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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Is N Korea getting even? Dennis Rodman 'got drunk, vomited and defecated all over a hotel' http://t.co/ZMOkYmAm4F via @MailOnlineAl Sharpton very worried that execution of police officers will derail his movement - Hot Air http://t.co/1y9GwP2YF2@VictorB123 @worldnetdaily I'm happy for youInside New York cop-killing gang http://t.co/hp79DsFFem via @worldnetdaily400,000 messages to House GOP: Lose Boehner http://t.co/Q2Mhl4cUnp via @worldnetdailyEPA Hits Coal Industry With A Massive Regulation Right Before Christmas Via @dailycaller http://t.co/tfQYsR9Ce5
Retweeted by Ed @USFWSMtnPrairie Thanks RyanNow, that would be terrorism! RT @VanWagoner: @EDinCali @richfield65 Had the hackers released his grades, well then . . . #TheFive
Retweeted by Ed Nation’s coal mines nearing record low in worker deaths http://t.co/4DlPjG5lec
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali let's hope Bratton can stand up for NYers, Or will he resign in disgust? Time will tell.
Retweeted by Ed I remember how dangerous the streets of New York were when weak liberal mayors & criminals ruled.That changed when Giuliani took over #copsCops are the thin blue line standing between a law/order society & anarchy..Denigrating them is a sure way to plunge us into lawlessnessPresident Chauncey Gardener-Rogers: Intel Team Was Ready on North Korea but Didn’t Get an Order from Obama https://t.co/FJHpN3nXXTCloses barn door after horses escaped-After Standing with Protesters, Rep. Meeks Now Stands w Police After Execution https://t.co/JImbJXVLi0Our key to future affordable energy-Rep. Mike Kelly Offers Obama a Lump of Coal for Christmas https://t.co/2qJHmTIOWgThe Jimmy Carter model with Panama Canal-Obama: I’ll Be Doing ‘Everything I Can’ To Close Guantanamo Bay https://t.co/Oo8Er8HmpCObviously it is happening right now-Mark Cuban: Major Hack Will Happen Again https://t.co/f3TBEdLOGU@EDinCali NYC mayor acts like Obama-as if they only represent a portion of their populations. Families of the fallen pay the price. #NYPD
Retweeted by Ed Can we undo them w/a nuke option? How the Nuclear Option Changed the Judiciary http://t.co/d7VJR2N7Xp via @joewmillerSo we can have burgers made in China for a fraction of the price-NLRB Opens Door for SEIU at McDonalds http://t.co/ygAthGowmWFrom our venal and vindictive president-Operation Revenge http://t.co/6QmbF9aJDfEx-top cop Ray Kelly slams NY mayor over police killings and cop comments http://t.co/XEz7eU84MYThe Reasons Behind Obama’s Failures http://t.co/PdRsZjK4Vr via @Bromund @DailySignalObama's Cuba policy - with an eye to return Gitmo permanently? @EDinCali @gerfingerpoken @LessGovMoreFun @KurtSchlichter
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Ismaaill abdullah brinsley committed a hate crime, Eric holder needs to launch a federal investigation immediatelyAmy Pascal of Sony was totally used by Rev. Al Sharpton. She should be fired for stupidity.
Retweeted by Ed @ProfessorJerry @EDinCali Obama has an agenda all his Soros alone. Issue falls right in line with a contrived narrative that we are divided.
Retweeted by Ed @ByJessicaGould @EDinCali Thank god sombody has some ballz
Retweeted by Ed @CarrollStandard Of course, that too is a distinct possibilityGov Christie exactly right to demand Cuba return New Jersey cop killer. Good test of Obama's "breakthrough" with the Castro dictatorship.
