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Floating in a bubble in Wicked :)

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@thematt_scott have fun! springtime!
@beanieharry16 @lilrayray_97 absolutely! Beautiful!
@xheybails thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed the show! Xo!@sarahholms01 so cool! I LOVE Ireland!!!! So much green:)))@MoominSisi yayyyyy!!!! Thank you for volunteering!!!!@CatieAnn14 muahahaha!!!!! :)
@haypod22 you are the bestest!!!! Thank YOU! I'm so scared to open that jar of cookie butter...cuz will power isn't my thing:))))
@Mei_ thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the show!! :))Thank you all so much for making #thinkpink with @broadwaycom such a blast! We had so many laughs and smiles thanks to you all:)) love!@JeffersonKailey aww thank you!@Chezzii thank you!@kelliejjones9 I'm sorry sweetheart, I don't edit it so it must have been cut out. Thank you for your question, though!@itsemilylol yay! See you soon!@newsies_forever :))@HHinman thank you so much!@GenevieveHolms1 it's through http://t.co/2CiQgyT2w2 and it was only an 8 week engagement:(@janinavlogs awww sweetheart!@brandi_bates22 all good things must come to an end:(@fangirling_bway awww honey!@sauerkraus14 oh I have no idea!@dmrwarblergirl1 thank you!@dxstination you're so sweet!@BroadwayFreak92 no! Just the think pink vlog:)@theatrelover12 thank you for watching!@jennyfanzel nice! Love it!@KelseyisMAGICAL @broadwaycom I agree!@Amsters_ no tears!@paularebecca__ that's right! Granny all day and night! :)@YazFleurBecker :((((@LaurenOspina i sorrrrry!@maveryckex xoxo!@ofelysianpeace thank YOU!@samlevine98 thank you so much! So nice of you!@sophiebway thank you for your sweetness!@MinorMckenzie awww thanks love!@sarabloodsworth :( sorry!@GreatWiteWay best music ever!@adamnyc89 xoxo!@chladag yessss!@BubbleTraveler :)))@joshhoffman22 xo!@wickedupdates your taste buds will thank you:))))@canadatie this made me drool ;)@WhoBrandi that is perfect!!!!.@Wicked_Musical's @KaraLindsay1 says goodbye in the final episode of Think Pink! http://t.co/o8WoyGA9KS http://t.co/X4vBInxZW5
Retweeted by Kara Lindsay@brauhala you should try Jackson heights, then they REALLY get confused:)@hollywoodmandy @Schmackarys @m_shingledecker oh my god, yes PLEASE! #iwilleateverycookiecuzimafatty
@mollyrotoole fun fact...same costume designer!!“@ashdiane: Remember this, @KaraLindsay1? #IDo #Houston #LittleHouseOnThePrairieTheMusical http://t.co/7xZu5NRdBm” @Kcmassey1 :)))@Gaby_Castillo_b with all my heart!@ashdiane oh my god!!!!! This is the best!!!! Thank you for this! Saving it:)
@torimicaletti awesome! See you soon!@HoneyIShrunkAge love to you!@Newsiesfansie1 xoxo!@c_barbagelata she sure does:)))@Macy3Macy you're so sweet! Thank you!@ChangedForGood yay!!!!@Bway_Ebit awesome!@jubirang @jennydinoia very excited! We met on tour! She is brilliant!@MinorMckenzie @hollywoodmandy xoxo!@ingridtheozian yayyyyy! PB addicts unite!@FlyinUS1 wow! Thank YOU for your kind words! I so appreciate it:)@sarabloodsworth love it!@cial00zur xo!@ajk_ thank you so much!Me during BCEFA donation speech- "there'll be volunteers holding red butts...nope red buckets" @m_shingledecker thanx for your moral supporthttps://t.co/iIJVtu3wLJ like this page if ya wanna! @Kcmassey1 is in this hot new band with some southern boys! HOT! :)
@CteenDryer you are a rockstar :) what a stunning human you are. So glad our paths finally crossed! Love! http://t.co/HXnGMDkHOt@jamiee133bway a good book, time with friends and family, ice cream...anything that makes you smile!@BradyMc92 AMAZEBALLS!
@haypod22 is joining as well! Send some questions for us two Glinda's if you'd like!@haypod22 ahhhhh!!!!! If you are free, wanna come by?!?!!!!!Hey all! Doin' a talk back today with some of the cast for the final episode of #thinkpink! Tweet me the questions you have & we'll answer!
Think Pink: Backstage at @WICKED_Musical with @KaraLindsay1, episode 7: Raiding the fridge: http://t.co/Dw2A1blLA1 http://t.co/7y5SxPknyw
Retweeted by Kara Lindsay#thinkpink is back again today! Yayyyy!!!! Thank you for watching everyone!
@MTA booooooo!!!!!! You've got lots of angry people during rush hour. No bueno.
@RySteele I love you to pieces:)))@ValDaubert777 @carriestlouis ha! Maybe it was a full moon? Regardless, we are EXTREMELY dedicated to our craft;)First iced coffee of the year:) bye bye winter! #knockwood http://t.co/bLc4iEQTh5
@capelikeblood xo!@rdmcphee ahhhh! I don't know why or how that happened! I'm 30 and shouldn't be doing things like that! ;)Sooooo I kicked myself in the head during popular 2nite. Did NOT mean to do that! My limbs do crazy things by the last show of the week.
@TheFellowOzians @broadwaycom @WICKED_Musical it was her debut so we didn't want to overwhelm her:) but you'll see her on here soon!@sauerkraus14 amazing! That's awesome!@Chezzii hehe! I was laughing at Granny cuz she came in and tripped over my dress right in front of the camera. It was hilarious.@sophiebway awww honey thank YOU!@emsdemello haha! I'm so glad!!!@RKueppers cute AND delish!@jaysonc11 I will just say that you should get here soon if you're wanting to see her;) she is super!@Billy95Broadway i wish! That would be super hard to coordinate though:( thank you for the idea though!@nirvanaspeace aww I'm sorry! That cast is wonderful though!@kelliejjones99 sorry! I was on Vacay visiting family:)@Mackiebee3498 you're so sweet! Thank you:)@Brooklyn_Newsie awww fun!@sarabloodsworth cuuuuuute!
There will be no new episode of Think Pink today but @KaraLindsay1 will be back next week with more @Wicked_Musical adventures!
Retweeted by Kara Lindsay
this distracted me while doing taxes last night:) http://t.co/JoGtf2h6WA My dear friend @KristolynLloyd is brilliant! Get into it folks!@CarolineVBowman my LOVE! You are my heart. I love you tremendously.
@13WHAM this house we passed in Penfield created this with the icicles that were hanging off their roof! #winterart http://t.co/M3cKnDowaP
@madeline_lng kick butt girly!
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