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@WhenChukAttacks so gooddd@WhenChukAttacks pics or it's not real@Theromantics1 @Rogueforce Why do prefer the Cat@CollegeGameDay @FSU_Football Is this for real @MemphisGarrett?@Mirandakp @Skywise316 Sprite hype@banditloaf Are you piloting my @Delta flight right now? On the intercom he sounds identical to you!@koontzie_2 Hey Brandon! Sure you just need to apply to be one of my Student Ambassadors: http://t.co/TnAwTq0QGc@Lions @buffalobills @nyjets @FlashSeats ---> @garyvee@kendradw Great meeting you Kendra!@cgheesling @DanGheesling the WiiU is scientifically proven to increase ones responsibility and good looks. I hear you also smell better.
Retweeted by Dan Gheesling@djWHEAT @cgheesling That's pretty convincing. Isn't it also proven to increase the efficiency and speed in completing the "honey-do" list?Let's Play - The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth - EP #24 [Alex Trabek]: http://t.co/bRaaoZnjdp via @YouTube@KatyWellhousen @utulsa @okstate @UofOklahoma Would love to come visit. Hope all is well Katy!@KatyWellhousen It all depends on bookings and if we have a Student Ambassador in the area :)@Thee_AR15 Good luck Allen@mozzareli :)@blairrr_bearrr Tweet me the pic of your classroom when it happens! :)Leaving Maryland as the final stop in the 2 week speaking tour. Thank you to everyone who came out & the colleges/universities for having me@KimAutumn_06 hahah no :)@austinwilson96 dead tho@GrubHub Used this thanks!@_AHOHL It was open to all!@Nicola_K :)@TwinsMommy Prison Architect life@TheBmoreGamer THANKS I USED THIS@givntofly_76 what is that? :D@Delreene :)@coldwheels Thanks for coming out Melate!@mbermani1 thanks mario@Kayluvsredwings :)@ChadneySpears bet on it@ahoyaaron subjective@asseTessa_87 Welcome back to Twitter Tessa!@kendradw Red sweater!!!@MysticalMom @ThatSillyBrain @TowsonU :)@khauryy Thank you guys for coming Kristen!@ariberri94 @xWilliamChen Strawberry@CamilleAngeles The couple that games together stays together!@blairrr_bearrr me either!@ThatSillyBrain Hahah@LexiKliever97 :)@austinwilson96 Thank you Austin!@CamilleAngeles :)@jennagrieci Glad you enjoyed it!@JayMoney2016 J!@GoWithGoheen Thanks for coming out Billy!@Theromantics1 shhh..no thinking Starfarer or Cat tho!@blairewittt Thanks for postine Blaire!@bschlein Staff hype@ddub903 great meeting you don@Barhos93 a+@Steve_VanCamp @carpemike @brianj_wagner happy bday bro!!@ThatSillyBrain A+@cbsmitty94 :)@xSavageRisingxX very cool@Nicola_K Thanks Nicole! Checking it nowAnyone know who delivers food in #Towson area?@t_blevs Hey I will be sure to tag me thoughPart 2 - how I feel after speaking. https://t.co/zpujuf8eG3
@Certified_Laady ๐Ÿ‘‘@cwillinghamxx Glad you could make it Christina!@blairrr_bearrr ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘@ariberri94 :) Are you dressed as a strawberry tonight?@wparks505 That 2nd row dedication! ๐Ÿ‘Š@ddub903 Happy you could make it Don!@cbsmitty94 THANKS FOR COMING COURT!@blairewittt @CBSBigBrother :)@cheyseboldTWA Ya!!@Nicola_K Thanks Nicole! Looking forward to meeting you!@JayMoney2016 Nice!!@Tajunkin ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘@austinwilson96 ๐Ÿ‘@PinkHatRancey :)@Blamphe ifan@Theromantics1 Dude...your wallet taking a hit today?@uswemeyou ๐Ÿ˜‚Seeing all the Nintendo hype today makes me want to buy a WiiU. What do you think? @cgheesling@JaclynMSchultz @MischNImposible Congrats! Awesome job on the show, proud of you guys.@JaclynMSchultz @MischNImposible Nice! You guys are moving home?Meeting my niece Chloe for the first time. She's a special little girl. :) (photo: cgheesling) http://t.co/wnJ0PlZ6dYLet's Play - The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth - EP #23 [Jackie Gleason]: http://t.co/RaD3Xg1RFW via @YouTubeHeading to the airport. Fired up to meet the students at @TowsonU tonight!
Let's Play - The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth - EP #22 [Madonna]: http://t.co/pNvl4Yapli via @YouTube@tjair007 Send in a video instead@MathasGames @NorthernlionLP Met someone at speaking event last night who simply said "you need to take back the crown" - was fairly shockedLeaving #YEG! Met some awesome students and had a great time, thanks for having me!@hgunn23 Great meeting you Heather!The shot from @SAMacEwan tonight! #SAMU http://t.co/H8b2oUPCMt@disc0barbie Good seeing you at the talk tonight!
Fun Fact: @DanGheesling is a Dexter fanatic #SAMUspeakerseries #SAMU
Retweeted by Dan Gheesling@ninafan83 A+ decision.@dinoflags @SAMacEwan @MacEwanU :) Should be letting you in soon@therealdeo Dedication@cravingjc ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘@bwyant12 ๐Ÿ‘@BettyHabesha01 @SAMacEwan @MacEwanU ๐Ÿ‘Š@kelseyrorison Ahhh. I think you still can!@jasap_ferg @SAMacEwan @MacEwanU Awesome is your Dad coming?@MuddyMaestro @SAMacEwan @MacEwanU Awesome!@tayatweten @SAMacEwan @MacEwanU :)
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