Retweeted by Ed @CarrollStandard We have a mutual defense pact w/japanFox guarding the chicken coop-Terror Analyst: Policy Is ‘Upside Down;’ 2015 Will Be ‘More of the Same’ https://t.co/UD5npJQknfWay out of her league,Jen Psaki on North Korea: ‘We’re Not in a Crouching or Fear Position Here’ https://t.co/ikNPJFmCaaThis ought to be good-Sharpton Sets Sights on Sony: We Need ‘Immediate Plan’ To Deal with Hollywood Racism https://t.co/r5cyRHyCD8Giuliani: Hollywood Now Has ‘Al Sharpton as the Jury and North Korea as the Censor’ https://t.co/C3vzTQ55wh@USFWSMtnPrairie where did those panels get made?Moonbats, Radical left next target - Ban wood stoves. Full on assault via EPA. Fundamentally destroying America #tcot
Retweeted by Ed @Rach_IC furious....but at the same time curious?Chauncey Gardener Obama: This Year We Tackled Global Crises, Boosted Energy, Finished Saving Detroit https://t.co/77vF86cWPxCalifornia drought not man caused.....stop lying-Obama: Keystone May Lead to More ‘Wildfires, More Drought’ in U.S. https://t.co/eFM1X5VyzeWill eric holder call the murder of 2 NY cops a hate crime so he can bring the full brunt of federal law enforcement on street crime?@therealroseanne israstine is at its core, a st8 based on Jewish Law, not an #occupier's Law. BUT: all R accorded equal rights under law.
Retweeted by Ed Let's play a game. I want a list of Al Sharpton's advertisers. Get it for me. Send it to editor@gotnews.com. #NYPD http://t.co/uE3Tyi5nRX
Retweeted by Ed @Rach_IC Like Herman Caine got?@Montel_Williams @ByJessicaGould I'm not righteously indignant...Just indignantDe Blasio, Sharpton 'Have Blood on Their Hands' | Live Trading News http://t.co/EJyNVDIGl1
Retweeted by Ed @ByJessicaGould @Montel_Williams About time...time to step out and name this for what it isBronx Borough President Ruben Diaz calls police shooting a hate crime. http://t.co/kSSoRzqmNV
Retweeted by Ed MSNBC. YOUR employee Al Sharpton is responsible for the assassination of police officers and he should be FIRED for inciding riots.
Retweeted by Ed As usual, dont believe yr own lying eyes-Obama: Race Relations Like Rest of USA,’ Are Better Since I’ve Been Presi https://t.co/zSyWxByFsoBut you can chant kill the cops-Toure Backs Sony: ‘First Amendment Doesn’t Mean Anyone Can Say Anything’ https://t.co/UyrUsB0f23So proud-CNN’s Don Lemon: Obamas Are ‘Closest Thing We Have to Royalty’ https://t.co/aajRVLPIUQAs America burns-Obama: ‘We Have Set the Stage for a New American Moment’ https://t.co/iaWvtv5gxNWho to believe quandary, obama or n korea-North Korea Claims It’s Being Framed by the U.S. in Sony Hacking Scandal https://t.co/rTKdQm64TNThis has been going on for years: Bill Ayers bombed the #NYPD; #Liberals just hate cops @REALStaceyDash @EDinCali @TheRevAl @deBlasioNYC
Retweeted by Ed Somebody needs to make sure that the children of the #NYPD cops know their dad was murdered by people like @SallyKohn http://t.co/LpIWjpIycM
Retweeted by Ed Why single payer died in #Vermont http://t.co/I3LgjyJeCe #Obamacare #tcot
Retweeted by Ed Pot Calling Kettle Black: Mayor De Blasio’s Press Sec Attacks Police Union For ‘Dividing’ People By Criticizing.. http://t.co/yYjaMYauZh
Retweeted by Ed HE NEEDS TO BOYCOTTED BY RECORD COMPANIES Rapper The Game Tweets “I Guess Y’All Can’t Breathe” After Cops Shot In NY http://t.co/drCx1WZPQ5
Retweeted by Ed Cops' Blood on DeBlasio, Sharpton, Holder, Obama, Hands! http://t.co/yGfI5CNdvL … #IBDEditorials via @IBDinvestors - http://t.co/XrapdBRssF
Retweeted by Ed These murders are the natural result of the #Jihad on cops that @TheRevAl & @deBlasioNYC has called for. They should be held accountable.
Retweeted by Ed Hey President obama! If ISIS bombs an American cruise ship in Pearl Harbor while you are there on vacay...would you call it vandalism?@RealJamesWoods @BettinaVLA They let themselves get mugged by kim and then al...shareholders shd revolt#BoycottSony
Retweeted by Ed You wil find a definite connection behind these "protests" between sharpton seiu, communist party and the white houseWhat a nice town Tarpon Springs was....what happened to it?New York governor lashes out at NYC mayor after "assassination" of 2 NYPD officers. http://t.co/TsAM1RLGBH
Retweeted by Ed @gwlucky @jeanniemcbride @michellemalkin @JudgeJeanine Typical self centered lib, will have to be dragged out of office...there is no honorNYPD arrested 4th suspect in beating of 2 NYPD Lieutenants at Brooklyn Bridge protest. @nycjim http://t.co/EaxlPG1Wl3 http://t.co/XZSW6mW20r
Retweeted by Ed Again obamas perfidy surfaces when he calls n koreas hack of sony "vandalism"@vickikellar 2 officers savagely beaten last week by the pants up dont loot mob were "allegedly beaten" according to him@VRWCTexan @nypost Pants up, don't loot!Comrade Deblasio...You just had 2 of our police officers "allegedly shot" what are you going to do?@demonsheep @GayPatriot @bankofkev @CNNPolitics Then can we call the Obama administration "executive vandalism" to the US Constitution?
