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Oh my god http://t.co/9wuwWkEYmnSome dude sitting in this coffee shop just said, out of nowhere, "Thanks, Steve Jobs." He's using an IBM. Send helpWrote about the god Ethan Hawke and his fun time-travel Moebius strip PREDESTINATION http://t.co/S4dacGJtjCApparently the New Yorker did a Shouts and Murmurs about Charon being an Uber driver just a month ago, so I lose http://t.co/sbZIrwh9XK@HCheadle god dammitYou get in the boat and Charon's just like, "Shit, I used to have my own ferry, there's bottled water back there if you want"Uber but for ferrying lost souls across the river Styx@rachsyme Uber but for carrying a boat over a mountainMy All-Star reserves stance: four Hawks, three Migos, and two Rae Sremmurds in the East
@Jonathan_Biles there are only so many mistresses I can court in one dayFrances McDormand just walked by while I was eating a pastrami sandwich at Wexler's Deli, so my surroundings have officially peakedMarshawn Lynch is a handsome, undisfigured adult male. The deity Cthulhu has countless tentacles writhing from his faceMarshawn Lynch gets to drive fancy automobiles. Kublai Khan had to sit on a horseMarshawn Lynch won't talk to a few reporters. Alexander the Great had to talk with a lot of folks as he conquered the known worldMarshawn Lynch starts pointless drama. George Washington started a nation with his sweat and potency. He literally fathered every American"If I give you a Bud Light, are you up for whatever happens next?" "Yeah!" [opens newspaper] "Marshawn Lynch is not a hero. He's a distrWrote for VICE about Carly Fiorina, our first Benghazi candidate of 2016 http://t.co/lVCvNctctVIf you've never seen this vid of Angel Olsen playing to a bunch of French kids in an attic, do yrself a damn mitzvah https://t.co/u4arHl2LC6Re-upping this tweet from late last night because I feel strongly about its content and want to PREACH https://t.co/XMyL5mjbgoWeird! http://t.co/Pw2owBsSuK RT @GrahamDavidA: Weird! http://t.co/Pw2owBsSuK@JesseDavidFox I got into Bright Eyes at 22 and Brand New at 24, it's cool@HenryGrabar excellent point — serious future-gladiatorial-combat vibesUber so comically evil that they're trying to distract from their business practices with oh oh my god hi puppies hi http://t.co/S6PZlddNOj
As if I wasn't already looking forward to Z FOR ZACHARIAH enough, @misterpatches compared it to KNIFE IN THE WATER http://t.co/cvTcxouHQmThis Natalie Prass album is so beautiful that I think it's actually making me anxious. Like, WHAT IF I DISAPPOINT THIS ALBUMNBA officially announces Mason Plumlee will participate in 2015 Slam Dunk Contest.
Retweeted by kevin lincolnLady Lamb the Beekeeper is so good https://t.co/Q6xxWxnG1XSomehow missed @AmosBarshad's first-rate profile of David Simon and his new show. If you missed it too: http://t.co/VMpU6Atj5y
Retweeted by kevin lincoln"Or maybe I'll feed her just DRY POFFINS which she DISLIKES" http://t.co/LhytL4DX6rWHAT IF is a good movie to watch during a blizzard http://t.co/46kW6LoKNSMe. I Am Kevin... The Elusive Blogger http://t.co/YfsJZElMDp@c_heller I want a boxing-style weigh-in where Redick and Korver try to grab each other and get held backNew pod! Me and @andygreenwald are fourfive seconds from wilding over The Americans, plus how Bowie>McCartney, + more http://t.co/BIOznjbNvE
Retweeted by kevin lincolnThe 2015 3-point contest — Curry, Klay, Redick, Wes Matthews, Korver — is the real Super Bowl
Pretty sure folks in the Silver Lake Trader Joe's were sympathy panic-shopping today in honor of the New York blizzard@pommekoch yes, I do, which is why I said "career." His work in the theater has been great; his work in mainstream American film has notWrote about Al Pacino's first great performance in a reallllllly long time, in the otherwise mediocre THE HUMBLING http://t.co/HdnecpHYtYpssst the secret history is $2.99 rn & you could do way worse in a blizzard than to sit in a big chair & devour it http://t.co/Fwj29q0EG7
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@JeremyCee thanks! and that's fair. I haven't written anything for Vulture re: American Sniper, unless they know something I don't@juliarubin "the day of a blizzard" is DEF not the right time to work on convincing me to move back to New YorkAnd if you need some movies to watch during THE GREAT BLIZZARD OF '15, I've got a few recommendations for you http://t.co/yuKQqk3YvbBetween Title Fight and this Natalie Prass record, at least you snowed-in New Yorkers have plenty to listen to http://t.co/fmwfkYRHHM@c_heller for the record: given the chance, I would continue to write about Inherent Vice forever
Been a long time coming: I recommended THE COUNSELOR, one of my favorite great bad movies—bad great movies?— today http://t.co/JAQkySw2aX@rachelysanders @samfoxenboyd i'd watch it!"At one point Vicky yells 'I am an assistant principal!'" Kind of want to see BOY NEXT DOOR now, way to go @rilaws http://t.co/pVfHL7NLpYThis short by @samfoxenboyd—starring 50 SHADES' Dakota Johnson—is really sweet and funny and brutal, in a good way http://t.co/HEUxxNWIxw@Alannabean it was enough@Alannabean i'm listeningQuestion: if SkyMall was really a mall, where were all the teens@BKBlick it's about time someone put a mall in the sky@walkerkaplan this can be one of our products that we sellHey guys let's start our own SkyMall@BenMathisLilley @NickGreene boneless wings like the spineless execs who wouldn't make the Beetlejuice sequel, am I right
