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@HeidiWow2 why tf not? LA could be a hella fun place. Seems like you'd fit in too.
@HeidiWow2 fuck it come to LA.The pussy on my face tastes good but it's time for some real food 😻
Retweeted by 》G《@johnnyZ003 think I'm heading to the #LBC instead@springboksfan @keishagreyxxx @chadwhitexxx @NSDSxxx I need this movie on blu ray lol@XNicoleAnistonX @Uber to me they're the same thing, right?@itzTIFFSWORLD wow your area gets crazy weather@HeidiWow2 AHHHHHHHHHHH@HeidiWow2 can you start getting on later and more please lol 👌 ❤@itzTIFFSWORLD stay safe! Bday is almost here!Think imma drive to Malibu this weekend....I need to do something. Haven't been outta the house in a few weekends.@theMissCharlee *memberWe all need to have those #yolo moments. Life is short.
Retweeted by 》G《@theMissCharlee haha how would u cheat?? Oh like if you're not a new number. Right??This just warms my heart and makes me smile on this Friday https://t.co/vvTJFjxXz3I'm looking for a man not a boy. I'm not interested in some cunt who likes other girls selfies but won't text me back for 8 hours
Retweeted by 》G《And again its after midnight and I'm wide awake. Guess I'll be getting more zzzquil this weekend.Gotta give it up to my brotha @addictd2_money cuz we have the same exact issues. Women! Y'all so damn picky.
@LilveronicaR who takes ur pics@itzTIFFSWORLD LMAOOOOOOO SMH not nice but we do need new stuff for u. I have some ideas if ur interested.@itzTIFFSWORLD its not made well I've seen@itzTIFFSWORLD I need a new camera too...@itzTIFFSWORLD yeah this is the one I've heard breaks a lot. Ask around ifbu haven't hun.@itzTIFFSWORLD aren't those expensive? And break easy I hear unless u get a hella good one.@tashareign ever find that pole?@tashareign @CaTacoBear fuck yes I'd do anything to see u haha can I have the panties u wear too?@HeidiWow2 and wb to my tweets@HeidiWow2 STAY ONLINE FOR A LONG TIME@HeidiWow2 wait was that in the 38 in just got? Did u see my email too btw?Love how empty my texts r and I always hit people up....damn@xxxRiley which one heheh@KarmenKarma @MimeFreak @Arch_Angel_XXX IM READY ME ME ME 🙌@Lexpece tell'em Lex!@HeidiWow2 @Onlybadchicks @babestoday @Dyme_Pieces @GreatAssDaily @sexy_shoutouts1 @FitAsFuckGirls @BootyPrez soooooooo badd 😍
@HeidiWow2 do not miss that weather lolThis is not ok! Anyone who can look at this and not feel sadness has NO SOUL! I hate the ignorance in this world! :( http://t.co/LD84GheGwK
Retweeted by 》G《@shawnalenee_xxx omg come to LA & dance too that woukd be a dream come true lol@shawnalenee_xxx hey what u doin so close to LA?@HeidiWow2 when r u gunna be on MFC next?@xxxRiley god yes please do
@TeenKayleeMFC I need a pvt and panties like soon lol ugh@tashareign no no no no no no no@sassyassyjeans @JanessaBrazil @sierraluvxxx @BellaBleuEyes @JosieCamModel @xoxoSashaSky what if I just want Janessa merch and panties lol@sexdotcom @XNicoleAnistonX @naughtyamerica omg this is so damn hot@TheFreakyCrew @KarmenKarma still love this list and can't wait to see itJust ate the worst lunch ever and I paid like $10 for it. Doesn't that make you angry!!@PlaymateKhloe @arenout and she's gorgeous
@ericvdunn 🙌 👌A 2015 study shows that Americans are more tolerant than they've ever been—only tolerance for racists has decreased.
Retweeted by 》G《@HeidiWow2 WHAT UR GUNNA BE IN BUFFALO AND I AM NOT THERE??? I am very sad lol 😢😢😢😢@HeidiWow2 make sure to hit up the duty free and get some coffee crisps.@KarmenKarma @Arch_Angel_XXX now that's a fuckin list!!!@KaleyKade cuddle with u
Really hungry but I think I'm just really bored.@xxxRiley damn what?@itzTIFFSWORLD oh plus they get the view of Tiff lol@itzTIFFSWORLD but u know how much them suckas make!!! And they're prob getting OT for helping u. Haha I think they're ok lol 👌@HeidiWow2 god damn u wear that so well@datingonset the YouTube space is amazing! Have you toured it? I went with work to check it out.@HeidiWow2 I'll see u tomorrow 💙
@LilveronicaR @VRodProductions you're too young for at that baby@HeidiWow2 dang sorry I took so long!!! Didn't expect it too. Hope to see u again soon & can't wait for the vids!@itzTIFFSWORLD that's so crazyI've been laying in bed for 2hrs now lol@itzTIFFSWORLD I doubt u ever will lol u have so many beautiful curves@Lexpece cuz you a B.O.S.S.@Lexpece that's bs@KennedyXoXoXo I want those@TeenKayleeMFC I'll be waiting for the little girl@KennedyXoXoXo hurrry up I been waiting
@KennedyXoXoXo @MyFreeCams u gunna be on? Like for realz?@Satan_TV @LilveronicaR and i still fully support @RileyReidx3 even after she mistakenly blocked me 😢😢😢@Satan_TV @LilveronicaR @RileyReidx3 I need this omg my 2 fav girls.@johnnyZ003 spoken like someone who knows NOTHING 😂😂😂@ATASFCKNWORLD you r gorgeous@SamsungMobileUS it will take some getting used too. See u guys switched stuff around from the Note 2. Where is the Task Killer?@johnnyZ003 ew why? So I can be a #BasicBitch? Lol@SamsungMobileUS nope not yet. Spent 3hrs just getting everything uploaded. Today is its first real run.@G_is_for_Great That's what we like to hear! Have you given the S Pen a try yet? #GalaxyNote4
Retweeted by 》G《Tweeting live from my new @SamsungMobileUS #GalaxyNote4 and I love it
So I've been working on @AmericanIdol for a few months now and I was curious to see how many of my followers actually watch it? #IdolTop7@addictd2_money I have idol tn and finishing a meeting rn.
@andreaillobre wow you have a pretty great bf@KennedyXoXoXo wowza@KennedyXoXoXo oh now u wanna get on lol@jennyysoliss haha u r crazy #FollowMe one day...@kassie_kane cuz@shawnalenee_xxx I'd give up my seat for u baby@jennyysoliss you look amazing in ur avi@KarmenKarma nugget is in my thoughts
Oh ya I also have some baked Teriyaki chicken cooking too. Oh yaaaa #BlueMoonMondayThis how i spend my #Monday. Drinking #BlueMoon while playing #DarkSouls2ScholarOfTheFirstSin #BlueMoonMonday http://t.co/6BzytTpGgn@reenaskyvip daddy loves u@tashareign I have a huge weakness for pussy
@haveyouseennoor @_Shayyshay omg stfu ur both still and always will be gorgeous af@Kira13Sage word?@polinaOH who tf broke yo heart I'll kill'em@dawnavrildotcom awesome that's a damn deal@pf_actual been watchin since like HS. Was a member of all the sites.@pf_actual you're a lucky man
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