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Dave @Dave77062 The Republic of Texas

I am the God fearing, gun owning American that Obama warned you about. Molon labe ego te provoco

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Here is the mayor's phone number please call and tell him to stop (318)985-2338 . Please retweet http://t.co/fzyRvqXxMd
Obama fixed nothing these past 6 yrs., failed to enforce existing law. Captain Zero to the rescue #ImmigrationAction http://t.co/8uILdAfnrU
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SHOCKING VIDEO: Man Flies Israeli and ISIS Flags on College Campus, The Different Reactions Will Stun You! http://t.co/HPffzMZ98I
Retweeted by DaveIt takes a lot to shock me but this is unbelievable. Outtrage After School Teaches 5th Graders About “Safe” Anal Sex via @MrConservative_
US Episcopal Church Has Adopted Pro-Muslim, LGBT Agendas http://t.co/XbHx1Wozzb http://t.co/APOqXOl0qd
Retweeted by Dave80-Year-Old Army Vet and Cancer Survivor, Mercilessly Beaten By Police Who “Feared For Their Lives” http://t.co/jg8wVFWnF3
Hispanic law makers seem a little jaded..just sayin.Obama plan to grant amnesty to 5 million illegals by year end.Happening in America: Police Department Seizing Firearms From Families After the Original Owner Passes Away http://t.co/DN3UU8Wpn2'Critically ill' doctor with Ebola arrives in US for treatment via the @FoxNews App http://t.co/IfGp69meYuSecret US spy program targeted Americans' cellphones http://t.co/QSjYL1BA1e
Going to be bad. 'Sleeping Giant’ Remains Silent No Longer, KKK Threatens ‘There Will Be Consequences’ in Ferguson http://t.co/eJQomySlcM
Nancy Pelosi Speaks about #Ebola: "We need to catch Ebola so we can find out what's in it." http://t.co/0bk7BktvJB
Retweeted by DavePres. Obama says he will take executive action on immigration reform by end of the year: http://t.co/g9S7pyYtbn http://t.co/5ReRBNct4T
Retweeted by DaveIf you watch anything that this cow is in, or buy anything from who sponsors her shows, you are supporting this. http://t.co/9AM7Up1KWtMark Cuban on Net Neutrality: "The Government Will Fuck the Internet Up" http://t.co/xXcAccgEsV
Retweeted by Davehasn't Barry screwed up enough http://t.co/ZfyOVBxgBn
[Video] DC Permit Process, Cop Says 2nd Amendment is For “When the British Are Coming” http://t.co/uwGC4Uyqjf #guncontrol #2ahttp://t.co/ZaIj6tiOWuAfter Years Of Muslim Requests, One School District Scrubs Its Calendar Of All Religious Holidays http://t.co/evxK8Stin1WTF? Ferguson Protesters Give Police Ridiculous List of Pre-Riot Demands http://t.co/7s6q56x51lWalmart Caves to Muslim Demands to Offer Halal Meat http://t.co/gzhw4q6UTJ“Our goal here is to stop the president from violating his own oath of office and violating the Constitution.” BoehnerPelosi claims she never heard of ObamaCare architect Gruber who calls American voters stupid but she is on tape talking about him in 2009.State Representative Mary Gonzales Comes Out As “Pansexual” http://t.co/2oeaSFra96This Is What It's Like To Be Shot At With an AK-47 in a Mercedes-Benz! | Speed Society http://t.co/Fu0mk23kUw
School tells kids: Uhm..no. Stop praying to Jesus, singing Amazing Grace | Fox News http://t.co/UQ4cdVYhtW
Shock Report: Obama Homeland Security DISARMING U.S. Border Agents http://t.co/64gqRDTzIT
