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Coochie @KaeChris Maybe its Bcuz' Im a LONDONer

I support the beautiful, humble Karrueche! Follow to keep up to date.. #THEKILL is coming nd ❌ Comes out 16th Sept!

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A #Leo is as loyal as can be.
Retweeted by CoochieCold and a headache got me all f'd up 😩@karrueche got the best sense of humour/ personality 😄❤️Nooo 😂😂 “@karrueche: @MasindyMsomi http://t.co/zfypQfltHIHave a g8 day TweepsI'm all about simplicity!#TEAMBREEZY VOTE for @Chrisbrown for Favorite R&B Artist at The People's Choice Awards! http://t.co/AhaIDxT5ui http://t.co/kfSK62ps0M
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I don't believe in luck I believe in God!Retweet if you see your dream car 👊 http://t.co/9UsNXIDwkO
Retweeted by Coochie@chrisbrown @RoNBaSSS “@TRINArockstarr: ❤️ http://t.co/bfdS9oZzZQFood just matters.
Retweeted by CoochieSquad rolling up like http://t.co/gVGFQbYg6d
Retweeted by Coochiehttp://t.co/lBVSTdebh8
Retweeted by CoochieLord, lead me so I can lead others.
Retweeted by Coochiehttp://t.co/OFRi7h0N4m
Retweeted by CoochieIf that ain't the truth... http://t.co/Bte8ZDVpq4
Retweeted by CoochieHow can you not like the Simpsons it's a classic!Tryna turn these thousands-hundred thousands- millions! 😏PICTURE: @chrisbrown rehearsing with his dancers last night for #POWERHOUSE2014 ! http://t.co/ypeCSPlRvR
Retweeted by CoochieI'm not anti-social, I'm anti-bullshit.
Retweeted by Coochie@MeaganGood directs and stars in "The Dead Diaries" this Halloween not long left peeps... Ready to see my girl coochie @karrueche 😁That's a wrap on @TheBaytheSeries Chapter 13 & 14! I love my show! Now sleep for 24 hours!!! #Bayhem #TheBay
Retweeted by CoochieThey look so happy 😍👌 @chrisbrown #TeamBreezy http://t.co/ygCfk6gewT
Retweeted by CoochieTreat people as you would like to be treated, karma’s only a bitch if you are.
Retweeted by CoochieWCW Heavie @_heathersanders ❤️Niño and Nats are too cuteI'm hibernating this winter, I hate the cold 😩Rainfall shower/bathtub 🚿🙌 http://t.co/rpKKPg55km
Retweeted by CoochieWCW @yokoono true inspiration ✨💫I'm so cold 😩@karrueche update your tumblr girl 👀Jlo looks flawless for 45 I want what ever she's having when I get to that age 😩😄😍Red and Jen in their feelings again 👀😩😄I just ...... 😢😩😍 the lack of flaws chris . can we just acknowledge it . http://t.co/3va5lEq8VQ
Retweeted by Coochie😂@brookandthecity this just proves it. Nail varnish! his literally lost his mojo... Everybody thank Kris 😩😄A Spa for Babies!? Watch These Triplets Enjoy Their Day. http://t.co/jzmjmhxoaN http://t.co/9OFMXBDskd
Retweeted by CoochieI've come to the conclusion it's always the ugly girls that be hating on other peoples relationships, is cuz they can never get a man or? 😩😄.@NickiMinaj's new track "Only" ft. @Drake, @ChrisBrown & @LilTunechi hits No. 1: http://t.co/EJfhyCYbXd http://t.co/slhK2M9BNT
Retweeted by CoochieThe perfect duo 😎💰 http://t.co/WtEXmurD52
Retweeted by CoochieNooooo! RT @ComplexMag: A$AP Rocky and Chanel Iman have reportedly split: http://t.co/coFeY4wTOo http://t.co/IuoDWjqzMW
Retweeted by CoochieAppreciate your loved ones.
Retweeted by CoochieA #Leo's personality is blunt and bold.
Retweeted by Coochie@karrueche @HolliejpBREEZY "BISH WHET?!" 😑hardly hardly hardly forget anything.
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Kae's reaction pics kill me 😄GM 😴Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.
Retweeted by CoochieOh “@BLACCHYNA: #teamtyga ....... Chy 💋”Do not allow the energy of negative people to affect you.
