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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Renaissance woman looking for her last muse: artist, writer, musician, pagan, witch; jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close.

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@ZOsaze @wildthing404 No, you have to retweet my art, I need to sell, I'm broke.Attn: #art lovers & those who have been missing my art tours. There's going to be one later tonight, my latest 25 pieces. #SupportTheArts@ZOsaze @wildthing404 gonna whip it on you, I'm gonna do an art tour with my latest 25 paintings, I hope you'll be around later to see it@Olivia_Emisar @Blogger :-( I hope you can get some help soon and get it fixed!@ZOsaze @wildthing404 but a talented ass!@ZOsaze and when you when you can send me another commission...lol...Viv is a big hit@ZOsaze @wildthing404 yeah, you're an EMMY-NOMINATED ass! Congratulations!@Olivia_Emisar @Blogger idiots! Why locked out? Password problems?@RCdeWinter It gets better.They want to create a global feudal system.The rich can pay to use extra CO2, poor can't https://t.co/U704Na5TqB
Retweeted by RC deWinterHeads up, #history buffs: Collection of rare photographs offers a new look at the Civil War http://t.co/Fj9aZoMWqGIf I had to go to church it would be this one. http://t.co/MUHd6Nv7cy@Kaffe_Takk agreed✰*•˛❤˛•*✰ Greetings new followers and thank you. If I have not yet followed you back & you'd like me to, please let me know by tweeting me.Cognitive dissonance http://t.co/y5iHnFu5pJAnd you thought the Dark Ages ended centuries ago… http://t.co/lzch43TG1kOur brilliance and innovation is surpassed only by our greed. http://t.co/rauSA4SVLnThat God…what a joker http://t.co/jvilcLhFLpLegalize it & tax it already…the deficit will disappear #pot http://t.co/eOFIc0lEcDThe end of fish: our oceans could become virtual deserts. #environment #ecology http://t.co/tDlAhQ26RzREAD! BOOKS RULE! FREE BOOKS: 100 legal sites to download literature http://t.co/vPFjcZQjRg http://t.co/nOQsn3hbwu@VlanTrunk waving hi from still chilly CT@Olivia_Emisar my pleasure, Liv, good write. Hope things are well.This is wrong. We are destroying our home. http://t.co/VlJFC0qm9R #Shell #arctic #drilling #environment @BarackObama http://t.co/Bx5CwS8f7n@wildthing404 @ZOsaze Well, Z is on my shit list, he hasn’t tweeted me in weeks and weeks“Religious Perversion and Gay Rights”: Don’t miss this incisive piece by writer @Olivia_Emisar http://t.co/VuYkPBbhyK@cindypope My pleasure, glad you enjoyed.Way to go - you ARE the man! @ZOsaze MT @wildthing404 Z got 3 Emmy noms!!Three cheers for our Tequila Sunrise! http://t.co/g9QLJtEaDMLet's hear it for the man @ZOsaze - a 2015 Emmy nominee in multiple categories. Congrats, Z! http://t.co/VV1YGgNRRzThis is still wrong. We are destroying our home. http://t.co/VlJFC0qm9R #Shell #arctic #drilling @BarackObama http://t.co/Bx5CwS8f7nMore horseshit from the bought and paid for http://t.co/GxjjgOjXcc
Attention history buffs: Collection of rare photographs offers a new look at the Civil War http://t.co/Fj9aZoMWqG
a week into spring march madness is upon us the lion does not sleep tonight lamb to the slaughter ~RC deWinter http://t.co/d9NjCWE5sHBe confused no longer, no matter which side of the pond you're on. http://t.co/tlLAJdlDtvAmerica's Dumbest Congressman not running for president after all. For now. #Gohmert #TX No #comedytonight http://t.co/KMWK03xC42
