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.@GovernorPerry draws largest crowd ever to Pennsylvania GOP State committee Lincoln dinner http://t.co/F9v1PF2MVM http://t.co/7v6UEIhxEt
Retweeted by David M. Drucker“@jaketapper: UK jets intercept Russian bombers http://t.co/d1TyvBhOn6
“@bpolitics: Will the new Obama budget be dead on arrival? http://t.co/DbYQG1UmUF” // Um, yes.As definitive of a Romney piece as you will find from @danbalz and @PhilipRucker http://t.co/ycUgK240r9
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@S1CT Nope. My mom. She can cook.Breaded catfish w/ sautéed sunchokes. Flanked by salad of baby carrots, avocado & cumin seeds. h/t… http://t.co/bngoax6Oh0NEW: ISIS Chemical Weapon Specialist Was ‘Gathering Equipment’ Before He Was Killed http://t.co/9QOZA97fLC
Retweeted by David M. DruckerGreat read RT @kenvogel: The Spencer Zwick Primary, via @mckaycoppins: http://t.co/4WDagNG7iD@hughhewitt Twitter curve got me too. I started the morning 50/50.“@Nate_Cohn: Romney's the first casualty of the invisible primary http://t.co/STa1Sf0GqJRomney lookin' at you, Jeb: "One of our next gen of GOP leaders...may well emerge as better able to defeat Dem" - http://t.co/ZKMaYdrPxF
Retweeted by David M. DruckerSalty beer: Are you into it? http://t.co/5HpNwvbjvw http://t.co/rnk4sG7kno
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@FieldRoamer @AsheSchow @Kredo0 Very true.“@AsheSchow: THANK YOU FOR THIS RT @Kredo0: Watch Chris Christie fall off chair forever https://t.co/cGOkPXLGgp” // Planted to soften imageHad a great conversation w/ @MittRomney. He's a good man. Thanked him for his interest in opening the door for fresh leadership in America.
Retweeted by David M. Drucker"You tested us, do not test us again," #Hezbollah chief warned #Israel today: The response could be "anywhere" in the world.
Retweeted by David M. Drucker.@GOP raises $6.1 million 11/25-12/31, for a total of $194.9 mil for the 2014 cycle.24 Senate and 70 House offices tell us they have LGBT-inclusive anti-discrimination policies http://t.co/lx0V7pRKJO
Retweeted by David M. DruckerNot Ukraine's, tho Russia's MT @StevenTDennis: Obama reluctant to arm Ukraine bc "ultimately" solution won't be military, @PressSec says“He knew it would be a blood bath.” -Romney loyalist: http://t.co/9QXd0yj9ip@mollyesque In other words an electable conservative.@dcbigjohn In NY, you can get anything delivered."40% of Republicans likely to participate in the 2016 Iowa caucuses view Romney unfavorably" http://t.co/UhOKhmkTDK h/t @McCormickJohnNumbers behind the #Romney decision in our @bpolitics @dmregister #Iowa poll - my story w @mccormickjohn http://t.co/kXE0IIsNVD
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @HotlineJosh: "When it comes to the donor class, the Highlander rule applies. There could be only one" http://t.co/JaO6d4nk8YIf Warren stays out 2016 will be the first prez race since 2000 w/out someone from MA running. I think.! RT @charliespiering: Rubio announces hearing on Cuba next week as the new chair of the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee@ali Commerce is useless. The only good ones left are Defense, Treas, State.Meanwhile, real news => RT @joshrogin: Will U.S. Protect Its Syrian Rebel Army? http://t.co/mufQlQWKJ9 @BVI have declared Feb. 2 to be Chris Kyle Day in Texas. We honor our military heroes. @ChrisKyleFrog #txlege #tcot http://t.co/rhLhIlevNM
Retweeted by David M. DruckerJust in: @JohnKerry will travel to #Ukraine Feb 5 to meet Pres. @poroshenko PM @Yatsenyuk_AP & FM @PavloKlimkin
