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The only people questioning the grand jury process are crazy radicals. Oh, and the National Bar Association http://t.co/0wgC1LtbDF
Retweeted by LessienEven Justice Antonin Scalia thinks the way Robert McCulloch runs a grand jury is messed up. (via @isamuel) http://t.co/9Wfqw95M3V
Retweeted by LessienInconsistencies. The whole thing reads like a farce. Shameful. http://t.co/WCD528i2wa #FergusonOfficer Darren Wilson has a "clean conscience." Just doing his job. http://t.co/8mW6ktVNy5 #bullThe medical examiner didn't take photos of Mike Brown's body. Because they ran out of batteries. http://t.co/YVjdaWiM7K
Retweeted by LessienFollow @deray. #Ferguson
"…like it is was making him mad that I'm shooting at him." https://t.co/uPRLthgAQ6Pimples & psoriasis. Threat to life. “@buonasahra: These are Darren Wilson's "injuries" presented to the grand jury. http://t.co/xEgyCK6hRIWell this is painful to look at, for sure. RT @NewsBreaker: Photos of Officer Darren Wilson’s injuries http://t.co/2EafewZkAa
Retweeted by LessienPhotos of Officer Darren Wilson after the shooting of Michael Brown (from the Grand Jury evidence) http://t.co/OqoYouNUbe
Retweeted by Lessienhttp://t.co/e7LGbMCjyw
Retweeted by LessienThis was Obama's "Heck of a job Brownie" moment. Tone deaf. http://t.co/S6Voh9i3aQThe split screen is surreal. http://t.co/iFqp5Kdif8
Retweeted by LessienTear gas on one side. Obama wagging his finger on the other. Obama the moment called for real empathy not passive delegation to Holder.The juxtaposition of Obama speaking about the legacy of racism and the images of armored cars and armored cops in Ferguson is unreal
Retweeted by LessienNo Obama. This is the wrong speech at the wrong time."Darren Wilson never stood over Mike Brown's body" - Bob McCullough http://t.co/TAe2gYGLoR
Retweeted by LessienTonight's decision is yet more proof that the American *justice* system doesn't apply to black folks. Unreal.This man is up here giving closing arguments for the defense in a trial that never happened. #Ferguson
Retweeted by LessienMichael Brown was shot 12 times. TWELVE. No indictment.This is shameful. Just shameful.Bullshit.Pretty cool to see photographers at last night's Giants game talk about capturing The Catch. http://t.co/GtZi66rIyxWhen I feel like torturing myself I go to @lamarzoccohome and custom-spec a GS3 I'll never be able to afford. #coffee http://t.co/RBsfs3wnie
Retweeted by LessienGalaxy S5 inventory piling up in warehouses. http://t.co/yqEMmAcnAt
so @elonmusk and @ID_AA_Carmack are talking rockets and Twitter continues to blow my mind http://t.co/991fpDwx0W
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Jeff Bezos & Warren Buffett both speak of time arbitrage. Further out they go in time, the fewer others there are who follow
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This is a million dollar idea. http://t.co/5DmFETfflt
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I'd love to see @WholeFoods ban @mahbodmoghadam for life. He'd apparently starve to death and that'd be a huge win: http://t.co/iGcXmHglNx
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So good “@ritholtz: To make Bill Gross's 2013 comp,just b best player in 5most popular global sports in same time http://t.co/NdMVzUtIYX
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This quarterback stinks. #BUF@drbarnard "Hope you sleep well at night?" #smh
@bmkatz pretty well. Siri works. Phone calls work. You can listen to music or podcasts.some dip just paid nearly $70 million for this http://t.co/vp9EhxdkWT http://t.co/eQd5QYA5Xy
Retweeted by Lessien@reneritchie No, man. That's just ewww…Moto Hint is cool. Simple setup and it just disappears, unlike previous Bluetooth headsets.Wearables, v0.9ß. https://t.co/CsBm9UH9fM
Retweeted by LessienLooks like Microsoft really got Mono, as .NET goes open source. http://t.co/3elKI1Qndr
Huge http://t.co/GWI22nL9yp
Retweeted by Lessien@danielpunkass Exactly. Not only is it simple, but every time someone uses it successfully in store is a very powerful ad for the feature.@danielpunkass It's even more wild when you consider that it still requires a new iPhone 6/6+…@juliainor If a retailer offers ApplePay, I'm using it. It's simple and has worked flawlessly so far.ApplePay may comprise ~1% of Whole Foods sales, highlighting Apple's position among affluent customers. http://t.co/rTeFJSNsvI@RiotMagus Ouch about Cam. Happy to say that I had Sanchez in as QB and his final TD got me a 1 point win this week.
Why is Cam still in the game?Now imagine the possibilities if the Democrats had not lost the Senate? http://t.co/7CdNEYoA7p (OK… maybe nothing would be different.)
This $230,000 watch is totally insane: http://t.co/fLWHemDE8D http://t.co/luDSqTjMRn
Retweeted by LessienThis Verbal Confrontation Shows Why Walmart Will Never Accept Apple Pay (Video) http://t.co/X7wPsnD40L by @DelRey
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Oh my God, people. The @serial podcast. It is, all at once, my favorite new TV show, movie & book. LISTEN YOU'RE WELCOME.
