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Southern Charms webmodel, Niteflirt camgirl, domestic diva, who just likes to have fun!

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@PAscsupporter lol I could find a red wig...Or better yet...this!! but without the shorts ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜› http://t.co/1hUjs0f4BzOnline shopping for a family member and came across this ...think some of you might like me in it :P http://t.co/BPtqOPlVxfHaving some of this in my coffee tonight...next thing will be in dark chocolate hot cocoa :) http://t.co/xhe7ogx2pv@PAscsupporter my "bow" pasties ;)@PAscsupporter might put some gold bows up top too
My Christmas dress/creation is coming along quite nicely...just a few added touches left!! http://t.co/oKagKWLjDOCheers! http://t.co/pLoEwotgVCDidn't feel well today but better now -esp after my nightcap of Bailey's choc cherry-yummmmy http://t.co/vlbvXCprQO
Christmas tree '14 -excuse the mess haven't put the storage totes away...too tired and my "helpers" went to bed http://t.co/oFoSb8OxaZ@PAscsupporter nah hubby wouldn't like it
@PAscsupporter I was like if I had a dollar for every time somebody told me that I look like her - Lolol I'm gonna dye my hair black or red!@PAscsupporter LOL it's funny you mention this, I was at a CVS store last Saturday and the cashier there said that I looked like her ughhDon't miss out on my latest update 317 nude thigh high stockings and high heels http://t.co/FuIaQYDgHU http://t.co/LvbIuWFc2d
@johncrocket123 done :)My kitty cat likes the Christmas tree...it's her new napping spot! Lol <3 http://t.co/USpqFGNgGe
@bwest81 thank you!! :)Having a pretty good night -tomorrow is going to be even better I have a feeling :P ๐Ÿ˜› http://t.co/nF02HIZsrAGot a custom video done and shot an update wearing heels & stockings. So SC job-wise did good today, vanilla job not so good lolMade hubby homemade brownies for when he got off of work -wish I had some Baileys to drink with it! http://t.co/0qFICUyYcz
@PAscsupporter thanks...IF it actually happens...family members might be arriving home sooner than expected who are in townMight type for another hour then go shoot a custom video that is overdue...would give me some "relief" if yall know what I mean :)@PAscsupporter LOL I keep taking breaks - which doesn't help my productivity. Coffee break, laundry break, manicure break etc lolMy vanilla job sucks today...cannot focus as I keep thinking of what all I have to get done for the holidays and have no car right now :(If you "favorite" and retweet my #amazon wishlist without getting me any presents you're lame. Favoriting & re-tweeting does not=Presents
Retweeted by Sierra Lynn"@LusciousLips_36: beads on my #pussy I have pics like this on my site! Love how they rub my lips & clit!! http://t.co/QF1zf5yDKp""@urclitsuckr: I love her pussy lips http://t.co/AAnCouCcuV" I'd be down there for hours :P ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜œ
@SierraLynnCharm thanks! :)Boots on me :) http://t.co/OQAXVPI9pYNew boots!! Wore them out to a nice restaurant with my purple dress and hose last Friday. Hostess complimented me http://t.co/hEPENm2VCOWoke up from one of the best naps ever....now having a big cup of javaRT @DrRyanMoore: http://t.co/HyV1GGwbCJ http://t.co/FpkNnMzES8 http://t.co/a3GBmMNwW2 I need me one of these personal box lickers! RT it!๐Ÿ’‹
Retweeted by Sierra LynnDone working now bath time! http://t.co/5BuVTWg1KgNote: I'm still doing Skype shows for reasonable prices, inbox me if interested. Those who just message me for free sex chat will b blocked@robertjacksonno idk pic didn't come thru? Hmm@DontaskG lmao what if it's trimmed tho?Here's your #tittytuesday pic! Sorry I'm late!! :) http://t.co/fd5RAumT33Watching Rudolph and drinking Blue Moon! Yasssss!! http://t.co/grQzy6a901
@snoopyguy1119 you can email me at sierralynn71@live.com sweetieThis was probably one of most delish spinach&moz. omelets that I've made in a long time -And didn't fall apart!! lol http://t.co/Ijbs3moK2TI made Staff Picks....yay!!! Thanks SC! http://t.co/bVVJqukLve :)@dirtyguybri mmmm now thats a very interesting and fun idea!!Check out update 316 http://t.co/g5620Z6qpW My "ugly" Christmas sweater update!!
@hilvhkr Thanks! I love Christmas sweaters - not the real gawdy ones but I'm making a Christmas dress that's going to have a lot of decorHmmmm....I can put a winter scarf to some good damn use...sneak preview pic for tomorrow's Update 316 http://t.co/FuDD4QR5yoBtw I did shoot an ugly sweater update to be posted tomorrow ...Happy Monday! Loving my "ugly" Christmas sweater ...actually I rock this thing I think...lol http://t.co/Ryrle2gMX1@PAscsupporter awwwwe you poor thingMy gf sent me this! Love how those elves turned out lol! http://t.co/bAH2d5WSa2A friend took us out to dinner and we ordered oysters as our appetizer....soooooo good.The hubs bought me new black leather boots...pics to follow soon ;)Made fudge over the weekend...omg sooo delish, this was my mom's that I brought to her http://t.co/Q6AEG2oxWv@PAscsupporter mmmmmmm Yep I'm taking you up on that one, esp since OSU won!!! Lol
@dirtyguybri well I won't shave it but I'll have to keep it at a manageable length...I can't grow it out full retro 70's style bush....
