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Holland Taylor @HollandTaylor New York/Los Angeles

Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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@ElayneBoosler @BettyBuckley Thanks, Elayne.@HollandTaylor @BettyBuckley Well then, you're a REALLY great actress. LOL!
Retweeted by Holland Taylorhttp://t.co/1WMFDRariQ
Retweeted by Holland Taylor#Togetherness is so appealing so well done & thank GOD gives delicious @melanielynskey & the vibrant, smart Amanda Peet license to kill us.When the government fears the people, it is liberty. When the people fear the government, it is tyranny. -- Thomas Paine #quote
Retweeted by Holland TaylorIt's starting http://t.co/ZWCQo1NhaG
Retweeted by Holland TaylorIf you aren't watching Togetherness you truly aren't doing what you should be doing..#amandapeet @melanielynskey @MarkDuplass getittogther
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@BadElyse tis my given name. Tanx@HollandTaylor I watched #HappyAccidents What a quirky, charming little movie, w/a twist I didn't see coming, but not enough @HollandTaylor
Retweeted by Holland TaylorIf your resolve is shaky about the nation's political health- tune in to this splendid, brave senator. @SenGillibrand http://t.co/FRwIyA55hhTired of fat cats bankrolling our elections? A group in Congress is fighting back w #DefendingDemocracy reforms. http://t.co/gEXZ54ejCW
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@BettyBuckley @ElayneBoosler There will be no beggin.' You are a carte blanche person.My new favorite painter, Kehinde Wiley. #SundayArtExchange http://t.co/erLwtpVCyM
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@hollandtaylor @bettybuckley @elayneboosler Any dame who knows she's a dame is a lady in my book (it's more of a pamphlet) #BeautifulFriends
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@hueynym @BettyBuckley @ElayneBoosler good one..@SenGillibrand @CBSThisMorning I prefer seeing & hearing you in person, which I am about to do! See you in Santa Monica in a minute or 45!. @BettyBuckley @ElayneBoosler Important that you grasp that I am not a lady.@JanvierNoir No,no. Credible, complicated, and simply, well.... OK~Good looking for a waaaaay mature woman.@CAO916 You are the coolest person all your lucky friends know.@ElayneBoosler @BettyBuckley Damb!! Were you there and I didn't see you??!!? Betty was put on earth to shoot us with that silver sound.
Backstage at the @TheWallisBH after Betty's triumphant concert with my girlz @BettyBuckley and @HollandTaylor http://t.co/HcjSJeYdjK
Retweeted by Holland TaylorMiss Buckley sees David Rambo @Rambopolitan and screams. @BettyBuckley slays us.That ONE note no one else can sing. http://t.co/6nqldIQxyY@SFBayAreaGirl @HollandTaylor Well...it's not a vat but we do have scallops! Also by brillaint photog @lizclayman http://t.co/rLYtsis99V
Retweeted by Holland TaylorMy medical care should not be on ANY BALLOT EVER. #Nerdland
Retweeted by Holland Taylor
@megmcgee3 good one, wasn't it?@HollandTaylor Had to share this with you. Adored Ann and crazy about you! RT or follow me Bubela! 💪👍❤️💋 http://t.co/Lwc4zKnWCH
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@wendirogersTV great pic!!I am the woman who, though hung over, none the less cleaned up a microwave that a brick of lasagna blew up in yesterday. Having medal struck
Agd? Or mold? http://t.co/x27T8dR0OP@HollandTaylor God bless!Look my site of Unique #Design , #Furniture & #Art. Accept orders for anything one-of-kind!http://t.co/k3GUNxbZSl
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@montrealbbfan Merci, comme toujours.
@omgpaulson oopps, answered wrong tweet.@Ron_Middlekauff Twas surprisingly difficult. I also had to EAT... Rice kept getting under the lip thing. Watching it is funny, tho, yuuchh!
file under: #MadeTheShowWork: "Ah yes, that tacky little place in the valley. That fish shot out of me like it was on fire." @HollandTaylor
Retweeted by Holland Taylor"….each man's death diminishes me.!" No one more than Mike Nichols. My North Star. My mentor. No more Giants left for our poor earth!
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@thenycwriter they'll come in handy, one day. Everything does.Early morning with Mr. Euclid. http://t.co/H3hM2t3OCk
@viciodallas Happiest of birthdays. May this one top them all so far!My "over everything" was an answer~ I forgot to attach tweep's handle. Remain calm. It just meant struggle is pointless. I'm Hors de Combat.@BatCritia No plans right now, but the rights to do the play will become available at some point & then I'm sure Texas theatres will present
We are so up to no good. @MsSarahPaulson http://t.co/24PRPuj1xjI just realized I'm over everything.@dickopies5 RJ!!!
@thechrislowden The proof is too high for me. Prefer mellow~~Nice to be wanted, and not by INTERPOL.@bluegrasshaze ha ha@borstalbon hope so. Thank you.@Rmartin67 si!Gr8! "Malian who hid people from gunmen during #ParisAttacks on Jewish supermarket awarded French nationality http://t.co/PuN71fjIEF
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@Rmartin67 si@HollandTaylor "@YahooTV: The stars & producers of @TwoAndAHalfMen, @BigBang_CBS, @MomCBS, and @mikeandmolly. http://t.co/y4c5mFAt8Q"
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@cindogg88 Not yet...@CandyxWarhol Love this.@ladyvolhoops You're welcome and thank you.@tucker1025 @gratednutmeg Tommy you're the sweetest.@MatchGame67 @TwoAndAHalfMen very soon thank you.@TheBilalShow thanks!!@Melaniem80 Happy Birthday to us both!@BuckeyeMike1023 Thanks Michael.@HaliJenn I did, I will. Thanks.@Spatula8 thanks and here's another. !@suebrockhoeft @foreverthelword thanks!@merogers525 @foreverthelword Thanks so much@foreverthelword thanks times four.@suebrockhoeft @foreverthelword thanks to you~@MelpomeneThalia Thanks so much!@Amy_Allen1976 There's a portrait in the attic of someone who looks like shit.@chilibeanie67 Ha ha! Good one.@TresVicky Thanks Vicky. Cool Pic.@PatriksPicks @RealFayeDunaway @chicbusymom Good one.@CtLMN thank YOU!@TheGaPopist thanks!@JasStanford Come over here and sit by me. LOVE ~ @HollandTaylor@medusasrage That's a VERY good reason.@merogers525 @foreverthelword Thanks, nice compliment.@foreverthelword Thanks so much!@TarrynNSteyn HI there you!@sperls13 @iamSlickRick @TheCarlWeathers Good crowd...@cheesemeister97 thanks Alastair...@FamousBirthdays You're on the ball...@stefanico Thanks Stefan...@vickiabelson Thanks Vicki~@WorldOfWonder thank you!@LOVEJBEALS Nice compliment, thank you....@Gianni862 MMMM! Nice message, good looking'!@borstalbon @TarrynNSteyn Thanks to both!@JADWMFMovie Thanks !!@dinahleigh thanks Dinah!@BUBYSGIRL Just one, thanks!@ny2az81 @foreverthelword @Juells21 thanks !!!@jenreid26 thanks... I did!@golddust27 Close! But no cigar! Thanks...@mlottjr thanks so much!!@maresp601 xxooxxtanx!@5dogwoman Ha ha! Thanks so much.@LilMonsterRambo thanks so much!@ReignOfApril Aaaaapriiiillll! Thank you! Very kind!@steventwilson thanks!@Stengelese52 @LizSmth Thanks for good wishes.@matheusruffino @Janefonda Nope. Not. But thanks.
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