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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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Oh hey Winter Soldier is on Starz now. Time for the first of a thousand rewatches@hraptis72 Lovely!@rianjohnson @jennytwoshits Just listening to the pod - it's great! (Though K *does* slip up and say "Hedley" at 27:58) :D@patman23 yeah, they were amazing back in the ATL.@jowrotethis and a good epFuck me this fight scene is BONKERS even by #Banshee standardsNow time for last night’s #BansheeFun day. Portland Comic-Con and dinner with dear pals from the motherland. (Locals cosplay game not up to DragonCon standards though)@DropEdge so…secret villain or tragic death?
@jowrotethis the truth is out there32 weeks or 224 days. Either way, #GoDawgs.
Retweeted by Shan@Brassafrass All the lines are shuffling and you can't tell them from the zombies@Brassafrass Is this like an interactive Walking Dead attraction?@Brassafrass WHAT? I was scheduled for leeches tomorrow with my barber
RIP Mr Cub@djohnstonuga Well, he was no Stinger on the court, but I guess he'll do in the booth. :)@djohnstonuga Oh he does analyst work now? Awesome.@patman23 Always loved him on L&O, and great to see him in this world.@stephsmith The opening few scenes were shocking/funny, but after that...meh.@djohnstonuga When did they bring back the pacman logo? Was it this year? Is that the magic talisman?@stephsmith man, that was a disappointment. Not nearly as good as I thought it'd be.@patman23 He's great, isn't he? The scene with him and Barry at the end of this week's is sniff-worthy.A show about a detective with OCD, and that's how they designed the box for the last season. #wellplayed http://t.co/kldBnJ1cE1
Retweeted by ShanThat last retweet is amazing. Suggests that Katniss, Legolas and Hawkeye are doing it wrong. Again! https://t.co/4uXiuBYuge
Retweeted by ShanA good #Elementary last night. Ophelia Lovibond is killing it.Dune, The Rocketeer, new Trek series, Vampire Chronicles would all make great shows. Also, the idea of Dollhouse with Maslany as Echo.Lots of good ideas in here for sequel or reboot suggestions: http://t.co/VEixDTbRUV Most, however, I'd rather see as a new TV show@icannotjustify It wasn't too bad. Very piloty and trying hard. But I'll stick around to see where it goes.@mosh426 a little piloty. Like most pilots. But saw enough to come back. Plus a very solid cast.@mosh426 I knew the difference. No one had a baby here. Thank Zeus. (Enjoyed the premiere btw. Season pass set)Did they even write a new score for Backstrom or just CTRL+C and CTRL+V from Bones?
@jowrotethis huh. Always liked him and he seemed pretty cool in interviews.But that’s kinda retrograde.Oh well. Will still enjoy the acting@jowrotethis what happened?@jowrotethis speaking of into this, what about Sophie Turner as Jean Grey?@empiremagazine @jowrotethis so do we!Sometimes I check my mute filters and see a LONG list of reality shows and TV shows with kids. Thanks to everyone who properly hashtagsFrom Sansa to Jean Grey? Nice.@sarahherring and on an iPadThis is my least favorite ep and yes it’s BAD https://t.co/b3tumoqJj0 (tho it still has Giles singing “Behind Blue Eyes”)@KenTremendous Time out! Wait…how do you use those again? [Atlanta Falcons Fan]@patman23 House Spoiler. “You Must Know”@patman23 don’t coddle the spoiler babies!@jowrotethis wait, “pointing camera at Eva Green” isn’t a skill?@HistoryofMatt He'd be great as virtually any superhero: talented and looks like a Greek godC'mon, a GLEE actor in a DC adaptation will never work.