Retweeted by Ed @bsonenstein StereoTypicalEMPEROR OBAMA: 'I'll Improve Race Relations Through Executive Order' | Doug Giles | #ClashDaily http://t.co/PmaMvY4CDX via @Doug_GilesNot too bright," Obama Calls North Korean Hack'Cybervandalism' President called Ft. Hood massacre "workplace violence" Obama lies/people die
Retweeted by Ed No wonder Tippy wanted out! @hiincyber: @Pieter_Gericke @CarmineZozzora @ctbauza @WAGNERGIRLE @epricefoley AlGore, another Liberal AssHat
Retweeted by Ed Australian Lawmaker: Our Gun Control Laws Created a ‘Nation of Victims’ http://t.co/AQQu1xmdZY via @PatriotOutdoorThe Royal White House Says Courts have NO Power to Review Obama’s Decision-Making http://t.co/75byndrSfg via @po_stOBAMA'S BOY: High-Priced SEIU Union Rep Protester Charged with Attacking Cop | Doug Giles | #ClashDaily http://t.co/ZjnmT34elrDe Blasio To Police: “We’re All In This Together”. Police Response? “No, We’re Not”, Turn Their Back On Him http://t.co/xp3yaSws6W
Retweeted by Ed Race relations were poised for quantum leap when Pres Obama elected - He choose narrative of hate for politcal points http://t.co/h4v77M8GSw
Retweeted by Ed Fact: Calling for dead cops is same damn thing as yelling fire in a crowded theater. #Ferguson #tcot #p2 #NYPD
Retweeted by Ed POLL: Majority of Americans believe Dems are the extremist http://t.co/ZuNUqFa4Cx #UniteBlue #LibCrib #TeaParty #tlot #tcot #PJNet
Retweeted by Ed In honor of all uniformed service personnel in America, say a prayer for Police Officers Liu and Ramos. #TurnYourBack on #PigSharpton
Retweeted by Ed @Daggy1 When maggots turnLizzie (The Indian) Warren was thinking about picking Bill DeBlasio as a running mate....... now she won't return his calls.
Retweeted by Ed This video makes me proud - even at tragic moment. Video of NY police turning backs on Mayor of NY at hospital. http://t.co/oeCx2jCRDQ
Retweeted by Ed #HANUKKAH IS ABOUT: 'Give me a lever long enough & a fulcrum on wh 2 place it, & I shall move th world'-Archimedes-TRAJECTORY OF BOW &ARROW.
Retweeted by Ed "I can breathe"!..."Pants Up Don't loot"!Over Half of Dr. Oz’s Advice Is Unfounded: Study http://t.co/ZBoNKnhOcfObama Hates the Police But Seems to Love a Police State Like Cuba http://t.co/RMDG7gtt1j via @po_stCurrently reading Likely Next Steps: Obama Off to Cuba, Castro Visits US http://t.co/g1C3wj3Ml0Larry Flynt true American Patriot :)-Hustler Making a Porn Parody of Sony's The Interview http://t.co/mJPXaIfUUwGuess which party?-Two Legislators Indicted for Voter ID Bribes in Case Attorney General Refused to Prosecute http://t.co/rfGR0zrwpLThere is a direct correlation between al sharpton w/ his close ties to the white house and the violence against our police officers@capoliticalnews @EDinCali Too bad Rahm's kid didn't have a CCW-could've protected himself-oh, wait, no guns allowed in Chicago=so safe!
Retweeted by Ed Who are Al Sharpton's MSNBC advertisers? Let's let them now how we feel about them supporting him. #NYPD http://t.co/aVO19CAZI8
Retweeted by Ed @AP @blackrepublican Time for the "peaceful muslims" to declare a fatwah against the violent muslims
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