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Rick DeVos @RickDeVos Grand Rapids, Michigan

CEO of @StartGarden, Founder of @ArtPrize, Proud Michigander-anian, Investor, Reader, Helicopter Pilot, Traveler, Photographer, Curious Individual.

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School Considered Canceling Nutcracker Trip To Protect Kids from Christmas Tree Exposure http://t.co/NqvYGLO40j People are insane.Winter in Siberia, 1960. http://t.co/QPVOg9R0ZF
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"The transfer of mentally ill individuals from mental hospitals to jails and prisons has been a policy disaster." http://t.co/nAOwAc2hnFSNL parody of president "fact checked" by Washington parody of newspaper http://t.co/YmaJBVo31y
Retweeted by Rick DeVosWhaddya know--even after 6 years, SNL still has some vestigial ability to take shots at a current presidential admin http://t.co/PnayswYkKB"When you improve something, you change it in ways you couldn’t have expected." http://t.co/UQVejnwYNr"If we really want to fix development, we need to stop chasing after ideas the way we go on fad diets." http://t.co/UQVejnwYNrStop Trying to Save the World http://t.co/UQVejnwYNr International development as invasive species. A provocative must-read.
Man and woman towing a cargo-boat through a ship-canal. The Netherlands, 1931. http://t.co/yetutg9olD
Retweeted by Rick DeVosMoscow 1960s http://t.co/69Zv9X3Khp
Retweeted by Rick DeVosIt's Not About The Nail https://t.co/dPx26gQpCH Late to this one, but it's very amusing.You Roommate Plays The Indigo Girls http://t.co/PXG1aNJu8I Still one of my favorite things on the internet.True Facts About The Angler Fish http://t.co/ofb7JJY2vwTrue Facts About the CuttleFish http://t.co/6qAkQqwHMo@MarkBjorge @JeffSpeckAICP Yes, I had the same question. Perhaps there was some drunken belligerence, thus cops called.Another great Florida Man story...this time with an amazing mug shot http://t.co/C8qUNHDBwBVisited Charleston for the first time a couple weeks ago. It's a place that sticks in the mind b/c human-scaled urban spaces feel magical.@KyleSchaap It is, rather, a warning about a "slow, tragic descent into the monarchy and caprice." Because norms and traditions matter.@KyleSchaap The piece is not an argument about the strict legality of the action.
@LukeStier The joy of Twitter.Cast iron tea pots and cups are delightful.@alexbarker763 Of course!The English airship Zeppelin R-100 attached to the mooring mast in Bedforshire,before its journey to Canada,July 1928 http://t.co/ysnfQkR3ym
Retweeted by Rick DeVosTurning around 23pt deficit. Very cool.Magic 101, Hornets 97 with 30 seconds left after two key @NikolaVucevic FTs! #LetsGoMagic
Retweeted by Rick DeVosWatching a very fun Orlando Magic gameAh I missed this one. Again, imagine Romney. The outrage. The denunciations. The in-depth reports & think segments. https://t.co/qFObvmiePRGive The State of the Union Somewhere Else http://t.co/NL3dxwIkW0 Good idea.For some reason I never think of the F-4 Phantom as a Navy plane, though that's what it was designed for. So big & heavy.Phab phormation of VF-14 Tophatters F-4S Phantom II in the Phab-1970s. #PhantomFriday http://t.co/BQKIwB1bB8
Retweeted by Rick DeVosI would like you to imagine Mitt Romney saying this. I would like you to imagine the weeks of furious condemnation. https://t.co/Y37ttvfkcwPREACH, @JonahNRO, PREACH. http://t.co/FybBOpu2un
Retweeted by Rick DeVos@KyleSchaap Did you read the piece?Next thing you know ppl might question the wisdom of assembly-line schooling, warehousing kids in institutional bldgs http://t.co/2gScGDT5X3"Authoritarians, great and minor, always claim more powers to fix some unprecedented emergency." http://t.co/87PH30NnWr
@andrewjnorden Nope. Just new exciting opportunities. Additive, not subtractive.Everybody has strong opinions about people they've never met based on tales told by people they do not know.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosArtPrize Dallas is coming! http://t.co/UDfpadiXKfArtPrize has partnered w/Dallas-based nonprofit to launch independently organized ArtPrize Dallas in 2016 http://t.co/m0jnQQebAJ
Retweeted by Rick DeVosJust the scent I was looking for http://t.co/Urr4i6ojLGLately I find myself wanting one of these. MT @oldpicsarchive: A Sno-Cat balanced precariously over a crevasse http://t.co/Nol9UfGG9RThis is only November, you guys.