Retweeted by CoochieAlways be Grateful
Retweeted by Coochie@karrueche are u growing out your colour? #hairMatte blue Audi R8 🙌 http://t.co/N8pQRwE269
Retweeted by CoochiePinked out everything in honor of breast cancer awareness 👊🙏 http://t.co/iv3AvD86Uf
Retweeted by CoochieJust A Few Lambo's http://t.co/8M9Xizqc1S
Retweeted by CoochieTT x CB #DoNotDisturb #OnItunesNOW http://t.co/smA68OKtBt
Retweeted by CoochieBest sweets ever 😍 http://t.co/7cHBXhdChL
Retweeted by Coochie@ShakefieldCasey I thought I was the only one 😄 still love them to this day#TeamBreezyProudly! ♥ RT "@KaeChris: Chris Brown's talent is endless what can that man not do?! @chrisbrown"
Retweeted by CoochieThis time next Tuesday we'll be preparing ourselves for one hell of a night in the city. @karrueche in SA!! http://t.co/wdAdU8XT7M
Retweeted by Coochie“@NikoWavy: What does a 34 year old talk to a 18 year old about? http://t.co/RFy7xkfKTr” How low gas prices were when he was her age
Retweeted by CoochieLive life, love a lot, laugh often.
Retweeted by CoochieI still want usher and chilli together am I cray 😩ONLY ft. Lil Wayne, Drake & Chris Brown premieres tomorrow morning
Retweeted by Coochie5 Ways to Happiness : 1. Don't Hate 2. Don't Worry 3. Live Simply 4. Expect Less 5. Give More
Retweeted by Coochie@karrueche WCT always that's bae 4lyf!I love my city 🇬🇧 but I would love it even more if the heat was constant 🔥😩A Backyard With Style http://t.co/FiVDyWpc5D
Retweeted by CoochieDownload Do not disturb ft. Chris Brown NOW on iTunes! http://t.co/8iTw6tgfhm
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Don't give up just because of what people said. Use that as your motivation to push harder.
Retweeted by CoochieGod truly blessed you @karrueche stay beautiful inside and out! 🙏😍I love to see a man in a sharp suit!Download #XTheAlbum today! Available on iTunes & Amazon! http://t.co/hsLqC09i2b
Retweeted by CoochieBlasian 👶 😍 http://t.co/zQvMmEk2CD
Retweeted by CoochieSo is Drake just gonna keep liking Chyna's IG pics just to piss Tyga off 😩😄#Leo gets irritated by knowing when they're right and the other person won't admit it.
Retweeted by Coochie#madeinchelsea 😁When Jay Z said "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man" http://t.co/P0eaSmpyiA
Retweeted by CoochieLong days on set with the best cast & crew around. @TheBaytheSeries @karrueche @chrystiff @taylorrrstanley http://t.co/Em2i8FerFI
Retweeted by CoochieI love Scott and Kourtney 😍 http://t.co/fWESjdqUvM
Retweeted by CoochieChris Brown's talent is endless what can that man not do?! @chrisbrown@R0nbomb WCM hey pretty, hope your having a great day!Appreciate loyalty. Don't take it for granted.
Retweeted by Coochie@KaeChris forgetsNever really liked Stacey Dash anyway she thinks differently and fogeys where she came fromWho the hell is Stacy Dash's publicist? I know whoever he/she is has to be working overtime bc that dumb ass broad stays saying crazy shit.
Retweeted by CoochieBe you.
Retweeted by CoochieHow can you not Love Karrueche she's everything a girl wants in a friend! Can we be #besties?Girl THIS! 🙌 “@karrueche: Content with every part of who I am. I like me so you don't have to. http://t.co/lbp4ikLcAr#BodyLanguage video out now @Kid_Ink @Tinashe http://t.co/HtAh5q3de1
Retweeted by CoochieSoft-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ http://t.co/xtnLdCyYLR
Retweeted by Coochie@karrueche LOVED working with you yesterday! It was wonderful getting to know you & @JRyanL ! 💗💗💗 See y'all at @TheBaytheSeries wrap party!
Retweeted by CoochieFollow your heart, but take your brain with you.
Retweeted by CoochieWhen chicks say don't be delusional.. But their comments and theory to a picture is Delusional 😒Side chicks be like.. Well let me just keep quite, maybe eventually he'll leave her, his family, his kids and be with me! Bitch u a side hoeMCM Drizzy @Drake Hey Boo 👋Be who you want to be, not what other people want to see.
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I'm all about spreading positivity.
Retweeted by CoochiePrivate Yacht To Yourself 👌 http://t.co/w8YbwHHknA
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