Gets it done. A Terrorist Is Publicly Executed By Hanging http://t.co/YKCApvbXY8 via @MrConservative_McDonough: Washington Will Work Better If Republicans Bow the Knee to 'King Barry' http://t.co/Ib6XtfrLyt via @RealJTPIf you vote for them, you are part of the problem. http://t.co/U30okMVSQE
Retweeted by DaveJohn Bolton: Obama giving Iran "an open path to nuclear weapons" http://t.co/gf9zndBJXF
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"@potus1LIAR: My policies were on the BALLOTT and your response was OVERELMING! "I hear You" http://t.co/UQ2j2Nifbq" #CongressDoYourJob
Retweeted by DaveObama's 2/3 remark about voters shows his utter arrogance and total stupidity. What an ass. #tcot1500 more troops heading to Iraq.Free and gallant citizens of America are best able to defend the rights of which they [are] in actual possession. James Madison
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@Daggy1 thanks for the mention.@DeeC748 @Daggy1 @derekdob @DocWashburn @drscoundrels @dnoxon @Dilly_D_ @DeepSouthProud @Drd1015 @exposeliberals thanks for the mention.From the Davis camp "White women in Texas are taught that a women's role is barefoot and pregnant over a stove from the time they're born"This Is The Best Democrat Excuse You'll See All Day. They lost because of Ebola..bwahaha http://t.co/MC4tB1y1TW★★★ Patriots Who Dare... ➡ Click Here ➡ http://t.co/qg2HjxLKiD #BB4SP http://t.co/2HHlZct1PC
Retweeted by Dave@KellyVeeg I can actually name several..just sayin
Muslims: I Don't Care What The Koran Says. If You Think Women Are 2nd Class Citizens + Infidels Should be Killed - YOU'RE A SICK PUPPY #tcot
Retweeted by DavePretty much says it all. http://t.co/BARIOr9FeP@TexasPride333 @MikeRumbo66 @pjfahren @BrookeDatz @Pkrbkrmary GOOD ONE! http://t.co/zWlOYRUzid
Retweeted by Davehttp://t.co/eDbwMtTkGc
5 Hilariously Stupid Reactions By Liberals In The Media After Last Night's GOP Tidal Wave | MRCTV http://t.co/izGibYRO9bRyan Mallet is going to be the Texans Starter. FINALLY!!!This just says it all doesn't it? #GOPSenate #tcot http://t.co/qQD72j1zSj
Retweeted by DaveDear #GOP We did not elect you to give into Dems We want you to govern as conservatives NOT socialist-lite #RepealObamaCare #NoAmnesty
Retweeted by DaveIn best singing voice " Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day.." http://t.co/nKxxhlaqh2Just got home from 12 hour drive from Florida to VA. Loving this #Election2014!!!! #tcot #pjnet @Discoveringme40 http://t.co/iyBwR5uvDq
Retweeted by Davehttp://t.co/B5USuhk6Mm"As we say here in Texas, we are Fixin to re-take the Senate!" -@tedcruz
Retweeted by Dave"@EWErickson: Scene from Texas just a few minutes ago. http://t.co/Duf0zFKUud"
Retweeted by DaveFact Abbott carried women vote in TX by such a big margin is huge, huge. There was a fight for life in TX and LIFE WON.
Retweeted by DaveBye Wendy you piece of trailer trash.We are 3 seats away from a GOP majority! #tcot@ROCKInTheUSSA @Hardline_Stance her district is almost 100% black. They vote her in strictly on race.@jsmar @Hardline_Stance yup the one and only...it's beyond me.The voters in district 18 in Houston are total idiots. They just re-elected Congress Womaaan Sheila Jackson Lee. #tcot
Ben Stein Calls Obama the Most Racist President Ever http://t.co/9Zl3ZxDZIV
Retweeted by DaveWe need to vote and take Senate Majority so Obama can't appoint more liberal judges.
