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Time for @fashionpolice west coast!! Tune in to E! now :) http://t.co/HJFh7ZwBdY@liliwhiteass I won't:). See u at Grammy red carpet in two weeks! XoxoBush aside. RT @GeorgiaPeachii: I want @GiulianaRancic to say "bush aside" one more time...@kathrynison thank u!!!My shoulders. That's what's up. Lol RT @ljgraham26: @e_FashionPolice @GiulianaRancic what's up with your shoulder pads?@likeitTIis thanks babe:)Real!!! RT @leasha530: u were on fire tonight. Love love love you. Thank you for not being nice when fashion is horrible. Say it like it is!Gotta keep it realllll! RT @The__BOpe: @GiulianaRancic is all claws out tonight! I'm loving it!!! @e_FashionPoliceLet's do it! RT @ryannnnicolee_: I just want to be best friends with @GiulianaRancicThanks boo. RT @EMJ2686: @GiulianaRancic is KILLING with the strong shoulder dress on #FashionPolice@celeena4 @BillRancic Awww. Thank u:)Lol! Hope u love @e_FashionPolice tonight!!! RT @StrikingLibra23: I have always loved @GiulianaRancic's 'Sofia Vergara' accent!! 😂😂East coast! @e_FashionPolice starts right now on E! #LOTD: Dress: @_zhivago_ / Shoes: @GianvitoRossiOfficial http://t.co/yYudT2KIfiWho's watching @enews right now?! So happy to be back :) http://t.co/8DrCH46ekFMy cheeks hurt from laughing so hard during @e_FashionPolice!! Be sure to tune in tonight at 9/8c only on E!!! http://t.co/0axppj1XBbSeeing all of your super sweet tweets. Was still on much needed vacay yesterday & missed u all too! See u at Grammys red carpet. Love u all!
Love!!!! RT @usatodaylife: We’re hypnotized by @KellyOsbourne SAGAwards hairdo http://t.co/IqcjZCnuRF http://t.co/yNVd6ikZxJ@TonyTripoli lol. Love u so much Tony!!! I miss YOU!Why are Sunday's such a good day for shopping and running errands??? I have so many errands!!! What r u all up to?@AlexJET24 In mexico today on vacay:) See u tomorrow on @e_FashionPolice and @ENews !!!:) RT @_tiffanytaylor: I haven't been one to read memoirs but I really want to read @GiulianaRancic's memoir http://t.co/BHZcUPbK2q
#mybigboy http://t.co/WniaJUUa5mHolding court in the tub. http://t.co/SPuXzLC9KgA bottle of wine is fun, but I’m sooo glad to have @xogwine whenever I want just 1 glass! No more wasting wine! http://t.co/x4LMd2SusS
Lol RT @chloee_coops: preordering @GiulianaRancic new book because DUHTwo months! Click here for deets! http://t.co/BHZcUPbK2q RT @Noche010: @jbyczynski when are you coming out with another bookSo fun meeting Danielle & the rest of the fab team at the Walmart Pineville store last Sat! http://t.co/4A7YuwtdMo http://t.co/Y6rTEO5cdJLove!!! RT @jbyczynski: @GiulianaRancic My entertainment for the evening! Next event? Make RPM Steak reservations! http://t.co/Kn8q3NN4am#TGIF ladies! Glam up your night w/@xogwine before heading out! Thanks for sharing the adorable pic, @stylewithtaren! http://t.co/yDxFX6ADkVOld friends are the best friends. @coletabedi #mexico2015 http://t.co/ZAvo6fCu1s@imjenlarson yes. What is ur zip? @XoGWine
No place to be. Nowhere to go. #thegoodlife http://t.co/jzAIFhjlKVWhen u realize ur two-year-old has been listening to too much #Drake #onatuesday champagnepapi dukerancic http://t.co/wvXIiNJkraMy prayers go out to @VinceCamuto's family, friends and colleagues. Thank you for showing us you don't… http://t.co/oY0Xgam4oD
If you're looking for some fab essentials...check this out http://t.co/ku9k9P1dc4 So many of my faves on big sale!!!Thanx babe. On vacay this week. See u Monday! RT @TishArevalo: Every day in front of the tv watching @ENews and @e_FashionPolice just for GHere is link again for pre-order for those asking. XoG! http://t.co/BHZcUPbK2q@KarinDavenport @eonline ur sweet. Thanks girl!Awww. Thanks!!! RT @cassstokes: I just pre-ordered @GiulianaRancic new book. April better hurry up and get here. I can't wait to read it!@Aaronj1029 go get em! Lol. XoThis will work till Sunday:). #mexico #perfection #vacay http://t.co/wgoY1U6vxS