@annehelen 2/20 looks like http://t.co/O4SBsT0C7Pthis is a thing of unparalleled beauty RT @jaycaspiankang: http://t.co/GVVjusR73j@Yolo_Tengo throw another Shteyngart on the squat rack, chiefBut also this is straight @koblin fire, read it mainly because of that http://t.co/jsee0DDjPRMy equivalent to this is brunching at Sqirl, it's where I get all my business done, my business being me eating toast http://t.co/jsee0DDjPR@marcatracy almost said "every artist needs an Amazon Wish List" then realized that defeated the purpose. sad@marcatracy totally agree. I think what you're getting at is like, if only we could contribute money to the artist thru unofficial channels@marcatracy no, I mean the "pay for it in some other way" — wanting to separate the corrupt benefactor of the good art from the good art@marcatracy not saying you're wrong to feel that way at all, but it's an interesting example of nu-capitalism or whatever@marcatracy that's kind of a funny thing to say, because like, Amazon is the one who made it happen, you know? They funded the showI am 150% about these new Quarterboy tracks http://t.co/tWbgBfXTaf
@DangerGuerrero haha shit would you look at that, there's already a ticket to this in my pocket@DangerGuerrero yo what if Bay put Grenier in the Benghazi movieWhen male actors revamp their image, they go dark, do prestige TV, direct. Sienna Miller had to play grieving wives http://t.co/OAwRwn1oSPO merciful lord, how much longer must I be made to wait for the delight of reading MORTDECAI reviewsPlease enjoy the next instalment of my new series, which is challenging me in all sorts of ways: Never For Love https://t.co/XZ7fTp6pXX
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@noahedavis what about those little heelies that kids wear in their shoes@jeremypgordon bro, I went to Duke, I know all there is to know about crypto-capitalist fantasiesIf I was an NFL coach, I'd hide ice under the field, retractable blades in players' cleats, and peel off the grass once the game startedI am very pro ball-deflation. Teams should be cheating in absurd and outlandish ways. Sports games are crypto-capitalist fantasy camp@markhammer1987 ahhh thanks Mark@seth_rosenthal hearing the Knicks would also like to deal your stomach for a 2nd-round pickThis, on Internet sexuality, by @embot is GREAT https://t.co/rsgi5CQu1Q
Retweeted by kevin lincolnWrote about how Sienna Miller's comeback shows the huge difference between roles available to male and female actors http://t.co/OAwRwn1oSPRumor has it that @rwohan has already secured the VP spot on William Jefferson Flacco's ticket http://t.co/Hxhyllx7IqTo clarify, I wanted to tweet out nearly every line from that story, so I settled for one that was a summing up"In a sense, Manziel making the Pro Bowl is America’s post–Great Recession Manifest Destiny." — @rwohan http://t.co/OogE4Tn7miTalked to Nas for GQ: "Unfortunately, I'm not surprised cops are still murdering people.” http://t.co/9HoJ7nwFBE
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Strong Republican response http://t.co/AJoho5TcJN[my first State of the Union as President] America must remain steadfast in her commitment to— [a dog walks in] DOG. dog. hi dog. hiiiiiiiii@BenMathisLilley @rwohan those SJWs (social justice weakside-linebackers)'ll never know what hitem@ben_rosen @rwohan oh my god@BenMathisLilley @rwohan [an Anonymous mask GIF shimmers] [it turns into a Guy Fawkes helmet]as @KTLincoln alluded to: 4chan gailey bout to turn the jets offense into the most ethical gaming journalism the world has ever seen
Retweeted by kevin lincolnCan't wait to see @rwohan and my Super Bowl ad run during the big game. "4chan Gailey gonna get the NFL lulz," it sez. It's 12 minutes longRun the Jewels' Ask A Grown Man just as superb as you'd expect http://t.co/LqFhlRPpJ8@tombreihan @andygreenwald oh shit, I did not know this was based on Manchette—read FATALE + THE MAD AND THE BAD recently and they are fire@willyblackmore @imjasondiamond do not try to remove it@marincogan sez, HOW PYNCHONIAN OF YOU@imjasondiamond just say hi and let her do her thingSurprise! Björk's in your house, right now@Devingo913 yeah, I'm heavy on this point. It's all there! Not to mention, it's the funniest movie of the year@Devingo913 ahh man, thanks Devin@anamariecox @kentucker totally understand! I think Pynchon helps as a subject too bc he + other postmodernists were good ex.s of ambiguity@anamariecox @kentucker I'd say probably not, BUT it definitely seems like the trend is very much downward@rachsyme I like the idea that Vogue's major editorial guideline is "proper-noun maximalism"
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