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Check out the video! #AskSass Q&A Week 1: http://t.co/eibC9WdbYc via @YouTube
Retweeted by 》G《@DakotaJamesXXX OMG REALLY????@KarmenKarma oh shit hope u ok
@shawnalenee_xxx DM me your sizes and I'll get that taken care of!!! Ahhhhh fucking excited@shawnalenee_xxx Haha ur amazing. I'd love to get u booty shorts and a shirt that say #TeamIDWS@shawnalenee_xxx Really?!? How about with just my twitter handle and my hash tag #TeamIDWS 😍😍😍@shawnalenee_xxx Omg would u wear a shirt with my logo on it?!?!?@Sassy_Linn Fuck ya babe@Sassy_Linn I'm sorry to hear all this hun. It isn't a reflection on u ok? Stay positive cuz there's guys like me who would date tf outta u!@haveyouseennoor u do not need to lose anything (except ur mind if u wanna) cuz ur body is on point Noor!!! 😍 👏"Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save- they just stand there shining." -Anne Lamott
Retweeted by 》G《@shawnalenee_xxx Did u read or hear about the 2 new planets they might of found on in our galaxy?RETWEET this status if you want to see @shawnalenee_xxx and @MadisonScottxxx in a scene together! :) ♥♥♥
Retweeted by 》G《@shanexxxdiesel damn you really fucked some dudes wife at the AVNs? Haha 👏@Sassy_Linn that's a damn lie cuz I've loved you since day one@DakotaJamesXXX That's all I want a girl to do...@haveyouseennoor @riss862 God damn Noor u lookc sexy af@Sassy_Linn Wait ur single??? What happened@KarmenKarma Haha won't be me cuz I didn't post every day I voted but so happy u won babygirl u deserve it@andreaillobre you are a goddess
@XNicoleAnistonX @Madison420Ivy Omg what happened?@purrbunny Fuck u look amazing@andreaillobre GorgeousFUCK YA @Warhammer_TCG "@WWEPPorn: RT for Nikki Bella's Ass... #RoyalRumble http://t.co/9IceLTObCm"@FapWrap @KarmenKarma YOOOOOO I NEED ALL LIKE A MILLION OF THESEWow@djmelvis @TrinityStClair lol I don't get why there's even this convo who tf cares? Let them do them and keep doin u."@Samantha_Loomis: @Kirsten_Price worst dress nominees go to... #AVNAwards http://t.co/IHHSZ01cgK" @RileyReidx3 @CarterCruise @'em at least@TrinityStClair Fans SHOULD be the ones who pick the awards cuz we are the ones who watch and beat off to this stuff lol@lelulovexo I'll email u about some other stuff
@babieqirllll I love uUgh do I get outta the house and go get food to eat it stay home and be even more lazy lol@lelulovexo holy fuck I need more of u hahaha wow wow wow ur sooooo badd I hope u sell stuff 😜@lelulovexo I just gotta say I seen some vids of urs on pornhub the wedding night creampie & phoning hubby & my god I'm hooked!!! I need u!!I fucking love when @LilveronicaR pays attention to meeeeeeeee 😍😍😍😍😍 @VRodProductions #TeamVRod @Brazzers #ZZStar http://t.co/vTJov0P1jH@Sassy_Linn Yes master 😍😍😍@CoeyDean Haha its like 70° and windy...you'll be fine babygirl@CoeyDean Just go out lolDo you ever pretend like you didn't see something so the other person doesn't feel embarrassed
Retweeted by 》G《@PetaJensen @Brazzers @DPxxx SERIOUSLY!!!! HOW DID Y'ALL NOT MAKE IT TO THE FINAL 3? SWEAR THESE CONTESTS ARE RIGGED!!!! @LilveronicaR@Brazzers @DPxxx @PetaJensen &@LilveronicaR need to be punished like the badd girls they are hehehe I love y'all both so damn sexy@LilveronicaR God yes plz make this happen babe@Brazzers @DPxxx @PetaJensen @LilveronicaR I seriously love these pics both y'all asses & legs r perfect ugh RULE MY LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PLZ@PetaJensen @Brazzers @DPxxx @LilveronicaR Would be amazing to see u both fuck nonstop!!! Wish Peta would follow me too 😍😍😍Just dropped my phone on my face smh@Avalynn_Rose, I feel you could have tweeted “[Who's] at vanity?” instead. ‘Whose’ belongs to ‘whom’; ‘who's’ means ‘who is’.
