of coffee & hit the couch #Cavuto on Business is moments away on @FoxNews Be there!
NEXT on @FoxBusiness: “What's the deal?” More like, "Mr. President, no more deals." http://t.co/EdcLJOJOV7They're old. They're bold. And their backs ache! It's Friday! It's "Bitter Boomers" time now on @FoxBusiness! http://t.co/JJmpOI3WmqRETWEET if you think Pres. Obama's push for free college and free internet will be far from free. @FoxBusiness http://t.co/vbuelAbYQKThe Apple Watch is @tim_cook's baby. His “Steve Jobs” moment. Will it be a success? We discuss NEXT on @FoxBusiness http://t.co/eNrtmF30kLThe Energy Dept. is bringing back the controversial fuel-efficiency loan program that funded Solyndra. RETWEET if you expect more bad bets.My friend #NeilCavuto is #awesome Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Events | Variety http://t.co/o2HGfLVSSD
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"The world would be a better place if all drugs were legalized." -@GovGaryJohnson just now on @FoxBusiness.@GovGaryJohnson joins me now on @FoxBusiness. He says @GovChristie is being hypocritical. RETWEET if you agree. http://t.co/X6c8X8aa8jYou default. You don’t drive. Can states really do this? We debate NOW on @FoxBusiness Network. @JosephTacopina http://t.co/GctU1f2rkWTune in to @FoxBusiness Network now for my Spiel on these Iran nuclear talks. http://t.co/KTkSqzpndiRepublicans say now is NOT the time to cut defense. RETWEET if you agree. REPLY if you do not. @FoxBusiness Network8PM ET on @FoxBusiness: Used to those low prices at the pump? Well, a govt collapsing half a world away is about to kick us all in the gas.RETWEET if you’ve lost trust in this White House to make a deal with Iran. @FoxBusiness Network http://t.co/NrC7yM9mfc
Sen. John Thune (R-SD) is working to eliminate the "death tax." http://t.co/m4hDzGifub
Retweeted by Neil CavutoFox Biz Alert! @taylorswift13 buys porn site? Tune in NOW to @FoxBusiness for the skinny on what this star is up to. http://t.co/iVHVEN3oIn.@SenJohnThune joins me NOW on @FoxBusiness. He wants to REPEAL the DEATH TAX. RETWEET if you support this. http://t.co/PhFqcG27t0.@RadioShack is putting customers personal info up for sale in its bankruptcy auction? @KennedyNation reacts now. http://t.co/pnT1zrmMDUWill @RickSantorum run for President again? He joins me NEXT on @FoxBusiness Network. http://t.co/UYy3U2tNR1Google has a White House fast pass, and gets a pass? RETWEET if you think something doesn’t smell right @FOXBusiness http://t.co/eqPt6Y7nIA.@TedCruz is running. Is @RickSantorum nervous about losing religious right? I’ll ask him myself. 8PM on @FoxBusiness http://t.co/THNYkZ2u6u.@MittRomney on @holyfield fight: "I can fight anybody so long as Candy Crowley isnt the referee" http://t.co/mnJkUNofmm #CAVUTO @FoxNews
Let’s get ready to rumble! Five-time world heavyweight champ Evander @holyfield joins me now on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/vcoCNxoNjUThe White House is upset Israel is reportedly spying on them over Iran, but can you blame them? @FoxBusiness now. http://t.co/kZeUl5BFPKAre candidates like @TedCruz taking the party too far right? @CarlPaladino weighs in NOW on @FoxBusiness Network. http://t.co/7UHOXi6oNn.@MittRomney joins me NOW on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/OXbPm9uH6v http://t.co/YcuskrR7QtThink you’ve seen the last of this guy? Maybe not... @MittRomney sits down with me NEXT on @FoxBusiness. http://t.co/KeuRZzHz2I8PM ET on @FoxBusiness: Boxing champ Evander @holyfield on why he's getting in the ring with the Stormin' Mormon! http://t.co/xULRJqJKFZ.@MittRomney on #GOP2016: Need to look at the record of the people running... their actions, not just their words. #Cavuto.@MittRomney on @SenTedCruz running in #2016... "He is a person of sound responsibility." #CavutoWhat does @MittRomney make of @SenTedCruz's 2016 news? The 2012 GOP nominee tells Neil LIVE @ 4pm ET on @FoxNews