Done working time for a shower...might have to take care of a "few things" down there :P@dirtyguybri Mmmmm need my ass licked and tongue fucked then DP my pussy and ass with your fingers while you lick my clitI now have 93 videos on my SC Videos page! Wow..so many to choose from! Why don't you watch one and have some fun? http://t.co/zqBXzegqVP@lynnnnnn222 Oh that looks so yummyfriday treat...yum http://t.co/6SGyc5JSwd
Retweeted by Sierra LynnWow I'm at 3400 followers...thanks everybody I feel loved! Here's your milestone pic hehe :) http://t.co/GVmrd18VHE@dirtyguybri #wcw?@dirtyguybri mmmmmm that's what I like...a guy who will eat me even if I have it hairy! Yes!!!! Hope you'd stay down there a long time!!@bernardtj64 I'm probably not gonna shave for awhile...too bad for those who like smooth and bare....hair keeps me warm! :PHavent shaved in over a week or two...why do men expect us to shave? I get sick of doing it esp in Winter lol http://t.co/XV4NQQPQXA@TantricRomeo thanks honey...back in the day lol I don't like my hair short like that tho@pete0205 awe that's sweet@pete0205 yes I can understand, the cat that we adopted a month ago is older but yes unfortunately she has health issues :(Made peanut butter fudge this evening...I swear I'm gonna gain 20 lbs this holiday season!! http://t.co/VaBdS0eFEd@skyship72 love that pic...they all are breathtaking pics tho on your page!@pete0205 aren't they the greatest though? I think sometimes animals are much nicer friends to have than people! They don't say mean things
Gotta get back to work...gotta make that Christmas shoppin money!!Of my stuff that I rescued from the dresser gnomes found 5 bras, 2 pairs of panties, a brand new package of stockings, pantyhose & blindfold@51thL0rd plus finding all those missing bras, panties and stockings behind my dresser drawer last night was like Christmas in itself lolol@51thL0rd actually this sweater that I bought is a Forever 21 brand and it is actually pretty cute! lol But I'm doing to add some things@scottmakis37 well it will help me come up with more recipes when doing my Christmas baking@scottmakis37 I have a Pinterest addiction....never really used it or got into it until last week. LOTS of cool stuff on there!@scottmakis37 well...kinda have done that already...this will be even BETTER :PGonna make sure y'all love my unique Christmas "decorating" aka updates that I do this holiday season...very different and sexy! Stay tuned!Gonna go dollar store shopping...stock up on silver tinsel and bows. LOL Got a cute Christmas sweater at a consignment store last wkWorking right now but was looking at Pinterest on my phone and saw the cutest Christmas idea as opposed to the xmas ugly sweater thing lolGood Morning! Check out Update 314 http://t.co/iWqyVFM9mT Tight Leggings, Smoking Fetish and Bare Feet! Don't miss out & JOIN today!Yup that time of year guys! Lolol http://t.co/h4izw7jzE3@pete0205 I now have three cats (one stays outdoors/in garage in winter) and three dogs. I love my fur babies! <3Now both kitties are enjoying it...darn cats think they own the place lol http://t.co/Sej2D4Chii@PAscsupporter yeah from talking to these 40-something year-olds whom I went to school with, a lot of them are so immature still...idiotsMy kitty cat loves my new electric blanket lol http://t.co/0CJSUqMUso@PAscsupporter lol you know me too well@PAscsupporter I reconnected with a bunch of old school friends on FB and discovered that ALOT of them still have a hs or frat boy mindset@PAscsupporter yes, this guy is a loser...he is immature and a pathological liar anyways so chances are nobody is going to believe his bs!Been missing some items and my dresser drawer wouldn't shut. Look what all those dresser gnomes had taken..lol http://t.co/t57U1vDVTS
@hotblurn I am unable to today, family visitingb@bj_alm I am a believer in karma...so let him talk -already texted him about it and called him even but he's too much of a wuss to respondHard to do tho...but they are jealous ppl http://t.co/LDXTAGfg7y@bj_alm true...haters are very jealous pplSo...a local guy who I used to go to school with is running his mouth to people about hubby & mines lifestyle. Even told another friend@hotblurn not sure...maybe Thursday?I love my warm cozy leggings -anymore I prefer these over jeans! Especially the fleece lined ones! Mmmmmm http://t.co/U9eKF6CKjv
@PAscsupporter hahahaFeeling better today but tired...made Buckeye candy! http://t.co/MIQtBHgpHw
Made salmon croquettes and fried potatoes with dill seasoning..not feeling well now idk why
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