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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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My opinion the management of 49rs who thought it wd b OK to have an immature wannabe gangbanger as the quarterback and be fired@HumanEvents They just need a little more taxpayer $ and it will work this timeCan you pardon D'Souza now? "Let us leave behind the legacy of both colonization and communism."
Retweeted by Ed The @DailyCaller is now showing more of #TheInterview than @SonyPictures > http://t.co/4uFWLPmFyl
Retweeted by Ed See what it will cost Sony to not release "The Interview:" http://t.co/W32x8j7rHj
Retweeted by Ed @thejimjams @ColorOfChange She shd be fired for kissing al sharptons azzGotta wonder if this movie was a flop and they wanted an insurance claim. @DLoesch
Retweeted by Ed @AuthorAnnBaker @foxnation high capacity pistol magazineMore hillary scandal-Report: Clinton State Dept. Pulled Strings for Robert Mendendez in Pay-To-Play Deal https://t.co/KWeX8nG3I0Allen West on Jeb: We Don’t Need Big Gov’t Republican Versus a Bigger Gov’t Socialist https://t.co/a8OTSA7nzHEarnestly Lying White House Dodges Questions on Taliban Strength https://t.co/jPGvNUQa1JBroken Clock CNBC Anchor Blasts NYT for Ignoring Wide Public Support of Enhanced Interrogation https://t.co/YaFAsyq1AVEpitomizes todays democrat party-Peters on Pakistan Massacre: These Are the Terrorists Feinstein Wants To Protect https://t.co/GyEyXDrzIPThat's because he's a commie-Rangel: Raul Castro Respects Obama More than Marco Rubio Does https://t.co/zVfQgS7tEbThey already have a communist party-Obama: We Continue To Believe that Cuban Workers Should Be Freed To Form Unions https://t.co/EzJR19uyWvFights for right of pot heads-Sen. Objects To Closing Loophole Letting Welfare Recipients Spend our $ at Weed Store https://t.co/AerB5tZ37jDoes ANYONE in this WH tell the truth?-Flashback: Michelle Previously Described Racist Target Experience as Good https://t.co/ilxkpOdT3QRunning out of other peoples $-People's Republic of Vermont Drops Single-Payer Healthcare for All http://t.co/y6XpGDwhTv via @joewmillerBaltimore officer uses Taser, criminal uses gun http://t.co/7PzfWL3qC7‘We Had to Do Our Duty’: Raw Video of Sharyl Attkisson’s Interview With the Man Who Waterboarded the 9/11 Mastermind http://t.co/JREf2bknJSMexifornia, Five Years Later by Victor Davis Hanson, City Journal Winter 2007 http://t.co/9fl15kAwxa from @CityJournalBowe Bergdahl’s Platoon Unanimously Agree He was Deserter – But Questions Treason http://t.co/PIg5Z1rnTa via @po_st
The most racist thing that ever happened Michelle Obama? http://t.co/e76g0ZhiFA via @glennbeck
@JaJasTweets makes perfect lib sense@ookiee They already are, ANY non believers@EDinCali @JammieWF : RIGHT? Clearly we need to send some community organizers to where these criminals live to educate them.
Retweeted by Ed Why not, its on everything else-Warren: I Am Not Running for President. Do I Put an Exclamation Point at the End? https://t.co/mcMIgXFiqHWhy the silence from obama/pope while isis butchers/rapes/enslaves christians in syria/iraq?@nowhere_nh @JammieWF Don't the criminals/terrorists know it is against the law for them to possess firearms?Religion of peace burns school teacher alive then beheads and kills 130 children in pakistanRape and get your own Christian slaves-Fmr. Assistant Sec. Def: ‘This Is a Popular War for Young Islamic Angry Men’ https://t.co/ClfI1ju0xBMisunderstood religion :)-Ari Melber Downplays Role of Islam in Sydney Siege; ‘He May Just Be a Violent Criminal’ https://t.co/egJTIoGhZgWho do they work for? Schumer Fist Bumps Outgoing CNN Anchor Crowley: ‘Job Well Done’ https://t.co/kUaVY5EoaBPeaceful religion-Ryan Mauro: Belief in Radical Islam Makes One a Member of Any Terrorist Org https://t.co/IpIUadm6pmTypical leftist utopian amnesia-James Mitchell: What We Forget Is al Qaeda Tried To Decapitate America on 9/11 https://t.co/lImkw54TO7A nation of defenseless sheep-Charles Hurt: Despite Australia’s Gun Ban, Cafe Gunman ‘Managed To Get a Shotgun’ https://t.co/TPIuEhtNcz@EDinCali @JoeWMiller How many in that Sydney café yesterday wish they had been carrying?