It’s Monday and that means a very personal “What’s the Deal.” Get your questions in NOW and I’ll read them on air NEXT. @FoxBusiness NetworkAre we headed for $1/gallon gas?? Don’t laugh. Details NOW on @FoxBusiness Network. http://t.co/eqahiXv8Cn.@cvpayne gives me his Stock Pick of the Day in two minutes on @FoxBusiness Network. Tune in! http://t.co/pQiCPa64Va.@AllenWest joins me now on the @FoxBusiness Network to talk about the White House's rift with Israel. http://t.co/FkLClUIacyHey, Mr. President. Take a cue from "Frozen" and "Let it go." Get over it. Let bygones be bygones with P.M. Netanyahu http://t.co/2xP6XRAvTCEnter Mr. Anti-Obamacare. @tedcruz is running for President. Can he win? We debate now on @FoxBusiness Network. http://t.co/0f4ELtdN8VI know every big government initiative has its fits and starts. But 5 years later...RETWEET if you're seeing a lot more "fits" than "starts"It’s #Obamacare’s birthday and we’ll cry if we want to. 8PM ET on @FoxBusiness Network. http://t.co/tOm2QD4vy3What does the @GOP's 2012 presidential nominee @MittRomney think of @SenTedCruz's 2016 decision? He tells Neil TOMORROW. 4pm ET @FoxNews
Don't forget Monday is "Ask Neil Anything Day" on the @FoxBusiness Network. Ask me anything. Get your questions in! http://t.co/TJnALAuHKUFormer Reagan Budget Director David Stockman on why we need to stop ignoring the U.S. debt. http://t.co/imNXJkfzbt @FoxBusiness Network
Neil's Spiel on the tense U.S. and Israel relations over the Iranian nuclear deal: http://t.co/24kPEcUPgb @FoxBusiness Network.@cvpayne, @adamlashinsky & Ben Stein have the stocks that’ll keep rising as interest rates increase. Picks you don’t want to miss! #cavutoPres Obama floating the idea of mandatory #voting. Its got @DrewFromTV fired up & our crew is ready to sound off. NEXT #cavuto @FoxNewsUp next… Uncle Sam’s possible career change to financial advisor? Find out what could happen to your #retirement savings. #Cavuto @FoxNewsWhat do you think about the House GOP budget? Do you agree with @cvpayne? #Cavuto @FoxNewsJonas has the wine ready! Are you? #Cavuto on Business is on now… 1st- GOPers release a budget & Dems are piling on. http://t.co/OVEu958WIy10 minutes away from #Cavuto on Business... tune into @FoxNews & tweet along with @cvpayne @adamlashinsky @CGasparino & @dagenmcdowell
neil @TeamCavuto has me and @Brady_FBN on a new panel: hateful old men where we discuss our dislike of millennials 830pm @FoxBusiness
Retweeted by Neil CavutoStarbucks teaming up with USA Today to shame America on race? RETWEET if you think they have a “latte” nerve.Starbucks wants to give you a "race reality check". Neil reacts to that next, and a familiar face joins him for some commentary :)
Retweeted by Neil CavutoWhat the tech?! Shoes that can charge your phone as you walk? Turn on @FoxBusiness right now to see. http://t.co/fgRzwxMpZvShould there be work requirements for those receiving food stamps? RETWEET=YES. REPLY=NO. We debate NOW on @FoxBusiness Network.Don't miss my interview with @TransCanada CEO Russ Girling on the future of the #KeystoneXL pipeline. TONIGHT. 8PM ET http://t.co/jHrhv5bbbZJoin me on @TeamCavuto at 4:50. We'll discuss anti #Israel movement w/in the #unitednations. @HeraldRadio @bostonherald #tcot #Netanyahu
Retweeted by Neil CavutoAfter its latest misstep, @BoDietl says its time to privatize the @TSA. RT if you agree! http://t.co/VJOVhjnZ7H #CAVUTO @FoxNewsThe President talking to the people of Iran - while talking down to his critics here? RT if a deal with Iran concerns you @FoxNews #CAVUTOIs the President looking to pick a fight with Israel? http://t.co/FVYpX7iZRC #CAVUTO @FoxNews
Get ready for Government-run 401Ks if Hillary wins in 2016? Tune in NOW to @FoxBusiness Network for the details. http://t.co/dMkmMeNvXERETWEET if you disagree with the way Pres. Obama is handling P.M. Netanyahu's victory. @FoxBusiness Network http://t.co/pOcsTVpEx9NOW on @FoxBusiness: Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman is here to say, 'America... Time to wake up.' http://t.co/fj7jW39SCIRETWEET if you think time is running short and we need real action now. @FoxBusiness Network. 8PM ET. http://t.co/Pd1jS7tmBqI'll be on @TeamCavuto @FoxBusiness in the 8pm&11pm ET hours to discuss U.S.-Israeli relations.Hope you'll join us! @ConcernedVets #FoxNews
