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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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@NikkiSticks27 that doesn't make a year. Read the tweet.@NikkiSticks27 if you think being a game below .500 is a good run, we have different standards.@GoodmanESPN @sethonhoops ha! hope my people treated you well during the mayhem Seth. It's been awhile. The buzz is back!@jonesbeachbum @GoodmanESPN I laughed my butt off. Thanks.Man, love this. Fran Dunphy and his team took the subway like a bunch of bosses before killing Kansas tonight http://t.co/jeaQLvus1o
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@GoodmanESPN I'm not sure about that but it cracked me up.@TravisManger @TUMBBHoops @SportsCenter I'm off tomorrow but they know. What a night.@vinmannix Fran knows. Good stuff.There you go @GoodmanESPN RT @jonesbeachbum: you stormed the court !!! #TempleMade http://t.co/tt5t0t2go3@willcummings_ you and the fellas deserve this. Hard work paying off.A long year of bad Philly sports, thank you Temple basketball for tonight. That was fun. And this chicken cheesesteak and pretzel is tasty.@GoodmanESPN I wouldn't. But I'm not in college.@CKelly41_11 yes.@bradhern a very good night.@KungFuBamba I'm off but they better@Alex_Reardon looking forward to hearing the I believe chant.@raknumber9 absolutely.Yes, @sethonhoops.. I am losing my mind.. An early Christmas gift.. #templemade@taxiron1 nice!@sethonhoops @espnbob well this is fun when the entire team can suit up. Enjoyed the broadcast fellas.@MarkEnnis give me 7 more minutes.@kmattio yes they do. No reliable scorer.I see you Jesse Morgan.This is the complete squad Owls fans have been waiting for.@kmattio WHOA! 10 min left. Plenty of time. Eagles have scarred me.@GoodmanESPN I'm brick tamland rt now. LOUD NOISES!Censor button required. RT @GoodmanESPN: Temple now up 17 over Kansas. I would love to have a camera on @KNegandhiESPN for the last 11:54How fired up is @KNegandhiESPN right now about his Temple Owls up double digits over the 10th ranked Kansas Jayhawks? But can they hold on?
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@iBeBoredMoe @tthasselbeck congrats! Enjoy it.Sweet view RT @BrettPhilly: @KNegandhiESPN go owls! http://t.co/v2IRARx86E@FAmos625 I know that story well.@Joseph_Baran no cacti in North Philly@the_exTIMinator represenT.Can't have a better start tonight for Temple. Stay aggressive.Ouch MT @tomhaberstroh: Only 2 qualified players are making $10M+ in salary, have a net-rating worse than -10. Kobe -13.3, Josh Smith -11.6@LyndsayALee I've been to a couple of them in my 20s.Who is the low-talker? RT @TheSportsHernia: The Case of the Puffy Shirt. https://t.co/baGvDQgsxD http://t.co/Tpp6H4RiFVJust hold it one mo time.. RT @bomani_jones: holy smokes, this is a chappelle sketch https://t.co/XMSGfCWjlFSince playoffs expanded to 12 in 1990, only 1 team w a sub-.500 record has made postseason: 2010 Seahawks.. NFC South winner will join them@VinMasi or the Eagles.The Seahawks have found their mojo again- the last 5 weeks, their defense has given up 6.6 points per game, a league-low.@MichelleDBeadle massive letdown after last week's final minutes. It was season 3 all over again.@TPoloking I do to a certain extent. Hard to do in 140 characters. Happy Holidays to you and yours.@changgger it will save you the aggravation at the end.@JayWelborn exactly.@TPoloking personal opinions from a professional account. I'm mindful of maintaining both and what is appropriate.@TPoloking job security?All that great buildup w Homeland and the season finale felt like a loss that knocked you out of the playoffs. So darn disappointing. Awful.