#poetry #SupportTheArts "disfigurement in 45 words" your cat's-paw striations red weals of heartache bleed...http://t.co/TGndGEmxaLPoets are truthtellers as well as fabulists. http://t.co/IvD2U6IRSC@TwinnerCat aw, thank ya #WiseWomanWarrior@Atheist_Pirate lol@Viking60 hanging on@MeenaUnity xO@osacula thank youWhat's wrong with this picture? Everything! http://t.co/lW9VsSW1SaDon't be a drama queen. http://t.co/0ZNPgxMFaLShare this with your #RWNJ friends and family. http://t.co/Rlal2AMuFSBeen there, done that, didn't work then, won't work now… http://t.co/hoLbGyZXuFOr else...lol... http://t.co/OTOmPK7t33Now there's a plan… http://t.co/CJiUhKkrVCMy idea of good company… http://t.co/ePbuJv1mEhShame on us! http://t.co/W6yuEwvDVCI learn so much about myself I didn't know from the Internet... http://t.co/iP4lu9du45What did Jesus drive? http://t.co/rQrl702Hs9The real minority problem... http://t.co/bfkNKTVJRKI must be lucky, other people are always happy to do it for me. http://t.co/iYy2qob77EFrightening, eh? http://t.co/nE5kED23fBAnd this jackass wants to be president… http://t.co/HIWwJuHAjwNext question... http://t.co/5mh5cHrlBS... http://t.co/Pcl7byhrBSWhat a joker... http://t.co/mjTfIjlydzTape this to your mirror http://t.co/x2ddDb9UajWHY??? And don't try to tell me they're all too lazy to go out and work… http://t.co/2IpymHDF7NAnd you thought the Dark Ages ended centuries ago… http://t.co/lzch43TG1kNo comment... http://t.co/Di1HAqN23oSometimes you just have to get real. http://t.co/Er1emAA5ofAnd if they happen to be one and the same, good for you. http://t.co/CeZEyORo3lWords from FDR we cannot afford to forget. http://t.co/o8OpReZdOqTake it from a man who knows… http://t.co/87XfsV1GKlSpelling still matters. Learn how to do it. http://t.co/5TZDw3kDA8Sometimes you just have to get real http://t.co/wxr0xY1Dm0The rise of the new Social Darwinism http://t.co/JhJ6B07MDSCall me old-fashioned…I like this http://t.co/sEZx9e5BdcHe called it ... we live it. http://t.co/1HpKnVuR99No laughing! http://t.co/OQcaiR9gyJThe stuff of which nightmares ... or #comedytonight ... is made http://t.co/aZNSiJqWtVCognitive dissonance http://t.co/y5iHnFu5pJStand up and cheer, grrrls... http://t.co/LCuidMutAx#Monsanto's corporate pals... http://t.co/33kRhOTdWJThis! http://t.co/THVYZx9PgHSigh... http://t.co/I7janfdDDoWe need a new amendment. http://t.co/R9oTwN8rPR*smile* http://t.co/WLnRHHqs4mIt still matters... http://t.co/pylpPFd0ADThat would be me... http://t.co/YOJsQCNhGdI sowwy... http://t.co/5nrRDVCPNSAnd nobody talks about it anymore… #OstrichSyndrome http://t.co/XEC1FDVEUrJust one of my many talents… http://t.co/p4gR24yfqtWho wants to work out? http://t.co/XiuXT9iK93Irony http://t.co/JxfQYmv5csBankers...raping the world http://t.co/Aos6GNSgCJHeads up! http://t.co/Yh36fK6XS7Something, alas, that's impossible on Twitter. http://t.co/cM05NAPHj1Snicker... http://t.co/giUKO1zFotEvolution http://t.co/TLdbAtepUaThe history of the world explained http://t.co/Xj7KGKecBs#DarthCheney, poet http://t.co/sBJJpeABuiIt's been that kind of life... http://t.co/LLUHNDoo4UDo. Not. Laugh. http://t.co/Jz0Hk2Jqe8The political system isn't perfect, but there is a difference. http://t.co/kohiYfvZewEnd rape...NO woman "asks" for it, NO woman "deserves" it. http://t.co/rEM9gnHEqJThink about it... http://t.co/smRUlDivQiWisdom http://t.co/zxzme6y9E7
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