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Amy Kremer @AmyKremer Atlanta or Airplane

SouthernBelle luvs politics, cooking, gardening & traveling. Former #Delta Flight Attendant. Auburn! Opinions my own #LNYHBT #TGDN

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Here's what 6 of the Republicans facing the toughest re-election races in 2016 are saying about the DHS funding fight http://t.co/uKvGsdDBg5
Retweeted by Amy Kremer.@TomWheelerFCC will b testifying before House Oversight committee & @jasoninthehouse on March 17th. #NetNeutrality http://t.co/qDYFem8ISdAny1 else have a problem w/ @TomWheelerFCC & @FCC Dems celebrating immediately after voting 4 #NetNeutrality? http://t.co/jPN4V23jyhFrom @mashable on the #Internet - #NetNeutrality Wins http://t.co/G3y6LpXlFV.@FCC not only takes control of #internet but strikes down laws n 2 states. Who gave them the power? http://t.co/G3y6LpXlFV #NetNeutrality.@RepMiaLove calls out Leader McConnell on battle of #DHS funding #amnesty & Obama's lawlessness. http://t.co/SISfCqhhhY #utpol@AmyKremer @skew11 Nothing to see here Americans...move along
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@AmyKremer We've crossed the Rubicon. God help us.
Retweeted by Amy KremerMy thoughts and prayers go out to #TomSchweich's family, friends & loved ones. Such a tragic loss. May he rest in peace. #moleg #mogovThe apparent suicide of #TomSchweich in Missouri doesn't add up. Something is off here. There has 2 b more to this story?! #mogov #molegMissouri @AuditorSchweich & GOP gubernatorial candidate dies from self inflicted gunshot wound to the head http://t.co/YTNXqdsIBB #mogovTreasury makes $3 BILLION pymt 2 insurance cos w/out funds being appropriated, refuses 2 answer 2 Congress http://t.co/WixIdSMvg4 #Obamacare
Thank you @SpeakerBoehner for vowing to stop the govt takeover of the #Internet. The #fcc needs to b stopped. http://t.co/WCbvEo9OCuLove this story about #Texas Supreme Court @JusticeWillett! Real ppl & humor makes the world a better place. http://t.co/bV32L64Sgp.@marcorubio moves to terminate operation #ChokePoint. Glad someone is on this! http://t.co/9TP6fEEW5z😘😘😘 RT @DCSas: @kcresto @KylieJaneKremer @JimmyLaSalvia @BlameTelford @AmyKremer Love you animals.#TBT to #CPAC2013 w/ @DCSas @JimmyLaSalvia @BlameTelford @AmyKremer & @kcresto! https://t.co/9kHMhynNEW #CPAC #tcot http://t.co/azbPhxNUU3
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@AmyKremer What's worse is the GOP just sits by and does NOTHING but write letters.
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@AmyKremer If @FCC doesn't see pointy end of pitchforks they'll believe people approve of their actions. Tyranny counts on us being passive
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@AmyKremer who are @GrahamBlog @SenOrrinHatch @JeffFlake trying to appease? At the end of the day they're still "dirty" Republicans.
Retweeted by Amy Kremer.@RadioPatriot We've seen this play out b4. They r more abt cutting deals thn doing right thing. I hope Boehner doesn't cave but we'll c.@DavidKatalenas Im always calling them out. Look back @ primary season 2014 & this is no surprise. @tedcruz45 @Heritage @Heritage_ActionBackatcha! Thank YOU! RT @tedcruz45: @AmyKremer Amy we appreciate all you do Thank You #CruzCrewIs anyone surprised that GOP leadership is loyal to the Chamber of Commerce and not their constituents? I'm not. #DHS #amnesty@RadioPatriot They have caved. Thank the Chamber of Commerce for their contribution. Follow the money.So the American ppl r sold out by Senate GOP Leadership on #DHS funding paving the way 4 Obama's #amnesty. They r complicit in lawlessness.Senators @SenOrrinHatch @GrahamBlog @JeffFlake who voted YES on #LorettaLynch also support #amnesty..@GrahamBlog @SenOrrinHatch @JeffFlake voted YES in judiciary committee on #LorettaLynch. Politics ovr constitution. http://t.co/SXTasGjKdNSenate Judiciary votes #LorettaLynch 12-8 out of committee. She'll b Holder 2.0 allegiance 2 Obama & not constitution http://t.co/CvHMaannH5So the govt just took over the #Internet through the #FCC. This will go real well. #NetNeutrality http://t.co/3Nvb0CtJsq@bankofkev Backatcha for the follow. I like to see tweets other thn politics, so looking forward to your #Hollywood & #anime chatter. 😊At more than $700 billion, Apple is worth 2 Googles, 2.5 Walmarts, 12 GMs, or 24 Twitters http://t.co/IyAcNuPqJZ http://t.co/8pR6qi9FB0
Retweeted by Amy KremerMorning Twitter! It's a cold 10 degrees with lots of wind here in Kansas this morning. Spring can't get here fast enough!
