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Lea Salonga @MsLeaSalonga Wherever I hang my hat is home

Singer, actor, occasional dancer, wife, mom, writer, traveler, foodie, and budding Instagram photographer. Coach on The Voice (Philippines). Loving my life.

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@iheartLeaS I actually prepared questions. But couldn't use them.@MsMelodyAnn12 Yes!@iheartLeaS Those questions are given by Miss U org. Judges don't create them.@86a6cc7c7d554b6 I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, total package is one consideration.@gangbadoy ARAY!@AceMeDeep I actually agree.@geneyulo @MannyPacquiao Sampu kaming judge. Kahit if I put Philippines 1st, if everyone else places her last, wala na. Haaaay common sense.@jheannemari Teh naman, hindi nakatulog ng maayos, nauseated from the stress. It's stress over the unknown. We feel it too.@bigbadbawang Whaaaaaaaat???????@FaithEngracia @leahpatricio Done!@BrendanPart @leahpatricio The "Leah" is correct.Okay... @leahpatricio is the FOR REAL account of Leah Patricio of #TeamLea. All the rest are posers. Thanks!Okay, I am officially confused as to which #LeahPatricio account is real. Stay tuned, am verifying details. My apologies!!!@PatricioLeah You might need this to get the imposter sent away for good. -- https://t.co/mb2jsgGoUs@donnabesana @PatricioLeah I already blocked and reported the fake account.@JoviPerante We were never close friends. Until The Voice, hanggang Facebook lang. The one time I met him, he was 17 years old. I play fair.@Poppert_RCS Poppert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks to @Gerard_Salonga for his glorious arrangements for @NinoAlejandro @PatricioLeah @monique_nix @Poppert_RCS!!!@wickedtin @BambooMuzakLive @JustSarahG @apldeap Wait lang, we have one more week of this kind of stress. Haist!!!No #AskCoachLea tonight. Needed to spend time with my team tonight to wind down after a stressful weekend.
@alyahonasansays ALYAAAAA!!!!! Were you there last night?@alexsonramirez I really can't speak for how another coach bases his decisions. I can only speak for mine. Sorry I can't be more helpful.@alexsonramirez I cannot in good conscience express disagreement because I know that coach has a plan. He always does.@alexsonramirez Because I have to trust in what my fellow coaches do, as I feel they the same for me. Last season it was Paolo. Now, Kai.To the lovely @kaihonasan, way to shut those haters up!!!@JPhilippeGo Whoever leaves can say they do so without regret.It's 2am... Time for me to go to bed. Thanks for the questions!!!@hellolaureana Museum of Natural History (NYC and Washington DC).@leamourxx Jazz.@itsmeabhieeee Chemistry.@Jrgyy You want me to hurt you? I can't stand that. So many people did that to me as a child. Hate ko yan.@nbsji @leahpatricio AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@JPhilippeGo DI BA??????@leamourxx Yes, yes, absolutely yes.@abbiedoobydoo All of the above.@fOHever I just laugh a lot.@johnmycoo Enjoy lang!@hellolaureana Nervewracking! She is so beautiful and wonderful. A real life goddess.@airaamaedejesus Minsan, hindi sinasagot ang cellphone niya.@krysselmndoza Oh, I had two bouts of tummy trouble recently. That's part of it.@fOHever One drink at a time.@CedieMayAOmana Adobo, Ilonggo style.@roannameh Damn, that was sexy.@Jrgyy Oh yes!!!@keshenemen Oh goodness no. I don't have the right.@czamantah Watch Broadway shows, visit museums, watch a baseball game.@B_A_B_E_S14 Popcorn.@CChe18 Halimaw.@hellolaureana Stupidity.@airaamaedejesus Mas gusto ko na lang ang mag-isa.@krysselmndoza When I make him oyako donburi.@AicaDioquino Korean food. With plenty of rice.@annux489 The former Czech Republic, Austria, France, the UK, Italy, Germany.@itsmeabhieeee Ay naku, hindi. Hindi ko sinasayang ang oras ko.@zuanne123 Collaboration dapat. Para talagang swak sa kanila.@itsmarieaquino Water, herbal tea, milk.@thejackychan_ Oh this season is ridiculous! Going far smoother than last season. Hindi na kami masyado nangangapa.@leamourxx Probably Chandler. He was my favorite "friend."@jongangana @daphneyyyyyy What hotness?@airaamaedejesus Pizza. Anchovy and garlic with fresh cut basil or arugula.@daphneyyyyyy @itsmeabhieeee December 2013.@SarahG_1028 Oh, hiwalay na kami ng kuwarto.@jheannemari Oh yes.@hellolaureana A little caffeine.@__YourGrace I can't afford it.@anjelareanaa @itsmeabhieeee People must be bored out of their skulls.@leamourxx I don't know! Saying yes to marrying my husband is certainly one of them.@B_A_B_E_S14 Feels really good.@anjelareanaa Short. I don't like the clicking noise on my laptop when they grow too long.@ritamcnugget Haunting and memorable. She deserves that spot. I was so happy for her.@keshenemen Next Sunday is one such weekend. I'll be live-streamed sa Sunday, and we're recording Saturday.@YeahimClea Yes. Yung puso ko umaakyat sa lalamunan ko.@daphneyyyyyy Haaaaaaaay. Ewan ko na lang. Sige nga, humabol ka na sa akin.@PrinsesaLhanie Salamat sa Diyos, wala!@leamourxx Best friends, my brother, my mom... Depends on what my problem is.@abbiedoobydoo You'd have to ask @kusieho.@airaamaedejesus A little of both.@CDKisses More than!!! I was floored, digging my nails into my chair with each one.@obeyvimobrero May wanna ask @kaihonasan herself.@SarahG_1028 Huwag. 1-2 pounds a week is recommended.@CedieMayAOmana Depends on the need.@leaxagnes Sila ang tanungin niyo! @WayToTheAbbey @NinoAlejandro @leahpatricio @TimmyPavino @MiroEveryday @casperblancaflr@Johndk02 Hmmmmmmm........ Puwede bang lahat na lang?@itsmeabhieeee Hayaan na.@leaxagnes Marks and Spencer sa Pinas.@anjelareanaa Exhilarating and tension-filled.@angel_shaliss Napakahirap. Kelangang mag-isip at magmahal at magsabi ng totoo.@hellolaureana I dobol-ded them all in my mind. Ninja stars, swords, grenade launcher, and .45 handgun. Bow and arrow din.@littlekawayan Both.@JhoshGatmaitan Kung magaling, pihit!@iamikhaelmanuel Depende sa genre at stilo ng pagkanta.@Leyuhfinity Madalang lang ako mag-kape. Once in a blue moon.@reynasellia Only when I'm on a break.@leaxagnes Panalo!Super gising pa ako! Let's do a quick #AskCoachLea. Puwede? We finish at 2:00am.Okay... To vote for #TeamLea artists: VOICE NINO or VOICE LEAH or VOICE ABBEY. I'm casting my votes NOW!!!!! #LiveShowsPHEpic... Incredible... Sensational... Fantastic. Now THAT is THE VOICE PH!!! #LiveshowsPH I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.@jemcubil @msleasalonga #TeamLea SUCKS!!! SUCKSakan nang Galing!!! ahahaha
Retweeted by Lea Salonga@cjohnedel @JemCubil That deserves a retweet!!! Salamat!!!
Competing for #TeamLea tonight: @WayToTheAbbey @leahpatricio @NinoAlejandro Break a leg, you guys! #LiveShowsPH
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