Happy Birthday @MelRivers!!!! So happy to have U in my life and to call U a friend. I love you:)She will always have a place here:) RT @deanna_hennessy: @tkbassi dream has fcome true, she was on @ENews! Thank you G #TKBstrong❤️ RT @_SarahHaynes_: mentioning @tkbassi on @E!News is incredibly heartwarming & a testament to how Tara has impacted our hearts #TKBStrongSooo excited to reveal the cover of Going Off Script, my memoir avail April 7! Click here to see it! http://t.co/oQ3YFY5uSn #offscriptbook
@ShwhittHappens @joeycradio no I don't baby girl. That's news to me.All new! RT @YellsSara: @GiulianaRancic @e_FashionPolice is it new again?Let's do this @XoGWine RT @Allie_Why_Not: We are crackin @GiulianaRancic 's wine. Shit is getting real.Who's watching @e_FashionPolice right now? Agree or disagree with us?Let's ask @catalinaLINAsu RT @MELbee__: I need to know what lipstick @GiulianaRancic is wearing on @e_FashionPolice tonight !Thanks boo:) RT @joeycradio: No shade but G is SLAYING fashion police. Funny, charming, funny, fierce, funny, informed & funny. #slaybitch💄Meeting w/our great team @Walmart corporate for @XoGWine #Lizzie #Kurt #Jeremy #Devin. Missed u in this pic #Braxton! http://t.co/EneJYEBVY0Me!!! RT @kathygriffinusa: Who else is excited for @e_FashionPolice tonight? @kathygriffin @KellyOsbourne @GiulianaRancic @mrbradgoreskiPraying RT @Grace_Ashleyy: thank you so much for tweeting #TKBstrong Tara is a special girl. Always putting others before herself. <3
Praying for my friend tkbassi. You've been in my heart since the day we met and will be forever, Tara.… http://t.co/WLxRh5foWPSunday with my fab niece alexazuriff017 @ LA Westside http://t.co/6o2nG9TJFtStocked up on @xogwine yesterday and met @GiulianaRancic and @billrancic #xogwine #yummy #autograph #pineville http://t.co/lNbBk31pyV
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic
@GoensKatie @XoGWine wow! Only two bottles left? Glad u got urs!!! XoxoxLove!!! RT @ERICB26: @GiulianaRancic Yay Got Our Hands On Some And It Is Yummy :) Sharing With Rest Of My Flight Crew http://t.co/X4ighSjEIlThree of my fav fab & fierce women #Latriece #Silvia #Esther @Walmart corporate. So GREAT seeing U! Cheers @XoGWine! http://t.co/q2Qnh3KfVw@lookin4jul thanks for sharing. praying for #tarabassi#Repost @billrancic with dukerancic ・・・⁰First visit with the ice cream man!!! http://t.co/fAv3hKr7R7The Fab Foursome! RT @MaddieMaeJ: Just called the hogs with @GiulianaRancic & @BillRancic! So fabulous meeting them! http://t.co/JJwbvSj0ytLove #Fae! RT @NWAgossipgirl: Got to meet G and B. G is the reason I read Fae, so I had to send love to @cjabedi! ♡ http://t.co/BLH9KQOIbv@SSinArkansas @XoGWine thanks for welcoming us!!! See u soon:)@buechelsk01 Hiii! Check out our store locator at http://t.co/lZBkLLZ7qT. Also, tagging@XoGWine to help:)See u soon! Xo! RT @JFAtweets: thanks for spending your Saturday morning with us...and for launching your product at #Walmart! @XoGWine.@GiulianaRancic & @BillRancic are coming to MISSOURI! Meet them & shop for Xo, G TOMORROW at Walmart, Pineville, MO! http://t.co/pXRb6wXKV8
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Xo! RT @WhitneyGraczyk: @GiulianaRancic just tried your wine for the first time in Killeen, TX. So yummy! Thank you! http://t.co/IvekzhZXJp