Retweeted by 》G《Feeling really empty but that's life I guess
Retweeted by 》G《@thejanicexxx @MsAbigailMac @AugustAmesxxx Wish I wasn't blocked by Janice still 😢
@Sassy_Linn My fucking god look at you!!!!!@KarmenKarma YES! YES! YES! I KNEW UD WIN BABE!!!! Finally a girl won who i actually voted for like dailyTHANKS FOR VOTING EVERYONE!!! I WON THE #throatedchallenge <3 #teamkarma
Retweeted by 》G《
@shawnalenee_xxx @myfreeimplants I can only imagine and I feel for u having to go thru that. Still gotta do our goodies package too!!!@PlaymateKhloe @PlayboyPlus Yup I vote as much as I can@shawnalenee_xxx @myfreeimplants Omg I didn't know and I'm so sorry to hear. I plan on donating now. No one should have to live in pain!When you finish fapping but find a better scene after http://t.co/t1g7miiJgu
Retweeted by 》G《Biden, the greatest hype man since Flavor Flav http://t.co/dLIyFBVXmV
Retweeted by 》G《@shawnalenee_xxx @myfreeimplants hope I'm not being outta line but can I ask why u want them redone? I think u look amazing!!! #JustSayinThe best kind of threesomes are threesomes
Retweeted by 》G《@Brazzers @PetaJensen @DPxxx @LilveronicaR OH SHIT #SHOTSFIRED HAHAHA CONGRATS THO@AbellaXXX votedAlso wish most of the girls I know weren't total asshats sometimes. Ya I said it. IDC.Do not get me wrong. I love my job. I love how independent I am being. But idk feel like I'm missing something.I've been fucking miserable since I got back to #LA & idk if its just being in a funk or what but god damn I'm just miserable all the time.I'll be honest with u guys...@johnnyZ003 Shit makes me so mad👉👉👉 http://t.co/6vJHbmCGun 👈👈👈 http://t.co/XHXNkX1l2u
Retweeted by 》G《ITS THE LAST DAY TO VOTE!! http://t.co/Ekg1iA6FiL http://t.co/V77h4IAT4F
Retweeted by 》G《
Also still hoping for some legit friends here in #LA lol might have to search Craigslist 😅😂😅Sorry done ranting for now....Now people say "they might not have time" or some other bs but if u don't wanna talk to someone just say so.Nothing pisses me off more than little or one word messages. Why tf are we even talking if that's all ur gunna do?It is my birthday. For my present, please watch my new TV show on thursday. It’s called Backstrom. It’s very good. Thank you.
Retweeted by 》G《Lol guess I'm just not meant to have friends out here...@ItsCleoLive now if only I can get u to follow me again like before 😢@shawnalenee_xxx U r so modest. Ur a great person and so happy ur back. I gotta email u too to get us set up. But have a great night hun! 😴@shawnalenee_xxx Awwwww I love ur attitude and so happy ur back & we can talk again. Ur an amazing person u really r not tryna suck up lol@shawnalenee_xxx Few rotten apples ruin the bushel. I hate that but it is how it has to be and u gotta protect yourself and ur fam.@shawnalenee_xxx Yeah I bet. I'd hurt a person real quick if they ever said anything about my kids or family.@shawnalenee_xxx I understand and respect that. Sorry I hope I didn't offend u by asking. Haha I need to find away on that VIP list@shawnalenee_xxx Oh damn wtf is wrong with the human race? I swear every day it gets worse. I'm sorry u had to deal with that@shawnalenee_xxx Awwwwww I love that. I bet she sings sooooo cute. U ever post it or no? Prob not. Ur such an amazing mommy.@shawnalenee_xxx WOWZA lol must have like 50,000 pics lol well like I said lmk about Hulu and hey seen ur goin sleepy so talk 2 u later babe@shawnalenee_xxx I think I love u even more lol we gotta get u a bigger SD card then babe lol hold all ur pics and ur apps@shawnalenee_xxx Let me guess....u have an iPhone lol I feel ya. I cant wait for the pics and if u really wanna be on my Hulu lmk lol@shawnalenee_xxx Haha probably but IDC I'd protect u lol@shawnalenee_xxx Haha well if u ever make room lmk and I'd hook my girl up lol@shawnalenee_xxx If he comes near u I'll beat his ass!!!!! No one messes with my Shawna@shawnalenee_xxx Haha I said u could use mines if u wanted but u prob make more than I do lol but ya I love Hulu. Im on it rn on my Xbox One@shawnalenee_xxx I'll beat him up for u@shawnalenee_xxx I use them all. It's the best if u like TV and never have time to sit and watch@shawnalenee_xxx want my Hulu too?@ChasityMerlow I'm hereWhen I hang out with @daneshaboo ... 😢 "AustinKane33: The best vine https://t.co/0AceK59HBh"HAHA 😂😁😂😁💀💀💀😁😂😁😂 "@WORLDSTARVlNE: YALL SO QUICK WITH THE EDITS 😂😭 http://t.co/5CMyRFwSo5"@_Shayyshay Bring itNothing's worse than wanting someone's attention
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@vickyvette @ItsCleoLive being able to kiss her sweet ass and I get a follow back (again) is what I'm talking boutFuck today man.... Ugh@shawnalenee_xxx I fucking love you with at my heart Shawna!!I just wore my Manziel jersey into a room and deadass this kid goes, "Are you bi?"
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