Daylong adventure with Georgia friendsThis post http://t.co/YEyrMRTmaP is about something else entirely, but all I can think is "Jess? Fuck that guy. He was TERRRRIBLE."But not mentioned as much is how good Alicia Witt was as Wendy Crowe, even in a less than stellar seasonLots of bagging on last season of #Justified. And it wasn't great, because Rapaport was awful.@icannotjustify I will try not to dance to happily, as not to rub it in. :)@icannotjustify I take it they are not there yet?@jowrotethis there’s a Clone Wara joke in there somewhereOkay who got a little misty at the end of that second #ParksandRec? Not me. Nope. Sniff.@jowrotethis great promising start. Feels like bourbon and home (wait…those are the same thing)I went to AT&T today and there was no perky brunette what good is life@1Lcampesino Chesterfield Presents…SupernaturalTHAT was a good TV night. Supernatural, Parks n Rec, The Flash, Justified. And not even POI or Agent Carter. #TuesdayIsTheNewSunday#Supernatural road so far montage set to ELO’s “Long Black Road”. Not “Carry On…” (what is for this show?) but an inspired choice. 👍👍That Barry and Joe scene at the end. Well done show. #TheFlash@NoelMu crying over the loss of scenery? As it was being all chewed up by the villains? (JK…that was a really entertaining hour)I was already gonna watch. Then @sepinwall invoked “The Rockford Files” http://t.co/qwL95cLMkT and…SOLD
Retweeted by Shan@jowrotethis WATCH OUT FOR THE CLOUDSix dollars? Dewey, I think a lot of us have overpaid. #Justifiedgreat news everybody, halfway through tonight’s #JustifiedFX premiere Daryl remains dead and thus unable to make vowel sounds
Retweeted by Shan“Bourbon is easy to understand. It tastes like a warm summers day” Preach, Raylan. #JustifiedTime for #JustifiedDawgs win. Now back to last week’s ARCHER@DrJtotheMastro peace be with you. (Also isn’t there a NCIS NOLA on too?)Not sure we need a SOTU -- as a nation, we have our priorities in order: http://t.co/5LvErvW5c6
Retweeted by Shan@DrJtotheMastro what about Justified, Parks and Rec, The Flash and Supernatural?@djohnstonuga was there a shot of Express Pizza?8 Best Female Joss Whedon Characters, Ranked http://t.co/puSx49ckcW via @bustleThat last RT was on point. Militant whiny spoiler babies are annoying. Good stories are more “how” than “what”also the time to note that #JustifiedFX will be tweeted in EST, and where you see SPOILERZ we see grown adults who can’t work a mute button
Retweeted by Shan@TVandDinners It's another slow starter, but really picks up in the back half of S1. Very fun ride.@laci2517 I haven't seen it yet, but I've seen pix and videos of it and I can't believe they used that. Hilarious@laci2517 Unless it's the American Sniper baby. Then it's okay because it's plastic.
I like the actor playing Finn but damn that hair has got to go #TheOriginals #hairtweets@1Lcampesino LIFESTYLEIt has also been pointed out to me, that today is #BuffySummers 34 🎂🎂. So now let's party 🎉🎉
Retweeted by Shan@Sockmonkey666 as long as it’s not Julian McMahon under that@DrJtotheMastro is Netflix accessed via TV app, DVD player, roku or how? Cuz you can program that for easy access@DrJtotheMastro Fantastic! In each room, I went from a basket of 5-10 remotes to 1 and my neat freak & lazy TV watcher never looked back@Sockmonkey666 go team@icannotjustify that actor does an uncanny young Buscemi@icannotjustify love both of them. Can’t wait for the new eps@shanarosenberg @borednihilist If they don't cast that way, then the actor can audition/take deal and give it the best they can@shanarosenberg @borednihilist I think it's on producers/director/studio to determine "must BE this to PLAY this" approach if they want that@borednihilist @shanarosenberg We can probably agree on that. :)@borednihilist @shanarosenberg He used his options for his good.it worked out for him.And if he didn't take the role, someone similar would@shanarosenberg @borednihilist Right. we can disagree about our own personal philosophies and debate them.@borednihilist @shanarosenberg And I think that's wise career management. It's a job. Like being the most productive manager at Home Depot@borednihilist @shanarosenberg Leto's responsibility is to Leto. Now he has an Oscar and is playing the Joker.@shanarosenberg @borednihilist And Gary Sinise has legs?@borednihilist @shanarosenberg That may be the case, but that's a casting/producing/system problem, not a Leto problem.@shanarosenberg @borednihilist It was! I don't think "WOLVERINES!' really affected the cold war. And it's a movie!@borednihilist I'm saying they're "invalid" to me. Of course you can complain/boycott actors/roles you find troubling.@borednihilist you are. You asked a question, and I gave my opinion. Which differs from yours.@borednihilist And actors don't have to = specifics of role. ScarJo is not an alien or an AI. Redmayne doesn't have ALS. It's acting
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