PrincepsOxx Coffeeboxx http://t.co/eCRgMLCrZY http://t.co/oFXo10XJiZ
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThe tough Coffeeboxx is built to make hot joe no matter what http://t.co/M9uaDcTPtv http://t.co/SbRZx12Ofk
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThe Chinese know precisely how to play this. https://t.co/2FcaZSWxAzUncrate writes up the OXX COFFEEBOXX: http://t.co/FKftHbPFH3The Objectivity Of US Media In 1 Chart http://t.co/dMhsfwImuI
Retweeted by Rick DeVosYes, it's crazy to share text as images on Twitter. But, look at the engagement increase: https://t.co/VRVglh6Bei https://t.co/ePo3pGtep0
Retweeted by Rick DeVosSANAA's Design for Grace Farms Blends #Architecture with Nature: http://t.co/Nn5tZOupJ1 via @dwell http://t.co/PzSzhZopXM
Retweeted by Rick DeVosBehold: the fair, disinterested, evenhanded, wise, truth-seeking, secular priesthood of journalists. It is to laugh. http://t.co/XoIVxjOgURI have always and will always love pictures people take of their doorways completely blocked/full of snow http://t.co/i7yFATP4ZdCalvin students put together a very nice video portrait of one of their peers for Ford's Go Further campaign: https://t.co/8wEcqRqHIfStudios Spend a Ton on Ads Because You People Have No Idea What You Want http://t.co/U95hHjc7UV@pastorkicks Yup, back the Kickstarter project if you like it!If you haven't checked it out yet, take a look at the OXX COFFEEBOXX and back it on Kickstarter: http://t.co/D4VG6ENgkC Great team & productReally hate it when companies bring out an awesome show car and then you can never actually buy it. So lame.
Retweeted by Rick DeVos
These new Norwegian passports are pretty great http://t.co/FdLuYN68NBUnfunded liabilities are a gigantic ticking time bomb: http://t.co/sefMzvGCHJ Illinois says $8,133/person…it may really be $25,740/personThe old British House of Commons interior, prior to its destruction by German bombing, ~1941 http://t.co/WEJ1rdpgML
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThis 535ft roller coaster looks quite awesome http://t.co/S8fWV7WJhoWell this will make an awkward subplot in Surf's Up 2 http://t.co/OlWJakosDgIt's always amusing when the 3 year old explains things to you with tones of voice and facial expressions that suggest you are a moron.If ever there was a night for wood burning fireplaces, tonight is that night.When the press writes about a topic you know well, you realize every news article you've read could have been equally mistaken.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosOk, this snow is insane, you guys.The COD is awesome. http://t.co/7v26e6KPug"Why not? Well, because I’m not a ghastly little authoritarian." http://t.co/1LEAmFwEMH"They write a deeply personal, pseudo-autobiographical screenplay about nothing in particular." http://t.co/i9OSHVeb8fHow Data Can Help You Write A Better Screenplay http://t.co/i9OSHVeb8f Very very interestingGR has seen more snow in the past 24-hours (10+") than fell in any 24-hour period during the historic winter of 2013-14. #wmiwx @wzzm13wx
Retweeted by Rick DeVosTime to order this http://t.co/CocyzjIPQnThe challenges of managing a 21st Century Digital Proscription List http://t.co/5dFfnamJhI They say sometimes you have to break some eggs…I was previously unaware of the Textron AirLand Scorpion, but it seems like a very cool project http://t.co/pXrycA6vUKNigerian Air Force wants to acquire 'a squadron's worth' of @Textron Scorpion ISR and light attack jets - @DefenceIQ http://t.co/b5Eu1PgS4w
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That seems like a whole lot of snow for November, you guys.Looks like we are approaching the proscription stage (unofficial, for now)…for those of you into the history of Rome http://t.co/PZpSNs0A04I still feel like it's an hour later than it actually is. #DaylightSavingTimeFOREVERThis @charlescwcooke piece is the most important thing you will read today. http://t.co/imFJMz1dbPYet again: modern signage ordinances are complete nonsense, especially relative to historic norms. Liberalize them. http://t.co/3uCJpBZNmzObama: 'I have stolen ideas liberally' From Jon Gruber http://t.co/0HvQAkG5wz HahahahahahahahahahahahaMadam, the express checkout lane clearly states 12 ITEMS OR FEWER yet you have at least 25. And you are paying with a written check. #No.It's really bad driving out there, you guys.If snow tires are an option for you I really, really highly recommend them.Facebook slams the door on political campaigns http://t.co/uRli1AJhpp Interesting.@AlsoColor http://t.co/U4xCnz4VBE@AlsoColor Yup, absolutely.When Did the Art World Get So Conservative? http://t.co/NAPHvw2XNS
"Ah, but when you're a bureaucrat and you live in the world of what if thinking, danger is everywhere." http://t.co/wuDp1dPsOo"So there is no public will at work here. There is only the will to power of this White House." http://t.co/r6VFsQ2CpVThis is among the most remarkable statements I have ever seen. It’s almost self-parodic. http://t.co/FPWlXDK8ge
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Q: How do you know someone is a vegan? A: Don't worry, they will tell you!@briankellyphoto Yes. Georgian Bay is awesome. Was up there this past summer. Gorgeous.Lovely RT @dwell: This modern Hawaiian home is open to the elements: http://t.co/43xaG1A1hw http://t.co/oftf8LvL2HWhen Did the Left Turn into Rick Santorum? http://t.co/HkWcdekYS2 "a sobbing public confession straight out of a Maoist show trial."@BrokenArts I'm not the best to ask...would encourage you to reach out to interior designers and other folks who could send clients your way"PC scolds are engaged in a wholly performative activity...designed to simply signal how pure and righteous they are" http://t.co/8WzuhTE3NwMy favorite part of yoga is Nap Time.A person with a 1 hour commute has to earn 40% more to be as satisfied with life as someone who walks to the office http://t.co/Piz4CdM9Rk
Retweeted by Rick DeVosEver wondered why books smell so great? Here's the reason. http://t.co/fYgjnenULj
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