Retweeted by David M. DruckerSenate GOP already has had a group working on what to do about King v. Burwell -- Barrasso, Alexander and Hatch leading the way.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerSay it slow: Treasury Secretary Mitt Romney.Bush backer => RT @dcexaminer: "This invisible primary is over. This is Hillary’s horrible, no good, very bad day" http://t.co/q4oxWdSiAaRT @AaronBlakeWP: Hmmm. RT @TheFix: Ohio paper reporting Ted Strickland will run for Senate in 2016. http://t.co/FoiH3JXzFG.@MittRomney would've made a great President. I respect his & Ann's decision and will work with him to move our party forward in 2016.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerNow they'll move back to STOP BUSH scams RT @EWErickson: A bad day for the STOP ROMNEY Scam PACs.RT @kristymcampbell: Statement: @JebBush on @MittRomney’s announcement: http://t.co/OQs0oEDwXUIn case you've been under a rock, @dcexaminer's report on @MittRomney's 2016 exit & what it means: http://t.co/9QXd0yj9ipRT @mmurraypolitics: RT @frankthorpNBC: Inbox: McCarthy Announces Upton, Ryan, and Kline Working Group on Replacing ObamacareRT @ZekeJMiller: RT @DanEggenWPost: In Romney's decision, echoes of his father's words, by @ktumulty http://t.co/BKAP6SzVKlShorter Romney: Turn the pageRomney RT @nathanlgonzales: Even with today's news, who has a better shot at the GOP nomination, Romney or Huckabee?.@JebBush statement on @MittRomney exit. Roughly translated: 'And stay out!' http://t.co/vtrR9Bhi1uRT @baseballcrank: http://t.co/A8eKwPg71mRT @IowaGOPer: @MittRomney was a huge problem for @GovChristie and @JebBush in Iowa. And New Hampshire is now WIDE open.Finally, a Republican is NOT running for President. With Romney out, that leaves only 13 major GOP candidates in.
Retweeted by David M. Drucker+1 RT @philipaklein: Big scoop from @hughhewitt on the Romney news.ON MITT: @MittRomney is one of the most honorable, decent + patriotic men I know. A real privilege to have journeyed w/ him these past 8yrs
Retweeted by David M. DruckerAt conclusion of of statement @MittRomney says "bye bye" and that was that. End of conference call..@MittRomney formally releases his supporters to join other campaigns."I’m not organizing a PAC or taking donations; I’m not hiring a campaign team." @MittRomney"You can't imagine how hard it is for Ann and me to step aside." @MittRomney.@MittRomney reading statement to supporters on call..@MittRomney speaking to supporters now from "here in NYC.".@MittRomney says less known GOP'ers than him might emerge in 2016 & be best choice to defeat Dem nominee."I am convinced that with the help of the people on this call, we could win the nomination." @MittRomney h/t @hughhewitt"I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party the opportunity to become our next nominee." @MittRomney h/t @hughhewitt.@MittRomney is OUT: http://t.co/jEVqVZDFjI h/t @hughhewittRT @nielslesniewski: Sen. McConnell has filed cloture on the motion to proceed to the Homeland Security appropriations billWho benefits frm @MittRomney jumping in? @GovChristie, who = Switzerland 4 donors that don't want 2 cross Jeb or Mitt http://t.co/tUqZ64qkPGRT @PeterHambyCNN: How Jeb Bush has dominated Romney out of the gate this year: http://t.co/jX3gcw8OY0If Romney were a No, would he really do a "private" conference call designed to be leaked, rather than a crisp Portman-esque statement?
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@MarcACaputo Yep. The PAC thing has become so routine - PACs are the new Exploratory Committee.@MarcACaputo If he's in it dominates Sunday papers/shows. If he's out, perfect announcement for a Friday.I wish Mitt Romney had won in 2012: he grew on me through the campaign. It doesn't follow that he should run in 2016. http://t.co/ViBMBFGIZE
Retweeted by David M. DruckerJeb supporter on Mitt's 47% episode: "I just don't see how he ever makes it go away."Walton shld play himself RT @RLenziBlade: After watching Utah-UCLA last night, I'm convinced SNL should do a Bill Walton-Dave Pasch sketch.#Literally RT @mikememoli: Area reporter in Philly thinks this morning would be a great time for @VP to announce his 2016 plans#BornToConferenceCall RT @BobCusack: Reporters who covered Romney in 2012 are having "Born Free" flashbacks this morning. #kidrockLots of ppl in Romney's orbit flying blind today. That's not to say reports of him running are false, but I'll believe it when he says it.