@AmyKremer @KylieJaneKremer can you tweet this out for me trying to raise fund to get to cpac http://t.co/Q9ZIhrQOBX
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@AmyKremer 525 - (IBD) #Benghazi: Pentagon documents expose the Obama admin's lies http://t.co/Qc7PKVwpZt
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@AmyKremer https://t.co/5zRLIOQaBN Salute Chris Kyle http://t.co/xHWR5FYe10
Retweeted by Amy KremerSo much going on this week w/#DHSfunding #NetNeutrality #AmericanSniperVerdict #NCLB #CPAC & #WinterWeather its hard 2 keep up #overwhelmedNot enough! 😝 @DCSas @kcresto @KylieJaneKremer @JimmyLaSalvia @BlameTelford @sexyhairGREAT opportunity to talk "War on Women: Fact or Fiction" with @AmyKremer, @KylieJaneKremer and @JimmyLaSalvia on Wed. at @DIOPStudyGroups!
Retweeted by Amy Kremer.@kcresto We are all here. Why are you so far away girlie? @KylieJaneKremer @JimmyLaSalvia @DCSas @BlameTelford.@DCSas Miss all of you! @kcresto @KylieJaneKremer @JimmyLaSalvia I even miss @BlameTelford...even though he takes pics of my beauty bar!Please join us at the @DoleInstitute tomorrow at 4 pm when @AmyKremer @KylieJaneKremer & I talk gender in politics. https://t.co/xIg6VWJK4F
Retweeted by Amy Kremer.@KatMcKinley We miss you! @KylieJaneKremer and I need to come visit you in Texas! It's been too long. 😒 @JimmyLaSalviaLooking forward to our @DIOPStudyGroups program on gender in politics with @AmyKremer & @KylieJaneKremer at the @DoleInstitute Weds at 4 pm.
Retweeted by Amy KremerLooking forward to joining the @DIOPStudyGroups w/ @JimmyLaSalvia & @KylieJaneKremer this afternoon to discuss women in politics!
Call your Congressmen & Senators - tell them to do everything in their power to rein in the rogue #FCC & STOP #NetNeutrality (202) 224-3121The Incompetent, Abusive, Dishonest & Anti-Transparent Government is About to Power Grab the Internet http://t.co/7vE7bRM30Z #NetNeutralityLast night after #Oscars, I was thinking Joan Rivers was left out of memorial tribute but wasn't sure. Guess I was right. But why?!?@AmyKremer God Bless you and your family Taya!
Retweeted by Amy KremerMT @EricPahls: KU: Come talk "War on Women" w/@JimmyLaSalvia & @AmyKremer former Chairman @TeaPartyExpress Wednesday! http://t.co/KeawxvFaR7MT @DIOPStudyGroups: Come talk "War on Women" w/ @JimmyLaSalvia & @AmyKremer former Chairman @TeaPartyExpress Wed! http://t.co/KeawxvFaR7@AmyKremer 1245(IBD) Giuliani's right - If Obama Loves America, Why Did He Transform It? http://t.co/TozRRGVAj2
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@DustinStockton @AmyKremer sounds familiar ;) https://t.co/Jbjy5aVRKx
Retweeted by Amy Kremer
There are conservatives at the #Oscars but they don't feel compelled to promote their agendas once they get a chance to speak.
Retweeted by Amy KremerHow many people do you know would risk giving up their paycheck to hold to their principles?
Retweeted by Amy Kremer#TayaKyle holding hubbys dog tags in her right hand on the #RedCarpet. Being there takes courage & strength. God bless her. #AmericanSniper@roncorning @AmyKremer My God continue to Bless and keep you Taya!
Retweeted by Amy KremerGod bless the entire Kyle family. @ChrisKyleFrog #usa 🇺🇸 RT .@AmyKremer: Taya Kyle coming up on the red carpet. #Oscars #AmericanSniper
Retweeted by Amy KremerA touching statement by Taya Kyle, widow of Navy Seal Chris Kyle, as she prepares for the #Oscars http://t.co/ws8JlPnMYK
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@AmyKremer agreed #MilSpouse unite and give her strength! #Military #AmericanSniper #ChrisKyle
Retweeted by Amy KremerTaya Kyle coming up on the red carpet. I'm sure she'd give the world to be at home with her hubby watching on TV. #Oscars #AmericanSniperWow. @SenJohnMcCain I'm ashamed of my country, I'm ashamed of my President, I'm ashamed of myself." http://t.co/PhMEj5uPk1@RobertWilesUSA @AmyKremer True Robert, but the system has been corrupted & time is not on our side. Drastic measures may be necessary.