@iamjrichardson @adisonxoxox @XoGWine too cute. Love it!!Cheers!!! RT @saraarbelaez: Can't wait to try itt @GiulianaRancic 😍 http://t.co/qpWBJMVwnRThank u;) RT @wollyminters: LOVING LOVING LOVING @GiulianaRancic outfit tonight! @ENewsWe weren't even trying to be human emojis 😜✌️👋 #promise @terrencej @jasonkennedy1 @enews @ E! News http://t.co/POdX9lJ8Qk#TBT Talking tequila with Clooney and Amal at the #goldenglobes 😜 http://t.co/8WSSz4W57ZLove ur products! RT @vitaliberata: Looking gorgeous as always G! Glad you loved your @VitaLiberata Skin Finish by @fionamlocke :)#tbt to the Globes last Sunday! Dress: @marialuciahohan // jewelry: @forevermark // skin: @fionamlocke @vitaliberata http://t.co/KM8LO3ElKn
Hey, MISSOURI! Come to the Pineville Walmart on Sat 1/17 to meet @GiulianaRancic & @BillRancic and shop for Xo, G! :) http://t.co/gw48MeIXs5
Thank u:) RT @trendygurl29: That was a beautiful intro! I absolutely love ur new blog! It's fab for u to let us in on ur life!Can't wait for 2night, @e_FashionPolice is back in Argentina at 11 pm! ♡♡ @kathygriffin @GiulianaRancic @KellyOsbourne @mrbradgoreski
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicWake me up when ur done. Lol!!! RT @kenbakernow: I think @GiulianaRancic looks riveted eh? @enews http://t.co/j7s7jKqd2XFriends in Dubai! Only a few days left of the #DubaiShoppingFestival @GbyGiuliana pop up shop @TheBeachDubai! #MyDSF http://t.co/cQSaZAqJyIShooting @ENews and watching recap of last night's @e_FashionPolice! Yo @kathygriffin, U make me want a #coochclutch-Can't wait til Monday!
Xo! RT @danieldeleno: @fashionpolice #premieres tonight @ENews #Makeup on my #Gurl @GiulianaRancic http://t.co/NMD7CuEtYAHey Dubai! Be sure to head down to my #DubaiShoppingFestival @GbyGiuliana pop up shop @TheBeachDubai before it closes this Sat! #mydsfReady west coast?! Brand new @e_FashionPolice starts right now on E!!!! Who's watching?“@e_FashionPolice: "You know what would make this dress look great?! If you light it on fire!" -@GiulianaRancic #FashionPolice PREACH!!!
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicThank u. Luv! RT @SanFran_Sara49: finally whole again #FashionPolice thanks for the laughs you guys are awesomeThanks! RT @SamanthaNyarko: #FashionPolice is good...G is bringing the raunchiness surprisingly! Joan would be proud!Yay!!! RT @nikole451: Already loving new #FashionPolice format/set/hosts! Well done @e_FashionPoliceEast coast! An all new Golden Globes edition of @e_FashionPolice starts RIGHT NOW on E! Tune in! :)Tonight's the night! Tune in to an all new @e_FashionPolice at 9/8c on E!!! http://t.co/P7G5MYrEvAHave u checked out my new site yet?! I wrote a special blog in honor of tonight's @e_FashionPolice http://t.co/zOU0QFDl40It's here!! Click here to check out my first blog post on my brand new website: http://t.co/xxTXvBu23K http://t.co/0e8bbtWeR6
Nothing feels better than being under the covers right now with my hot hubby and getting some sleep!!! Amen! Good night world:)))My red carpet look wouldn't be complete without these rare beauties @forevermark #goldenglobes #forevermark http://t.co/dBoO2fR6vdAmazing! RT @debbiebechtel: @GiulianaRancic was the tequila really good? #GeorgeClooneySooooo...who are u all feeling for best and worst dressed at #GoldenGIobes? I'm deciding me for tomorrow's @e_FashionPolice!!!Love!!! RT @MariselaC1: Enjoying some @XoGWine while watching the #GoldenGIobes @GiulianaRancic 😊 http://t.co/f7e4UwWx51Yes! @GiulianaRancic http://t.co/4MXsOYPmE7
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicNo shame in my game! RT @shannonAmyBarry: @GiulianaRancic is the best host in the history of forever 🙌doing a shot of clooneys tequila
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