Anthony Hamilton is crushing it tonight.. I'd recommend seeing @hamiltonanthony live.. What a great showA dumpster fire of a weekend for Eagles fans. Check that, a dumpster fire of a month. Thanksgiving - a distant memory.Falcons: 5-0 in NFC South games this season (1-9 vs the rest of the NFL).Are we sure that's not James Flacco playing for Joe in the first half?Best news Part II MT @SI_Wire: Raiders Watson donates game check to 4-yr old w heart syndrome http://t.co/s3bXPPolnk http://t.co/4NscBQGNzYBest news of the day. RT @NYDNSports: .@Yankees will pay for education of children of slain NYPD cop Rafael Ramos. http://t.co/msi3inJFCgSeason totals entering today: Antonio Brown - 115 catches, 11 TDs.. Chiefs WRs - 110 catches, 0 TDs..Thought Dwayne Bowe was going to end the Chiefs WR TD drought.. It didn't happen..@TJQuinnESPN not looking forward to that.
Human lives matter. That is all. Save your politics for another discussion. In the end, ALL human lives matter.@Daryle_Dobos haha! thanks Daryle.@TMM75 @JasonRomano but you're not really sorry. Congrats.@ESPN_RobKing @notthefakeSVP since my membership invite on Thanksgiving- Eagles 0-3 including a loss to your boys. I will shut up now.@rosatisteven thanks Steven! We certainly know heartbreak during football season.@robg0927 as brutal as their stubbornness to keep Fletcher 1-on-1 w Desean. I can now enjoy the rest of the NFL season.@JerryMarks4 me tooYup... This sums it up in Philly right now. Happy Holidays. RT @Oroboe: Month of December wins: @Sixers: 2 @Eagles: 0@robg0927 I tried to sum the game up in 140 characters.@robg0927 start with the defense. Then 2 bad FG misses. And Sanchez being Sanchez. Chip's team committed a ton of penalties. Not on system.@joshwnelson @jscherretz no harm taken. Good to have productive discourse. I also disagree that I do it all the time. Happy Holidays.@jscherretz @joshwnelson haha! Thanks Jim. I love your avatar. The Bugs- Gas House Gorillas episode is a classic.@joshwnelson @jscherretz all good. Just wanted to hear your reasoning. Don't agree but to each his own.@BramESPN what did I tell you in the newsroom this week...@joshwnelson @jscherretz every transition doesn't have to be a perfect segue way. I don't insult viewers. They're smart. Less is more.@KingCaylan absolutely not. Just Doesn't get a pass anymore.@mweiseman brutal.@tharealmonty I'd read the tweet again. All 3 phases failed in this one.@joshwnelson @jscherretz come again Oscar?The honeymoon for Chip is officially over. Philly sports radio during the holidays will be very grinch-like.Certainly a team effort in this Eagles outcome today.Prophetic. Or Sanchetic. RT @Ringalls86: Premonitions much?? @wingoz @KNegandhiESPN http://t.co/6JULWiMYw2@wingoz good chance of that on every step back.@OPannouncer cold blooded.Funny things happen when safety help is there.. What a concept..@MBarkannCSN go figure.If this holds up, Chip Kelly will finally meet the side of Philly he has avoided the last 2 yrs. Just ask the Phillies, Sixers and Flyers.@Paddysutts Andy Reid-esqueNo sign of a safety. Great job.Incredible. Just incredible. Kid has been great all season and is letting the season slip away.Who knows what it is these days. RT @wingoz: have no idea what that last roughing the passer call was..nonePrayers for the 2 officers' families.. What a nightmare.. http://t.co/1NaSpDZGZx@docj227 on the wall.Next week Odell may catch 20 balls vs. this Eagles secondary.1-on-1 no safety help on Desean. I just can't. This has all the makings. And why I didn't have a good feeling all week.@MoveTheSticks some big holes. Makes you just wonder options if Chip had a real mobile QB.@AshokaESPN @BrittMcHenry @BramESPN Sixers losing the lottery will be the final straw.@BrittMcHenry @BramESPN I'm doing my best not to throw this phone. It's early.Can someone tell Cary Williams the Eagles are playing for something. How does that happen?Eagles have allowed 109 pts off 33 turnovers, both lead the NFL. The Eagles are 6-1 when they win or tie the TO battle, 3-4 when they lose.If Bradley Fletcher is matched up w Desean in any 1-on-1 situation with no safety help today, I will lose my mind.Their own Defense can't relax.. RT @pdomo: Just 25 of Eagles' 178 offensive possessions have lasted longer than 3:30.@Buccigross @KNegandhiESPN The Birds could use some Philadelphia Christmas magic today #FlyEaglesFly http://t.co/ZOp0NJjIO4
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