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19. Blogger. YouTuber. Commercial model. Journalism Student. Grazia ME and Bazaar's Best Dressed 2012 mirza.alizey@gmail.com Dubai - London

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I could eat my bodyweight in dim sum and still want moreIt makes me sad when I see people faking fun.
Retweeted by It's not my fault you work in retail, why are you pissed off with me for shopping here
Retweeted by @lacerdey check your dm babeI wish more girls would understand that there is more to life than just being a pretty faceBreakfast with @EsteeLauder 🌸 http://t.co/KW4FerXkjc@maryamu_qureshi thank you for teaching me how to do my duvet after laundry, nearly broke a nail haaahI don't have to know you to know you, I read you energy. It tells me enough.
Retweeted by PSF at LFW http://t.co/MKq7FkuM3v
Retweeted by I like Birkin bags, vacations and advanced degrees.
Retweeted by #Manifesting is real.
Retweeted by The universe reflects your energy ✨@MariaAliaa LAi want that ferrari then i swerve.
Retweeted by Getting ready to walk the runway at Mercedes Benz! Wearing http://t.co/nK1YHki8ih clip ins and http://t.co/AsGg2iuQvU http://t.co/I99m3gVTtf
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When you get into your car after valet and the guy readjusted everything http://t.co/9kvPtCVhRXAssociate yourself with like-minded individuals. If you seek a successful life, surround yourself with the correct support system.
Retweeted by You're a 'fashion blogger' because you wear crop tops with matching bodycon skirts. Lol ok
“Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.”
Retweeted by Does anyone else order milk as a drink at pizza express or is it just me?
I understand why people wanna be alone. By choice.
Retweeted by @LailliMirza 😂😂 http://t.co/LkcNjFUpYuA candid Vlog on #PintsizedFashTV tomorrow feat. @alizeymirza on her #LFW experience
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thankful. happy.
Retweeted by If you make assumptions about my life based purely on what you see on social media, you need to seek professional helpStay humble and count your blessings.
Retweeted by I strongly admire anyone who’s been through a lot and still keeps their head up no matter what
Thank you to the @VitaCoco PR team for sending me another box of my favourite coconut water!How dressing Kim Kardashian almost RUINED this designer's career: http://t.co/lwp5VTzTnL http://t.co/pQBLVGZNyG
Retweeted by Dressing up in the morning is my favourite part of the dayDrake in two weeks. DXB knows what's upBut are you a cat? No? Goodbye
@MyBaeCanNot @LailliMirza 😂If you dont start appreciating what's right in front of you, you might lose itIrina Shayk at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Versace - 22/02/2015. http://t.co/hK9QPX5wyg
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@alizeymirza looks bloody gorgeous on her sc stories. I wish I had her face 😂😍😍😍
Retweeted by Topshop #LFW http://t.co/DzxYYiPxau
Retweeted by Temperly show at LFW today. Stay tuned for a trend report and YouTube coverage
Don't you have anything better to do?
Retweeted by If you can't build with them, then don't chill with them.
Retweeted by @Katie_Fielder Hi Katie. Please may I have an email address I could contact you on? Thanks @tishtashtalksI would rather wear crocs than go on a "girls holiday" to napa or zante.I refuse to become what you call normal.
Retweeted by This guy asked me what "city" in Dubai I was from. What evenHeading to the @velsvoir LFW party tonight @Gina_Badhen @LailliMirza
@malikdunseath noo it was a guy and I literally thought it was you. I nearly jumped on him ahah@malikdunseath omg I saw your twin by selfridges todayWhen your mascara is £56 there is no time for cryingremember: when you forgive, you heal. and when you let go, you grow.
Retweeted by I'm at The Palm Beach Casino (Mayfair) http://t.co/7x1yzI59rC
The Internet is the ugliest reflection of man kind there is.
Retweeted by @Aobcdubai Lovely! Please email my manager Sophie with details mails@pintsizedfashionista.comSo many pre fashion week events on tonight. Keep up with us on snapchat!Chelsea fans are such uncivilised chavs. It's repulsive and embarrassing
En route to see @alizeymirza's apartment for the first time ever.
Retweeted by Snapchat: pintsizedfash
Retweeted by Who's Drake's booking agent? Anyone knows? #help
Retweeted by Karrueche at NYFW http://t.co/Nh1v1i3jhU
Lailli and I are planning on making a public snapchat so you guys can travel with us and see what we get upto on a daily basisI'm at Eurostar Business Premier Lounge (London to Paris) http://t.co/Jah130SXdBI hate wearing red lipstick. It always bleeds
The combination of the discussion of pragmatic past prime ministers and fashion is somewhat intriguingWatching the Carolina Herrera show at NYFW on livestream in my politics seminar
Obsessed with Jason Wu AW15 http://t.co/v90PC3SPd6
Retweeted by Shame we have to wait a whole season to purchase pieces though. Life is so hard sometimesLoved VB AW15 as expected. I want everythingSpa day @bulgarihotels http://t.co/H8MyhKU4U9Impromptu trip to London 🇬🇧✈️ see you tomorrow @alizeymirza
Retweeted by Tweeting about your hangover is so classyFeeling so excited for this year ✨When looking back doesn't interest you anymore, you're doing something right.
Retweeted by Really not a fan of this collection. Massive no to the shoes #Wang@ThatsSarcasm @LailliMirza 😂
@Dwayne_Bedford paris but I just missed my flight looolMissing morning flights is the worst. Can't be dealing with thisFashion Week starts next Friday. I have nothing to wear. It's the same situation every yearI do not know the last time I wore jeans.
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I literally don't know what I'd do without UberSurround yourself with inspiring people. There's absolutely no point in entertaining those who don't inspire you to want to be great.
Retweeted by I don't compare my life to anyone else's this is me, that is you.
Retweeted by All the haters be chilling with eachotherThank you @ReebokMena for my classics! Love them. Wish I could have made it tonight #RedFestDXB
PR girls that don't know how to format a basic email baffle meReminder: You can handle whatever today throws at you. Dreams don't work unless you doWho has time to be treated like shit tho?
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I can't drink coffee unless it's with a straw
You're busy worrying about me when you could've used those braincells towards coming up with a cute outfiti'm not into accepting standards that are lower than what i desire.
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When Kanye opens his mouth to talk, it's just like shit spilling out... I can't deal with him
Retweeted by Behind the scenes of today's shoot: Standard day in Dubai http://t.co/UP6X6NC3WI
Retweeted by @marammmz miss you princessI hate being told what to do. Best believe that I will not do anything unless I want to
This time last year. Cannot wait to be back! http://t.co/N8jedrP3rnDon't give up what you want most for what you want right now.
Retweeted by Gratitude is a blessing. The forgiving state of mind is a magnetic power for attracting good.
Retweeted by I need to travel at least once a month. I can't stay in one place for too long
Some people just got that vibe.
Retweeted by Insta: alizeymirza http://t.co/GHn0m9PI1OValentino, not valentineLet them talk, that's all they're good at anyway.
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