Retweeted by David M. Drucker#TheDecisionHeardRoundTheBeltway RT @jimgeraghty: .@TheFix "I'm taking my talents to Des Moines."RT @ByronYork: Link: Public opinion left out of picture in Obama immigration drive. http://t.co/d6WpJpgcgaVery hard to disagree with @MarkHalperin: Ain't no hyperbole to say that @JebBush's hiring of @ddkochel is 1 of the 5 most signif devlpmnts
Retweeted by David M. DruckerThe team @GovChristie is assembling in Iowa is the one to watch. Impressive hires and trouble for Bush and Romney http://t.co/piHxLPKBEX
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @AFP: #BREAKING Two US citizens shot at in Saudi, one wounded: ministryWhy you don't trust polls this early out in presidential primaries: Romney's campaign is falling apart and Fox News polling has him first.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerTakeaway from great @MarkHalperin piece on @MittRomney? MR still thinks more like a consultant than a candidate: http://t.co/ZzBpC6Vogr“A lot of Romney loyalists R frozen because they don’t want 2 go against him. But the freeze will only last so long” http://t.co/dWkYiZdPEfJust Thurs, Romney 2012 alumni were telling me MR prolly had 2 wks at most to make move B4 people started moving on: http://t.co/dWkYiZdPEfHatch to IRS: Cut bonuses and waste, not customer services http://t.co/SaVIKDdfhI via @DCExaminer
Retweeted by David M. Drucker.@Ken_Spain:PEGCC "prepared to engage & counter any mischaracterizations & attacks" on private equity if Romney runs http://t.co/7YAe0RK9IZ
Retweeted by David M. DruckerOne prediction: Mitt will end his call with "thanks you guys!"Candidates announce now for nameID, money, create/mold brand & capture DC pundits & activists attention But Main Street NOT paying attention
Retweeted by David M. Drucker11 a.m. in DC today is probably a good time for a news dump..@AmericanXRoads is coming for @HillaryClinton in 2016. Details on the GOP super PAC's plans & strategy: http://t.co/JuqAx330k0.@MittRomney's impact IF HE RUNS: A more competitive, wide-open GOP 2016 primary: http://t.co/7jSdXucxZQ“No one in Bush World is losing sleep over Romney’s 2016 decision...If he chooses to run, we’ll just beat him.” http://t.co/7jSdXucxZQ“The Mitt announcement has thrown a serious wrench in things." http://t.co/7jSdXucxZQ.@MittRomney's flirtation w/ 2016 has made $$$ & operatives more diffuse among the potential candidates: http://t.co/7jSdXucxZQRepubs who want a more wide-open, competitive 2016 primary should hope @MittRomney runs. My story: http://t.co/7jSdXucxZQ"Please join me for an update call" at 11 a.m. ET Friday. -@MittRomney in a blast email to supporters Thursday night. 2016 announcement?“@TheRickWilson: Via @MarkHalperin...looks like Mitt Romney is about to get the party started. http://t.co/kS7qJoNPiz
Good radio => “@marykissel: OK time for the night shift! Co-hosting @batchelorshow, starting 9:05pm ET. http://t.co/pacHm3ekkCObama tonight on Romney: “He’s suddenly, deeply concerned about poverty. That's great! Let's go!” http://t.co/wbf2E5mWlc
Retweeted by David M. DruckerBloomberg's @jheil and @MarkHalperin say David Kochel's move to Jeb gives other Romneyites permission to do same. https://t.co/Mk0WrOXCH6
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@michaelbeck @hughhewitt Yeah pretty cool.RT @jonathankappler: Sen Burr raised $1 million+ at a fundraiser last night http://t.co/2MnkekjuRc h/t @acurliss #NCPOL #NCSEN1 of 'Taliban 5' may have returned to life of terror http://t.co/dGC4W1Gifx -- @barbarastarrcnn reports http://t.co/YCVVhpBoPy
Retweeted by David M. DruckerNine #Senate Ds -- Bennet, Carper, Cardin, Donnelly, Heitkamp, Manchin, McCaskill, Tester, Warner --joined Rs in approving #KeystoneXL 62-36
Retweeted by David M. Drucker
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