Retweeted by Dave@Mike_USPatriot La Raza is watching for illegals trying to vote and helping them as much as possible. http://t.co/Z7Nt3K0jdV
Retweeted by DaveToday is the most important #TexasTuesday of the year. #VoteConservative; TEXANS UNITED FOR FREEDOM 👍💥➡ @Dave77062 @GehrigSaldana
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Michael Brown’s mom taking son’s case to the UN Committee Against Torture http://t.co/wyPrSuhI45 They will probably want to invade FergusonChicago. Will someone tell me why, The South needs to be more like the North⁉️ http://t.co/EaSourpTSI
Retweeted by DaveI got a cat the other day, had to swerve to get it, but I got it.
Retweeted by Dave🇺🇸 NBC/WSJ Poll: 71% Back Mandatory Quarantines for Ebola Health Workers - NBC News http://t.co/iFBiD6ZqbD #wiunion
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Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make – 14 New Ways That The Government Is Watching You http://t.co/ePJHC1dVrA via @Revelation1217This Comedian Said He Wasn’t Joking About 9/11, but Listen for Yourself and Decide If He Crossed a Line http://t.co/ospHoZa8hv
VIDEO: Voter Warns Obama ‘Don’t Touch My Girlfriend;’ Obama Kisses Girl Anyway, Calls Boyfriend a ‘Fool’ http://t.co/qEQHl9zrsU@Traders_Village lose the 30.06 no handgun crap and you will gain a bunch of shoppers. You are over run with gangbangers.HEY, Couch Potatoes ISLAM is HERE! VOTE OUT all 'D'ems on Nov.4th!
Retweeted by DaveEarly voted today. Just paid my dues to be able to have an opinion.Miami Cop Under Internal Investigation for What He Does After Man He Ticketed T... http://t.co/x3aacstoVB via @theblazePelosi: Obama must stop deportations, allow entry to millions more illegal immigrants | http://t.co/7YQ9ivsBU5 http://t.co/6UGkomLRCV
In case there is any confusion. http://t.co/ArTCdvfzgwGod Bless Texas...... http://t.co/OX21xvFPje
Retweeted by Dave@chitakhou thanks for following. Have a great day!Ebola Czar Missing in Action http://t.co/ywsKEdPKIsObama’s trashing of the economy: by the numbers http://t.co/svyyqrTGNs
Afghan mullah sentenced to 20 years in prison for rape of 10-year-old girl http://t.co/9eEzwoVoKN
Unbelievable. http://t.co/kkHZbTMw1nhttp://t.co/syZeKBK1xo
Why we should be on the ground in Iraq. This gets loose and the U.S. has a problem. #tcot http://t.co/aRV7FBV9bk
Feinstein "logic" [pic] READ http://t.co/DxBY9CgeSk #2A #NRA #RKBA #LNYHBT #PJNET #tgdn #tcot #ccot #SGP http://t.co/bjZCO8Tpn0
Retweeted by DaveStimulus and Ebola are the perfect bookends for this failed presidency & Klain is managing both.
Retweeted by DaveA travel ban has nothing to do with hysteria. Everything to do with prevention and common sense.
Retweeted by DaveMy favorite sticker ever! http://t.co/CqvBI5lymshttp://t.co/ZM5Eso96MkComing soon to a town near you. http://t.co/wwcgg897QrUS soldiers are getting on average 4 hours of training on Ebola and disease containment before waging pookies war on Ebola. #tcot'We Can't Just Cut Ourselves Off From West Africa': President Obama Explains Wh... http://t.co/RiKip2R7n9 via @theblazeMeet the New Ebola Czar http://t.co/iLmlVgXkMa via @JoshDailySignal @DailySignalI'm a Hazmat-Trained Hospital Worker: Here's What No One Is Telling You About Ebola http://t.co/bqVrh73g9f via @HealthyLivingCDC est. 100-150 people from Ebola countries allowed into US daily. Uhm, Barry, that is a bad thing.Galveston cruise boat denied entry to Belize. Now they are coming home and will be let off the boat by the 4th largest US city. Really?Masked Man Robs Bank in Kroger, MomsDemand Action Says an Open Carry Ban Would Have Prevented Robbery http://t.co/REqlK4EtwN #guncontrol #2a
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