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@dehlers1 Done!Another first for @DanicaPatrick! You go girl! http://t.co/3gFjOMb8a8 #NASCAR #NascarFoxSports #XFINITYSeriesBackatcha! RT @gerfingerpoken2: #FF @CoolChange80 @KarlKroshinsky @51Prentice @gerfingerpoken2 @EDinCali @XtyMiller @repub9989 @GretchenInOKThx bud! 😊 RT @jslconsulting: #FF #TCOT @FTR__Radio @irishduke2 @FingersMalloy @KylieJaneKremer @ladyamy91 @WayneDupreeShow @BradMarstonWhen was the last time government made A N Y T H I N G better? #DontMessWithTheNet #NoNetNeutrality http://t.co/LQPMsV5VK7
Retweeted by Amy Kremer
Breaking: After 15hrs negotiating #Putin says Leaders have agreed 2 ceasefire n #Ukraine - will go n2 effect Sunday http://t.co/POzU3IZlHs@HarleyLeBon 😘@AmyKremer Yes, I agree with you completely. We the People will have to step way outside our comfort zones to make them listen to us.
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@AmyKremer @Hardline_Stance ... Sadly Congress is the problem. It has become something our founding fathers never intended it to be.
Retweeted by Amy Kremer.@EternalRiteWing I agree, but feel hopeless. The only hope I have is in the ppl, not in Congress. They are complicit bcuz they do nothing.@AmyKremer Everyday finds a new nail in the coffin. We don't have the luxury of time to stop this train wreck.
Retweeted by Amy KremerIt saddens me to see this country being destroyed from within. Where is the balance of power & oversight? Congress needs to grow a pair.Figures...North Carolina Killer a Fan of the Southern Poverty Law Center http://t.co/L1gemwvIvS
Retweeted by Amy KremerMe too! Just love her! RT @DinaDaley: @HarleyLeBon Beautiful intelligent lady. I really admire and love your style 💐😊💐So @DineshDSouza's expressed concern that POTUS is desirous of marginalizing USA's dominance in the world holds up. @AmyKremer @kf4yfa @USMC
Retweeted by Amy Kremer.@toby_dorena I agree completely. @American_Bubba @knightcali@American_Bubba @knightcali @AmyKremer Obama has done much 2 disgrace Office of POTUS! Will go down in history as Worst POTUS in history.
Retweeted by Amy KremerTiger Woods is taking an indefinite leave of absence from golf http://t.co/PrZI17lNb3 http://t.co/doghqrMBFA
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@Petey_Long best of Luck to you, Petey! I'll be rooting for you from just up the way in NE GA! Blessings!
Retweeted by Amy KremerAPNewsBreak: Sources say Oregon governor had planned to quit because of an ethics scandal but changed his mind: http://t.co/gFXmeqayA5
Retweeted by Amy KremerYou can overcome any obstacle life throws your way. Workout #2 Done. #Persevere #NotEasyButWorthIt http://t.co/spbHhctQdw
Retweeted by Amy KremerThanks a million to my friend @WayneDupreeShow for the support! Listen for that sound in Atlanta that going to shake the world @NBCTheVoice
Retweeted by Amy KremerMy friend, Military Veteran @Petey_Long is trying out 4 @NBCTheVoice on Sunday in ATL. Let’s get some tweets supporting him ASAP! #veterans
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@AmyKremer It happens that Mr @BarackObama is the #POTUS <voted twice> I respect the office and ms Jarret is a civil servant
Retweeted by Amy Kremer.@knightcali Nor, I you. :)@AmyKremer @knightcali has never walked over the constitution? AP scandal, IRS, illegal work permits for immigrants, Libya attack et al.
Retweeted by Amy Kremer.@knightcali This POTUS & his admin is a threat 2 our freedom. Mine, yours, & every American. It shld concern every single 1 of us..@knightcali I respect that we all don't see eye to eye, but it is freedom that allows us to have disagreements & express ourselves..@knightcali Just like the State Dept didn't order the @USMC to surrender their weapons?! Sorry, but you are wrong.@AmyKremer Honestly! I am the guardian of the constitution & values of the United States of America. I respect @BarackObama for he's potus
Retweeted by Amy Kremer.@knightcali Furthermore, how do u respect someone that has no respect for the US Constitution? He acts as King or Emperor, not POTUS..@knightcali Respect for the office, yes, but no respect for someone tht doesn't govern within the boundaries the constitution allows..@knightcali If u claim to b guardian of the Constitution, u would have no respect for a man that has trampled & violated it many times..@knightcali Listen, any1 that loves this country & freedom shld be concerned abt the actions of this administration..@knightcali Just wondering if you are American?
@AmyKremer Paine wasn't born in America. Kissinger wasn't born in America, Einstein wasn't born in America...Jarret was an american born
Retweeted by Amy Kremer.@knightcali Why are you bending over backwards to defend Obama & Val?
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