Retweeted by LessienVery interesting....... http://t.co/bHBEMZeXfL
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In case you missed it: NEW BLOG POST on #calligraphy - http://t.co/CoVcTq39ew http://t.co/lGy0dhBe6A
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Another good Apple Watch post by @_DavidSmith, this time about what to expect from this month's SDK http://t.co/xHVLXRrct9
Retweeted by LessienCurrentC can’t come fast enough! https://t.co/4NaPs2uBH2
Retweeted by LessienI will write about Microsoft’s Office decision, but not today. This post from January, though, has proved prescient http://t.co/RqYJDrhhK9
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@therealbarrym @gruber True, but its design means that it's more future proof than most other chargers.Steve Jobs by Doug Menuez (Storehouse) https://t.co/CnFUgFrjBk
Retweeted by Lessien@gruber Right now, I'm using the 12 South HiRise. https://t.co/BiW11pyYv4
CNN commentators using Microsoft @surface tablets as iPad stand. Facepalm. http://t.co/BPxWTf2zhI
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Damn. Bale out. http://t.co/K7WfAp2uf6
What Futurists Think Of HP's Bold And Weird New PC | Co.Design | business + design http://t.co/ZWdAMhDsuI
Retweeted by LessienHow @nflnetwork picked Denver-NE today. http://t.co/tZJWQI0Hxf
Retweeted by LessienPrint media: current status at SFO. @ SFO - San Francisco International Airport - Terminal 1 http://t.co/0r3iBMgUCf
Retweeted by LessienGoT The Mountain stands 6'9", weighs 400lbs & eats 10,000 calories a day but shows brutes can cry too http://t.co/uZpbYnQGBT
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i'm going to a costume party as adobe flash cs6 (in the midst of crashing) http://t.co/QZ5599YMN1
Retweeted by LessienRetweet if you "get" this math joke. http://t.co/YD0TIKov0P
Retweeted by Lessien"What’s Behind the Great Podcast Renaissance?" (short answer: smartphone connected cars) http://t.co/ORhtu43cDt
Retweeted by LessienTrent Reznor working on big things. http://t.co/Q7PrPtTUJYReminder that this is an actual product that actual people thought was a good idea to make. http://t.co/3YSI7kFE01
Retweeted by LessienRiMacs are so pretty.
90% of all mobile payments in the US are in Starbucks stores. http://t.co/G1Omt8IDg8
Retweeted by LessienBloomberg BusinessWeek editor @Tyrangiel talks about working with Tim Cook on his essay. http://t.co/WrYm4PHztp
Retweeted by Lessien‘I’m proud to be gay,’ #Apple CEO @tim_cook writes in Bloomberg Businessweek http://t.co/8Rxhrh46Nc http://t.co/57BgXXhOUo
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@treestman that's called success.Hmm… “MCX believes it is the underdog, being attacked… for challenging the status quo." http://t.co/dpcYQ6Rdzt /v @DaveHamiltonLET ME PLAY YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE. http://t.co/vT2BvsVi6h
Retweeted by LessienCongrats to the SF Giants.“Samsung reported a nearly 50 percent drop in third-quarter profit, as its smartphone business lost ground…” http://t.co/RC8aIUVKUG"We are building a more secure payment experience than other mobile wallets by storing… sensitive financial information in our cloud vault."MCX FAQs: "Consumers’ privacy and data security are our top priorities." Exhibit A: http://t.co/lamsUBpqbYCurrentC email addresses have been hacked/leaked. Unsurprising given the lack of security around their API. http://t.co/lamsUBpqbY
@verxion You're an honest man. Not everyone is like that, unfortunately…@verxion They think it's stolen. (I mean would you return that thing?)@panzer :P@lancehietpas Pissed doesn’t come close to capturing my rage right now. I just hope they don’t open it.FedEx left my iMac at the wrong address. :/CurrentC achievement unlocked: Android and iOS users (on Reddit no less) have united against you. http://t.co/OVtMTJAiGu /v @daringfireball@therumbler @gabydunn The comments are just sad…I'm gonna cry reading the comments. This is how men behave and then they're confused when you don't love them. https://t.co/flFwc9Wec9
Retweeted by LessienVideo review of the Retina iMac. oooOOOhhhh. http://t.co/iwXIPQIJEj
Where @noir asks all sorts of important questions about the behavior of the Current C app: http://t.co/g2XmvZI66M
Retweeted by Lessien"Get on your knees, crawl over there, do whatever… you have to do. Your store without the iPhone in it is shit." http://t.co/Y14Ccrjcq4...so it's true, @KimKardashian is coming aboard @a16z as a partner... Congrats, you just won the culture war! @bhorowitz is right! @pmarca
Retweeted by LessienT-Mobile's Legere: "Your store without the iPhone in it is shit.” http://t.co/jdO2LDvaGn #codemobile
Retweeted by LessienWSJ.D audience member is asking Tim Cook what happened to the 160GB iPod Classic. Cook: "We couldn't get the parts anymore."
Retweeted by LessienCan you imagine, your personal (and potentially health) details one REST API away? http://t.co/uqPFjf2YX3 #currentc /v @noirHaven’t been able to test with a registered account, but here’s the potential data obtained with an email address http://t.co/bnz1tVxom3
Retweeted by Lessien"Visa and Mastercard says that Apple Pay now accounts for more mobile wallets than everyone else combined." http://t.co/odUGSM5xOqCurrentC also seems to be using a unique device ID that will persist across application installs.
Retweeted by LessienIf you’d like to see if an email has been registered with CurrentC, they provide a handy API. 404s if not registered. http://t.co/PCI9tgp0Gg
Retweeted by LessienYes!
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