Retweeted by Neil CavutoNeil is sticking to his guns: Hillary will NOT win the 2016 Democratic Nomination. RT if you agree, REPLY with your pick #CAVUTO @FoxNewsCould @JohnKerry be considering another Presidential run? #CAVUTO @FoxNews http://t.co/3KaIQtiOPm
Some doctors are now prescribing video games because they are good for your brain! Thoughts? http://t.co/GkeSlF7ykq
Retweeted by Neil CavutoEPA wants to monitor how long hotel guests spend in the shower. I think this is going too far. RETWEET if you do too. @FoxBusiness NetworkSay it ain’t so! Getting rid of all-you-can-eat buffets? Help @JrzyJoePiscopo and I end this push! @FoxBusiness now. http://t.co/wSkd4IrF8h.@Starbucks is encouraging its baristas to discuss race relations with customers. RETWEET if you just want your coffee. @FoxBusiness NetworkSometimes those outside the consensus crowd have a grasp on the issues the consensus crowd does not. We need change. http://t.co/IuDgH6hfkBLet's stop getting so animated over the inevitable. Rates are going up. Get over it. @FoxBusiness Network.This fixation with the moment and hour this rate anvil comes down is like a bad road-runner cartoon. @FoxBusiness Network.Capitalism is under attack, and now’s not the time to back down from it… @FoxBusiness Network. http://t.co/GVzsKNkc78Looking for an Obamacare alternative? @BobbyJindal has one http://t.co/sw4F0hA8lA @FoxNews #CAVUTO.@cvpayne has lost patience with the @federalreserve. Have you? #whateverjanet http://t.co/ZSFsxMN6YF
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My next prediction: Others sensing Hillary Clinton’s in trouble, will start entering the race. Think John Kerry. Even Al Gore. @FoxBusinessIt's not her emails. It's her. As a candidate, good from afar but under harsh glare of the media spotlight? Let's just say, far from good.Mark it down. Her problems will continue to pile up. @HillaryClinton will not be the Democratic Presidential nominee. @FoxBusiness NetworkLast night on my #WhatTheTech segment...Flying cars are here! Check out what else is here, tonight 8PM @FoxBusiness http://t.co/vf9njhV7l8
Fewer people are signing up. That’s why costs are down. But that’s not how this thing was sold. Why is the White House celebrating? #CAVUTOBefore the Admin starts crowing about costs for #Obamacare coming down...They might want to take another look at what's "really" going down.The future is here. Are you ready for flying cars? Check one out now on the @FoxBusiness Network. #WhatTheTech http://t.co/tCH0XAupsY2016 GOP candidates talking up their humble working class roots...avoiding the “rich” label. Is this right strategy? http://t.co/P4GWgC5nWSDo Republicans mean what they say or just say anything they can to win elections? @FoxBusiness Network. 8PM ET. http://t.co/5V3sL1E1V1It’s “Ask Neil Anything Monday” on the @FoxBusiness Network. Get your questions in! I’ll answer them on air at end of the show. Fire away!in a crushing blow to my ego, neil @TeamCavuto calls me a bitter old man http://t.co/TXqd4Wg8oD
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Don't forget. Monday is "Ask Neil Anything Day" on @FoxBusiness. Send me your questions. I'll answer them on the air! http://t.co/A5tTikSusk
Did you catch this on "What the Tech?!" on my @FoxBusiness show? Every night I'll show you the latest, coolest tech. http://t.co/xB05L0PWyL
You wanna know what’s bugging Americans most these days? The government. @FoxBusiness Network NOW http://t.co/iAVzIZny6Y“Americans think the same Washington presumably trying to fix these messes is the biggest mess of 'em all?” Now @FoxBusiness NetworkHad it with millennials moaning? It’s time for our bitter boomers to boom back! @FoxBusiness Network NOW http://t.co/MqOq7D5HSLI'm not saying there's going to be another housing crash but I am saying there's a crack in the cabana. Details NOW on @FoxBusiness NetworkWhere's Thor to drop a hammer on D.C. and say enough is enough? @FOXBusiness 8PM http://t.co/qhUms33PVBDisney knows how to invest in the right thing. The govt? Not so much. That's why D.C. piles up debt and $DIS just piles up cash @FoxBusiness
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