Retweeted by Ed Americans’ Support for Second Amendment on the Rise http://t.co/7Z38wS1F8R via @joewmillerNobel for unusual honesty is appropriate-DeMint: Gruber Should Be Given a Medal for Honesty http://t.co/FYhQBTTDOr via @joewmillerTexas to Become an Open Carry State? http://t.co/OJ9lDhEv24 via @joewmillerGruber Reflects the Undemocratic Left http://t.co/EbNmEqeczt via @JimDeMint @DailySignalGeorge Clooney Can't Handle Bad Reviews and More Alleged Revelations from Hacked Sony Emails | Comcast http://t.co/zLIo5P8OTmThe lib maggot gags-Conn Carroll - New York Times Makes Case For Injunction Against Obama's Amnesty http://t.co/xJJ4wLyQUUThe biggest scandal/treason of all-Media Struggle to Save Obama, Not the Country-http://t.co/blvfWsQGdzMore from religion of peace-31 Chilling Tweets From the Australian Hostage Crisis http://t.co/UiXaY98zU9 via @kelseyjharkness @DailySignalObamacare blamed for killing hospitals http://t.co/XVPVP4XSap via @worldnetdailyBecause he wants to stand on GOP principles-Ted Cruz reignites GOP civil war http://t.co/KMHl6A5W0z via @POLITICO
@historylab_tom good for you, but keep your hands off of my 2nd amendment right...and stay within the parameters of those gun free zones@historylab_tom if you don't feel qualified to defend yourself/family due to fear of guns...it is best left up to be those who are@historylab_tom yes wolves love rto dine on them@historylab_tom don't know how you conjured that one up...just know the wait time for cops to respond to emergency calls here can be 45 min@historylab_tom but until they show up....unarmed sheep@historylab_tom I'd rather be armed@historylab_tom good for you it was YOUR choice@historylab_tom so that's yr argument to disarm the law abiding citizenry?@historylab_tom so what is faster when a criminal terrorist is assaulting you and your family? Pressing 911, or pressing .45?@brads0924 @FoxNews you aren't blocked you're just on my watch list for those who are a bit wobbly@historylab_tom todayDrudge says Obama has compromising information on boehner...that's why he rolls over@historylab_tom why did he stopCop unions better wake up or it is open season on your members@EDinCali @38_milo strange how that works. NY police should have the blue flu for a week or two. See how the city runs.
Retweeted by Ed @historylab_tom @TasneemN @BuzzFeedNews When did he stop shooting? Did he run out of ammo or did he get confronted with guns?Just let yourselves get beaten, or you'll get fired-Two Officers Assaulted During #BlackLivesMatter March in NYC https://t.co/EnAlinaik8Herd animals-Schumer: ‘Amazing Unity’ Among Democrats, Unlike Republicans https://t.co/be1Udm0nxAThis figures-Rep. Ellison (D-Minn.): ‘Elizabeth Warren Represents an Exciting Possibility’ for 2016 https://t.co/JvHhSknMx5I admit McCain is a mistake-McCain: ‘We’re Not a Perfect Nation, But We’re a Nation that Acknowledges Our Mistakes’ https://t.co/EUjAC7AebADoesn't Oz even have a ban on the size knives a citizen can carry? Does this ban apply to islamic terrorists as well?"mass shooters" find its easy to shoot away at unarmed defenseless targets...but fold when someone starts shooting back@historylab_tom @TasneemN @BuzzFeedNews It's interesting when these "mass shooters" get confronted with an armed cop or citizen, they stop@historylab_tom @TasneemN @BuzzFeedNews No one could shoot back@Vamadevananda The rest of the world doesn't countIt's the lib way-Rep. King (R-N.Y.) on Torture Report: ‘We Have to Stop this Self Loathing’ https://t.co/3RXz7KgmxBMob rule-Ferguson Protesters Beat Fellow Protester for Shooting Video of Protest Strategy Session https://t.co/U2KO85sM4DPolice powerless to stop this? KMOV: Another Bosnian Woman Attacked in South St. Louis County on Friday night https://t.co/4ZU1BB4Cak@RedScareBot @BuryIslamists @conservativebyt That's right, it's a social diseaseAustralia has disarmed its population making it easy for any terrorist to commit violent acts/or mass hostage taking #defenselesssheepTime for Oz to allow concealed carry-Two More People Emerge from Coffee Shop, Number of Hostages Left Undetermined https://t.co/5ARD72O2Pt"I have a scream" Howard Dean: ‘One of the Nice Things’ About Hillary Is She Doesn’t Take Many Positions https://t.co/VApmxouZCH@BuryIslamists @conservativebyt They're abt as far left/marxist as you can getHere’s a Viable Replacement for Obamacare http://t.co/EG1NmFEMrq @DailySignalCall the men in the white coats-The Democratic Party Debates Its Soul http://t.co/mgJoVunTF5Pilloried by libs for wanting legal immig-Most anti-immigrant senator is Hispanic, Irish but LEGAL immigrant himself http://t.co/f8iOn4XPrkWords 'Israel' and 'Jewish State' Banned From Being Spoken At Irish Holocaust Memorial Event http://t.co/blZAJOB2QM via @conservativebyt
@BraveLad no it is my personal opinion which must make me destined to eternal fire and brimstone in some religious zealots ideology/dogma@BraveLad I am not in the least interested in getting into a religious argument over your interpretive orthodoxy of it@EDinCali Two Words, "Term Limits". #tcot
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Another one who needs to have a seat.
Retweeted by Ed "People eating tasty animals"PETA Wants http://t.co/170LYHblde via @po_stOld politicians are like soiled diapers-John McCain: “Most Likely…I Will Announce That I Am Running Again” http://t.co/O5O5mvPIpm@BraveLad whateverMcCain basking in the media spotlight, is again the maverick loved by the leftPres Obama says cops fear people who don't look like them. Really? http://t.co/euuVp3kSiJ
Retweeted by Ed Liberal media drunk on ideology. By encouraging reactionary ant-police protests, they will ultimately lose votes.
Retweeted by Ed @Daggy1 Just shut up and pay...taxation without representationThere is no respect for the America taxpayer in Washington DC......
Retweeted by Ed @BraveLad Really lad...Do you want to argue religion too? You like your religion, you can keep your religion...now run along@BraveLad Atheist & 7th day Adventist who had a son...He grew up w/irresistable urge to knock on doors & stood speechless when door opened.@HarleyLeBon @EDinCali The man who said, "This is an event, not a protest," was right. Rev. Al wanted his publicity. Elite section, my a--.
Retweeted by Ed @KatWomanUSA :)
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